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    Thanks. Only time will tell if it's the correct decision. However the 5am wake up and then an hour traffic fight to start at 7.30 made it extremely attractive.
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    About time they fired his ass......spent all his time talking to the doos' on Supersupporter.
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    But they did pray 5 times a day, surely that must have helped.
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    Didn't work for Beano
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    .....along comes the one biggest fucking hypocrites in current politics: Merkel warns the migrant crisis will 'make or break the EU' if European leaders cannot solve the problem during summit today German Chancellor attending European summit on migration in Brussels today Merkel has warned the crisis could become the 'make-or-break' issue for the EU She said that tighter immigration controls of before 2015 must be re-established "In a passionate address to the Bundestag ahead of the talks, an embattled Merkel tried to win over critics from within her own ranks, defending her 2015 decision to open Germany's doors to a million migrants as a necessary step of help to its neighbours. Calling for refugee harbouring agreements with African countries mirroring those that the EU sealed with Turkey, Merkel told a rowdy legislature that with falling migrant numbers, the tighter immigration controls of before 2015 must be re-established." She was the one who personally fucked the pre-2015 immigration controls over, and now she warns the EU that it will make or break the Union if THEY do not fix that kak that SHE caused. Fokkit, Hawk. Jy moet praat met jou mense.
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    It’s really getting dry around here, Barlee. We’ve been driving around this weekend and it is strange to see cricket pitches and rugby/football fields that look like it is on the highhveld in SA in mid winter.
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    Last time Germany got knocked out of the World Cup in the group stages was in 1938 and we all know how well they took that...
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    I have to wonder whether "managing" the AB's isn't the easiest job on planet rugby. Consequently, Hanson has to be seen to be doing "something" or else be declared redundant..........
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    @vlagman Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt, all out of the Soccer world cup. The way things are going now England may soon be the only Muslim country left in the running.
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    @supersupporter be glad that there are no Kiwis on this board or you would have had essay upon essay reminding you how SA supporters are always complaining about the red and the Kiwis don’t ever.
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    I cannot believe Nigeria and Germany are both out, I was really looking forward to see which team comes first on the screen titles GER - NIG or the other way around, would have been an absolute shit storm if they got that wrong
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    Maybe if they get rid of the Kiwis infesting the referees board things will change.
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    With Iran, Egypt and Saudi Arabia knocked out, does that leave England as the only Muslim country left at the WC?
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    What bothers me far too much is why do coaches not change their players when they are kak? Elton was not doing well, yet he kept him on the field until the 58th minute, these pre-planned substitutions seem to be written in stone unless of an injury and I would like to see a coach for once take a player off when they are kak, then maybe other players will learn that afer 10 minutes they can be taken off. But then, I guess the coach needs to be a people person and not hurt their feelings or humiliate them by taking them off early.
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    This game may just have done us more good than harm. A good coach would now know which players to take forward to the world cup.
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    Who captained the Boks today? was Kolisi injured?
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    I am hoping they beat England comfortably this time, I would also like to see Esterhuizen take his chance and make a point, and looking forward to the backline. Gelant too, Good luck to them all, the only concern for me is Malherbe, he is an unpredictable prop, I would have preferred the other 2 2 have started, but Rassie is still testing players and probably does not want to change too much.
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    I had a look and dipped in here and there. A mixture of fact and fantasy. In school I had a a history teacher who maintained the best form of government is a benevolent dictatorship. Forty years later I still agree with him. Unfortunately it can never continue. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.
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    When only one party is prepared to submit evidence there is a good chance it will be one sided.
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    So Vincent Maleka is also racist?
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    Should they be charged with hate speech?
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    Thanks but I'll be too old when it's finished.
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