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  1. DbDraad

    Super Rugby 2018

    Probably, but you never know...
  2. DbDraad


    Aztec meaning, appropriate too.
  3. DbDraad


    I see the old English translated meaning of Zuma has been scrubbed from Google search.
  4. DbDraad


    Fcked up. I really hope he goes to jail....and I know pigs don't fly.
  5. 🤤Very important information!
  6. DbDraad


    Pretty viral. Got it on Whatsapp from several people.
  7. DbDraad

    Super Rugby 2018

    Very negative spoiling way of play. It's always a fight in the mud against tbem. Very frustrating to watch...and in Argentina the TV coverage is crap too. I like the idea of a team like the Jaguars, but the reality is as crap as it gets.
  8. DbDraad

    Super Rugby 2018

    When last did the Sharks have a break? The 2 matches in NZ was high intensity. Add the travel and the good start the Bools had...and the fell flat. Let's see how they do against the Stormers.
  9. DbDraad

    Cricket news

    He had balls before the Devil took it.😁 He played to win rather than not to lose, like we did under Kepler. He had grit before he p!ssed it all away. I'm still p!ssed off.
  10. DbDraad

    Real motor cars..........

    My pa het so wa gery, sonder die bling. 'n Witte.
  11. DbDraad

    Real motor cars..........

    Die onmiskenbare agterligte lyk so:
  12. DbDraad

    Real motor cars..........

    Daar ry so een rond in Die Paarl. Mint Condition.
  13. DbDraad

    Real motor cars..........

    Fcn mooi kar!
  14. DbDraad

    Real motor cars..........

    Dis lelik!
  15. DbDraad

    Real motor cars..........

    Nee man, daai's mooi.