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  2. 4 Nation International Rugby

    Oh nooo! Fark it!
  3. James Haskell Loses the Plot with Joe Marler

    True, but back in the day that wasn't even a penalty. Consistency will remain a problem until some rich club owner takes matters to a real court instead of an judicial enquiry.
  4. Is he the dumbest criminal or just another one

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  6. Gupta Wedding - For the beancounters

    "I talk to the trees but they don't listen to me" is one of my favourite songs ;)
  7. Gupta Wedding - For the beancounters

    Where is our favourite Aussie - @Docker? This is serious.. In the last year, cases of a ghastly but mysterious flesh-eating bacterial infection have more than doubled in Victoria, Australia, raising alarm among health experts. There were 239 cases of the flesh-eating infections in the past 12 months, according to figures (PDF) released this week by health authorities. In 2016, there were only 102 reported cases, while 2015 and 2014 tallied just 58 and 47. And the rate of new infections is currently skyrocketing: in the past few months, case counts hit nine per week, according to Australia’s Nine News. The number of severe cases has also doubled. While the rises alone are enough to worry health experts, the fact that virtually nothing is known about the cause of the infection has some dismayed. “I’m at the forefront as a clinician trying to treat patients and getting more and more overwhelmed but also distressed at the fact that we are doing nothing to try and prevent people getting it in the first place,” Dr. Daniel O’Brien, of Royal Melbourne and Geelong hospitals, told Nine News. Baffling bacteria The infections are caused by Mycobacterium ulcerans, a slow-growing bacterium that causes gaping, palm-sized ulcers. Sometimes called Buruli ulcers, the lesions seem to dissolve skin and gnaw away at tissue. The bacteria are known to lurk around Victoria, but experts don’t know where it lives or how it spreads. More at the link..
  8. Gupta Wedding - For the beancounters

    That's it. Probably when he had one of those 2 1/2 hour matches.
  9. Gupta Wedding - For the beancounters

  10. Is he the dumbest criminal or just another one

    There was a similar incident when a OR Tambo heist was involved. The guy took photos of himself with a lambo parked in his garage.
  11. http://lekkerblog.co.za/the-rolls-royce-hijacker-posts-photos-of-himself-with-the-stolen-vehicle-on-his-facebook-profile-idiot/
  12. 2018 Super Rugby Draw

    If you have nothing better to do on a Saturday, like cut the grass, go clothes shopping with your wife or change nappies at the local nursing home for the aged.
  13. Gupta Wedding - For the beancounters

    Remind me of the time I put on the clip of "I talk to the trees". He had a lot to say about a game he hasn't watched but he was going on what some "oaks" told him at some pub or club or something.
  14. Gupta Wedding - For the beancounters

    Oakbay. Now it all makes sense.
  15. Gupta Wedding - For the beancounters

    Could be but "Hy het sy eie bed opgemaak".
  16. Gupta Wedding - For the beancounters

    You guys only know the cyber persona. He is in fact a very competent CA with his own business. He left the varsity where he worked and was well loved by his peers to start a new venture. Stop being jealous and pay the man some respect.
  17. 2018 Super Rugby Draw

    Thanks - But is this competition really still relevant?
  18. Gupta Wedding - For the beancounters

    The Guptas would love him.
  19. Gupta Wedding - For the beancounters

    He has the papers to say he is. That does not say that he has the capabilities as well.
  20. Gupta Wedding - For the beancounters

    I was led to believe that the world would spin off it's axis if it wasn't for CAs. Isn't Beeno a CA?
  21. Gupta Wedding - For the beancounters

    Actually my wife and son are bank employees and do out the extra time in.
  22. Gupta Wedding - For the beancounters

    Nope - not made that way..they are mostly clock watchers..
  23. Gupta Wedding - For the beancounters

    Yeah, I know all that. My point is that you wouldn't see present day employees working until the job is finished.
  24. Gupta Wedding - For the beancounters

    There is no need. Our system (SAM4Windows) does not have a month end or day end. You set the calendar at the beginning of the financial year. You select your debtor dates and the system does all the rest. All debtors are automated and sent via pdf. All month-end reports are automatically spooled - all can be directly ported to Excel (because some folk still like to look busy). We do not print anything - we try to save paper because many a report is printed and never used. Users can flag their reports which will then be mailed to them via internal mail in pdf format. No need for anyone to babysit the system for a month end. A similar procedure - but more intricate - happens at year end when a 14th month is created for bean counters. We also allow auditors to log into the system remotely - they have access to only a query database which is replenished daily - this way they cannot screwup the live system etc.

    Saffex is back?

    A joke is a joke, but you do not leave an albino in the sun, you do not put sand in a moffie (queer)'s Vaseline, you do not buy a radio for a deaf person, you do not organise an parent's evening at the orphanage, you never stick an "arrive alive" sticker to a hearse....and you never let a Springbok team play against the All Blacks
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