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  1. Barnacle

    Super Rugby 2019

    I'm getting too lazy to all the games.... Or just not that interested. I did watch the Bulls game and was pleasantly surprised by the variation in their play. Also by the decision making. It could have been better, but was good enough for a decent win. I do not want to say too much now, as they played against a rudderless team. Fleck's coaching has now come full circle. They have no plans on attack. The have no real system on defence and poor decision making all over. It looks more like a bunch of individuals thrown together for a festival game. And the reason I don't want to say to much about the Bulls play is because the score the Stormers were beaten with, is what one would expect from a half-decent team playing against an ill-prepared team like the Stormers. Those gaps were there last year already. But the other teams generally were just too poor to exploit it.
  2. Barnacle


    Seeing much of the same thing whenever I do anything online. The only way you will have privacy is to go completely off the grip. For work, just about everything that I have is connected in some way. To get my own privacy back, I will have to create a new identity....
  3. Barnacle

    Super Rugby 2019

    My summary based on the second match yesterday. I did not watch the first one, as I was busy watching something else at that time... Bulls: AAAAAARGH! If they are going to play the one off runners and idiotic pretty rugby of running everything, we are in for another shit season. High risk off-loads are stupid. Running everything is stupid. Smart tactical kicking is a thing of the past it seems. Smart tactical kicking is supposed to form a part of a greater strategy in terms of field position and reaching the areas you can attack from. It seems the mental/thinking aspect is out of the game and running everything without a clear plan makes for a boring game-plan. Stormers: A long season of blaming the referees comes to mind. Where the Bulls are coached to play stupidly, the Stormers are coached to play outside the laws as much as possible. Falling over the ball, playing offside, coming in from the side. Fleck is a poor coach and as the years progress, the Stormers rely on the illegal tactics more and more. Where the Bulls have some sort of dull, boring plan, the Stormers don't seem to have any. The Stormers have eagerness and motivation, which will make them dangerous at times, but all you have to do to beat them is play controlled and safe. The two teams are basically the same level in terms of competence overall. Skills and decision making: While much is made of the the skills aspect, it is clear that some skills are being employed more often at the Bulls, such as the off-loads and quicker passes. The decision making however is crap and its clear that we don't have coaches that help the players with those mind-skills. Fourie du Preez is the one person that is NEEDED in the Bulls coaching setup. The Stormers can probably do with any coach with a brain... This is also one of the main reasons I find (notso)Super Rugby quite boring... The law changes, the refereeing and the coaching have removed intelligent play from the game. Rugby is definitely not the same anymore...
  4. Barnacle


    I only posted the videos for you to look at, to see some of the information that I use to base my opinion on. Another source that I use to form my opinion on the matter is in fact Camille Paglia, one of the original feminists from the 70's. She also clearly indicates how the modern version of feminism completely misses the point. The APA guidelines are politically driven with a clear agenda for emasculation. According to these psychologists gender is only a social construct. The word "transgender" appears in the guidelines for men/boys 56 times! Bet that does not apply to women/girls guidelines... The problems you mention that occur worldwide is a direct result of the emasculation of men. Men are not brought up to be the "protector" anymore and aren't taught about their "masculine" responsibilities, as all education is centered around the virtues of the feminine traits. This is also why younger women will find it more and more difficult to find "real men". <--- not arseholes An interesting point that in the most emasculated countries in the world, like Sweden, the rape statistics are the highest. In a country like Japan, it is very low. In Japan the women embrace real femininity and actually appear to have much more control over men, because of that. I actually think the modern feminists are trying to take away men's power and in the process they are losing and have lost much of their power OVER men. (In terms of the rape statistics, the one anomaly is South Africa, so I would exclude that from any analysis. There is likely to be another cause for it here, which actually needs to be investigated) The psychological reality it that if one was to suppress nature and the natural instincts, it will manifest in other more damaging ways. Suppress natural aggression and it will probably lead to uncontrolled violence, when under stress. Try to take away power and it will probably lead to more rape (as rape is more of a demonstration of power, than sexual in nature). I think this is also the cause of most of the problems worldwide that you mention. When you try to forcefully change the natural order of things, it has the tendency to cause the exact opposite. Interestingly, here in the middle of Shit-hole country we've been spared of "some" of the gender politics, but sadly, that is only because we are trialing the rest of civilisation by about 10 - 15 years. I receive the newspaper every day and it clear from the attempted "reporting" that the articles are written in a manner to promote a "new order". So, while it is good that all this shit is not prevalent here yet, it is only a matter of time before we get overrun by such ideologies. At the same time, I can guarantee you that most of the world would have moved on (or backwards) to more workable ideals. As I mentioned in the beginning of this reply, the problems are much more complex and deeper than we might think. My main concern is the fact that many of the so-called solutions are driven by sociopolitical and gender political agendas and research are not done from an unbiased perspective. Due to this most of the current research is tainted and inaccurate. At the rate we are going, the planet will be swallowed by the sun becoming red giant, before we get any solutions. Mainly because we are currently going backwards.
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    And now the American Psychological Association have basically classified masculinity as a mental disorder ("psychologically harmful"). https://www.apa.org/monitor/2019/01/ce-corner.aspx?utm_content=1546300435&amp;utm_medium=social&amp;utm_source=twitter
  8. Barnacle

