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  1. Well this fun

    Take a good book........
  2. Thank F*ck

    Who amongst us is a sorgum beer fan? reverse discrimination in full view......
  3. The Wisdom thread - feel free to add

    From an old newspaper clipping.............It seems like there is an erosion of nationhood and democracy exactly as Benito Mussolini described it. He said: “Democracy ends and fascism begins where political power and corporate power are inseparable”. You could also add religious and media power to that list today. Author unknown
  4. Thank F*ck

    100% - the Koreans smoked like their last day had come when i visited there years back. Egypt & the Middle East as well........
  5. Thank F*ck

    The EFF were correct to walk out before BIG teeth in his designer suit gave us his budget. It's insulting to think that a known Gupta stooge gave South Africa the 2018 budget. i'm no julius dilemma lover, but the man at least has some principals! The old question still stands - Name one living politician worthy of your vote.
  6. Thank F*ck

    and smoke........travel is actually slightly better these days. We're all regarded as "the rich" & they're going to do their best to make us like everyone else - dirt poor! Hope I die before I get old...............
  7. Thank F*ck

    Fact is, if the tax rate is reasonable or low, people are more likely to pay up than waste money dodging it - Ronnie Ray-gun used this tactic to get the US economy moving again........... As Docks says Economics 101.
  8. Thank F*ck

    Budget day arrives!! imho i'd rather see a 2% VAT increase with reduced personal & company taxes. it's the only way all SA citizens will get to pay tax............including the taxi industry & the giant informal sector. All this to pay for the past 8 years of Zupta dominance and waste
  9. Super Rugby 2018

    Faf, under the "expert advice" of AC?
  10. Super Rugby 2018

    Your tight 5 needs a lashing or replacing.......the first scrum said it all!!
  11. Gibson Guitar

    Nashville tells me the owner is the BIG problem.................
  12. Super Rugby 2018