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  1. J1M1

    The Wisdom thread - feel free to add

    Here they come............ Amazon puts down roots for SA clients Amazon Web Services, for the first time in South Africa, is putting down physical roots to bring its operations closer to local customers, a move that will provide jobs and could be a sign that it is getting closer to setting up data centres in the country. It has set up "Points of Presence" for Amazon CloudFront, a global content delivery network, in Johannesburg and Cape Town. AWS, the cloud-computing division of Amazon.com, already has a massive developer centre in Cape Town, and in December announced a local presence for its Direct Connect service, which allows local businesses to establish a dedicated network connection to the AWS cloud in Europe. CloudFront goes one step further, allowing businesses to deliver content from the cloud to their local customers at high speed and with high security. It also brings closer the likelihood of AWS setting up its own data centres in South Africa. "The impact of AWS entering a market is big," said Roy Illsley, principal analyst for global research and consulting firm Ovum. "They pull in regional interest and this elevates the status of the host city or country. I expect South Africa to become the launchpad for Africa.
  2. J1M1

    Concussion and its effects

    Things will not change until someone dies on the field...............imho
  3. J1M1

    The Scottish Open

    Brandon Stone wins it - 60 in the last round!!! This kid is going to shake a few players soon
  4. J1M1


    A match too many for Kevin......but he's still learning methinks it's good for tennis in SA
  5. J1M1

    The Wisdom thread - feel free to add

    From Vestact this morning – Have you seen the image doing the rounds on social media that compares the cost of DSTV and Netflix? What the graphic forgets to mention is DSTV's sport option, which Netflix does not offer. If you read through Naspers most recent financials, their Video entertainment division had revenues of $3.7 billion and net profit of $370 million, and EBITDA margins of 16%. Not quite the 40% profit margins that Apple makes on their iPhone. Although the way that South African's gripe about Multichoice, you would think DSTV margins were even higher than that of Apple. Sports rights cost Multichoice a fortune. For the UK football Premier league, it cost somewhere between R6 billion and R7 billion, that is for the right to broadcast the 2016-19 seasons. Now add the costs of broadcasting rights for other football leagues, cricket, rugby, hockey, boxing, F1, Olympics, golf, and the list can go on. As Multichoice have said before, if you only bought a sport subscription, it would cost you more than the current premium subscription. The revenue from the smaller channels, subsidises the sport channels to bring the cost of the premium package down. With Netflix having more Emmy nominations than HBO, can we say that the age of internet streaming has officially arrived? I'm very interested to see how Super Sport changes things up to cater for the new generation of entertainment consumers.
  6. J1M1


    You need to use Facebook to access this -
  7. J1M1


    should've added........."how vegans are conceived"............sigh!!
  8. J1M1


    The root of the problem.................
  9. J1M1

    Super Rugby 2018

  10. J1M1

    Cricket news

    Second dig - 74 all out........Great batting display from the Proteas!! The bowlers should be filthy...............
  11. J1M1


    Amazing!.......a pity one guy had to lose. These oaks have strong nerves!
  12. J1M1

    Super Rugby 2018

    It would help!! Just think.............no more Justin Marshall & Co
  13. J1M1

    Super Rugby 2018

    Why does S/18 seem so..............boring these days? I'd rather indulge in draadtrek & kondensed melk drink
  14. J1M1

    2018 World Cup

    I heard Neymar is such an expert diver he was asked to help rescue the football team...............