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  1. Docker

    Super Rugby 2018

    The Rebels are showing a bit of fight (at the pub after the game). One Rebel's player has been accused of assaulting another Rebel and is in custody in NZ. Dave Wessels must be tearing his hair out
  2. Docker


    Got to hand it to the Muslims - they never bag the pinkos who defend their peaceful religion while knowing full well they despise all their lifestyle choices. Ever seen a gay pride march in Tehran or Mecca/Medina?
  3. Docker

    Cricket news

    Some fairly brainless shots being played by the Saffers in Sri Lanka. Granted it is a tough pitch but swinging wildly across the line seems clueless.
  4. Docker


    Exactly. Everyone has heard the term the "casting couch" and it was no secret that was part of the deal (that doesn't make it right all the same). If you are an actress who willingly and knowingly participated in this arrangement you are equally culpable as the male predators who demanded the favours. To be crying tears now is very rich coming from those who made the career decision to spread some love around to advance up the totem pole. Of course those who have sexually assaulted against their will are entitled to all legal protections afforded under the law. The likes of Meryl Streep (Harvey is a god) and Oprah Winfrey who were close personal friends of Weinstein must have heard the industry rumours and should be excluded from the #metoo movement.
  5. Docker

    2018 World Cup

    Lol. The only team I cared about this week was the Wild Boars and are very relieved that they all made it out safe and well. A couple local lads had a big hand in the recovery of the Boars but as Harry (Dr Harris) left the cave after four days down with the boys his father passed away in Adelaide.
  6. Gold. The big talk about Gitmo collided with the reality of what to do with the scumbags who were imprisoned there. The lefties don't bring this up anymore on account of Barry failing to do anything about it for eight years
  7. The kids have to removed from their parents after 20 days in detention. This was a ruling from a US court (9th appeal court I think) during the Obama presidency. Obama could have sorted this by executive order but choose not to. Trump was merely enforcing the law until he issued an executive order to stop the practice. I have little regard for Trump but he shouldn't be whacked by pinko do gooders who were deaf mutes during the Obama years when the same thing was going on. Unfortunately for the luvvies things are flying in the US and there is slim pickings about what ti jack up about. Obama deported more people than any presidents before him (I am sure Don will break his record at some stage)
  8. Docker

    RIP Hawkeye - never to be forgotten

    That is a great shock and very sad news. My deepest condolences to his friends and family. I never met Ben personally but had numerous email exchanges over the recent years. He came across as a thoroughly decent human, dedicated family man and a clever and inventive operator. He will be sadly missed by many. RIP Ben
  9. Docker

    UK Weather

    The wife just got back from two weeks in the UK (and side trip to Berlin). She reckons the weather was perfect.
  10. Docker

    UK Weather

    I hope they told them to "go forth and multiply". Not an illegal activity (yet). I love firing up the Weber and cooking bacon crispy - not sure the Jewish folk on either side enjoy the smell of swine drifting over the fence
  11. The travel ban was brought in on account of the lack of vetting (and sharing of personal data with US Customs/ICE) by the banned countries of persons exiting their respective countries and intending to travel to the US. Citizens from majority Muslim countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia etc are permitted to travel to the US. When you get past all the anti Trump bias most fair minded people can see that the ban is appropriate. The banned countries merely need to modify their border control procedures for the ban to be lifted. I think one country has moved from the banned list. The US has to deal with 50,000 illegal arrivals per month. That is not an insignificant number even considering the vast resources of the US. Sovereign countries have the right to determine who comes to their countries and on what conditions they come
  12. Docker

    2018 World Cup

    Sports betting is massive in Australia. The corporate bookmakers drive everybody mad with their endless ads during sporting events. No problem getting set here A local has had $AUD50K on Croatia @ $16.
  13. Docker

    Last day at work

  14. Trump is an idiot but he is much superior to the alternative (fat arse in the pantsuit). I dislike a lot of what he says and how he says it but what he actually does has for the main been excellent (apart from the odd celebrity criminal pardon). The US is flying economically some of which can be attributed to his reforms. The interesting thing for me is the US evangelicals who make up a large part of his base. They appear to have taken the pragmatic view with Trump namely that being he is better than Clinton and despite his numerous moral failings which would have been unforgivable in the past he has more in common with them than Hilary as such gets the nod. The appointment of Mike Pence has rusted them on. As for Merkel that genie is out of the bottle and there is no turning back. A majority of those who showed up were economic refugees understandably seeking a better life for themselves. It will be interesting to see how long the rank and file Huns put up with that shit before a mass migration to the far right