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    Sport and competition is not about being "equal". It is about being the BEST! Only in utopia everyone would have the same parents, the same physical characteristics, the same IQ, the same way of thinking, the same education, the same coaches, the same training facilities, the same this..., the same that... and all the rest... Life itself is not "fair" To be a success you need to rise out ABOVE all your unique and sometimes unfair circumstances. You should not need the others to lower their standards to accommodate you!
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    Vlagman, Just ignore... It's no use to argue with someone who clearly does not care about inputs, efforts, performance, or results, but only about skin colour. You will notice I stopped responding to the race baiting after I saw the responses to my previous common sense post. Just about every post made so far is about "race". Ad nauseam, ad infinitum... And for me, any person who continuously distinguishes between humans on that basis, is more racist than anyone one labelled by him/her!
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    Or should this be on the "Wisdom" page?
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    Well fuckit.......you lot can talk kak!
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    Baiting and trolling. But quite poor attempts at that. Supported by strawman arguments... Sadly for him/her/it, there is intelligence on here...
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    Pa wil vergarder oor die huis telefoonrekening wat te hoog is. Pa: "Dit kan nie ek wees nie, ek bel net van die werk af." Ma: "Dit kan ook nie ek wees nie want ek bel ook net van die werk af." Bediender: "Moenie vir my kyk nie, ek gebruik ook maar net die werk se telefoon."
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    That's what everybody said when the Hansie story first broke. Nothing would surprise me about those two-faced, hypocrytical NAT twats.
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    Vlag, stop confusing the issue with facts
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    Compared to what? How are things for the Kurds or Armenians in your neck of the woods. Put some public crap on Erdogan and come back to us (if you can). America is an unfair society in many regards but there are a lot many times worse
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    I firmly believe in the FIFO principle. Fit In or Fuck Off. If you don’t like the food I have on offer then go find some place else that do. I saw an article recently that there was a hell of a protest when Christians wanted to build a Christian church somewhere in Egypt. Immagion if a group of protesters wanted to stop the building of a Mosque in the UK. Jews also don’t eat pork. Have you ever heard of Jews demanding Subway to remove pork from their menu? Or even better, Subway or any food outlet, for that matter, removing pork from their menu because some Jews may have an issue?
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    Hello Rowan, I have you coming up for another birthday today. Apparently you're 131 years old, yesterday you were 150.
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    Follow the money trail. SA aside the largest and richest unions with the strongest leagues are domiciled in majority white countries and it stands to reason that whites would dominate the upper echelons of rugby administration. There may well be 100 nations affiliated with world rugby but at least 80 of them are nominal adherents so that argument is weak. Cricket can claim the same thing but no one really thinks cricket is a world game. Brown faces dominate cricket administration again because of the money trail. Apart from grievances about self interest no one is particularly bothered that Indians dominate the ICC. Back to rugby I don't think it is a good or a bad thing provided the best people are occupying the administration positions. While diversity in administration would be preferable and should be part of succession planning it is hard to envisage that there would be, at this point in time, many islanders better qualified to serve world rugby than an old Etonian who graduated from Oxford with links to the City and the sponsors who underwrite the game.
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    Good thing the islander lads are interested otherwise rugby would be worse shape than it already is in Australia with the other really cashed up football codes moving into their turf. The size of the islander lads makes them perfect for rugby (and in some cases league) but their lack of aerobic capacity makes a number of them unsuitable for the other football codes. In some cases the islander lads are even too big for league (can't do the running) like Jordan Mailata who is 203 cms and 156 kgs (and body fat less than 10%). Jordan was told to lose 10kgs by his league team and was offered a $5,000 contract by a feeder club - he made the decision to attempt to play in the NFL, was drafted and is now on a $USD2 million rookie contract
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    What is the difference between a snow man and snow woman? Snow balls
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    My girlfriend's leaving me because of my obsession with rugby. I said, please, can't we give it another try?!
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    If a blind girl tells you that you have a big dick, she's probably just pulling your leg.
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    If he was South African, Erasmus wouldn’t select him
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    Clearly Marx isn’t combining with the locks. This is fixable in training. However he is a far better scrummager than Bismarck. Let’s see what happens when Bongi screws up the throws. Kolisi was moved to blindside as he was too slow. Clearly he has speeded up in the past two weeks
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    A recent survey by Harvard University's senior researchers has just concluded that: The number of lies told by men would decrease significantly by 93% if women stopped asking all those questions.
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    OK, I'll be the plumber.
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    Farewell to a great servant of Transvaal and Lions rugby.
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    One of the saddest things about Saturday's mess was watching Kolisi before the game standing in the tunnel at the front of the team singing to himself.....if he were a leader he'd have taught his troops to sing the song - Lord knows, they needed some inspiration!!