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  1. supersupporter


  2. supersupporter

    Super Rugby 2019

    He is a big unit for sure. If I am not mistaken during the EOYT he had the privilege of being run over by Duane Vermeulen.
  3. supersupporter

    New Years Resolutions

    So how's this? Saw on the news this morning that there are a few going around, somehow these modern assholes struggle to understand the difference between a challenge and a resolution. Dry January (No alcohol for the month - then after that is up, get smashed totally, really great idea..not) Tri January - Do mini triathlons - OK Vegan January - OK Hair January - Women do not shave for the month (This option may not work if they want to have sex, men will be sober) Challenges, not resolutions.
  4. supersupporter

    Super Rugby 2019

    I must be honest I have never really rated him, but have also not followed his entire career so maybe the times I have watched him play he has not really played that well.
  5. supersupporter

    Super Rugby 2019

    @Stu have you heard the rumours about Basteraud joining the Sharks possible, I heard yesterday either Sharks or a Japan move.
  6. supersupporter

    So what is

    Like i say to people, i have 2 boys and I only have to worry about 2 boys, if I had a girl (daughter) then I would have to worry about every boy..
  7. supersupporter

    So what is

    We do not go overboard if I am honest, since we have a young family and no extended family, we keep meals simple, most likely be a roast and nice dessert and then a walk on the freezing beaches.
  8. supersupporter

    Looks like Ouma's been busy again.

    Habana was wearing one of the jerseys on Saturday, he was an in-studio guest for the Gloucester game and the jersey I did not think was that bad.
  9. supersupporter

    Looks like Ouma's been busy again.

    It is tough to find negative stuff when Boks are not playing...
  10. supersupporter

    Looks like Ouma's been busy again.

    A Marie Tattoo
  11. supersupporter

    Springboks 2018

    LOL...still losers
  12. supersupporter

    Naka Drotske

    Hoe the fuck does someone aim and shoot at Os and miss? I reckon the same oke who coaches Marx how to throw into a lineout.
  13. supersupporter

    Naka Drotske

    Thank goodness he is OK.
  14. supersupporter

    Springboks 2018

    I agree Vlagman, often we see the last pass that goes forward, and commies blame the guy passing, well, if he passed the ball back it would miss the player because guys outside the passer struggle to control their pace and overrun the ball carrier.
  15. supersupporter

    Springboks 2018

    He just needs to learn that some players just should not be there, take Willie Le Roux, his ball handling and passing at times could be amateurish and one of their biggest problems is ball skills. I think it was the NZ game we won, he passed the ball to Dyantyi and it was way above Dyantyi's head, fortunately, it was caught, otherwise, the result may not have gone our way.