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  1. Super Rugby 2018

    Another Pro 14 "star" who was horribly exposed defensively by the Lions was Mapimpi.
  2. Super Rugby 2018

    Can't believe it was a SARU instruction. But whoevers it was, they are going to destroy a very good loose head.
  3. Super Rugby 2018

    Lions have still got it. Well done.
  4. Thank F*ck

    He has only one wife. That's a start.
  5. Late Tackle Show

    Be thankful you are not exposed to Tjoks en Tjops
  6. Super Rugby 2018

    I see what you're trying to do.
  7. Super Rugby 2018

    Ahhh.....one day to go.....and the start of fighting, arguing and the general breakdown of relationships on this board.....again. So I may as well get it rolling.....f#$k the Lions!!!
  8. Cricket news

    This is interesting
  9. SA Incoming Tours 2018

    Probably because God's Gift to cricket was back in the team.
  10. SA Incoming Tours 2018

    Kohli playing with our bowlers again. How on earth does Morris earn so much in IPL?
  11. SA Incoming Tours 2018

    Wont happen. Even God is angry with the Proteas.
  12. Pieter Snorre de Villiers..

    If you had told me a few years ago that Japan would beat the Boks I would also say " not f@#ken likely"
  13. SA Incoming Tours 2018

    Never mind.....everyone's hero will be back the next game. Unless of course he hurt his finger again playing golf.
  14. SA Incoming Tours 2018

    And that's our skipper? What a joke. Yet another insipid batting display by the top order.
  15. Bye bye Coetzee..

    Oh ja....the Bulls. Apparently they are now like a "family" and there is good gees in the camp. FML