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  1. DbDraad

    4 Nation International Rugby

    Still think Read is a doos, the video might be a false representation, but it fits in with prior observations. I'm enjoying the victory, the gap to the next one will be even bigger, maybe you are the one in need of some perspective?
  2. DbDraad

    4 Nation International Rugby

    There are 3 Alblacks I can't stand. Aaron Smith, Paranara and Read...not too fond of Ben Smith either. I will never forget the way he riled up the crowd like a symphony conductor a few years ago. All to put pressure on the reff. It resulted in a yellow card against the Stormers for a nothing burger. He is a poor sport and an arsehole of note. Worst Allblack captain ever.
  3. DbDraad


    Nah, same roots. Lion's den Dude.
  4. DbDraad


    Strong second name!
  5. DbDraad

    The Lost Boys

    Apparently some were into little girls too. His(Van Rooien's) son made some allegations and Magnus' an other NP top brass' names were mention. Not much evidence, but more smoke. the rabbit hole runs deep.
  6. DbDraad

    The Lost Boys

    Some weird shit went down in the late seventies, eighties and early nineties. The Johan Heyns assassination. The rifle used was found years later in the possession of a Russian mobster, but he got assassinated before he could say where he got it....Lollie Jackson....Brett Kebble...
  7. DbDraad

    The Lost Boys

    Look, I will believe it when it has been verified in a court of law. ATM there are too many holes and Minnie's convenient "suicide" is too convenient either way. I agree that there must be a fire, I'm not too sure the smoke is necessarily pointing in the right direction. Apparently Gert van Rooyen ties into this too. This is very serious and should thoroughly be investigated.
  8. DbDraad

    Is Rugby A Posh Boys' Game?

    It's most probably a mole from Ruckers!
  9. DbDraad

    Other Rugby Related News and Trivia

    He's not trolling, he really is that STUPID.
  10. DbDraad

    Sudden forum interest

    Taipansy remains a Rooinek favorite. You two make a cute couple....somebody must be so proud. 😁
  11. DbDraad

    The Lost Boys

    It's horse sh!t. Not that it can't be true, just that there is no evidence. WTF, for serious allegations, you need serious proof, not hearsay.
  12. DbDraad

    Other Rugby Related News and Trivia

    Everything that is written must be true then. How did I miss that?
  13. DbDraad

    Other Rugby Related News and Trivia

    Great, so if it's not reversed racism, its plain old normal racism then?
  14. DbDraad

    Other Rugby Related News and Trivia

    Exactly and quotas removes equal opportunity for white players.
  15. DbDraad

    Other Rugby Related News and Trivia

    Horse shit. It's indicative of physical ability and interest in the game. 90% of the country couldn't care less about rugby.