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  1. J1M1

    Other Rugby Related News and Trivia

    Oh dear................! South African players Cheslin Kolbe and Danie Mienie, who ply their trade at French Top 14 club Toulouse, were allegedly involved in a nightclub brawl earlier this month. According to French publication L'Equipe, Thierry Barraque, a businessman with ties to the club, said he and his family were intimidated and threatened by a group of five people - which included Kolbe and Mienie. "They started turning around my daughter and my niece, we asked them to stay quiet," Barraque reportedly said. A fight then allegedly broke out between Barraque's son and the players, who were expelled from the venue. The businessman allegedly tried to defend his son and suffered two broken ribs, which led to him spending three days in hospital. Barraque said his son suffered bruises to his face and a sprained wrist which saw him miss a week of work. He said he expected a formal a formal apology and sanction from Toulouse against the players. If not, he could withdraw financial backing to the club. Kolbe, who can play wing and fullback, joined Toulouse from the Stormers in 2017, while prop forward Mienie joined from the Cheetahs in the same year.
  2. J1M1


    The latest news............. For noisy activists, Steinhoff’s AGM on Friday was a damp squib. All the motions passed, specifically the contentious ones to re-appoint auditors Deloitte and a trio of long-serving directors. Rational stakeholders, however, will be relieved the complex process of unravelling Steinhoff’s chaotic accounts is still on track. But even though most missed it, something dramatic did indeed emerge at Friday’s AGM. Half way through a 26-page Powerpoint presentation by management, we read that PWC’s forensic investigation has “confirmed a pattern of transactions undertaken over a number of years across a variety of asset classes that led to the material overstatement of income and asset values of the Group.” In the ever cautious language of auditors, that’s a bombshell. In plain speak it means PWC has proof Steinhoff’s financial statements were cooked over many years through fictitious invoices (income statement) and by falsifying the value of what the company owns (balance sheet). This is criminal fraud. Which, in Steinhoff’s case, was perpetrated on an industrial scale. The question now is when PWC intends handing this evidence to law enforcement agencies. After Friday’s disclosures, it can’t be long. Which means defrauded shareholders will soon see former CEO Markus Jooste and his co-conspirators behind bars. Small solace for the massive losses incurred. But some satisfaction, at least.
  3. J1M1


  4. J1M1

    Super Rugby 2018

    Shark's to rule this evening............??????
  5. J1M1


    22 kids from 11 or more women! Know we know why he needs the money!!!!
  6. J1M1


    Sies jou ou vark!
  7. J1M1

    Super Rugby 2018

    Lions! 29-0.......maybe getting back on that horse?
  8. J1M1

    Mooi Musiek.

    Happy weekend!
  9. J1M1


    My question is simple -who gave the US, UK and France permission to launch missiles against Syria? In any language - it's an act of war!
  10. J1M1

    Real motor cars..........

    True, but these are not your average every day motor cars.......these are low-mileage investments kept in pristine condition
  11. J1M1

    Real motor cars..........

    Non-precious metal investments?
  12. J1M1

    Armchair selectors & SPRINGBOK News

    I've done a one week US visit before - you're seriously stuffed when you get back.
  13. J1M1

    Super Rugby 2018

    Scholarships win every time!
  14. J1M1

    The Wisdom thread - feel free to add

    From an "adviser"...........Musk - another SA business "genius".....like Markus Jooste & Company After experiencing the bursting of some serious asset price bubbles – JSE 1987; Nasdaq 2000; Commodities 2008; etc – I’m getting a familiar feeling about the share price of Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors. At the current share price the company is valued about the same as GM, which produces 100 times more cars (and makes annual profits of $10bn against Tesla’s $2bn losses). Bubbles share many similarities: Punters reject rational arguments, convinced that “this time it’s different”. And despite all the evidence, refuse to believe the music will ever stop. But like the now chastened Bitcoin fans, devotees of South African-born, US-based Musk are being sorely tested. In July last year, Musk promised to that by December Tesla would be producing 20 000 Model 3 vehicles a month. The company didn’t even reach 10% of the target. Adding to the woes was last month’s death of a Tesla owner when autopilot software malfunctioned; a class action law suit around its SolarCity acquisition; and the recall of 123 000 vehicles because of a compromised bolt. As a result, even Elon’s staunchest supporters are having pause. Tesla is cash strapped and with its hefty losses needs investors to be continuously pumping in money to keep it going. Wall Street is betting Musk’s financial supporters will soon lose patience. There are more short positions in Tesla than any other stock on the US market. In the past, when his back was against the wall, Musk managed to pull rabbits out of the hat. Given these challenges, he now needs an entire warren of them.
  15. J1M1

    Super Rugby 2018

    I'd like to see an Islander team or two - Tonga, Fiji or Samoa or a combination of them........I'm not superstitious😀