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  1. Gibson Guitar

    Fantastic instruments, but something's off here.
  2. Super Rugby 2018

    Half the team is still injured and we normally struggle a bit against the Jags.
  3. Late Tackle Show

    Aag, it's not too bad for a kinda amateur production. They are obviously still a bit awkward. I won't make a point of watching it though.

    Ou Jan Wilson het 'n kat...
  5. Thank F*ck

    Sorry, I don't know how to embed YT no more.
  6. Thank F*ck

  7. Thank F*ck

    Yes it is. CR has a clean slate and he might fck up worse than JZ, but atleast there's hope. I actually think he might be our best prez to date. Mandela wasn't too bad, but TM wasn't anything special and JZ was a shameless stupid crook from the get go...there is hope after 10 years of desaster....its over till it starts again...and don't get too comfortable there in England...some steep hills ahead still for you guys too..
  8. Thank F*ck

    It's over!!!!
  9. SA Incoming Tours 2018

    Wow, what a wicket!
  10. SA Incoming Tours 2018

    Indeed. I like him too, but SA is really piss poor ATM.
  11. Other Rugby Related News and Trivia

    Of coarse he had, but due to circumstances Amor knew exactly what she was getting into...kinda stupid of her to expect anything else. Karma is a bitch and Amore had it coming. Sory for being a cynic and a bit harsh, but I don't entertain fools.....and using his kids against him was wrong on so many levels.
  12. 6 Nations 2018

    I had Scotty...big disappointment!!!
  13. Interesting Technical Stuff!

    Lol. our boss opted for Norton this year. We used to be Bitdefender people and then Kaspersky...now back to Norton.
  14. Bye bye Coetzee..

    Nope. That sounds like BS. The writers of the report seems to have an agenda.
  15. SA Incoming Tours 2018

    Talk on Crickinfo that the match might be abandoned due to dangerous conditions. Let's hope not.
  16. SA Incoming Tours 2018

    We are 120/5
  17. Other Rugby Related News and Trivia

    Probably life insurance.
  18. Other Rugby Related News and Trivia

    True, but why would AV not want her kids to inherit? She wants it for herself after using the kids to get back at Joost. I'm no fan of how Joost lived his personal life, but AV is no angel either. Did she not break up Joost's first marriage? I hope she gets fckall.
  19. Other Rugby Related News and Trivia

  20. SA Incoming Tours 2018

    That might be so. I wasn't trying to talk Bavuma down, just mentioning that he would be the one who would be the extra bat if AB takes the gloves.
  21. SA Incoming Tours 2018

    De Kock is steeds beter as Bavuma.
  22. SA Incoming Tours 2018

  23. SA Incoming Tours 2018

    Good Woof.
  24. Cricket news

    True, but you would have reconsidered if were to face Steyn?