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  1. Barnacle


    The demand for standard to be lowered are not because they are female. It is because it is lazy fucknuts trying to lower the standards. As I mentioned in my original reply women CAN achieve those standards, with ease if they work hard... Learn to read!
  2. Barnacle

    4 Nation International Rugby

    Basically, you can see there are few alternatives too, which means Rassie can plug any hole, with just another average player. Except for Marx and Faf, there are no-one else sure of their spot on the team. No other stand-outs. If we lose any of the others they can be replaced with ease... The only real losses will actually be the two I mention (Marx + Faf)
  3. Barnacle

    4 Nation International Rugby

    Some opinionated drivel from me.... Actual Reasons for being selected and / or general comments: (alternatives in brackets) Willie le Roux: Hoping for individual brilliance... (Either great, or greatly kak!) Makazole Mapimpi: Hoping for individual brilliance? Lukhanyo Am: No real idea (All 13s being equally crap, select a quota?) Andre Esterhuizen: SA's consistent selection of crashballer at 12? Aphiwe Dyantyi: Hoping for individual brilliance? Handre Pollard: At the moment the best option, but still lacks in terms of taking control Faf de Klerk: Let's hope for individual brilliance. Warren Whiteley: Must try to keep shit together... Siya Kolisi (captain): Quota player, quota captain, WP (Cyle Brink?) Francois Louw: Try to keep level head, if shit falls apart... (Why not Kwagga?) Pieter-Steph du Toit: WP Eben Etzebeth: WP (RG Snyman?) Frans Malherbe: WP (Someone breathing???) Malcolm Marx: Best in position Tendai Mtwarira: Experience, nothing else. Nothing special anymore Replacements: Bongi Mbonambi WP, Quota, being talked up in press by coach to justify selection (Akker vd Merwe?) Steven Kitshoff: Lost his edge since becoming a Bok. Complacent? Thomas du Toit: There is nothing else it seems??? Marvin Orie: Quota (Insert any name here?) Marco van Staden: Fair selection Embrose Papier: Quota Lionel Mapoe: Quota Damian Willemse: WP, "New hero" in making or some shit like that!? True international level players... Maybe one day
  4. Barnacle


    The way in which it is presented comes across as extremely sexist in its approach from the onset. While there are factual difference in terms of strengths and weaknesses, properly trained individual (men or women) can fulfill combat duties, if they wish to do so. Gender does not need to be an excuse... For me that is a crap video, because women CAN get to those levels and sometimes with ease... So its not a female thing by a lazy human thing... The one fitness test they speak of, with 52 push-ups in 2 minutes, 45 sit-ups in two minutes.... hmmmm.... we have players with us that can do it in ONE minute. The people who complain about the standards are therefore just to lazy to work to achieve their goals. The way he come across in this video appears to indicate that he overdosed on red pills!
  5. Barnacle

    Super Rugby 2018

    Don't confuse rugby knowledge with the "winning ethos". Mitchell's contribution comes from the time Ackerman was his assistant. Without working with Mitchell, Ackerman who is more important than any player on that list, would not have had the knowledge to be as effective. Ackerman in fact list two people who had the greatest influence on him at that stage... Interestingly, it is Mitchell and Dick Muir (another coach everyone seems to hate)... Again, I am a great fan of both Mitchell and Muir in terms of their technical inputs, but neither one of them would be ideal as motivational / team builder (on a psychological level) coaches. Muir is a coach with his head in cloud cuckoo land where he has great ideas but lacks the structural thinking to implement what he has in his head. He is also not a great or consistent motivator and the pressure on him is transferred to the players. ("A bit soft in the head".) Mitchell has the knowledge and understanding of the game, but he is too business-like with little or no understanding of the psychological aspects surrounding players as individuals or a team. He is too harsh and business-like and does not consider feeling and emotions at all. (And in a team environment, one must take that into account, because motivation is related to both the individual and the group). (Too much of a hard head)
  6. Barnacle

    Super Rugby 2018

    I haven't said anything on the issue so far, but I have an opinion regarding Mtichell that few might agree with. Taken from his comments as SuperSport panelist during matches, he was the ONE person who knew the most about rugby. His understanding of the game and his technical knowledge is levels above any of the others. But being good technically, does not make you a good coach. I also believe that you will struggle to find the right knowledge and personality traits in one single person. I am a strong believer in a coaching team. One person looks after the technical issues and another looks after the human interaction, and the "team spirit" and emotional motivational aspects. Technical people, myself included, aren't people persons. We want the job done and we want it done "like this". I look at the skill-sets, I look at game plans, decision making, patterns and all other technical aspects of the game. In our case, the head coach is the people person. He keep players happy. He keeps the peace. He organises everything for the team. He interacts with other coaches and teams. He sometimes talks a considerable amount of shit to keep the administrators, the sponsors and all others happy. For me, he has the kak job. I coach and that's it! (Interestingly, our head coach is more of a team motivator and I am more of an individual motivator... Even though I'm not really a people person, I work very well on a individual level...) So, in terms of our coaching team, I think we compliment each other quite well because of differences. The one person's weaknesses are the other one's strengths. The only thing that is EXACTLY the same is the way we think about rugby... For us it works. Now, for me, Mitchell appears to be the same type of coach that I am. Straight to the point. Just business and nothing else. Just like me, he is probably also a "dwis". In order to make it work, you need a second person in that coaching team to look after all of the other soft fluffy bullshit. Because of my/our experience and the way it works, I believe you always need a specific combination of at least two coaches. It is tough to find that combination, but I also think is is even more tough to find one person who has everything that is required... Now my example in this regard is the All Blacks too. Graham Henry was also a very technical coach, but he combined with Hansen, who appears to be more of an organiser / emotional coach. When Hansen took over, they gave him technical coaches and this also included someone like Wayne Smith at times (Also a very technical coach). I also believe they try to combine it in a way so that the two coaches (head-coach and "chief assistant") compliment each other. And this is also how they manage their succession plan. Based on Mitchell's knowledge I believe it will be a much bigger loss than people imagine. One more year would have made a huge difference. And this is just my OPINION. In the case of the Lions, I think Mitchell and Spencer laid the technical foundation, but they also would not have succeeded on their own!!!!! (<---- to tress THAT point) They needed a motivational coach like Ackerman who understands the local culture to bring it all together. I am not sure what the future holds for the Lions, but Swys does not really seem smart enough to build onto what was before him... I don't think he is that smart technically and his motivational skills appear to be average...
  7. Barnacle

