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  1. supersupporter

    Springboks 2018

    I think so too, and rightfully so, he is a little inconsistent, but in all fairness, he was playing under AC and he has poor form history when AC was coach.
  2. supersupporter

    Springboks 2018

    I am hoping they beat England comfortably this time, I would also like to see Esterhuizen take his chance and make a point, and looking forward to the backline. Gelant too, Good luck to them all, the only concern for me is Malherbe, he is an unpredictable prop, I would have preferred the other 2 2 have started, but Rassie is still testing players and probably does not want to change too much.
  3. supersupporter

    2018 World Cup

    That prick at 1:45 being exorcised..
  4. supersupporter

    2018 World Cup

    Stu shared it with me on Facebook..Brilliant!!
  5. supersupporter


    I really like the way he questions. This lady was stumped so many times her affirmative action education surely must have made her realise that his self-earned education beat her ass down.
  6. supersupporter

    Cricket news

    I agree....
  7. supersupporter

    2018 World Cup

    I was just watching highlights of Iran vs Spain.WTF is wrong with that sport? The goalie gets close to the Spanish player and then falls to the floor holding his foot, he was not even touched, minutes later in the highlights, he saves a goal, a payer slides in, barely touches him and he acts like his leg was busted by a runaway train...what a stupid fucken sport, these people make people like me hate it. I cannot stand to watch that bs crap...i wish the associations would make a bigger effort to eradicate these assholes from this sport and make it interesting for those who are not big fans and who have not bought into this insane notion that play acting is OK to emphasize the contact.
  8. supersupporter

    Other Rugby Related News and Trivia

    Maybe Willemse should now be investigated for racism, by using racism against whites means he himself was behaving with racist intentions.
  9. supersupporter

    Rugby Laws - 2018 Version

    My problem with jumping is projection. A player standing 3m away from the ball can actually be binned because the receiving player has flown through the air, made contact with stationary player, and he is deemed as playing the player in the air. Make volleyball style rules, run, stop and jump...Volleyball player can run and jump straight up to spike without touching the net. Make rugby players apply the same logic, that will solve all problems
  10. supersupporter

    Rugby Laws - 2018 Version

    That is where you are wrong. Barrett never placed himself in harm's way, he went to catch the ball, it only became harms way when the chaser refused to commit to the ball and all he did was ball watching. Barret was committed to collect that ball, the lazy Frenchman had no intention to catch that ball and was not in a position to catch it. World Rugby should not have stepped in, maybe a week back they should have, but all they have done is said that as long as you are watching the ball, you can run under a player because he placed himself in harm's way..nonsense.
  11. supersupporter

    Other Rugby Related News and Trivia

    Argentina are such a disappointment when they play outside of the SH teams, when it comes SR and the RC they look like a top side, but as soon as the mid-year incoming series, they just fail miserably. They need to sort their shit out, they scrap this idea of playing for Argentina requires playing Rugby because for me it is not improving their national side.
  12. supersupporter

    Rugby Laws - 2018 Version

    Ithought that red was correct, Barrett was the only player committed to the ball. That Frenchie was just ball watching and that for me is not good enough, that would mean anyone can just run willy nilly as long as they are watching the ball. The red was correct, what is more concerning is WR step in here and turn this one over and not the one they should have last week. Later in the game we saw Barrett (jordie) and Fickou go for a ball and both were committed and could have gathered the ball, that is perfect. The red was correct.
  13. supersupporter

    Springboks 2018

  14. supersupporter

    Springboks 2018

    I do understand what Draad is referring to, at the time there was no one who could go into the bok squad, now there is so getting a straight walk in would not be that easy. But the last couple years at least, not many players have really stood out.
  15. supersupporter

    Springboks 2018

    He is only there as a mentor / coach and possibly will get some game time.