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  1. Draad

    Which is apparently still better than PRO14 standard... :-P Ask the Cheetahs...
  2. Nou Die Blou!

    Looks like the Bulls supporters may have something to cheer about in the near future. The play I saw yesterday reminded me of an All Black lite style of play. (Like New Zealand, but without the power and control that comes from experience) Loads of offloads Running into spaces Drawing defenders Passing before contact Working hard off the ball to get into support positions There are definite improvements, but there is still a long way to go....

    Yup! That wasn't late! This is late! | | v Happy birthday!!! ;-) Or you could of course see it as VERY early for next year! :-P
  4. 4 Nation International Rugby

    The answer is simple and related to what's already been said. (Too many cooks...) The Springbok (Protea) team is not coached by a coach, but by a committee. There is no way a team can stay successful with so many inputs and voices from all over the show. A team wants a coach to have a clear plan and they want to feel secure in that plan. There is also no way four/five/six different coaches will agree on everything. (I've been working in a coaching team of two for ten years now, where the two of us, while thinking about the game the same way and while believing in the same principles, we do differ a hell of a lot on implementation at times... Now imagine the orgy with six different coaches.) Then we get back to the start. We were deceived to believe that there is a different style of play that will magically get us to beat the All Blacks. This led us to a position where we screwed ourselves over... As I said a few years ago, Heyneke Meyer also screwed himself over by dropping Morne at the time... The fact is he started to NOT believe his own principles and gave it up for the "magic solution", when he preferred a an average Pollard, because he was a "running flyhalf" (aka "the myth"). He changed from a strong coach in 2013 to a weak one halfway into 2014. If a coach stops to believe in himself, the team stops believing in the coach! Now we have a coach that does not believe in himself to the extent that a whole committee is doing the coaching for him. He is merely a face, probably with very little inputs, save for the fact that he is probably managing the quota requirements... Which he failed with this weekend... The team did not comply with the targets they set for this year....
  5. 4 Nation International Rugby

    Part of the problem is the fact that the team is not used to the tactic. There is very little wrong with such kicks, if you are able to isolate the catcher, as you gained field position and IF your defence is good, you could turn the ball over in a better field position. Bat then you also need to make sure that contestable kicks give you a 50/50 chance of getting the ball back. I think only one out of all those kicks were truly contestable, as most of the catchers got a clean catch from the kick. So our problem with that game-plan, while it is in fact effective when executed accurately is the following: The players aren't used to it (The chasers were not quick enough and defensive line was not properly set up) The kicks were not truly contestable (too deep) Sadly this comes back to our old problem of not being able to create proper opportunities through intelligent play and now we resort to an old tactic that makes us competitive, but does not give us the edge. It is a good tactic to use as variation, but it seems we will be going back to past to hide our weakness. (SA-Rugby = Up-and-under + Maul) <----- Apparently that is all our coaches understand
  6. 4 Nation International Rugby

    We obviously gave the PLAYERS credit. Just refer to my "beserkers" comment. They played as if possessed! But the fact remains that the main difference between the two teams remain coaching, or the lack thereof... You can play as hard as you want to, with as much heart as you possibly can and when you still lose, it becomes clear where the fault lies. The sad part for me is the fact that yesterdays performance, no matter how great it SEEMS, is merely a plaster that will hide the real problem for even longer. The fact is that the scoreboard does not indicate "moral victory" or "tried hard". It indicates a cold hard fact, a loss. (And if you insist on adding "tried hard", "good effort" or "improved", in a similar way I insist on adding "at home" and any other factor that actually benefited us.(travel/motivation/etc.) And I know I am pissing people off, because I am now actually taking away part, if not all, of their one feel-good moment. And the mere fact that they respond in the way they do, merely indicates that I am touching a raw nerve here. But you have to face reality at some stage, if you ignore your own weaknesses and/or mistakes, you are not going to improve...
  7. 4 Nation International Rugby

    That sanzaar circus is fucked up anyway... When you overturn the referee decision in your finding there must be a "therefore"... IOW, their finding therefore is the following... "He had time to with pull out of it, but didn't. He made contact with the throat of the other player, therefore it is not a red card..." This means in future all players who have the opportunity to avoid, but doesn't AND makes contact with the throat of the opposition player, should NOT be red carded... Now how are they going to explain that one away if the next player uses this specific finding as precedent?
  8. 4 Nation International Rugby

