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  1. Gupta Wedding - For the beancounters

    That's it. Probably when he had one of those 2 1/2 hour matches.
  2. Gupta Wedding - For the beancounters

    Remind me of the time I put on the clip of "I talk to the trees". He had a lot to say about a game he hasn't watched but he was going on what some "oaks" told him at some pub or club or something.
  3. Gupta Wedding - For the beancounters

    Could be but "Hy het sy eie bed opgemaak".
  4. Gupta Wedding - For the beancounters

    He has the papers to say he is. That does not say that he has the capabilities as well.
  5. Gupta Wedding - For the beancounters

    @taipan the result of "do it because those are the rules" that we learned in standard 6 Accounting in the seventies when you had to wait for the bank statement to arrive by post which was made up and posted 14 days earlier.
  6. 4 Nation International Rugby

    That is what happened to Adriaan Strauss last year.
  7. 4 Nation International Rugby

    Point taken but from what I have read there is a total lack of leadership in the squad and it makes sense. Remember Jake White's idea of "a team of leaders"? The reality is that this squad is kak but it does not stop there. Two years ago I said that SA Rugby is fucked from the bottom to the top. Hell, I think that it could even be longer than two years ago but that is the problem. No Steve Hansen or John Mitchell or Eddie Jones or whoever they want to import is going to fix SA rugby because the kak does not start at the national team. The kak performance of the national team is a culmination of the cesspit below it. They do not even have leadership at the very top of the pile.
  8. 4 Nation International Rugby

    More or less on par with what I was trying to say with my "leaders provide leadership" remark. Leadership doesn't necessarily show when everything is plain sailing. Real leadership shows when the shit hits the fan.
  9. 4 Nation International Rugby

    That seems to be more or less all that the got (at the very best) by the sound of it. Hey wait a minute. Isn't Etzebeth the guy who was going to show Bakkies what a real enforcer looks like?
  10. 4 Nation International Rugby

    Leaders provide leadership, not the number of years or the number of games played.
  11. Ping Vlag & Supersupporter

    Only problem is that the weather is so unpredictable over here. That could be mean anything from worse than predeicated to nothing. It can change in minutes. Last year we had all these snow warnings and we had no snow in the south for years now. I think the last time we had snow was down here was early in 2012 or 13. It came down one night and within a two days it was all gone. We had some last winter. It lasted for about 20 minutes and melted away within about 20 minutes again. It is different in Barlee's valley though and much different up in Scotland. Last Saturday the we took a drive out towards Mapeldurham for a pint at a nice little pub that they have. It was raining on the way and the minute we arrived the hail started coming down. We waited in the car for a full five minutes for the "hail storm" to stop. It was very serious with massive hailstones, the size of peas.
  12. 4 Nation International Rugby

    Hannibal Mtawarira as opposed to Beast Mtawarira?
  13. 4 Nation International Rugby

    10 Was a bishop. 22 Was 12 101 A Nobel prize. 22112.