    Super Rugby 2018

    SA Super Rugby team game plans: Lions: (After Ackerman left): Stick a plaster on and try to patch up the gaps... aka crisis management... Bulls (under Mitchell: Try to run as much as possible, including stupid positions on the field. Improve skills and vision, but forget basics... Sharks: I R tough! Let's make the collisions bigger. "We can intimidate them into submission!" Stormers: No real identifiable game plan Strictly speaking none of our teams have a "plan" where plan refers to a process whereby to break down defenses. There are some patterns of play, but the patterns are borrowed from others, without knowing the purpose of those patterns. At this stage most of our teams are somewhere between the "patterns" and a playing style cased on decision-making. And just as players start to adapt a bit, they leave to go play in Europe... We have a problem and its not going to be fixed anytime soon.
  8. Barnacle

    4 Nation International Rugby

    https://www.sport24.co.za/Rugby/RugbyChampionship/eben-etzebeth-back-in-the-springbok-fold-20180806 Not much confidence inspired by the riff-raff listed there... You could probably get a reasonably decent starting line-up from that group, but that's it! More than half of them are either "has-beens", or "never-will-be"s...
  9. Barnacle

    Super Rugby 2018

    This is also true!
  10. Barnacle

    Super Rugby 2018

    Sad to say, but that is one of the most pathetic efforts ever. I don't really want to be nasty, but I have to. Apologies to the Lions fans, but this is not aimed at the Lions as much as it is aimed at South African rugby as a whole... South African rugby is fucked up beyond belief and we do not realise it, because of the way our teams are favoured by referees when playing at home... Despite one of the most extreme efforts of pity refereeing that I have ever seen (Penalties conceded: Crusaders 15 to Lions 6), the Crusaders were in control all the time and the Lions never really looked to threaten. The Crusaders were penalised at all 50/50 calls. At the same time the Lions were forgiven for 1. Offside 2. Not releasing the tackled player/Not rolling away 3. Diving over at rucks, etc... Had there been not been this pity refereeing, the score would have been closer to 60 - 0. Credit must probably be given to Swys with his bitching session about referees, as it was a bit of damage control, before the damage was caused. In terms of the players, Jantjies was kak once again. Still don't know how an average players like Cronje keeps his spot in the team? Was there anyone else in the Lions back-line? The only Lions who can feel sort of pleased with their efforts are Marx, Whiteley, Kwagga Smith and Mostert. ---- Now in terms of SA fans, we still believe that things are like they were when the Boks were still strong. This false impression is created by pathetic refereeing, where referees also have this false belief of South African rugby being worth anything more than a nostalgic memory... I also see it in the opinions on this board, where so many are clearly declaring their victim status... While teams like the Jaguares have a balanced home/away - win/loss ratio, SA teams mainly win at home (ref assisted) and lose away from home (when not ref assisted). The "victimhood status" is a South African disease and if we don't cure that, we will never be at the top with any sort of consistency again. If I sound pissed off, it is because I am! It is because South African rugby is just as fucked up, as this country is right now! A bunch of self-entitled victim crybabies!!!
  11. Barnacle

    Other Rugby Related News and Trivia

    I still don't see much of a specific benefit from going up north, except for the sole purpose of getting away from the SuperFarce conference system. But then, we were part of creating that circus... With all the options available maybe everyone should look at a two year program alternating between a SH competition and a SH-NH competition. At the moment there is just too much... and its not even too much of a good thing anymore...
  12. Barnacle

    Mooi Musiek.

  13. Barnacle

    2018 Highest earning "athletes".....

    I believe snooker balls are considerably more painful than tennis elbow.... 😛
  14. Barnacle

    Super Rugby 2018

    And in other good news for the Lions.... The Jaguares have not won a single match against a SA team in South Africa this year (but they beat all SA teams in Argentina) The Jaguares have not won a single match this year where the referee was a South African Saturday they play the Lions in South Africa, with Jaco Peyper the referee Therefore, according to my probability calculations, the Lions have a 100% chance of winning the match 😛
  15. Barnacle

    Super Rugby 2018

    Most of the results in the Super-Farce matches are predetermined. If one match goes against the planned results, they manipulate other results to try to maintain a certain amount of interest to ensure income and some representation from all the conferences. That is why they have the conference system in the first place. Welcome to the WRE (World Rugby Entertainment)