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  1. Super Rugby 2018

    So get a buddy's login and stream DSTv
  2. Super Rugby 2018

  3. Libtards

  4. Well this fun

    Sudden jump to 8th
  5. Well this fun

    Now twelfth in queue
  6. Well this fun

    It’s like playing musical chairs without the music
  7. Well this fun

    Renewable every 5 years. Eye test is mandatory
  8. Well this fun

    There is a sign saying the newly installed eye test machines are slow and tests can take 30 minutes. Maybe in an alternate universe this might make sense
  9. Well this fun

    Sitting in a queue to renew drivers licence
  10. Thank F*ck

    Clever move by Cyril. If it goes tits up it is the Zuma appointee that gets the blame
  11. Thank F*ck

  12. Thank F*ck

    So VAT up 1%. Petrol, booze and smokes also smacked.
  13. Thank F*ck

    That would be the corporate jet that they removed the transponder from, so no one can find it?
  14. Thank F*ck

    Labour are fucking stupid. Always have been. When Labour of the 60s and 70s had supertax at 19/6 in the pound (97.5%), all the rich pissed off overseas so Britain collected no tax. When Maggie sorted it out, they all moved back.
  15. Thank F*ck

    Can't see him touching VAT. Personal tax is going to be nailed.