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  1. Steinhoff...........

    Steinhoff sponsor the 7's...
  2. I Killed Bob Marley

    Did he also shoot the Sherriff, but not the deputy..
  3. Springboks end of year tour/November Internationals

    Bob Skinstad said the exact same thing in the UK studio. The Blitzbokke are 60% black and they are playing with a skillset the Boks just do not have. I reckon a guy like Kwagga would be a good centre, because he knows how to find the gap, but also has total commitment to himself and what he is good at.
  4. Springboks end of year tour/November Internationals

    I think that is what is so annoying is that they cannot even blame quotas, Coetzee is a seasoned coach, his side is not quota based, although that is his goals. These piss poor results are players and coach. Take note of the black players, they were actually not that bad.
  5. Springboks end of year tour/November Internationals

    I was listening to Bob Skinstad in the UK studio and even he let rip into the Boks, but also pointed out that the players did not know what to do on the field.
  6. Springboks end of year tour/November Internationals

    Eben Etzebeth is over rated, always has been and always will be, most of his caps have been given because of reputation only, he has not deserved most and should have been dropped a long time ago. Guys like Mostert have deserved it more and for some typical Bok selection mystery, the same old shitty players get picked ahead of players who we know can actually get over the advanatage line most times they take that ball. People call him an enforcer, absolute fucken joke, Bakkies had more "enforcer" in one arm than that muscle head has in his entire body, he thinks because he has special dumb bells made because his biceps are so big it will make him a better player, he should rather fuck off over seas.
  7. Springboks end of year tour/November Internationals

    That song is just as boooooooooruing as bok rugby..
  8. Springboks end of year tour/November Internationals

    I still think he will be sacked,
  9. Springboks end of year tour/November Internationals

    Kolisi thinks he is great...Now we have to start questioning the intelligence of Boks being selected. I am not sure Kolisi is very bright, by saying AC is a great coach, he is then insinuating that the players are shit and therefore coach should stay and players should go.
  10. Springboks end of year tour/November Internationals

    The entire game was a fuckup, from acoaches perspective anyone who thinks he deserves to stay is mental. Once again he showed that SA have no strategic plan to subbing and it is just a pre-planned move. Coetzee was shit - not replaced Cronje shit - replaced after 70 minutes Bok front row 0 best part of the game - subbed early Coetzee should have been removed at least by the second half, Gellant moved to full back and Am brought on so Kriel can go to wing. Forwards should not have changed, Bongi had a very good run when he came on and Oupa seemed to actually be better on the field then Eben.
  11. Other Rugby Related News and Trivia

    Someone else mentioned that on 365, Dan should start reading blogs..

    If I was going there i would tell her i am there to give a sample, can i give it to her..
  13. Other Rugby Related News and Trivia

    Rather him than most SA coaches...
  14. Other Rugby Related News and Trivia

    I hope he does get the job, I think he is a great coach who lets the players play rugby, he does not try and make them play boring rugby, I hope he is the coach and not Rassie, otherwise we will go back to boring.. Davids has done avery good job with the Kings in SR and Pro14, which is a tough year as he has had to start with new teams in both, Pro14 a little tougher as he lost so many players after SR and they were key player.