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    And to think, we suggested this almost 5 years ago.
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    I think NZ and Aus may be in kak.
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    I think had it not been for the Pro12, Kings and Cheetahs would have done exactly the same and taken SANZAAR to court. Fortunately for the SA sides the NH has opened a market to tap into and it is a market they are keen to explore, every Welshman i have spoken to is so excited about the future of the Pro14 and local rugby. They like us think this will allow them access to another standard and level of rugby.
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    It was too obvious. Tests in cricket are being totally destroyed by the same greed. Soccer is going to implode up its own arse if they won't curb the excessive transfer fees and salaries.
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    The sad thing is that SANZAAR are the architects of their own demise. They have only themselves (their and the greed of the media) to blame for the situation they find themselves in. It was quite obvious from the onset to many of the posters (when there still were many) on this site that the continuous enlargement would eventually lead to disruption, inequality and worst of all the supporters who are the life-blood will start to loose interest. You simply cannot grow a product larger than the need of the market. If they sub-divided the competition and had two divisions where the winner of division B would join the division A and the loser of A would then be relegated to B etc - it may have worked better than this ill conceived nonsense. I agree with the Force, challenge the status quo. Whilst the fa cats like Marinos sit back and receive their bloated salaries many a player now faces a hefty pay-cut which is not of his making. Just goes to show, too much of a good thing is not always good..
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    Correct. I have "In search of the lost chord" on vinyl. It has a little booklet with the lyrics as well as a list of all the instruments each band member plays on the album. Unbelievable. At that time the band members were, IIRC, Mike Pinder, Graeme Edge, John Lodge, Justin Hayward and Ray Thomas. I know that Justin Hayward and John Lodge had a few recordings as a duo as well. Think they called themselves Blue Jays. I seem to recall that the Moodies are a three piece nowadays with Justin Hayward, John Lodge and Graeme Edge being the members. It is on In Search of the Lost Chord that they do Legend of a mind, a tribute to Timothy Leary. Ray Thomas plays the side-flute on that. Amazing.
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    Not that I feel the need to find out but I question the NK nuclear capability and their ability to deliver warheads by ICBM. I think they are overplaying their hand to create the impression that they are nuclear capable but I suspect if push comes to shove their military prowess would be found wanting.
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    Sad that it had to happen at this time when so much was at stake. More so when the Lions supporter are probably the least arrogant and vocal (probably due to the "recent" (10 year) past. But I do not believe the red card had much of an influence on the outcome in the end. If anything, it woke the Lions from their first half slumber. The influence of a red/yellow card is much more mental than physical. In 15s the field is crowded anyway and half the time some player is lying on the ground somewhere taking a rest or walking around aimlessly in any case. Most teams would be able to handle even playing with 13, if they are mentally prepared for it. On the other side of the coin, some teams completely fall apart mentally when confronted with the situation. The fact that the Lions "stayed in the game" proves that it had very little effect, if any... One can go on to speculate about what if's, but's and maybe's, but it is not going to change the outcome. --- My views on the topic of accidental impacts are well known and personally I also feel the the man in the air also voluntarily placed himself in that position, so if he gets injured it is a risk he accepted, when he decided to jump. Of course one could the arsehole who would intentionally try to tackle someone in the air, but you will still get borderline cases where it is not 100% clear. But as I said in another thread that something like this will happen to a team one/some of us support sooner than we think. I also said that we would not need to wait long... And it happened about 1 month after... The sad thing is that most of us support these measures, until it influences the team we support. Then we going into long debates bout how it should be changed.... But when it influences the opposition, we don't give a crap... I can go into a long philosophical discussion, but rugby ends up being the loser due to all the technicalities in the long run...
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    What do everyone see in the Dan Du Preez? He is a liability on the field. Every time he touches the ball he knocks it on or loose it in the contact.
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    I might argue that the laws did cause the red card. I am not disputing that it was correct under the current laws, but there is reason to review the player in the air rule. When a player running at full pace launches himself, not only high in the air, but also considerably down the field, the opposing player does not have much room to manoeveur in. To me it was clear that Kwagga attempted to stop to avoid the collision. Basically his only chance to avoid a card was to leap into the air as well, which would probably led to a more serious incident.
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    The laws did not cause the red card. The referee didn't cause the read card. The Crudaders didn't do it either. The player did it himself. Individual actions by individual players have all kinds of consequences for the team. Individual players cause penalties which have consequences for their teams. Individual players make handling errors which have consequences for their teams. Individual players make mistakes which warrants red cards which have consequences for their teams. If you come with all kinds of solutions that would keep 15 players on the field, you make a mockery of efforts to stamp out serious transgressions. You could just as well discard the red card and replace it with a yellow card. There is also another issue. Suppose a player deliberately takes out a key opposition player and he gets a red card and he is then replaced by another player in order to keep it 15 v 15. Which team has been punished the most? The team who lost their key player or the team who still have 15 players on the field?
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    Congrats Lions. You did us proud. thanks to all the Sharks and Bulls supporters for backing us up.
