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  1. supersupporter

    Concussion and its effects

    I agree, the concussion thing is the reason why I have not pushed my son into rugby, I would rather he take up cricket, swimming, running, cycling etc but rugby is not even an option. I refuse to let him play a game where profit comes before player health and well being. I am also not a big fan of the modern backline player who is 6'4 +, I think they are just too big and the collisions are showing in the number of concussions.
  2. supersupporter

    Concussion and its effects

    Why is he only suing the Bulls? SANZAAR and SARU should also carry certain blame, after all, they never set any protocols for a concussion at the time. the NRL has put aside millions for this very same issue in America, I wonder if SANZAAR and/ WR have done the same.
  3. supersupporter


    Do these assholes really think a 5-year-old has the ability to be responsible to carry a 9 mil?
  4. supersupporter


    Head, shoulders not the toes, not the toes
  5. supersupporter


    Same goes for all the protesters, where were they when all these children around the UK were being raped? But they are quick to run out and protest some guy because he said he wanted his borders closed to Muslims until they sorted their shit out.
  6. supersupporter


    That would have been brilliant!
  7. supersupporter


    I am not sure how many of you have heard about this giant blimp of a baby lookalike to trump that the Mayor of London has permitted to be allowed to fly while Trump visits, I personally think it is disgraceful to allow it and to think the Mayor of London allowed it..In any case, I saw this joke and thought this would be funny, I wonder if the Mayor would allow this.. Sadiq Khan has allowed a giant blimp depicting Donald Trump as a baby to fly over London because it's 'freedom of speech'. Well then, I can't wait until he okays my blimp of the Prophet Muhammed fucking it.
  8. supersupporter

    Super Rugby 2018

    Let him work in the studio with Willemse..
  9. supersupporter

    2018 World Cup

    Walkers Crisps have also sent over 100 bags of crisps for the survivors as they were getting short of air.
  10. supersupporter

    Super Rugby 2018

    This is why SA sides need to move to the Euro based competitions. SR has become a bit stalemate, predictable and has always favoured the NZ sides.
  11. supersupporter

    2018 World Cup

  12. supersupporter

    2018 World Cup

    That was a very good international rescue and always something that amazes me how professionals from all over the world can get together and have one goal, to save lives.
  13. supersupporter

    2018 World Cup

    Either way he is a miserable prick..
  14. supersupporter

    2018 World Cup

    England will win the world cup, when they won it last time Andy Murray never played Wimbledon and this year he is not playing Winbvledon..
  15. supersupporter

    RIP Hawkeye - never to be forgotten

    I have had debates with many people on this forum, I think none more than Vlagman, yet I would still share a drink and a braai with him or anyone here, why? because we are all passionate people, and that is why we come onto forums, our passion for rugby and other sports, and it is that passion that drives our opinions. Hawkeye, however, I must say on many occasions was a calmer person, he would often try and calm the more heated conversations. He was very good that way, he took some kak over the years as did many and he still stood strong, I am proud to have known the man and wish his family the best. In times of tragedy, people will always speak highly of someone as you should not speak ill of those who have left, but I can put my hand on a bible, Hawkeye was as genuine as they arrive. I will remember him 8 years ago when I kind of met him, just after that my son came into this world, well soon my second one arrives, so as one man leaves, another young man will be joining our small community when I welcome my second son in 7 weeks time.