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  1. vlagman


    Yep. Looks like the normal October volatility is biting a bit harder this year. Some uncertainty isn’t really helping either, ie the US midterms as well as the thing with the journalist in Saudi Arabia. They and the Americans are normally quite buddy buddy but Trump has already been pushing the Saudi king to find out WTF has been happening there.
  2. vlagman


    He has probably lost a few million in the last few days.
  3. vlagman


    And apart from being an American, he is also a Canadian citizen.
  4. vlagman


    His kak started when he said that he was going to take Tesla private again at something like $420 per share.
  5. vlagman


    And now they are looking to replace Elon Musk with Rupert Mudoch’s boy, James, at Tesla. James Murdoch in line to replace Elon Musk as Tesla chair
  6. vlagman


    Where are the days when we could boast about being the largest producer of shit like coal, gold, diamonds, and agricultural production or our coal to petrol technology? Now we have to brag about being a world leader in producing fokken dagga.
  7. vlagman

    Cricket news

    I haven’t had the dubious honour of listening to Ntini but I have had to listen to Sttansky....
  8. vlagman


  9. vlagman

    Sam Cane.....

    If it is, then it does not necessarily mean the end of his career. Provided he is as tough as Schalk, of course.
  10. vlagman

    Sam Cane.....

    Wasn’t that the same type of injury Schalk Burger had?
  11. vlagman

    That song? At loftus!!

    All Stoof Mofmeyer songs should have been banned at Loftus, ages ago, along side with anything by Kurt Darren.
  12. vlagman

    4 Nation International Rugby

    Yeah, I’m with you on this. For some reason that is one thing that has never been sorted in rugby all over. It is done totally differently in football. Granted, you are only allowed three substitutions in football but hardly ever two or three simultaneously and never, or hardly ever, at more or less a set time in the game. And you are 100% spot on with games against the ABs as well. Makes one wonder if these guys are really as bright as we are led to believe.
  13. vlagman

    4 Nation International Rugby

    Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory again.
  14. vlagman

    The Wisdom thread - feel free to add

    I was watching clips about the story surrounding Judge Brett Kavanaugh and came across this one. It is the judge who was involved the last time that something similar happened.
  15. vlagman

    Ryder Cup

    It remains to be seen. I’ve never been a massive fan but if he can keep on improving as he has been lately, you never know. Despite losing a shed load of endorsements he is already up to somewhere between 15 and 20 on the rankings again. After winning the Tour Championship, I told my wife that I hope, for his part, that it’s not the same kind of comeback that Ernie had when he won The Open the second time.