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  1. vlagman

    4 Nation International Rugby

    I tried to find a piece that you posted a long while back about scrumhalves. I cannot remember how exactly you described it but it was something like being a head up scrum half. In the piece you described it using the difference between Hougaard, IIRC, and Faf and how Faf was actually the one who was the head up scrum half. You ended with something like, “....looks like I have just convinced myself that Faf is the answer...”.
  2. vlagman

    4 Nation International Rugby

    I know that the team sheet says that Kolisi is the captain but it would be interesting to know who is actually captaining the side.
  3. vlagman


  4. vlagman

    Super Rugby 2018

    Which is also true.
  5. vlagman

    Super Rugby 2018

    .... which more or less confirms Barnacle’s opinion. “Now, for me, Mitchell appears to be the same type of coach that I am. Straight to the point. Just business and nothing else. Just like me, he is probably also a "dwis". In order to make it work, you need a second person in that coaching team to look after all of the other soft fluffy bullshit. ”
  6. vlagman

    Cricket news

    Ben Stokes NOT GUILTY: England cricketer cleared of affray
  7. vlagman

    Super Rugby 2018

    “Afterwards, I called them back into the club, where I had a 55-litre keg of beer waiting for them. I told them that no one was leaving until we had finished the keg, and if anyone needed to go to the toilet, he would have to nail his pint first.” One has to assume that it was the entire squad that was involved. If so, it would have been around 35 players. That means around 1.5l or three pints each. What’s the big fucking deal. Are they trying to tell me that those players normally have less than three pints when they go out for a piss up? What was supposed to be Mitchell being a doos at the Lions turned out to be a number of players being dose in the end. I wonder how long guys like Buurman van Zyl et al would have lasted in modern rugby. Fucking snowflakes. All of them nowadays. Players, management, spectators, supporters, the whole fucking lot.
  8. vlagman

    The 9 hour returns to Kyalami

    Nah. Sadly we have nothing really that draws us to go to SA. My wife’s parents both passed away in 2001 before we moved here. Her brother passed away in 2012, my dad in 2004 and my mother passed away four months ago. My sister and I have nothing to say to each other. We have been in contact a few times since my mother passed away and that was only for a some formalities regarding the estate. You know the story. You can chose your friends but not your family. Our best friends have a guest house in SA and they are dying to come visit us in the UK and are planning on doing so next year. It would be cheap for them to come seeing that they won’t have to pay for accommodation and transport and shit over here. Same with my late brother in law’s wife. We have actually decided to, instead of spending money on a trip to SA, send some money to the wife’s nephew so he can ship us the rest of our stuff that is store on the farm.
  9. vlagman

    The 9 hour returns to Kyalami

    Yep. We used to pitch our tent just behind the old concrete stands at the Kink on Friday night and have a moerse braai, etc and then on Saturday morning they had some vintage race cars, etc and a few other short minor races. The Wynns 1000 was obviously shorter in time than the old nine hour, which meant that they had some time to kill before the main race.
  10. vlagman

    The 9 hour returns to Kyalami

    Great news indeed. I’ve never been to any of the old Nine Hours but I have been to two Wynns 1000’s when they changed it from nine hours to 1000 km, following the oil crisis, back in the day. Was loads of fun. We watched the one in 1976 when Jody Scheckter won it in a BMW. The sister car was driven by Gunnar Nillsen. The next year we were there again when he won it in a Zakspeed Escort. We used to sit at the Kink (old track). You had a great view. You could see the cars coming out of Leeukop, through the Kink and down the straight until they disappeared past the Dunlop Bridge down towards Crowthorne. The next you could see them again, was when they came out of Jukskei sweep towards Sunset Corner, then down through Culbhouse followed by the Esses before they disappeared again up into Leeukop. It was really great to watch. All kinds of cars on track. No blue flags to wave back markers out of the way and no funny shyte rules. In one of those years there was a 7 litre Camaro from the US in one of the classes, and a South African Mini Clubman and they were in a battle for almost the entire race. When they got out of Leeukop the Mini was ahead with the Camaro chasing it down and then the Camaro would slip past the Mini just before the Kink and pull away down the straight. When they then reappeared from Jukskei, you could see the Mini starting to gain again and by Clubhouse it was right behind the Camaro and then pass it in the Esses. There were so many battles for position between great drivers. Sarel van Der Merwe and Ian Scheckter were in great scraps, with door handles flying all over, once as well. I was watching F1 again for a change, the other day, and I said to my wife that it just wasn’t fun to watch any more and that I am seriously thinking of starting to watch either touring cars or endurance racing or WRC.
  11. vlagman

    Super Rugby 2018

    It’s easier to name those who are still around. Jantjies and Whiteley. Ironically the only other SA team, that played in three SR finals, won all three of them...... and they were coached by, supposedly, two of the kakkest coaches around.
  12. vlagman

    4 Nation International Rugby

    How many has it been now? Lambie, Goosen, Jantjies, Pollard, Bosch?
  13. vlagman

    Super Rugby 2018

    Klop. Nothing to add and nothing you have said that shouldn’t have been said.
  14. vlagman


    I piss myself every time I watch that. Watch Michael McIntyre also taking the piss at the Scotts.
  15. vlagman


    Reminds me of a joke I heard many many moons ago. Kallie and Mike were walking around in Joburg and Mike said to Kallie that they needed to look for a toilet because he needs to take a shit. Kallie said to him that there’s a hotel on the corner he should go ask them. Mike does that and the receptionist tells him that it is up the stairs. He goes up but cant find the toilets. He takes another flight and still can’t find the toilets and it’s getting urgent. He takes another flight. Eventually at the fifth floor he cannot take it anymore. He sees a door marked linen room and he goes inside. He decides to fold open a bedsheet and takes a crap on it. Afterwards he folds it over and starts thinking what to do with the sheet. He dicides to throw it out the window, not knowing that it is right above Kallie waiting down in the street. He goes out finding Kallie flicking shit off his clothes. “WTF happened here?” he wants to know. “I just moered the shit out of a ghost”, says Kallie.