    The Wisdom thread - feel free to add

    Japan... The central government’s Ministry of Finance (Zaimu-shō) is tasked with managing Japan’s famously large national debt. Although the level of the debt is noticeably high, the government of Japan does have some advantages over other greatly indebted nations. Most of its debt is held within the country and so the government is unlikely to face problems financing the debt, which is denominated in Yen. The Japanese government can just print it’s way out of financial difficulty because unlike the USA, Germany, France, Greece, or Italy, it owns the country’s central bank, the Bank of Japan.
  9. Barnacle

    The Merry Christmas thread

    Happy new year to all too! あけましたおめでとうございます! よろしくお願いします。
  10. Barnacle

    Happy Birthday Taipan

    And a belated Happy Birthday from me too! I avoided computers for a few weeks...
  11. Barnacle

    Springboks 2018

    You would struggle to build a Dacia from Dacia parts!
  12. Barnacle

    Springboks 2018

    Quote: "All of you" 😛 Springbok rugby is is now Stormers rugby from a few years ago (defense), combined with the "Box kick Bulls". Positives: They play with a "BIT" more heart and effort Pollard improved Negatives: Quotas: We only started to play better, when our starting line-up included the better players not based on race. Quotas will be enforced again sooner than later... Despite the improved effort, SA players are generally mentally weak and after one or two wins get swollen heads The team relied on quite a bit of illegal tactics to protect the ball and to steal possession. If some of the laws are enforced more strictly the 50/50 calls will start to go the other way. Decisions: The kick in front of the post as example. A sure 3 points thrown away Blaming the referees Neutral: Offside: The defence relies on being off-side (just) most of the time. I list it as a neutral point, because the opposition is doing the same... Headless chicken Willie le Roux... What he brings in unpredictability he spoils with unpredictability As I have said (and repeated a few times), this is probably the best we'll be for now. Our only hope is a lucky World Cup that will inflate our ranking points and then we'll be no 1 for a short spell. But watching Springbok rugby is a painful experience, because it can be so much better. We just have to pull our heads out of our 1980's arses and realise that: SA rugby have not been the "leaders" in rugby since readmission and "what we have always done" is not enough anymore science is a useful tool in preparation Racial based selections are idiotic Blaming the referees will never fix your own incompetence
  13. Barnacle

    Springboks 2018

    Just very noticeable... before the Wales - Australia match they took a goat onto the field... Now I'm wondering...............................
  14. Barnacle

    Springboks 2018

    Nah, not ruining it. Just confirming it... By alleging the French ref was in on it too... We all know how much the French hate the English!!!
  15. Barnacle

    Springboks 2018

    Not such a big issue. He was off-side. I think England and the supporters will be more pissed off with the three rucks that followed, where NZ was lying all over the ball on the wrong side. And then with the collapsed scrum, the England 9 (defender) gets tackled to allow NZ 9 to pick up the ball without a defender...