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    Jammer om van sy dood te hoor. Hy het my geleer om met een hand te lees.
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    @J1M1 @taipan
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    It was great to see them play like that.
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    I agree, credit to every player who made NZ work very hard for that win and i still believe the best team lost. DDA made a massive mistake and it was a similar mistake that was made by...I think it was Danie Russouw who made a mistake and lost us the game vs Oz. But with all that i =am still massively proud on how the boks stood up yesterday and it was one of the most physical i have seen the Boks play for some time.
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    RIP Hugh Hefner... you single handedly caused me to spill more seed than Michael J Fox at a bird feeder!
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    If you have nothing better to do on a Saturday, like cut the grass, go clothes shopping with your wife or change nappies at the local nursing home for the aged.
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    True story..we live on promises.. Koos gooi die golfkarretjie om na ‘n lang dag op die golfbaan. ‘n Vrou wat daar naby speel, sien dit en hardloop nader om te help. Het u seer gekry meneer?’ vra sy. Nee, net groot geskrik,’ sê Koos. My huis is hier naby, kom saam, dan gee ek jou ‘n knertsie vir die skok,’ sê die vrou. Jong, ek weet nie so mooi nie, my vrou sal dit niks laaik dat ek alleen na ‘n ander vrou se huis gaan nie,’ sê... Koos. Maar die vrou is mooi, en baie oortuigend, en hy besluit maar om saam met haar te gaan. Na ‘n heerlike ete, gesels en ‘n paar drankies, sê Koos dat hy nou rêrig moet gaan, want sy vrou weet nie waar hy is nie en sy sal dit niks laaik nie. Nou kom ek gaan saam met jou terug golfbaan toe, dan help ek jou die karretjie optel,’ sê sy. ‘En moenie worry nie, jou vrou weet nie waar jy was en wat jy gedoen het nie. Waar is jou vrou anyway?’ vra sy. Onder die golfkarretjie,’ sê Koos
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    Blah blah blah.....one win against a minnow and the Bulls are "back". How did they leak 32 points?
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    Which is apparently still better than PRO14 standard... :-P Ask the Cheetahs...
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    Well, in a country where 30% in maths is sufficient for you to go and study medicine - sponsored by the government nogal - how can that be wrong.. (sarc)
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    Why? The returning Boks make any previous results meaningless. I'm looking forward to a good game between two young teams who I think are building good squads for the future.
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    Looks like the Bulls supporters may have something to cheer about in the near future. The play I saw yesterday reminded me of an All Black lite style of play. (Like New Zealand, but without the power and control that comes from experience) Loads of offloads Running into spaces Drawing defenders Passing before contact Working hard off the ball to get into support positions There are definite improvements, but there is still a long way to go....
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    According to the news this morning Mostert is going nowhere.
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    He is the Peter Roebuck of NZ journalism (minus the kiddie fiddling). That said it is easy to wind up Kiwis - they are extremely myopic and anyone who makes any negative comment about AB's is howled down irrespective of the facts.
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    The answer is simple and related to what's already been said. (Too many cooks...) The Springbok (Protea) team is not coached by a coach, but by a committee. There is no way a team can stay successful with so many inputs and voices from all over the show. A team wants a coach to have a clear plan and they want to feel secure in that plan. There is also no way four/five/six different coaches will agree on everything. (I've been working in a coaching team of two for ten years now, where the two of us, while thinking about the game the same way and while believing in the same principles, we do differ a hell of a lot on implementation at times... Now imagine the orgy with six different coaches.) Then we get back to the start. We were deceived to believe that there is a different style of play that will magically get us to beat the All Blacks. This led us to a position where we screwed ourselves over... As I said a few years ago, Heyneke Meyer also screwed himself over by dropping Morne at the time... The fact is he started to NOT believe his own principles and gave it up for the "magic solution", when he preferred a an average Pollard, because he was a "running flyhalf" (aka "the myth"). He changed from a strong coach in 2013 to a weak one halfway into 2014. If a coach stops to believe in himself, the team stops believing in the coach! Now we have a coach that does not believe in himself to the extent that a whole committee is doing the coaching for him. He is merely a face, probably with very little inputs, save for the fact that he is probably managing the quota requirements... Which he failed with this weekend... The team did not comply with the targets they set for this year....
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    I hear that AC was pissed off with Marx for running with the ball and instructed him to kick the ball in future.
