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  1. Springboks end of year tour/November Internationals

    I would have liked to have seen AM replace Kriel
  2. Springboks end of year tour/November Internationals

    and in the backs, who do we think should not be there, Kriel for one and Coetzee most definitely should not start let aloine even be in the starting line up. Gelant for me should have started vs Italy to see how he does, I also think AM should have started.
  3. Other Rugby Related News and Trivia

    AM and Gellant should both have been given chances as DDA and Coetzee are both rubbish and this is why SA has such issues, when there are players that can be better, the coach will opt for the white guy who has not been doing well, this then fuels those ANC assholes.
  4. Other Rugby Related News and Trivia

    But the game vs Wales i will be surprised if Toulon let Duane play. One of the English clubs have already blocked the welsh fullback from playing in that game because it is outside the November window.
  5. Other Rugby Related News and Trivia

    I remember Habana making sure his contract allowed him to play for SA outside of the window as that knob at Toulon is probably one of the biggest shits. WR needs to make sure that players are allowed to leave and that they are also allowed to be released at least 10 days before for International training. Otherwise training is a massive issue when players are not there.
  6. Other Rugby Related News and Trivia

    That is why I say it is tough to allow foreign players, when you have asettled side and then their bosses block them from playing. Unless WR say a player cannot be blocked from international duty, picking foreign players is an issue.
  7. Charles Manson dead

    The same way they feel looking after dead beat politicians.
  8. Lambie in action with JPP

    JPP also looked like he could still play for the Boks.
  9. Lambie in action with JPP

    I watched the full game today, Lambie was superb, 8 out of 8 kicks, not bad and one was from the side line, his game play was outstanding. He was part of every point scored. He did seem to steer clear of danger though which is understandable, probably a coaches instruction. But still looked very classy and looks so much better than what AC has produced, but that doe snot mean that AC would not turn Lambie into another big dull dud like he does with all his players.

    Probably the Springbok coaching and SARU on top of each other
  11. Springboks end of year tour/November Internationals

    Picking the best player no matter where he plays is a problem. The French clubs especially do not like to let players play outside of the normal international window. Which if I am not mistaken is June and November and then we have the 3N series in which I do not think players have to be released, I may be wrong, so this is where players need to make sure their contracts allow their release. They also need to make sure that they can be available for training and camps. So for me, yes it is good to have them in the side, the issue is they become a disruption when their clubs block them and cause havoc.
  12. Springboks end of year tour/November Internationals

    I wish they would just sack him now and let an interim coach take over. Sack that fucken Venter too.
  13. Lambie in action with JPP


    I got a good tongue lashing, probably a hiding when i was a kid and I said to this girl, who was my friend too.."Ek sal jou doos" I did not know that box in the term sport was not doos..
  15. Springboks end of year tour/November Internationals

    For me there were 3 major issues today that stopped the Boks from winning with a better margin Pollard 0 Kicking was kak Eben was permanently in the back line and unlike other top locks, refused to pass the ball to players who can take it up, he was a nuisance. Coetzee - same as above, refused to pass the ball and just like Eben, I do not think got over the advantage line once.