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  1. Happy birthday Don

    Thanks guys. So far so good. Almost time to open that bottle. My son is doing the braai tonight. Some lekker aged rump.
  2. Mooi Musiek.

    In my universe YES.
  3. Mooi Musiek.

    Me two.
  4. Mooi Musiek.

    Definately not me.
  5. Mooi Musiek.

    Yes. And a Miss Universe.
  6. Mooi Musiek.

    Beyond compare for me.
  7. I Killed Bob Marley

    A damn shame JZ wasn't on his list.
  8. Springboks end of year tour/November Internationals

    No, I'm not a fan of the coach. Like EVERYONE else, in my opinion he is a useless piece of ............. ! However, are all those missed catches, particularly in the first half, a coach issue?
  9. Mooi Musiek.

    Some awesome scenery in the background here guys.
  10. Mooi Musiek.

  11. To rub it in...

    Impressive. A bit of light at the end of the tunnel.

    Me too. And hopefully she will say "please come again sir".


  15. The Wisdom thread - feel free to add

    Excellent. A first for me. Amazing how "obvious logic" can be turned into humour. And this is only for the non believers.