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  1. 4 Nation International Rugby

    Mean ou is a Sharks supporter?
  2. 4 Nation International Rugby

    Ag shame, are they picking on a Lion?
  3. 4 Nation International Rugby

    Cant blame the coach for poor handling and a cock-eyed hooker. Can blame the coach for selecting players like Rhule, the fullback, Skosan and that 8.
  4. 4 Nation International Rugby

    CBC, Darling, Devils Peak.
  5. 4 Nation International Rugby

    I will be in the Cape again. Thats all that matters.
  6. 4 Nation International Rugby

    Sold out in a few minutes. So i have a plane ticket but no rugby ticket! Hopefully there is a Bok Park in CT.
  7. Super Rugby 2017 - Lions

  8. Super Rugby 2017 - Lions

    Hahaha spot on ........
  9. Super Rugby 2017 - Lions

    What opportunities? The very last move was a penalty to the Sharks. Dont talk kak, man.
  10. Super Rugby 2017 - Lions

    This kicking.....BMT issues?
  11. Super Rugby 2017 - Lions

    JIMI and that oke from Springs must be nervous wrecks
  12. Super Rugby 2017 - Lions

    Or not.......
  13. Super Rugby 2017 - Lions

    I rest my case.
  14. Super Rugby 2017 - Lions

    There was no high tackle there either. Oh.....fuck off Vlag
  15. Super Rugby 2017 - Lions

    There we go. The ref has done his bit to ensure a home final.