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  1. DbDraad

    Super Rugby 2018

    They are, but fck them anyway.
  2. DbDraad

    Super Rugby players who seem out of their depth

    I'll take SP ahead of Bosch and Coetzee every day of the week and twice on Saturday...Not saying SP is good, but how Coetzee got to be a Bok is beyond me. I was never a Willie fan, but rather him than the current fools.
  3. DbDraad

    Super Rugby 2018

    How do you stop someone crawling. You can't tackle them. If you dive on them, you get penalized. Fckn stupid. They should always release the ball and get on the feet before playing it again. Crawling is effectively playing on the ground.
  4. DbDraad

    Super Rugby 2018

    I see when some players are not held in the tackle, they are allowed to crawl with tha ball. WTF?
  5. DbDraad


    Fok, om een of ander rede is dit kak snaaks!
  6. DbDraad

    Mooi Musiek.

    Not too shabby.
  7. DbDraad

    Dirty Trix.........?

  8. DbDraad

    Happy birthday Barnacle

  9. DbDraad

    Youtube shooting

  10. DbDraad

    Super Rugby 2018

    Probably, but you never know...
  11. DbDraad


    Aztec meaning, appropriate too.
  12. DbDraad


    I see the old English translated meaning of Zuma has been scrubbed from Google search.
  13. DbDraad


    Fcked up. I really hope he goes to jail....and I know pigs don't fly.
  14. 🤤Very important information!
  15. DbDraad


    Pretty viral. Got it on Whatsapp from several people.