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    Part of the problem is the fact that the team is not used to the tactic. There is very little wrong with such kicks, if you are able to isolate the catcher, as you gained field position and IF your defence is good, you could turn the ball over in a better field position. Bat then you also need to make sure that contestable kicks give you a 50/50 chance of getting the ball back. I think only one out of all those kicks were truly contestable, as most of the catchers got a clean catch from the kick. So our problem with that game-plan, while it is in fact effective when executed accurately is the following: The players aren't used to it (The chasers were not quick enough and defensive line was not properly set up) The kicks were not truly contestable (too deep) Sadly this comes back to our old problem of not being able to create proper opportunities through intelligent play and now we resort to an old tactic that makes us competitive, but does not give us the edge. It is a good tactic to use as variation, but it seems we will be going back to past to hide our weakness. (SA-Rugby = Up-and-under + Maul) <----- Apparently that is all our coaches understand
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    We always had Lomu figured out.
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    It's okay. I have been told confidentially that AC posts on the SA Rugby board under the user name of "Mike"
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    Shush. AC might hear you and ruin another couple of scrummies.
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    If the Boks approach the EOYT with that same attitude and intensity I think it will be a very successful tour and they may even beat the NH sides comfortably, something we have not done for a while. But, they have to approach every game thinking they are playing vs the AB's
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    Many would say that only very old toppies wear their WAIST BELTS around their belly buttons.
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    Regarding Dreyer, yes there was a problem in the scrum, but was that a coaching problem? He did a lot of work in the loose. i also forgot to mention Kitshoff who also had a great game. Did anyone miss Beast?
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    Etzebeth's best game in a number of years. Marx was immense.
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    Great test match. Best performance by the Boks this year. Pity it was ruined by the arsehole De Allende.
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    Depth perception. Standard size fields, but the in-goal was very small. They played at an extreme tempo (what we normally ask of them). This time they listened. So it could look quite quick too. Just to give perspective. Here is the footage from the final played in the Olympic stadium.
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    I see he also worked with Brendan Venter, no wonder he is so kak.
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    Me and my mate were out having a drink when I told him that I was thinking about divorcing the missus. He asked why and I told him that she had not spoken a word to me in over four months. He took a long sip of his pint and said "You want to think twice before doing that, women like that are hard to find"
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    Gary Gold's advice for Saturday........................"Punch holes in their defence"........
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    I was thinking this morning that in this day and age in SA if you had to interview a youngster who excels in Rugby what his aspirations are, he would most likely say that one day he dreams of playing for Ulster, racing metro or any european based side.
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    Actually, for many this is not a joke but an absolute fact...
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    Has any SA coach - after Jake White - actually set a target for the team? Does the team know where it is going? What does Brendan Venter expect from the spectators? Are we supposed to be satisfied with kissing our sister? Twice in one year.
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    What a kuk match... Saved by an incompetent referee... (The ball that went about 7m forward with the Serfontein try - And no, the hands did not face backwards... the ball fell forward out of an attempted pass). The referee was also late at most of the breakdowns and mostly penalised the second or third infringement. In short, the referee was as kuk as both teams playing... If I was coaching the opposition, the Boks would lose 10 out of every 8 matches played... Just hand them the ball and play a more defence orientated game against them. There is no need to try and win against the Boks they can, they are able to lose the match all by themselves... If you give them the ball and just defend, you know for sure that they will hand you the ball at some stage, while their defence will not be aligned. You also know that the Boks play a primary school brand of rugby, where the ball goes down the back-line and and where there is no purposeful plan of isolating defenders and opening up other areas on the field. They play a really naive brand of rugby. This was also a really poor display by the Aussies and I'm sure their fan will be extremely disappointed. They got pulled down to the Springbok standard and played the same way. No plans, not playing as a team and lots of individual stupidity... Nothing wrong with your eyes!!!
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    I'm sure that when you mention garage parties, many of the laaities won't know WTF you're talking about but us ou toppies.......? We know. Especially when midnight came closer and closer.
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    IMO.... Skosan, Ross and Elton played with a lot of heart. Eben is a bit too thick to be skipper. If Coetzee is the best 15 in the country then God help us. Beast is scrumming really well this year. Why replace him with the ginger who immediately gave away two penalties?
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    Love it!! The female equivalent is "she has seen enough cocks to make a hand rail over the Swiss Alps"
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    The Facebook theme tune.............
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    To everyone out there. Happy Braai day. To all you vegetarians. Lekker fokken tuin maak!!!!
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    Well at least the Boks don't get to lose this weekend...we can braai in peace...
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    It's beyond belief. My favourite was when one of them asked for the latest 5 invoices. I said I would give him the last 5. "No I don't want the last 5, I want the latest 5" you can't make this shit up
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    Saffex is back?