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  1. Barnacle

    Springboks 2018

    You would struggle to build a Dacia from Dacia parts!
  2. Barnacle

    Springboks 2018

    Quote: "All of you" ๐Ÿ˜› Springbok rugby is is now Stormers rugby from a few years ago (defense), combined with the "Box kick Bulls". Positives: They play with a "BIT" more heart and effort Pollard improved Negatives: Quotas: We only started to play better, when our starting line-up included the better players not based on race. Quotas will be enforced again sooner than later... Despite the improved effort, SA players are generally mentally weak and after one or two wins get swollen heads The team relied on quite a bit of illegal tactics to protect the ball and to steal possession. If some of the laws are enforced more strictly the 50/50 calls will start to go the other way. Decisions: The kick in front of the post as example. A sure 3 points thrown away Blaming the referees Neutral: Offside: The defence relies on being off-side (just) most of the time. I list it as a neutral point, because the opposition is doing the same... Headless chicken Willie le Roux... What he brings in unpredictability he spoils with unpredictability As I have said (and repeated a few times), this is probably the best we'll be for now. Our only hope is a lucky World Cup that will inflate our ranking points and then we'll be no 1 for a short spell. But watching Springbok rugby is a painful experience, because it can be so much better. We just have to pull our heads out of our 1980's arses and realise that: SA rugby have not been the "leaders" in rugby since readmission and "what we have always done" is not enough anymore science is a useful tool in preparation Racial based selections are idiotic Blaming the referees will never fix your own incompetence
  3. Barnacle

    Springboks 2018

    Just very noticeable... before the Wales - Australia match they took a goat onto the field... Now I'm wondering...............................
  4. Barnacle

    Springboks 2018

    Nah, not ruining it. Just confirming it... By alleging the French ref was in on it too... We all know how much the French hate the English!!!
  5. Barnacle

    Springboks 2018

    Not such a big issue. He was off-side. I think England and the supporters will be more pissed off with the three rucks that followed, where NZ was lying all over the ball on the wrong side. And then with the collapsed scrum, the England 9 (defender) gets tackled to allow NZ 9 to pick up the ball without a defender...
  6. Barnacle

    Springboks 2018

    Allez les Bleus! Hahaha! Just to piss off a few! France gave been quite bad since the 2011 WC final, so that is not likely... but then, they do face the Boks! ๐Ÿ˜›
  7. Barnacle

    Springboks 2018

    And that is absolutely what is WRONG with the South African mindset. Fuck common sense... Let's waste more time with being petty and childish instead of focusing on the fact that: The line-out calls are kak The line-out throws are kak The inside centre can't pass to save his life The locks can't hold onto a ball in a tackle The wings can't properly chase a high ball (Running on the wrong line The wings can't catch a high ball (Pollard had to cover for them a number of times) The you can add the fact that while the skills are kak, the Boks are currently doing most of their work in a gym... I kid you not! You do not do gym work in the middle of the final tour of the season. You can't make any gains without recovery time. Completely unscientific. The little gain you might get is completely offset by a huge loss (depletion of the energy stores (glycogen)). FFS! Every fucking loss the same story... The referee this! the referee that! South African rugby and the fans are still blaming the referees for each and every loss. With no exceptions... At the moment more than 50% of the games are losses... And yes, this year after EVERY loss the same fucking boring story... It is time someone wakes up and look elsewhere for the causes. It's not the referees...
  8. Barnacle

    Springboks 2018

    Just by the way here is the judicial committee who decided there would be no citing... Leon Lloyd (ENG) Val Toma (ROM) Frank Hadden (SCO) Josรฉ Luis Rolandi (ARG) Stefan Terblanche (RSA) Phaidra Knight (USA) Martyn Wood (ENG) De Wet Barry (RSA) Sat
  9. Barnacle

