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  1. Rugby’s 15 v 14 dilemma

    I agree with Draad, there is often an over eagerness to hand out red and many times unwarranted. Bizzie on Cutter being one of them. So if we have the red followed by a 10 minute bin and then a replacement player can come on, this will justify any error by referees who as we all know this day and age are useless. We are seeing players penalised by that SA ref in CC simply because they are shouting things like "holding on" yet the same knob cannot even identify a forward pass. These refs know fokol and maybe it is best we let the suspensions take place off the field.
  2. Rugby’s 15 v 14 dilemma

    I still think 14 vs 15 is harsh and perhaps they should be allowed to replace after a 10 minute time period, so a yellow card offense will be in play, yet that play cannot return after 10 minutes.
  3. Rugby’s 15 v 14 dilemma

    A guy runs, chasing down and up and under and badly times his run, gets red carded. A well disciplined player. Why should the team suffer due to one small lapse in judgement. A guy kicks at a ball in a silly reaction, catches a player head, is red carded, normally a clean player and this action does not show any malice. Why should the team suffer for small mistakes that warranted a red card. For me the red card should be used but a replacement should be allowed, perhaps a standard yellow card timed period should remain in play before a replacement can join.
  4. Rugby’s 15 v 14 dilemma

    The end result of any game should be decided by the best team, not the team who has the most players on the field. I say RED card a player, have him replaced. It is as simple as that and then have a blanket base ban for any red cardings that can be increased in suspension period. 2 week minimum for a red no matter what and also have the club fined just in case they too were part of some master plan
  5. Rugby’s 15 v 14 dilemma

  6. Rugby’s 15 v 14 dilemma

    I think fans pay a lot of money to go watch 15 vs 15 and this nonsense that the team being transgressed against should benefit from an advantage is nonsense. I think a player should be red-carded, but a replacement should come on the field, so that it is 15 vs 15.
  7. Goodbye Sanzaar?

    I think so too....it does not matter how many Japanese, Island etc sides they have, it is not SA and I think i read somewhere that having a platform to play SA on a regular basis has helped NZ rugby get to where it is today and that without them (SA) they would be financially in trouble and their game most certainly would not be at the level it is. Playing in the north could actually help SA rugby tremendously, they can earn more money, preventing so many players from leaving. The only thing that still poses an issue is transformation.
  8. Goodbye Sanzaar?

    What do we know, after all every week we are the ones who watch these games, I bet you SANZAAR board do not even watch any of them. I think SANZAAR may be in kak, if the PRO14 works out, i think there are plans to expand, this is why they have the 2 conference system, to enable more SA sides to join. http://www.rugby365.com/tournaments/pro14/80591-why-sa-market-is-more-attractive-for-euro-expansion
  9. Goodbye Sanzaar?

    I think had it not been for the Pro12, Kings and Cheetahs would have done exactly the same and taken SANZAAR to court. Fortunately for the SA sides the NH has opened a market to tap into and it is a market they are keen to explore, every Welshman i have spoken to is so excited about the future of the Pro14 and local rugby. They like us think this will allow them access to another standard and level of rugby.
  10. Currie Cup - Griquas v WP

    I was just watching this game and thought it is harsh when a player is binned for 10 minutes and not allowed to return until play has stopped, I think they should change this rule and allow him to run back on when 10 is up from an onside position. 10 minutes should be 10 minutes and not 11 as in this game when Griquas scored while the 9 was in the bin.
  11. And now for the joke of the year

    I saw this yesterday, they have I think 6 different colours all representing the colours on the flag...Like i said then, i could have deigned a flag coloured jersey and one would have sufficed, instead 5 or 6 different ones that when worn by themself without knowing the reason is just a irrelevant colour.
  12. Super Rugby 2017 - Lions

    If you shoot a guy in the toe or shoot him in the neck and he survives, they are treated as attempted murder. In rugby if the guy who is played in the air lands safely or dangerously they are sanctioned differently. How the guy lands for me should not dictate a red or yellow, if the guys lands on his side or neck should both be penalised the same if they want to stamp this out of the game. If they cannot get that right then abolish the rules and let's get back to rugby. Players should also stop fucking milking these situations, this is rugby not sissie football..
  13. Super Rugby 2017 - Lions

    That AB game is an absolute farce and the reason that he has been allowed that game as part of his suspension is a joke, plus it is not even one side, it is 2 teams either half vs the All Blacks. What I find worrying is the punishment is dictated by how the player lands and IMHO that should not dictate the outcome of the ban, because how lucky or unluckily the player lands does not make the act less or more dangerous.
  14. Super Rugby 2017 - Lions

    WR often refer to player safety and there are still many aspects of this game where they can quite simply alter the rules to make it safer. Take Kwagga's scenario which we have seen 1000 times before when this was not considered dangerous but now it is. So for me 1. A player should only be allowed to run and jump if it is safe to do so, and that means attacker and defender. 2. If it is a contestable situation like Kwagga had then the players (both) have to stop and jump, the player that jumps into a dangrous situation should be penalised. What makes it dangerous? More than one player who can take the ball clean, if there is one player or more from each side who is realistically in a position to contest then the situation is dangerous making it a stop and jump or even have asupport player lifting.
  15. SuperBru Pro14

    I agree 100% with you Taipan.