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    Delusions. Denial. Demented... Die Doos! Applies to the players too... Apparently they want him to remain as coach... They must really be using some seriously strong stuff!
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    Be fair Hawk. He has also led the Boks to victory against France, Argentina and Italy. Clearly a Bok legend in the making.
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    There was no daisy on the Bulls Super Rugby jersey for years now... The daisy is on the Blue Bulls rugby team jersey. Spot the difference: Blue Bulls (rugby union) vs. Bulls (Super Rugby Franchise) Focus people, Focus! :-P
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    Jannie is stout en kry 'n goeie loesing by sy pa. Hartseer sè hy: Ek wens die ooievaar het my nooit gebring nie. Pa: Ooievaar het jou nie gebring nie, jy is gebore. Jannie: Ek wens die boor se punt het afgebreek. 😂
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    One morning Gatiep hit Maraai on her bum & said : "Ou dikkes, if u firm this up we could get rid of your bloomer nè?" Next morning Gatiep pinched her breast & said : "lf u firm these up we could get rid of your bra né?" So she grabbed him by his dick & said : "Djy weet ou Slappes if u firm this up we could get rid of the postman, gardener, plumber en djou broer, nè?.!"
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    True! Way too many people looking at a screen instead of into a pair of eyes.............
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    Truth be said: Bob left with no dignity but everyone on earth is glad he left with Grace.....
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    Looks to me a bit like swapping Hitler for Himmler. The likely replacement seems to have a lot of form as well. I suppose the locals will see any sort of change as a win for now
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    Picking the best player no matter where he plays is a problem. The French clubs especially do not like to let players play outside of the normal international window. Which if I am not mistaken is June and November and then we have the 3N series in which I do not think players have to be released, I may be wrong, so this is where players need to make sure their contracts allow their release. They also need to make sure that they can be available for training and camps. So for me, yes it is good to have them in the side, the issue is they become a disruption when their clubs block them and cause havoc.
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    " We showed character...." . Coetzee. The only good thing was that we won. The rest was the same old crap.
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    Oh good. Cant risk a tired French team losing to us. Nothing can come in the way of our coach being fired!
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    AC will not pick Pollard as he doesn't have enough game time. He has stated publicly that he will not pick players with insufficient game time. 100% on match fitness. I once lost a day of my life explaining that to an idiot from the Cape.
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    If there's any truth in the reports that's he could be fired next month, then let the Boks lose the next three. Just in case there's 2nd thoughts.
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    Hello Father Christmas it's me, Please give me a big present because I've been very good the whole year, well most of the year, ok some of the time . . . Ag forget it I'll buy my own present.
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    Could you ever, I’m your wildest dreams, imagine Handre fokken Pollard even thinking of going for that last drop goal, let alone getting it over. Nah, his first thought would have been to start searching for the first defender to fuck into.
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    Etzebeth has always impressed me with his intellectual approach to the game.
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    That song is just as boooooooooruing as bok rugby..
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    No it is the usual WP despicable bias and politics at work. WP player sticking up for WP coach hoping he'll get the captain's job.
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    I also see so many people blaming Gelant for his defensive positioning. If you look at the other side where Leyds was, you would have noticed that the was also narrow on defence. That, dear people, was the defensive system employed by Kots-C and the brilliant doctor Hyde-ing (Venter). The Welsh in fact planned to exploit it, ever before Gelant was part of the team. Anyone blaming him for standing in a position where he was instructed to stand is an arsehole of note. (My opinion) Only an exceptionally experienced WINGER would have been brave enough to tell the coach to fuck off, which still could have meant that he loses his spot in the team. Blame the coaching team. Not Gelant...
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    So knocked off the first one.
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    Then they score and I get excited. Being a Bok fan is not easy.
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    Dubai International Invitation Bronze trophy winners after beating The Royals (Basically England B) in the third place play-off. (21 - 17) Lost a very close semi-final to Ireland B (17 - 15) Beat Belgium, also in a close match (14 -12) Quarter final Won all our pool matches against a combined Scandinavian team (31 - 0), Randwick Magic (Aus) (17 - 15) and the Royals (17 - 5) In the final standings we also finished above a numbered of teams raked in the top 20 5 out of 6 games in the tournament ain't too bad... And not a bad year in total for a club team Won the Stanislas sevens in France Lost in the Rome sevens final 19 - 14 to China (ranked 13th) Won the Munich sevens 3rd place in Dubai
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    the latest is that as we are now getting lineouts in their half, the kicking gameplan is working
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    How do all these teams play at pace? Why do their back lines get passes at full speed?
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    You should have watched the Scotland/Aus game. If I was Cheika I would have sent AC a case of whiskey. Had it not been for AC he would probably have had the kakkest result of the year.
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    Also Angus Young AC/DC RIP................hard livin' man!!
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    Probably the Springbok coaching and SARU on top of each other
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    AC cant even blame the quota system because there are better so-called "quota" players than the ones he is using.
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    To put the game into perspective, Nick Mallet reckons France are the worse coached team in the world. But that doesnt matter because AC says this team is special.
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    So long as they don't get to live in RSA I'm happy....we have our very own assholes/criminals here we don't need theirs....
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    I got a good tongue lashing, probably a hiding when i was a kid and I said to this girl, who was my friend too.."Ek sal jou doos" I did not know that box in the term sport was not doos..
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    Watching the replay - i'm glad i fell asleep.........it was KAK!
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    and in those days the press was not free, the SABC was strictly controlled, so it was easier to get away with it.
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    So rumours from the camp that Vermeulen is making a difference at no 8. Who would have thought playing a specialist in a specialist position would make a difference
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    The only thing is Rassie's favour is that he cannot possibly be worse then AC. of course, my pet Lab would also do a better job than AC.
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    It is fokken Barnacle’s fault. Him and his mate Riaan. They are the ones supplying Sepaka with the core to make his side look good.
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    I didn't comment on the team selections, because this ---> 38 - 3 <--- I won't comment on the game, because this... I will comment on this ---> https://www.supersport.com/rugby/springboks/news/171112/We_have_to_fight_back_Coetzee What a fucking moron! "The kicking game" vs. "the running game".... How the fuck are the coaches still caught up in such Bullshit! Coetzee, Venter, Smith, Proudfoot, van Graan, Koen, Jannie, Kosie, Pietie, Frikkie, Sannie and all of the others and not one of them realising what the game is about. We've been over this topic so many times on this board and those who are supposed to be the closest to the game know less than any of us here... It's redonkeylous... Or should we say remonkeylous... Ah, and then we have team selections in general. It's so bad that it's not even possible to blame the quotas. There are better "quota" players not selected than the "quota" players in the team. Did these arseholes think the bench would make an impact? Mbonambi, Dullard, Cassiem, Venter, Paige?.... really? Fok jaaa... sigh!
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    I always thought people were being overly dramatic when they suggested this but maybe it is time to start hitting them where it hurts.....in the pockets. Where's a list of SARU sponsors? Flysafair can also now kiss my ass. No more of my money!
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    This, to my mind, is a bigger balls up than the 57-0 loss to the ABs.
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    And finally guys, Etsebeth is not a captain's arse.
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    I lived on Complan for a month on Margate beach........1971