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  1. Mooi Musiek.

    The Queeen
  2. Thank Fuck

    On the other hand, the criminals going down, Captain KGB and Mdluli, were nailed heavily in Jaques Pauw's book.
  3. SA Incoming Tours 2018

    That is debatable with CT, PE and Durban on the roster.
  4. SA Incoming Tours 2018

    Aye, two strong bowling attacks against questionable batting line ups.
  5. SA Incoming Tours 2018

    Well, that was easy.
  6. SA Incoming Tours 2018

    Disagree totally. I think Biff gives a lot of insight compared the boring crap of Pollock, Wessels and whatshisname the Zimbo
  7. It's the crazy Australians again..

    It's getting fucking ridiculous
  8. It's the crazy Australians again..

    It stuck me as pretty racist.
  9. It's the crazy Australians again..

    I am still trying to work out what an African appearance is.
  10. SA Incoming Tours 2018

    Actually I think he was given licence. A quick fifty at that stage would have taken the game away from the Indians.
  11. SA Incoming Tours 2018

    You really think we need 6 bowlers?
  12. SA Incoming Tours 2018

  13. SA Incoming Tours 2018

    Sun has been out for a while
  14. More RIPs

  15. More RIPs

    Lead singer on the Cranberries. She's now a zombie.