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  2. Super Rugby 2018

    Most of the defensive issues have stemmed from trying to go wide too soon and trying to keep the ball alive. Look at yesterday. Not clearing the ball into touch from the opposition kick off. Cronje should have gone straight into touch but tried to stay alive. Then there was the long midfield pass which was picked off. Then in the last minute Coetzer tried to chip over the top instead of running the clock down. There's at least 4 tries covered. Play sensible rugby and the defence will take care of itself. The sad thing is that it was the same against the Blues
  3. Super Rugby 2018

    Also need to sort out defensive issues. Have leaked a fair amount in the last three games.
  4. Super Rugby 2018

    Fortunately easy to solve. Run the ball through the phases as we did against the Bulls. We are going too loose too early and throwing low percentage passes.
  5. Super Rugby 2018

    Us Lions...........We've got issues..............
  6. 6 Nations 2018

    CJ Stander......Ireland...........HIC!!!
  7. Yesterday
  8. Mooi Musiek.

  9. 6 Nations 2018

    Was hoping England would lift their game...but I chose the Irish on Superbru Wales France is a good contest...
  10. 6 Nations 2018

    So, Eddie Jones, how's the scummy Irish? Seems Karma is still a bitch.
  11. Super Rugby 2018

    Just when I thought no S.A. team could play worse this weekend.....

    Thanks Hawk. Will go try that later. It's braai prepping time.

    Nope.. I suppose @supersupporter has set the max to that. You need to go to the settings and delete some of your older images. Click the down arrow under your name then click on "My Attachments" and delete some older ones..

    Some help please. It's been a while that I can't post pics here. The message I get reads: "You are only allowed to upload 10,24kb" Is there an adjustment that I need to make?
  15. SA Incoming Tours 2018

    I am yet to see any pronouncement from the ICC on the virtual punch up in yesterday's SL v Bang match
  16. Super Rugby 2018

    I see one or two potential Bulls players in the Sharks squad. Why would you run and push players outside of the playing field with an official standing right there. I see the referees are now acting on the players in front of the kick-off (sometimes). Brumbies in front of the kickoff - nothing happened. The very next kickoff the Sharks (they were miles ahead though) get pinged. Another game that could have been won, had it not been for silly indiscretions and defensive lapses. Mapimpi is blisteringly fast but not a very good defender. Biggest mistake the Sharks ever made was to let Plum go..
  17. Super Rugby 2018

    Yet another decent Sharks squad being destroyed by pretender coaches.
  18. Super Rugby 2018

    Worked with them Japanese for many years..."AaaSo.." Me, "Yes, arsehole" .... "Tankyou".. Bulls need a few of these "cleaners"..
  19. Libtards

    Easy solution, simply stop stocking the shit.. Makro and local bottle stores also keep Glenfiddich 50 YO Speyside SM locked-up...BaasTeds..
  20. Last week
  21. Libtards

    Mark Dice again:
  22. Super Rugby 2018

    Japanese referees too...
  23. Super Rugby 2018

    SARU are pissies..
  24. Super Rugby 2018

    More to the point. Why do NZ teams play only 2 here
  25. Super Rugby 2018

    I think the Bulls should be really chuffed, they played a great game The ref, however, did what many refs do and just keep warning NZ teams without actually carding them. 6 penalties, he has a chat, another one, he warns, they get out then he gives them another warning. Sadly if this little Japanese ref does not take control, players will walk all over him. far too often we see NZ teams warned and warned and the ref does not act.
  26. Super Rugby 2018

    Ask SARU............?
  27. Super Rugby 2018

    Why are the Sharks playing 4 games over there while everyone else is playing 3? Sommer a klomp bullshit
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