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  1. taipan

    Super Rugby players who seem out of their depth

    https://sanzarrugby.com/superrugby/competition-stats/ just saying
  2. taipan


    Its difficult to get good servants these days.
  3. taipan

    Super Rugby 2018

    So the "rumour" is that Willemse was pissed off when they tried to make him speak first as he hadn't prepared anything.
  4. taipan

    Mooi Musiek.

    Hose music? he puts the sprinklers on?
  5. taipan

    Super Rugby 2018

    I cannot understand why quota has suddenly become a dirty word. It is government policy
  6. taipan

    Super Rugby 2018

    Rugby was invented because racists couldn't play football๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ #AshwinWillemse oh dear.
  7. taipan

    Super Rugby 2018

    Yep. Wish all the idiots on Twitter were as wise.
  8. taipan

    Super Rugby 2018

    Supersport are looking into the incident. no shit.
  9. taipan

    Super Rugby 2018

    WTF started that?
  10. taipan


    The good old days.
  11. taipan

    Cricket news

    Actually some of the crowd numbers are pretty good. Newlands is normally close to a sell out. Centurion normally gets a good crowd, unfortunately Wanderers is always given the short end of the stick regarding dates, given the CSA fascination with Kingsmead for the Boxing Day test which was a proven failure for many years. Bellerive, WACA and the Gabba haven't pulled great crowds over the past few seasons.
  12. taipan

    Cricket news

    What a steaming heap of BS. Actually for once I agree with India. What Waugh fails to mention is that Aus have just cancelled a test series with Bangladesh and that NZ refused to play a day/night test in India last year. Didnt realise test cricket was dead in SA
  13. taipan


    He said I am going to be poor
  14. taipan


    So meeting my "financial advisor" today. Let's see what he has to say
  15. taipan

    Super Rugby 2018

    Because we were hoodwinked by SANZAAR again. The sooner we get out of that cesspool the better.