    The red card made no difference in any case. SA did better when he was off the field... The penalty for the late attempt was more telling, as that extended the lead to more than 7 points. I just wish SA'cans can get over themselves. The only reason the Boks were still in the game in any case was because of the poor refereeing. I knew the Boks had a chance, when the first scrum penalty went the wrong way... The referee arrived at the rucks late every time and the rucks were an orgy of note. Also due to this he failed to check the off-side lines... Long long ago in a galaxy far far away, I was a Ruan Dreyer "fan", but if he doesn't go backwards, he goes down... Imagine if Nigel Owens was the referee... Oh, sorry, we don't have to... (57-0) The Boks showed one improvement only... and that was effort... For the rest the game was pathetic. An extremely motivated Bok side playing against a "don't care much" All Black side still loses at home. The Boks played like beserkers (with all of the original meaning attached to that word), and every time they scored, the All Blacks came back and answered. The Boks were desperate and it showed, but how often will it happen that the team will reach these levels of motivation? Can it be sustained? It was Etsebeth's best game in forever. Are we going to wait for forever to see that again? Pollard came on and the score went from 10 - 8 to 17 - 22 in the time he was on... Now all newspapers and commentators are hailing him as the saviour once again... Is he really? Ross Cronje also make these slow floating passes, which gives the opposition time to close the space on defence. The fact is that we are for the moment stuck with Cronje, Jantjies and Pollard and players in that mold for some time to come. Worst for me, judging by the reaction in the press is the fact that we are now suddenly ecstatic with a loss at home... Why the fuck do we accept mediocrity?
  9. 4 Nation International Rugby

    I'm not even going to add comments. Judge for yourself...
  10. To rub it in...

    Depth perception. Standard size fields, but the in-goal was very small. They played at an extreme tempo (what we normally ask of them). This time they listened. So it could look quite quick too. Just to give perspective. Here is the footage from the final played in the Olympic stadium.
  11. To rub it in...

    I'm only the strength & condition/fitness/skills/decision making coach... mostly the technical stuff... The head coach is the motivational supportive one. But we've been coaching together for 10 years, so either one can be there for a specific tournament. Last year the head coach was injured and not a available, so I had the team for 6 tournaments and had a 30 match winning streak locally. Sadly with my work, I only get the opportunity to go along to Dubai in December. The rest of the time, I allow the head-coach to take all the blame/credit... Added to that I'm mostly in the hands of the courts and quite unlucky in that regard, as I usually have court cases when the team plays overseas. As an expert witness, you have no say in how others organise the court dates, so I'm a bit screwed when it comes to planning... I'm only able to plan ahead for December at this stage... This year my programme was even worse, as my work seemed to have doubled from before... Should however be easier next year... (I hope)
  12. 4 Nation International Rugby

    He is a real tryer, but not a doer. I don't see much wrong with his efforts, or even his speed, but he has slow reactions, which makes him appear slower than he is. Just as a matter of interest, I also used to play loose-forward. I also wasn't the fastest on the planet, but I reacted very fast and used to read play better than most. (PS: He was a loose-forward against Japan in the World Cup and England last year... We lost both those games...)
  13. To rub it in...

    There is at least one SA side that can still play some decent rugby... Our team took part in the Oktoberfest 7s last weekend in Munich. The opposition was mostly the top German clubs and a few invitational teams from Europe. The final was played in the Olympic stadium, with 20,000 spectators. Scores from the matches: Pool Games: 54 - 0 52 - 0 Quarter Final: 58 - 0 Semi-Final: 57 - 0 Final: 64 - 0 Total points for 285, with zero conceded. Granted, that it was not the strongest opponents... Tuks would however probably rank above the Springbok Women's team at the moment based on our tournament performances this year. Here is some of the highlights from some of the matches:
  14. 4 Nation International Rugby

    What a kuk match... Saved by an incompetent referee... (The ball that went about 7m forward with the Serfontein try - And no, the hands did not face backwards... the ball fell forward out of an attempted pass). The referee was also late at most of the breakdowns and mostly penalised the second or third infringement. In short, the referee was as kuk as both teams playing... If I was coaching the opposition, the Boks would lose 10 out of every 8 matches played... Just hand them the ball and play a more defence orientated game against them. There is no need to try and win against the Boks they can, they are able to lose the match all by themselves... If you give them the ball and just defend, you know for sure that they will hand you the ball at some stage, while their defence will not be aligned. You also know that the Boks play a primary school brand of rugby, where the ball goes down the back-line and and where there is no purposeful plan of isolating defenders and opening up other areas on the field. They play a really naive brand of rugby. This was also a really poor display by the Aussies and I'm sure their fan will be extremely disappointed. They got pulled down to the Springbok standard and played the same way. No plans, not playing as a team and lots of individual stupidity... Nothing wrong with your eyes!!!
  15. 4 Nation International Rugby

    Agreed... At least Whiteley is a leader... One of the very few we actually have at the moment... Just think of all our local teams and name one player other than Whiteley who stands out as a true leader....