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  1. 4 Nation International Rugby

    Oh nooo! Fark it!
  2. James Haskell Loses the Plot with Joe Marler

    True, but back in the day that wasn't even a penalty. Consistency will remain a problem until some rich club owner takes matters to a real court instead of an judicial enquiry.
  3. 4 Nation International Rugby

    Wel, die kaptein op die dag kon dit wysig as hy wou, ongeag van wie geroep het. Ons het goed begin, maar na die derde drie het ons gaan lĂȘ. Die oomblik was te groot.
  4. James Haskell Loses the Plot with Joe Marler

    Nah, nothing too serious.
  5. WP 2017

    Ja, we lost by a bit. The Pumas aint half shabby.
  6. 4 Nation International Rugby

    You clearly understand nothing about...nothing.
  7. 4 Nation International Rugby

    And you do?
  8. 4 Nation International Rugby

    Because they differ from reality.
  9. 4 Nation International Rugby

    Tell me, how does a captain captain a sinking ship?
  10. 4 Nation International Rugby

    Kak rantings.
  11. 4 Nation International Rugby

    You are deliberately twisting the facts. Leadership wasn't the problem. The kak players were. Eben did not call the line outs, he did not throw in. Whiteley would have changed nothing to inspire anyone out of this sh!t fest.
  12. 4 Nation International Rugby

    Did not say that, I said leadership wasn't the main problem, you are laying the blame on AC and Eben. How is captaincy going to change the performance of kak players?
  13. 4 Nation International Rugby

    We simply were not good enough. Yes, the coach should take the bulk of the blame for his sellections, but the main problem is SARU and the way they run rugby in SA.
  14. 4 Nation International Rugby

    To come back from 31 -zip against NZ at half time. I'm afraid there is not enough leadership in the world to do that. That was a stupid comment by Mallet and even more stupid from you to harp on about it.