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  1. taipan

    Springboks 2018

    Aye, an improved performance, but still a long way to go. Once again the scrum looked better after the props were changed. Lineout needs a lot of work but could be because of poor options chosen. The loose trio still are not working as a unit resulting in a number of turnovers. It was also noticeable that when a forward made a break there was no loosie on his shoulder to take the movement forward. Faf was also forced to kick a number of times but that facet of his game has improved since his move. Still not a lot from the centre combo and DDA lost the ball virtually every time hie went into contact. Defence remains weak out wide.
  2. taipan

    Springboks 2018

    Apart from the first 13 minutes a much improved performance
  3. taipan

    Syd Nomis R.I.P.

    Great Springbok
  4. taipan

    2018 World Cup

    Say what you like about Ronaldo, he is a genius.
  5. taipan

    Springboks 2018

    Look! The whole army is out of step except my little Johnny.
  6. taipan

    Springboks 2018

    PMSL now you have contradicted yourself. If Etsebeth is picked without proving his form HE is being picked on reputation. There can be no other explanation
  7. taipan

    Springboks 2018

    FFS there is more about rugby than merely being fit. Do you understand anything about form at all ?
  8. taipan

    Springboks 2018

    TBF he’s been unlucky over the years
  9. taipan

    Springboks 2018

    He’s not in the match day squad. Only one change to the starting team and no fly half on the bench
  10. taipan

    Springboks 2018

    What part of this don't you get? No one has said discard him. Everyone has said he must get fit and prove himself in form on the field. You seem to think he is an automatic choice regardless of form.
  11. taipan

    Springboks 2018

    Who does he play for?
  12. taipan

    Springboks 2018

    And you still deny the fact that no one agrees with you, which ever franchise they support. Or are you suggesting that everyone hates WP.
  13. taipan


    If it looks like shit and it smells like shit.....
  14. taipan

    Springboks 2018

  15. taipan

    Happy birthday WeDaFaKaWe

    Have a great one