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  1. Is he the dumbest criminal or just another one

    There was a similar incident when a OR Tambo heist was involved. The guy took photos of himself with a lambo parked in his garage.
  2. Gupta Wedding - For the beancounters

    I was led to believe that the world would spin off it's axis if it wasn't for CAs. Isn't Beeno a CA?
  3. Mooi Musiek.

  4. 4 Nation International Rugby

    I'd prefer Jano Vermaak above Schreuder. But I'd choose Faf.
  5. South Africa must bring back Heyneke Meyer

    Something for AC to chew on . . .
  6. No substitute for youth

    I used to be able to run like that . . . I think
  7. RIP Country Greats

    RIP Rhinestone Cowboy
  8. RIP Country Greats

  9. 4 Nation International Rugby

    I see AC has left Franco Mostert out for the test against OZ. Apparently he needs to rest. I've always felt the more FM played the better he got. What do I know?
  10. Goodbye Sanzaar?

    I hope you're all right. I'm also looking forward to exposure to the NH style. I believe it can only be good for SA rugby.
  11. Goodbye Sanzaar?

    If the Kings and Cheetahs are not fielding their full strength side, I'm not to sure if the Pro14 competition will put up with it for very long at all. If you're financing a pro team and you have to pay to travel to SA to play, then I suggest you shouldn't have to put up with this at all. Not even to mention quotas.
  12. Mooi Musiek.

  13. Mooi Musiek.

    One for the weekend . . .
  14. Other Rugby Related News and Trivia

    Referee's nightmare!
  15. Colin Meads R.I.P.