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  1. Mooi Musiek.

  2. Springboks end of year tour/November Internationals

    YUP! "Never on purpose" translates to "don't know what's going on" "Did know what's going on" translates to "On purpose" Digging...digging...digging... Maybe he should rather just shut up an disappear into obscurity...
  3. Springboks end of year tour/November Internationals

    Delusions. Denial. Demented... Die Doos! Applies to the players too... Apparently they want him to remain as coach... They must really be using some seriously strong stuff!
  4. Springboks end of year tour/November Internationals

    I also see so many people blaming Gelant for his defensive positioning. If you look at the other side where Leyds was, you would have noticed that the was also narrow on defence. That, dear people, was the defensive system employed by Kots-C and the brilliant doctor Hyde-ing (Venter). The Welsh in fact planned to exploit it, ever before Gelant was part of the team. Anyone blaming him for standing in a position where he was instructed to stand is an arsehole of note. (My opinion) Only an exceptionally experienced WINGER would have been brave enough to tell the coach to fuck off, which still could have meant that he loses his spot in the team. Blame the coaching team. Not Gelant...
  5. Springboks end of year tour/November Internationals

    Just interesting to note that everyone is singing the praises of Pollard, as if he is some sort of saviour. At the same time everyone is slating the back-line as probably the worst in history. Can anyone tell me if they EVER saw a great back-line outside of Pollard... EVER! The more I see of his decision making and distribution the less I think of him... Ad in his "flashy runs", how many balls did he turn over either by just being stripped of the ball or by conceding a penalty... It will take an exceptionally brave coach to get SA on par again. One that does not grovel at the feet of Pollard, like every so-called expert in South Africa.
  6. To rub it in...

    Dubai International Invitation Bronze trophy winners after beating The Royals (Basically England B) in the third place play-off. (21 - 17) Lost a very close semi-final to Ireland B (17 - 15) Beat Belgium, also in a close match (14 -12) Quarter final Won all our pool matches against a combined Scandinavian team (31 - 0), Randwick Magic (Aus) (17 - 15) and the Royals (17 - 5) In the final standings we also finished above a numbered of teams raked in the top 20 5 out of 6 games in the tournament ain't too bad... And not a bad year in total for a club team Won the Stanislas sevens in France Lost in the Rome sevens final 19 - 14 to China (ranked 13th) Won the Munich sevens 3rd place in Dubai
  7. Other Rugby Related News and Trivia

    There was no daisy on the Bulls Super Rugby jersey for years now... The daisy is on the Blue Bulls rugby team jersey. Spot the difference: Blue Bulls (rugby union) vs. Bulls (Super Rugby Franchise) Focus people, Focus! :-P
  8. Springboks end of year tour/November Internationals

    I think most of us were thinking the same thing... We are basically on par with France, Japan, Argentina, Fiji at the moment... However, if we should by accident beat Wales, we'll go up to 4th in the rankings, which is definitely not a true reflection of our worth(lessness)...
  9. Springboks end of year tour/November Internationals

    Fuck! That was pathetic! The whole match! The Boks are kuk! Italy even more kukkerdurrr! I was bored out of my skull and it felt like a five day game...
  10. Springboks end of year tour/November Internationals

    The scrums were in fact very well policed. One of the better performances by a referee in recent time. That first scrum, the Irish had a slight upper-hand and Wilco then slipped, which destabilised the scrum. Beast then went down... Hardly anything to write home about. In terms of general strength the teams were very close, but technically, the Irish were superior. When the Irish went forward, they went forward as a unit, when they went back, they stayed a unit and was able to hold the Boks. When the Boks went forward, they looked okay, but when they went back the whole scrum fell apart (definitely not a unit) and that is where we had problems at scrum time. For me, this video merely shows a hard battle and a great effort at scrum time, but they weren't good technically... An then it all fell apart when the bench came on...
  11. Springboks end of year tour/November Internationals

    I didn't comment on the team selections, because this ---> 38 - 3 <--- I won't comment on the game, because this... I will comment on this ---> https://www.supersport.com/rugby/springboks/news/171112/We_have_to_fight_back_Coetzee What a fucking moron! "The kicking game" vs. "the running game".... How the fuck are the coaches still caught up in such Bullshit! Coetzee, Venter, Smith, Proudfoot, van Graan, Koen, Jannie, Kosie, Pietie, Frikkie, Sannie and all of the others and not one of them realising what the game is about. We've been over this topic so many times on this board and those who are supposed to be the closest to the game know less than any of us here... It's redonkeylous... Or should we say remonkeylous... Ah, and then we have team selections in general. It's so bad that it's not even possible to blame the quotas. There are better "quota" players not selected than the "quota" players in the team. Did these arseholes think the bench would make an impact? Mbonambi, Dullard, Cassiem, Venter, Paige?.... really? Fok jaaa... sigh!
  12. Rugby AU

    I am basing my opinion more on what physical characteristics are tested by the sport. In most other sports, you only test a few physical traits of the individual. In rugby you test just about everything... Strength, fitness, Skill of both hands and feet, and many other things, which even includes individual mental strength and the ability to work in a team and you can add on to that. For me it is the "most complete sport". Pity that its run by idiots and has confusing "laws"...
  13. Rugby AU

    The problem I see with Aus rugby is pretty much similar to many things I have seen with SA rugby too. They start something that actually might work and the moment they seem to make decent progress, some unhappy bullshitter upsets the whole apple cart. Australian rugby in fact started had some ideas a while back that made perfect sense. (Can't remember the details though). And just all of a sudden everything went haywire and nothing came of the proposals. The problem in many cases is the fact that the problem solver is not part of the clique and those who control the circus will never allow anyone outside of their circle to get any credit... Rugby is probably the "greatest sport on earth" (my opinion). But it is run by intellectually/mentally disabled individuals...
  14. Rugby AU

    Me neither... It must be round... ...but you can make a TV program about it...