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  1. vlagman


    Prince Harry and Megan are living at Kensington Palace, not Buckingham. 😀
  2. As a member of the coloured community, I feel that Ashwin Willemse has let us all down as a role model. Someone we looked up to and should try to emulate, someone who has pride in his heritage. He has misrepresented us as people. No true Cape coloured will leave a studio/situation like like that without saying "Jou Ma se POES ! !
  3. vlagman


    I was reading an article on the North Korea nuclear test site that is being demolished already. I always like to read the comments to these articles. I saw this one: ”Trump solves 60-plus year Korean crisis; the left can't even agree how many genders there are. Let that sink in.”
  4. vlagman

    Mooi Musiek.

    I still have this David Essex seven single..
  5. vlagman

    Meet the world dumbest family

    Poes tussen de duiven.
  6. vlagman


    I have actually just watched that one and was about to post it.
  7. vlagman

    Dirty Trix.........?

  8. vlagman

    Dirty Trix.........?

    Added to RT .......
  9. vlagman

    Dirty Trix.........?

    “That’s a fact......” Really? Where’s the evidence of that?
  10. vlagman

    The circus is in town..Cape Town

    A matter of “if you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, you baffle them with bullshit.”
  11. vlagman

    The circus is in town..Cape Town

    The Deputy Speaker was out of line. He has shown his bias. Steenhuysen was correct. CR did not withdraw his remark. He is allowing CR to strong arm his way through his speech. John Bercow, no matter how big an arse hole he is, would not let CR get away with that. Coincidentally, this was on a similar topic
  12. vlagman


    Ek het so gedink..... dat jy van haar praat. Ek dink net dat sy ‘n punt beet het.
  13. vlagman


    Thanks man but why “stupid bitch”?
  14. vlagman


    @supersupporter Help please. The YouTube clip in the previous post would not embed.
  15. vlagman


    What are the chances of seeing this on any of the main stream TV Channels? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRDCzSBIASw