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  1. Other Rugby Related News and Trivia

    WR needs to do nothing. The players need to stipulate in their contracts that they want to play for their country whenever they are picked. The clubs can take it or leave it. The problems with clubs not wanting to release, starts and ends with the players. Fransie had issues from the start. Same with Jaque Fourie and Andries Bekker...and now Jan Serfontein too. If you negotiate a contract, you can put anything you want into that contract. Funny how Duane and Habana (and a few others) manage to play for the Boks, but some others have issues, regardless for whom they play for? Fransie, for one, even had issues when playing for the Sharks. Fuck him!
  2. Springboks end of year tour/November Internationals

    We are poor, but luckily still better than France. NZ, Ireland, England and Probably Scotland are all better than the Boks. We're probably on par with Aussie and Wales. Hopefully.
  3. Springboks end of year tour/November Internationals

    more than tried..They were great!!!
  4. Rugby League World Cup

    We don't see any of it here and there is no incentive to watch it. Same as ice hockey and NFL or baseball.
  5. World Cup Bid

    Beast is still solid enough, but he should start less. DdA is a good player, but he is hopelessly out of form and should not be anywhere near the Boks.
  6. Springboks end of year tour/November Internationals

    I hope Scotty can make it difficult for NZ.
  7. Other Rugby Related News and Trivia

    True that. I've seen this coming from way back. Boland, EP and some others have been totally ruined. WP is almost done for, if not there yet. Boks also going down fast. Almost full circle now.
  8. Pastor James David Manning on "Black Folk"

    Ya, because people are confusing the monuments with the country as a whole. This will end the confusion.
  9. The President's Keepers

    He's gonna have some legal bills to pay, but I'm sure he'll be crowd funded. I read in "Die Burger" that Elton John ordered a signed copy.
  10. Other Rugby Related News and Trivia

    When the whole thing with Aerios became known, I said it was a ploy to bankrupt WP to sell off the assets and move to the Cape Town stadium. Even before the liquidation. Well, another piece of history destroyed.
  11. Springboks end of year tour/November Internationals

    Well, I see PSDT was dropped out of the 23. Some possible improvement, if Duane has some form? And Venter must be better than DdA ATM. Not too optimistic, but France was bad earlier this year, so the Boks might pull it off. Wales will be tougher though.
  12. Springboks end of year tour/November Internationals

    Before the RWC in 2011 we were quite poor. Rassie had the team for a few weeks and we were quite competitive in the WC. Pity we played so naive in the Bryce Lawrence match though. I'm not too much of a Rassie fan, but he is no fool. There is doubt about his ability to perform under pressure and in the spotlight. He tends to run away from teams after the honeymoon.
  13. The President's Keepers

    We need to build a wall!
  14. Morgan Freeman Re-Enacts The Shawshank Redemption

    Nope, I actually haven't seen the whole movie in one sit down. I can't put my finger on why, the whole thing, music included just irritates the hell outa me. I've enjoyed sh!tty movies much more.

    Net twee Nel's ook: Kolle en Skrap.
  16. Mooi Musiek.

    Well I'll be damned!
  17. World Cup Bid

    I've got more hair.
  18. World Cup Bid

    Aag fark off!!
  19. Morgan Freeman Re-Enacts The Shawshank Redemption

    I agree with there being too many good movies. For some or other reason I have probably watched the original Highlander about 20 times and I'll probably watch it again. There are probably just as many movies that I hated, but that's easy. Titanic is my most hated movie by a big margin.
  20. Mooi Musiek.

    Probably the father of Voƫlvry.
  21. Libtards

    You racist, you!
  22. World Cup Bid

    I know a few Boerjies from Irish decent...hot heads, but good blokes.
  23. World Cup Bid

    But fark them anyways on Saturday?
  24. World Cup Bid

    Nope, but fark them anyways.