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  1. Thank F*ck

    Even Trump has had a good result getting big corporates to repatriate funds back to the US for the modest levy on the way in. The luvvies don't get that investors want companies to either invest surplus cash or to give it back to shareholders. We have an imputation system of company tax here (the investor gets a tax credit for the tax the company has paid - companies can franked dividends with these credits) - the lower the corporate rate of tax simply means the investor gets a lower credit and has to pay more personal income tax so there is no leakage.
  2. Thank F*ck

    Channeling Malaysians by the sounds.
  3. Thank F*ck

    When the TV isn't working I guess there will be another riot with hammers
  4. Thank F*ck

    It is Economics 101 called the multiplier effect - the luvvies want to tax everyone to death and then wonder why all the capital has shifted elsewhere. Consumption taxes like VAT are the most effective - you get the likes of the Guptas as they are fuelling up the corporate jet
  5. SA Incoming Tours 2018

    Plus India are playing a full strength confident side at the peak of their powers and somehow managed to get their curators to prepare the tracks. Take the best 3-4 players out of India and see how they go
  6. Gibson Guitar

    The Les Paul limited editions may not be that limited
  7. Gibson Guitar

    Can someone explain to me why a guitar manufacturer needs to borrow $500 million? Just how big is the factory?
  8. SA Incoming Tours 2018

    Best place to catch up on the numbers if required - who cares about T20. You would be dirty if you had to leave a player out of the upcoming Test series for quota reasons.
  9. SA Incoming Tours 2018

    Is there real talent being kept out by the like of AB, Amla and Faf? Duminy and Miller are journeymen types who are very inconsistent and who wouldn't be missed but I am not sure about the other three. The old saying about being old enough if good enough works both ways
  10. Cricket news

    Except for last night
  11. Cricket news

    Afghanistan would have been long odds on - probably $1.30. They are a bloody good side and have a couple of really good players and one absolute superstar (Rashid Khan). They have been very competitive recently and are miles ahead of Zimbabwe and Ireland and would give the West Indies a fright in some formats
  12. Steinhoff...........

    I don't mind short sellers identifying a steaming turd and profiting from same but some of their tactics leave a little to be desired
  13. SA Incoming Tours 2018

    Yep - the rank turners to date are a surprise. I hope your lot can grow some grass between now and March
  14. SA Incoming Tours 2018

    Kohli is having some run in ODI's. I like the lad - he is very combative unlike most Indians of earlier generations
  15. Steinhoff...........

    No surprises with any of that.