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    For the first time in 35 odd years i will say....fuck the Sharks. That squad should not be performing like that. Rather give me the team from the B Section days who lost but at least played their hearts out. I have mailed Teichmann and demanded a refund on my season ticket due to false advertising.
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    So a woman just shot up Youtube Headquarters, fired 20 shots and only injured 4 people.... ....looks like mass shootings are another thing to add to the list of things that men are better than women at.
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    No one takes Warney too seriously in these parts. Think David Campese and rugby. Warney played a large role in forming the current culture of the national side so for him to weigh into this debate is laughable. Apart from a poor attitude and no spine the biggest problem with this side isn't that they aren't much good and have to resort to cheating. All these scandals blow over quickly - Cronje was hardly missed and it was business as usual within a couple of months. You just need to jettison the bad eggs and move on.
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    Talk about declaring war on your money. The slapper selling off her virginity is either not a virgin or if she is would probably be an ordinary shag on account of being first up. Plus what sort of desperado would pay for such a thing. The bloke probably has a micro penis and doesn't want to get laughed at.
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    Assholes fucked up my Superbru
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    Didn't take long ... the Barmy Army have a new ditty: “Steve Smith is an Aussie He wears a baggy cap And when he saw some sticky tape He said I’m having that... He gave it Cameron Bancroft Who rubbed it on the ball Those cheating Aussie convicts They’ll never change at all! Oh...Davie Warner’s Aussie He wears the baggy green He dribbles like a caveman His behaviour’s obscene He’s rather fond of Candy She gives him such a thrill But when he offers her de Kock She begs for Sonny Bill!”
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    My gut feel is that they all knew about it.
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    I would be using the Chewbacca defence - that will work as good as anything. This should end careers (it won't) - I don't care who you are. That is inexcusable. Smith has to be sacked as captain - he is a weak man and has no moral authority. A strong captain would have put an end to all the other crap that went on earlier.
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    With reference to the above post.....
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    Auschwitz chic. All associated must be taking some good shit.
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    Chris Cairns, Lou Vincent. Short memories. Good airline though even if you have to pass through Auckland on the way to somewhere decent.
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    I don't believe the scars theory unless the series are close together. The next time these teams play both teams will be quite different and a lot of water would have gone under the bridge.
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    Forgot to mention. Got parking in the club, And who wandered past us but Junior Dala. Had a chat with him all the way to the ground.
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    This is funny stuff...
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    Confuscious always said that there is no such thing as rape..Girl with dress up can run faster than a man with pants down
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    I wish you would stop this shit. I need my pension to grow
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    Knowing our lot we will probably lose the 4th test.
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    My wife is in hospital after being beaten up for using the 'N' word. Next time I ask for a beer from the fridge, she had better use the 'Y' word.
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    I think he has a lot of support on this one.
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    Or the Warner bandages in PE....
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    Maybe the question should be is Du Preez an improvement over Gold?
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    They better man up quickly. Newlands will be full up this weekend and those Capies are crazy when boozed up. However the looming batting collapse could shut them up.
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    They were shit and not just bad day at the office shit, they were beaten outright by a team that is not bad, but certainly not in a league of Saders for sure.
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    Coaching again has shown us that they can take a sharp scrummy when playing for the Kings and turn him into an absolute amateurish snore fest. I even thought to myself when April came on that shit the players must be really bad if that joker is called on to play.