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    The whining has started. Read the comments. https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/rugby/super-rugby/95317046/south-africas-jaco-peyper-to-referee-lionscrusaders-super-rugby-final-in-joburg
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    Canes had a NZ ref for last year's final
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    May the best team win (LIONS). Just wish there was a neutral ref.
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    Pa van der Merwe vra vir die geskiedenis onnie, "Hoe is dit moontlik dat jy may kind n' nul gee vir geskiedenis?" Onnie, "Maar Mnr van der Merwe hoeveel sou jy vir hom gegee het as hy nie eers weet dat Jan van Riebeck al dood is nie." Pa, "Jy moet mooi verstaan, ons kom van Brakpan, ons het nie eers geweet hys siek nie."
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    Do these people like this Jenner thing like to cook and iron or do they still like to work on engines and watch sport?
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    The brother deals with high end banker types who tell him that no US or UK bank will loan a dollar to Trump given the insolvency of some of his trading entities. They suspect his business activities are largely funded by the richest man in the world who doubles as a Russian dictator.
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    Nope! i was too the moer in to drink a lot - drinking means "celebrating"....there was ZERO to celebrate imho. Let's not forget - Elton is paid excellent money to kick a rugby ball - he should give the salary cheque back after Saturday
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    An embarrassing "win"...........apologies Stu - you guys looked like you wanted this much more than us. Elton is a turkey........if he's the best flyhalf we have, we're in BIG trouble.
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    I would like to see all the laws simplified.
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    So, I see Pierre Spies says his spies is now blunt. He announced his retirement from rugby...
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    They struggled even more last year, but still beat us in SA.
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    We must also remember that this is the Argentine super rugby team which struggled against most of our Franchises.
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    Very chilled evening. Saw people I hadn't seen for years. Band was great and mingled with the crowd as it is a very small venue. Musically very tight and it is strange they are not more successful as they only play original material. But if have seen the movie it does get explained. It is well worth a watch.
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    This concept is more and more the sentiment of almost every serious rugga supporter. But, what irks me as well is the inability of TMO and other officials to effectively determine accident from intent. Today, a lot of money is invested in games and players and such inconsistent incompetence is costing players and unions money and brand-image.
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    Maybe Boucher in a while. Gary Kirsten. IMHO the players have lost their work ethic which would explain the pisspoor fielding and why Philander is so fat. The players were quite happy for Domingo to remain as he wasn't challenging them.
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    Barlee, that's just how it is. WP have an uphill battle ahead now.
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    Ek dink hy's die ontwerper van daai payamas..
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    Wie is die outjie in die middel? Hy lyk bekend maar ek kan net nie onthou waar ek hom gesien het nie.
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    Due to the inclusion of The Cheetahs and The Kings we will be running a Superbru Pool for SuperSupporterBrus. Details soon.
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    Eish, die meneer hy praat groot waarheid.
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    WR often refer to player safety and there are still many aspects of this game where they can quite simply alter the rules to make it safer. Take Kwagga's scenario which we have seen 1000 times before when this was not considered dangerous but now it is. So for me 1. A player should only be allowed to run and jump if it is safe to do so, and that means attacker and defender. 2. If it is a contestable situation like Kwagga had then the players (both) have to stop and jump, the player that jumps into a dangrous situation should be penalised. What makes it dangerous? More than one player who can take the ball clean, if there is one player or more from each side who is realistically in a position to contest then the situation is dangerous making it a stop and jump or even have asupport player lifting.
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    Fair enough, but then For personal reasons I don't think this board should be used for other reasons. if people can make the effort to post here, then fair enough.
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    Do you post anything else but random pleas for superbru members?
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    Hulle begin nog heel jaar stadig. Dit het hulle ingehaal op die ou end.
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    I was watching a documentary in the UK during the Lions series and to me it looked like NZ had modeled their schooling and rugby at that level on South Africa. When i watched this it was like watching school rugby in SA, the discipline, culture, support etc.. NZ have done very well in recent years, but I think we are on the brink of seeing change. Watching how Sunwolves dismantled Blues made me feel better for our loss to japan, it shows what courage and pressure can do to different sides. NZ have been exposed by the Lions and Ireland and come the RC i think they will meet to more prepared sides in SA and Oz.
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    Seeing that we are now transforming and all, SARU should urgently approach the World Rugby body to allow us the same pre-match privilege.
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    Some teams act like the BLF people - me, me, me, me,..... The blinkers allow for one-way vision only. The referee is a ZANZAR appointment and both countries have representatives in that body. While some may not agree with Pyper's decision last week, it was all in-line with the laws. It was quite clear that probably the best flyhalf in rugby at the moment was practicing a hybrid version of Fitzpatrick-McCaw ball smuggling.
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    My 1991 vintage, geographically/politically incorrect T shirt for Saturday................
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    They will probably come out and win by an innings next start. Not much went right this time around - not often you get four golden ducks in an innings (most of them padding up). If Vern comes good the team will improve sharply.
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    Eina!. . . why's it always so difficult to lose to the Poms?
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    Loads of whining over in NZ
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    What are the chances of doing that in a matter of a week or two, after six years of Super Rugby, 29 games in Japan and 14 tests?
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