    Springboks 2018

    Clearly armchair critics. A few weeks a go I actually collided with one of the smallest players in our team. I play as "experienced player" in practices with in order to give running advice and guidance. I saw the opportunity for an intercept and accelerated. The player accelerated at the same time, which is within a fraction of a second. The collision followed and the player went to ground. It was probably the biggest hit that player will ever feel on a rugby field and she actually got whiplash from that. In that fraction of a second there is no time for adjustment or even the lessen the impact. It just happens. The time from Farrell accelerating out of the line to impact was 0.4 seconds. This means he initiates a movement and would then see something else and would have to adjust his whole body again in roughly 0.2 seconds... Most of you are not even able to move only your finger in 0.2s seconds for a mouse click in an online reaction test.
  10. Barnacle

    Springboks 2018

    Biggest failure in this test, apart from Marx's trow-ins was Damian de Allende. No passing. Just running into isolation. The outside backs never saw the ball...
  11. Barnacle

    Springboks 2018

    It was NOT a shoulder charge... It was NOT a tackle. He was not halfway in position to make a tackle (arm was out of position) It WAS a VERY clumsy collision Everyone (the supporters) take Springbok rugby too seriously The exception to number 4 is SARU. They don't give a fuck! In terms of the non-tackle... Esterhuizen was running full speed. Farrell in sort of desperation was running at full speed. I think Farrell over-estimated Esterhuizen's speed and under-estimated his own. Farrell tries to bring his arm around but it strikes Esterhuizen's arm wrapped around the ball too quick for him and his arm gets flung back. Part of the "too quick" is Esterhuizen going in with the purpose of making contact, which makes the contact occur a fraction of a seconds sooner than Farrell expected. In general however I think 80% of such incidents will be penalised... This was however one of the 20%... Shit happens!
  12. Barnacle

    Currie Cup 2018

    Yup, wasn't complete control... The first half was especially kak... Poor skills (handling) from both teams, but the Sharks were the worst in the first half. Dunno what happened to WP. They looked toothless against the Bulls the previous week and pretty much the same this week with zero tries... Apparently shit like that is highly rated at the Bulls, I see they are now trying to get Dobson as coach!
  13. Barnacle

    Currie Cup 2018

    En dis die storie... And that is the story... ใใ—ใฆใใ‚Œใฏ็‰ฉ่ชžใงใ™ใ‚ˆใ€‚ใ€‚ใ€‚
  14. Barnacle

    Currie Cup 2018

    I have to admit, I did not really give the Bulls a chance to get close. So I was pretty much a neutral. (Also caused by the Bulls performances over the past number of years). The Bulls did a lot of good things, but now and then had a few brain-fart (which is still a problem). But as the match wore on Egon Seconds made me a Bulls supporter again. Thanks Egon! (Pretty much how I watch rugby most of the time. I don't really support a specific team, but I give my support to the team being screwed over!) One team gets penalised for being off-side a number of times, but if you look at the replays there are a few of those calls where they were well behind the off-side line. The other team is allowed to do just as they please... Giving Egon the benefit of the doubt, I would say that he made assumptions due to the line-speed of the defence and that he did not actually see off-side. He only assumed it was. But on the other hand (Dan), we have the situation of SARU being based in the Cape and WP in a financial crisis. Getting the final means something like a R10 million boost for WP. This makes me believe something that I've been suspecting about SA rugby for some time. And that is that most (not all) of the results are determined in board rooms. One of the reasons why I am not a SA rugby supporter any more. More and more results appear to be "manufactured". Only in exceptional cases, where a team is clearly dominant, they manage to win. But even then the game ends up with a "competitive" scoreline. In terms of rugby: Bulls - WP The Bulls actually outplayed WP in all aspects for most of the game. There was some poor decision making here and there. And as I said, there were a few brain-farts. Like the player running to the outside on the final play instead of in-field... Sharks - Lions The Sharks also dominated, but they dominated in such a way that their mistakes weren't "enough" to cause them to lose... The standard of play was however poor. Prediction for the final. It's all in the hands of the Sharks. If they pitch up, they win. If the are complacent, they lose. It's as simple as that. WP don't actually have the ability or the players to take complete control. The Sharks do...
  15. Barnacle

    4 Nation International Rugby

    Technically there are many good aspects. Running lines, some players playing towards spaces. Distribution. Decision making however is still a problem...