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  1. Interesting Technical Stuff!

    Interestingly, on all my PC's I always have the task manager open, Even when the web-browser itself uses too much CPU, I close it and restart the session. When my PC is idle, I force it to really be IDLE. CPU usage must be less than 1%, otherwise I check which processes are running and if not necessary (windows or anti-virus updates), I kill the processes... I may be a control freak.... I think... :-P
  2. Libtards

    He kept his cool better than what I would have... I would have told her that her inability to listen and to comprehend may explain the gender pay gap... Or as alternative... I would have said "No, that's not what I said, I will give you the opportunity to try again and again until you get it right..." Which probably means we would have remained stuck at the first question for the full 30 minutes...
  3. Mooi Musiek.

    And a nice All Girl Band!
  4. Mooi Musiek.

  5. Thank F*ck

    Taken directly from the manual: "How to be and remain a Shithole Country"
  6. Rugby Laws - 2018 Version

    The Rugby Law Book was "simplified" and the article below includes a link to the new version. Some of the trials of 2017 are not included (i.e. the formation of a ruck) https://www.alloutrugby.com/world-rugby-chops-law-book/ There are a few improvements in explanations, specifically in terms of the line of touch and tables showing, which laws apply in certain circumstances... HOWEVER... They have now fucked up a little on the throw forward... even more than in the past... From the definitions: Forward: Towards the opposition’s dead-ball line. Throw forward: When a player throws or passes the ball forward i.e. if the arms of the player passing the ball move forward. Now, if a players is running forward at fulls speed, aren't his arms moving forward too??? Must be painful when you are running forward and your arms (the complete units) are moving backward? ! Depending on how you read it, you can now interpret it in a lot of extreme ways. What is the definition of arms? Is it part of the arm, or the centre of mass of the arm? For the arms not to move forward, all players must come to a complete stop before passing? If I move my arms forward, but flip the ball backwards with my wrists, is it still a throw forward? If you take time, you can add a few more here..... I think I will prepare a post for the IRB discussion forum, with a few examples to explain the science behind motion, just to confuse them more.... *Insert Evil Laughter here*
  7. Twitter censorship..

    One of the reasons I basically stopped using social media... I only log on to look for some updates from people I know, and if I have a comment I will contact them personally. I also only use facebook to do updates about the rugby team and for nothing else. What is however more concerning is the fact that even our so-called "news"papers are now "reporting" facebook stories. Where journalists previously went out to investigate news, they now sit in the office and browse social media for nearly half their "stories"... The whole world is FUCKED at the moment and in denial. Things our parents taught us and wisdom gained over centuries are discarded in favour of modern politically correct ideals... At the moment society is being shaped and very few people are aware of that fact...
  8. The Merry Christmas thread

    And combining those two topics... メリークリスマス、そしてあけましておめでとうございます! (for nihonjin - 日本人) or メリークリスマス、そしてハッピーニューイヤー! (for gaikokujin - 外国人) :-P
  9. Mooi Musiek.

  10. Springboks end of year tour/November Internationals

    YUP! "Never on purpose" translates to "don't know what's going on" "Did know what's going on" translates to "On purpose" Digging...digging...digging... Maybe he should rather just shut up an disappear into obscurity...
  11. Springboks end of year tour/November Internationals

    Delusions. Denial. Demented... Die Doos! Applies to the players too... Apparently they want him to remain as coach... They must really be using some seriously strong stuff!
  12. Springboks end of year tour/November Internationals

    I also see so many people blaming Gelant for his defensive positioning. If you look at the other side where Leyds was, you would have noticed that the was also narrow on defence. That, dear people, was the defensive system employed by Kots-C and the brilliant doctor Hyde-ing (Venter). The Welsh in fact planned to exploit it, ever before Gelant was part of the team. Anyone blaming him for standing in a position where he was instructed to stand is an arsehole of note. (My opinion) Only an exceptionally experienced WINGER would have been brave enough to tell the coach to fuck off, which still could have meant that he loses his spot in the team. Blame the coaching team. Not Gelant...
  13. Springboks end of year tour/November Internationals

    Just interesting to note that everyone is singing the praises of Pollard, as if he is some sort of saviour. At the same time everyone is slating the back-line as probably the worst in history. Can anyone tell me if they EVER saw a great back-line outside of Pollard... EVER! The more I see of his decision making and distribution the less I think of him... Ad in his "flashy runs", how many balls did he turn over either by just being stripped of the ball or by conceding a penalty... It will take an exceptionally brave coach to get SA on par again. One that does not grovel at the feet of Pollard, like every so-called expert in South Africa.
  14. To rub it in...

    Dubai International Invitation Bronze trophy winners after beating The Royals (Basically England B) in the third place play-off. (21 - 17) Lost a very close semi-final to Ireland B (17 - 15) Beat Belgium, also in a close match (14 -12) Quarter final Won all our pool matches against a combined Scandinavian team (31 - 0), Randwick Magic (Aus) (17 - 15) and the Royals (17 - 5) In the final standings we also finished above a numbered of teams raked in the top 20 5 out of 6 games in the tournament ain't too bad... And not a bad year in total for a club team Won the Stanislas sevens in France Lost in the Rome sevens final 19 - 14 to China (ranked 13th) Won the Munich sevens 3rd place in Dubai
  15. Other Rugby Related News and Trivia

    There was no daisy on the Bulls Super Rugby jersey for years now... The daisy is on the Blue Bulls rugby team jersey. Spot the difference: Blue Bulls (rugby union) vs. Bulls (Super Rugby Franchise) Focus people, Focus! :-P