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  1. Mick Sawyer

    Super Rugby 2016

    Go Lions!
  2. Mick Sawyer

    Australian Open 2016

    I understand the sentiment. John M didn't attend the AIS and would have carried forward losses with 6 numbers.
  3. Mick Sawyer

    Australian Open 2016

    Cheers taips.
  4. Mick Sawyer

    Australian Open 2016

    The rankings tell the story of the expected outcome. Sport, as we know, has its own way of finishing the story. Averaging will be useful to him, hopefully. You wouldn't think an oz tax resident should be subject to a withholding tax.
  5. Mick Sawyer

    Australian Open 2016

    Some time back I wrote somewhere on this forum on the travails of being a fringe player. I mentioned the son of a mate who had been ranked around the 100 mark and the ongoing financial struggle to get to minor tournaments in out of the way places. Well......... he's just qualified for the third round of the oz open, meaning a minimum payday of around $A97k, which should mean my mate doesn't have to dip into his own wallet for the remainder of the year. He's playing Bernard Tomic.
  6. Mick Sawyer

    Star Picks for 2016

    Sean McMahon is not an unknown, having played for 2 years with the Rebels and a handful of appearances for the national team. However, if we are looking to pick some stars for 2016, aside from the obvious, then he's my nomination. A backrower who loves making a tackle, who can find space beyond a defensive line with deceptive speed and power or an astute pass and, by and large, makes good decisions coming into the breakdown zone. He's the reason I'll be watching Rebels games this year.
  7. Mick Sawyer

    England tour to SA

    This appears to have been a decent test match with decent crowds. Great news!
  8. Mick Sawyer

    Cricket news

    That may happen taips but I suspect they know the talent is too fragmented and the broadcast revenue would be diminished. I believe there are 16 nations making up the confederation.
  9. Mick Sawyer

    Cricket news

    I read today that the Board rejected the recommendation of some enquiry and instead opted to occupy their designated armchairs for a bit longer instead of getting out of the way to stave off further damage.
  10. Mick Sawyer

    Cricket news

    I heard some discussion on the possibility of their Board being possibly dismantled, with a decision to be made over the weekend. Seems weird when they have a team on tour, though it mightn't be the strangest occurrence in their recent history.
  11. Mick Sawyer

    Allister Coetzee - Bok Coach

    Graham Henry?
  12. Mick Sawyer

    Paris & Now America

    Rock it out taips.
  13. Mick Sawyer

    Paris & Now America

    3:00 pm ist. What's happened to the Friday lunch?I would tell my wife I'd be home by 7:00 but did she ever breakfast cooked?
  14. Mick Sawyer

    Paris & Now America

    11:00 amists. Jeez their on the piss early.
  15. Mick Sawyer

    Eddie ready to drop bombshell on Stormers?

    In English please.