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  1. taipan


    Hilarious series
  2. taipan

    The Wisdom thread - feel free to add

    Still have all mine
  3. taipan

    Other Rugby Related News and Trivia

    Why am I not surprised
  4. taipan

    Player Power

    Well a great battling victory. Still lots to do
  5. taipan

    Cricket news

    Big Day for Dale Steyn.
  6. taipan


    So a woman can't consider a career until she is past child bearing days? Actually not being particularly argumentative here but is it fair for a woman to put it on hold until her kid is 13? I can only speak from my perspective. My wife only took the prescribed three months maternity leave for both of my sons. They both turned out well and have good degrees and as a family we are pretty close. As of today she has 38 years uninterrupted service at a major SA bank. so it can be handled.
  7. taipan


    Women are mental. That is a given
  8. taipan


    Have a look at some of his other vlogs. He is mad
  9. taipan

    Bohemian Rhapsody

    2 months to Captain Marvel
  10. taipan

    Cricket news

    And the really funny part is the commentators saying Aus have the best bowling unit in the world. India is pretty useful. Jimmy and Broad have 1000 between them and in the last test SA fielded 4 quickies with an average under 23. That is not including Ngidi and a spinner who has a better average and S/R than Lyon.
  11. taipan

    Cricket news

    Actually I expected this to be a lot closer. We knew the Aus batting was weak but I didn't foresee the disintegration of the bowling unit. I have no idea why Cummins doesn't get the new nut. Langer must be under some pressure.
  12. taipan

    Happy Birthday Taipan

    Cheers. I guessed as much
  13. taipan

    Bohemian Rhapsody

    DC haven't got the marvel touch.
  14. taipan

    Cricket news

    So another series win coming up.