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  1. Mooi Musiek.

    My all time favourite Bob Seger song:
  2. Springboks end of year tour/November Internationals

    Oooooooo. Nou kan ek lekker op daai span kots.
  3. Springboks end of year tour/November Internationals

    What happened to that green vomiting emoji.....?
  4. More RIPs

    Shit. Now they burried the wrong guy.
  5. More RIPs

    Jy is reg. Dit was eintlik Roberta Flack se liedjie maar Arethe Franklin het hom ook gesing. Jy moet kyk op YouTube wat het die boetie met Britney Spears se “Hit me baby one more time” gedoen.
  6. More RIPs

    Not a massive big fan of shit like the X-Factor but this cover of her “The first time I saw your face” is probably one of the best performances I’ve ever seen.
  7. Other Rugby Related News and Trivia

    Maybe also a bit too much of all rugby as well. Maybe it is time to rethink everything. Get back to the basics of supply and demand. Adam Smith... corn.. price... high.... story. Or.... sometimes less is more....
  8. Other Rugby Related News and Trivia

    If you look at the wording in the WR regulations that regulates the release of players for international duty, you will find that WR actually acknowledges the fact that the clubs play an important role, and provides the biggest portion of the finance required for player development. They acknowledge the massive part that clubs play in developing and providing players for national duty. There has to be a balance between the interests of the national sides and the interests of clubs/franchises/unions. The national sides cannot always have the final and absolute authority. Think about the many times International players get pulled from the clubs and then end up carrying tackle bags while he could be playing for his club. A club manager has a far wider responsibility than what Suutjiespoep Coetzee has. If he was to deal with the workload that a club head coach/director of rugby has to deal with he won’t last a week. Especially the way the European clubs function.
  9. Other Rugby Related News and Trivia

    What many of the French clubs are actually saying is that they can play for the national sides but they won’t be paying them while on national duty. One such case was with Habana and Toulon, IIRC.
  10. More RIPs

    Della Reese....... my mother’s cousin and his family spent the weekend with us many many moons ago and Della Reese was singing on the radio. I think the song that was such a hit in those days was Don’t You Know. He said to me: “Daai vroumens het aan haar pa gedrink toe sy klein was”.
  11. The President's Keepers

    Article in Daily Mail today. Mugabe's many British apologists call him a 'freedom fighter'... “The forced removal from power of 93-year-old Robert Mugabe should be cause for celebration, since he has been one of the wickedest despots on earth, who in his 37-year rule brought the once prosperous country of Zimbabwe close to ruin. But unfortunately he seems likely to be succeeded by his former collaborator and Marxist comrade-in-arms, Emmerson Mnangagwa, who until last week was Vice-President. This man is probably as brutal, nasty and tyrannical as Mugabe.”
  12. World Cup Bid

    I know that it is not remotely the same, but could the shenanigans with the Commonwealth games have been in the back of their minds?
  13. Springboks end of year tour/November Internationals

    That Krugersdorp boytjie is actually very good.
  14. The President's Keepers

    What coffers?
  15. The President's Keepers

    The sad part is that whoever takes over from Mugabe will probably be a bigger skelm than him.