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  1. Even the Kiwis are now talking

    Listen to the podcast https://rugbypasspodcast.podbean.com/
  2. Even the Kiwis are now talking

    That hammering has hit home for the All Blacks, ithey know that Bok culture has to change for AB rugby to continue at the highest level. http://www.rugby365.com/opinion/second-phase/81206-watch-kiwis-question-bok-selection-policy
  3. 4 Nation International Rugby

    That is so true...
  4. http://lekkerblog.co.za/the-rolls-royce-hijacker-posts-photos-of-himself-with-the-stolen-vehicle-on-his-facebook-profile-idiot/
  5. 2018 Super Rugby Draw

    If you have nothing better to do on a Saturday, like cut the grass, go clothes shopping with your wife or change nappies at the local nursing home for the aged.

    Translate that for our English friends...
  7. 2018 Super Rugby Draw

  8. James Haskell Loses the Plot with Joe Marler

    Etsebeth got a suspension for a dummy head butt..head high tackles get red carded at times, but grabbing a guy by the throwat with both hands and that is after an elbow was put to his throat. I can assure you if this was an EOYT and that was a SA or NZ player doing that to a pom, he would be red carded.
  9. 4 Nation International Rugby

    What i find totally amazing is that Bok selction is still a massive issue and until they can sort that out I cannot see us getting very far. Take a guy like Rhule, should never have been there and once he was exposed should have been dropped, we have 2 players in SA rugby, also black who have been in better form and are better players. Mapimpi and Nxosi. Only now is Nxosi been selected. Even a guy like Skosan who has heaps of pace, he was the only one who managed to run down Barrett in that freak passing try by Milner-Skudder, and yet we are not using this guy as much as the Lions do. Even NZ criticised the fact that he has so much pace but is not being used to his potential.
  10. 4 Nation International Rugby

    faf would be my first choice for sure, but for me Schreuder deserves to be our back up / rotation 9.
  11. 4 Nation International Rugby

    http://www.rugby365.com/tournaments/rugby-championship/81182-schreuder-in-hougaard-out Glad to see Schreuder called up, I think he and Cronje could be 2 very decent 9's
  12. Ping Vlag & Supersupporter

    The weather is bad when the grass is green
  13. 4 Nation International Rugby

    Fortunately or unfortunately you are not completely gerook
  14. 4 Nation International Rugby

    I do not think we would have been hammed 57 - 0 if Whiteley was there.
  15. 4 Nation International Rugby

    Unfortunately the team were in the process of building some momentum and if they lost this weekend respectfully they would have still been happy and still on the right road, unfortunately as we see many times in SA rugby, when the team starts to lose control of the game they fall apart and just allow the hammering, rather than fight for some sort of self respect.