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  1. Docker


    It is entirely the fault of the PC brigade. The endless self loathing and crying wolf about non issues has forced the great unwashed to elect a person who clearly doesn't give a fuck about niceties and feelings. The Democrats like to blame a Russian bots and a facebook page for the election of Trump but their own candidate was the real problem.
  2. Docker

    It's the crazy Australians again..

    Interesting character but nonetheless a good lad.
  3. Docker

    Cricket news

    All these crisis blow over. Hansie was a big deal at the time but the team moved on pretty quickly. Same goes for Salman Butt and the bowlers.
  4. Docker

    Cricket news

    Touch wood. Channel 7 don't have any cricket commentators at the moment and will need to get them from somewhere. They could start with the much loved BBL commentators (Gilly, M Waugh, Ponting, D Fleming, M Jones etc)
  5. Docker

    Cricket news

    Finally some good news for Aussie cricket fans after sandpaper gate and the beatings dished out by you Saffers - Channel 9 after 40 years has got the arse as the main broadcaster of Australian cricket. Hopefully Channel 7 and Foxsports don't sign up any of the tired old acts from Nine. CA is getting a billion AUD for the new deal which means the Australian cricketers chop up at least $300 million of that over the next five or six years. Good time to get a baggy green (and relatively easy as well)
  6. Docker

    Real motor cars..........

    I had a Datsun 180B when I was at university - that was a good car and was able to find it's own way home on Wednesday $2 all you can drink beer nights (that was the late 80's). I can remember we used to call Datsuns "Jap crap" when I was a kid. Like the Koreans after them their product was soon up to world standard. I suppose the Great Walls and Cherry's will go the same way in time
  7. Docker

    Britain Planning to build a new house

    The same BS goes on here. A good mate of mine has a greenfield site south of Perth which he and few others are holding for subdivision. The project (about 200 blocks) requires 53 separate government/council approvals all of which have a fee. He has given up and is now waiting to be taken out. The various governments here bang on about housing affordability and then seem to do all they can to prevent that from happening. He worked out that each block would cost $AUD95,000 in fees, levy contributions for schools and/or open space, infrastructure works and so on. The proposed blocks are around 400 square metres each so we aren't talking about a sprawling semi rural development. Plus the deep sewerage system is immediately adjacent no significant CAPEX required there.
  8. Docker

    Cricket news

    Brandon Starc, brother of Mitchell, won gold in the men's high jump tonight. Talented family. Mitchell is married to Alyssa Healy, niece of Ian and like her uncle is Australian keeper and handy batter
  9. Docker


    Good to see Folau sticking to his guns and refusing to back down from his position when meeting with the ARU. I am not sure how what he said is hate speech. They should probably ask SBW what is view on the matter is
  10. Docker

    Cricket news

    Not really surprising - not many top shelfers at the games so the winners are the best of the B graders. Only been two world class performances (records) by my reckoning in the entire games. Good to see the para athletes mixed in but it does make it a bit of a picnic event
  11. Docker

    Real motor cars..........

    They look good but do they have driver assist, air conditioned seats, collision alerts, blue tooth music streaming, digital radio and so on. I am not sure I could drive one of those cars now - you become reliant on the technology so quickly.
  12. Docker


    I think it is actually longer than that now - I think there is an I (intersex), a P (pan sexual) and a few others I can't be arsed remembering.
  13. Docker

    WFT lawn bowls

    The topic heading should read WTF not WFT (Lex!!)
  14. Docker

    WFT lawn bowls

    There is a club 500 metres from where I live (Yokine). It seems to get pretty busy on the weekend. Some work places have work functions at bowls clubs in these parts - they have a few drinks and a social roll. Pretty good fun for people like me who don't otherwise bowl at all.
  15. Docker

    WFT lawn bowls

    I heard some interesting stories about Premier League lawn bowls clubs in Melbourne this morning. A number of the bowling clubs have pokies machines and as such are cashed up. The clubs are now paying players up to $AUD70,000 per annum to play in the top flight competition and often fly top players in from interstate on a weekly basis. They are also paying inducements for players to change clubs with one player being paid $AUD50,000 to change clubs. I always thought bowls was more or less an amateur sport with the odd cash prize for the some of the high profile competitions so all of this was a surprise to me. Still time for me to be a professional sportsman provided I can master this bias thing. No such luck for local WA players as we don't allow pokies in clubs or pubs here (thankfully) and as such most of the clubs are operating on a break even basis.