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  1. Late Tackle Show

    For me, it is a bit naff and amateurish. They seem to wing it rather than have some plan. But, that is just me.
  2. Thank F*ck

    What is VAT now in SA?
  3. Super Rugby 2018

    Coenie was out and Du Preez spoke to SA Rugby, I assume Rassie upon which it was decided to play him at tighthead.
  4. Super Rugby 2018

    SARU have told the Sharks to play Thomas the tank at tighthead, was not the ideal outing...as soon as Beast came on things got better...
  5. Super Rugby 2018

    I absolutely hate those argies players...Watching Senatla run, he chips the ball, Argie connects him, but he maintains his composure and chases the ball down, those Argies would have taken a dive for sure.... Later in the game, the madness by the Stormers player when he tackles that chap, a nothing tackle outside the field of play and then take note of that cheating argie, staying down as if this is football...fucken disgraceful sportsman.. I did enjoy the game though, and the Sharks one too, other than listening to Stransky, he must get a hard on every time Lions get the ball, He was full of excuses when the Lions made errors, rusty, other players in his way etc etc, but when the Sharks made errors they were clumsy... Good kicks by Sharks were just good, Elton's were fantastic.. I have never noticed how biased he was before, is this normally how he is?
  6. Super Rugby 2018

    Dropped a lighty for his laaitie
  7. Late Tackle Show

    I do not know him, but I will take your word for it..
  8. Late Tackle Show

    http://www.rugby365.com/opinion/second-phase/83297-late-tackle-marx-steyn-on-super-rugby What do you guys make of these chaps chatting here, I find them quite annoying. The sitting on chairs drinking some beer that looks like it is being advertised. The entire setup I find quite silly.


    I still speak as I speak, fortunatley i work from home so do not need to conform to piss poor english...

    My wife asked me how she compared with past girlfriends? So I told her she was the only one I had been with! The others were all eights and nines.

    I dunno why women are always bragging about being able to multi-task. It's really just a side effect of their complete inability to make up their mind

    I still cannot get used to that... When my brother first came to the UK, him and his family stayed with my Aunt in Manchester, when they got there, after some time she asked if they wanted some tea, naturally they said yes, then some time later they got food and no tea... My sister in law when she stayed here for a couple years invited her friend over and her friends boyfriend for tea...They were pretty pissed off to only get a cup of tea and not a meal... Very odd saying The same is when you go to a veggie market and you want a pound of beans....you never know if you are getting a pounds worth or a pound in weight.
  14. 6 Nations 2018


    I got a snotty text off my wife today. 'You can do the tea tonight, you lazy cunt. I've been at work all day. I want something foreign.' Fuck her, Ethiopian it is then.