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  2. Thank F*ck

    It's all cool @J1M1 until you travel a lot and have property and earn more than 950k a year and drink a lot... I saved 6% - just went to Makro and bought two cases of Bushmills
  3. Thank F*ck

    Fact is, if the tax rate is reasonable or low, people are more likely to pay up than waste money dodging it - Ronnie Ray-gun used this tactic to get the US economy moving again........... As Docks says Economics 101.
  4. Thank F*ck

  5. Thank F*ck

    What is VAT now in SA?
  6. Thank F*ck

    So VAT up 1%. Petrol, booze and smokes also smacked.
  7. Cricket news

  8. Libtards

    The crazy "unbalanced" world we live in. Progressive narrative... White wealth = they stole it Black wealth = black excellence White poverty = not a problem Black poverty = they were robbed

    Women are simple. Yes means yes & no means yes & no means no & no means maybe but maybe means yes & maybe means no. Easy.
  10. Thank F*ck

    Even Trump has had a good result getting big corporates to repatriate funds back to the US for the modest levy on the way in. The luvvies don't get that investors want companies to either invest surplus cash or to give it back to shareholders. We have an imputation system of company tax here (the investor gets a tax credit for the tax the company has paid - companies can franked dividends with these credits) - the lower the corporate rate of tax simply means the investor gets a lower credit and has to pay more personal income tax so there is no leakage.
  11. Thank F*ck

    OK - So what about this lovely piece of legislation in the wake of CR's hammering on expropriation. That bill is very dangerous.. Any black or white South African who owns a home, a car, or unit trusts is vulnerable to outright expropriation once the Investment Bill becomes law. And this is most likely to happen when the ANC fears losing an election, according to Dr Anthea Jeffery of the SA Institute of Race Relations.
  12. Thank F*ck

    Channeling Malaysians by the sounds.
  13. Thank F*ck

    When the TV isn't working I guess there will be another riot with hammers
  14. Thank F*ck

    That would be the corporate jet that they removed the transponder from, so no one can find it?
  15. Thank F*ck

    Labour are fucking stupid. Always have been. When Labour of the 60s and 70s had supertax at 19/6 in the pound (97.5%), all the rich pissed off overseas so Britain collected no tax. When Maggie sorted it out, they all moved back.
  16. Thank F*ck

    It is Economics 101 called the multiplier effect - the luvvies want to tax everyone to death and then wonder why all the capital has shifted elsewhere. Consumption taxes like VAT are the most effective - you get the likes of the Guptas as they are fuelling up the corporate jet
  17. Thank F*ck

    Whenever a reduction in co tax is mentioned the liberals kak themselves because it is deemed as the govt enriching their cronies. When the Tories reduced corporate tax they actually increased the amounts of tax collected. Corbyn and his band cannot get their heads around it. When Trump talked of cutting corporate tax the Dems kakked themselves. What has happened? How come they do not understand it. If you cut the tax rate there is more money to spend. The transactions are taxed the economy starts going etc etc. You cannot and never will grow the economy and empower/enrich/whatever the poor by taxing the rich to death.
  18. Thank F*ck

    Can't see him touching VAT. Personal tax is going to be nailed.
  19. Super Rugby 2018

    I suppose under the current "thinking" even Danie Gerber and Naas would have looked totally average.... Most of these "decisions" are made by people who never played in the position they are fucking with - some of them never even played the game..WTF!
  20. Thank F*ck

    Budget day arrives!! imho i'd rather see a 2% VAT increase with reduced personal & company taxes. it's the only way all SA citizens will get to pay tax............including the taxi industry & the giant informal sector. All this to pay for the past 8 years of Zupta dominance and waste
  21. Super Rugby 2018

    Coenie was out and Du Preez spoke to SA Rugby, I assume Rassie upon which it was decided to play him at tighthead.
  22. Super Rugby 2018

    Faf, under the "expert advice" of AC?
  23. Yesterday
  24. Super Rugby 2018

  25. Super Rugby 2018

    Another Pro 14 "star" who was horribly exposed defensively by the Lions was Mapimpi.
  26. Super Rugby 2018

    True, they fucked up a few players already in the process of changing a player' natural position to one that some fool thinks will be better.. Those two positions are as different as a scrummy and a flyhalf. Different skill set and technique needed. Think Frans Steyn, Hougaard, Serfontein etc.
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