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    They have been talking that shite for years. Nobody will be able to licence their vehicles which will invalidate the insurance. Ain't going to happen.
  2. Middle East

    I note all the wealthy countries are in red

    My younger son got the SMS. Seeing he is in the banking industry he was worried as he can't afford a judgement. The arseholes feed on people's fears.
  4. Steinhoff...........

    Ah, I have never dealt directly into the share market. I am still a babe.
  5. Steinhoff...........

    And the beauty of it is, that to invest in these funds you normally go through an investment adviser who charges you commission. He advises the fund who also charges you and arm and a leg, to be guided by their investment manager. Then after you spent all this money, not one of them saw this coming.
  6. Steinhoff...........

    Jimi probably has his funds in a balanced fund. Mixture of equity, cash and property. Depending on the fund's equity percentage would affect his exposure to Steinhoff.and ability of the fund to bounce back.

    I see the skelm bastards are now sending out SMS's claiming you have been handed over and please call them.
  8. Happy birthday Don

    Have fun
  9. Mooi Musiek.

    Good call
  10. Steinhoff...........

    It's hard to establish how much of the losses are directly due to Steinhoff and how much to the other drops in the JSE, which are arguably due to the Steinhoff fiasco. My wife has lost considerably more than 17k. My provident fund has lost nothing but other investments have been smashed.
  11. Ashes Series 2017/18

    I see the England team is imploding. Another player about to be banned.
  12. The President's Keepers

    If it looks like BS, smells like BS, there is a good chance......
  13. Steinhoff...........

    Even Kruger Rands are dropping for some reason.
  14. Steinhoff...........

    Yep, I have money with both Allen Grey and Coronation.
  15. Steinhoff...........

    I looked at my wife's provident fund this morning. A massive drop.