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  1. Docker

    Other Rugby Related News and Trivia

    Every Muslim country I have been to getting booze has been easier than where I live - you can't buy booze at the 7/11 or service station here but you can in places like Indonesia and Malaysia. Granted none of the countries in question were under Sharia law but they have all the vices you can find in Western country especially hookers and drugs (if you are game enough to run the gauntlet).
  2. Docker

    4 Nation International Rugby

    The racism is obviously caused by the lack of first nation languages in everyday vernacular and ongoing cultural genocide. As you are all finding out the Kiwi can be a preachy bird with an excessive interest in the affairs of others and an endless supply of solutions to correct moral failings around the world
  3. Docker

    Trash Talk.........

    Milli Vanilli 1990: Grammy
  4. Docker

    Trash Talk.........

    Name a few where this has happened.
  5. Docker

    4 Nation International Rugby

    The fan made some good points including "any danger you can play with some heart". That said I never thought it was a good idea abusing international rugby players at the height of their physical prowess. Unless you are Chuck Norris it isn't likely to end well. Not sure the abused should have been on the pitch in any event given his headspace.
  6. Docker

    Trash Talk.........

    So which of the 290 Aboriginal languages spoken by indigenous people should the MSM use and promote? Perhaps we could have 290 more TV channels and radio stations for each language group? To be fair a number of these languages overlap so there is really only 28-30 distinct languages but even still that number is not manageable. There is a dedicated indigenous TV station which has programs in various Aboriginal languages. As you pointed out Aboriginal people comprise 3% of the total population - why would you teach non Aboriginal kids a language used by maybe 10,000 people as opposed to say Mandarin which is going to be a lot more helpful in the future. Learning a minority language which has no use (unless you want to live and/or work among the said language group) is pointless in the extreme and is mere virtue signalling. I can understand some Noongar and Martu words for the record. There is a significant focus on Aboriginal culture and history at all levels of Australian schooling. Every significant cultural and sporting event has a welcome to country performed by an elder from the local tribe which acknowledges the ancestors and traditional owners of the land. Indigenous people have their own medical, legal, housing etc services which is designed to ensure appropriate access to same. All universities have placements for Aboriginal students in all courses even if there are better qualified non Aboriginal applicants and the usual safe spaces. John Pilger and reality are mutually exclusive. He has long severed any connection to reality as most hard left types have. If you appreciate Pilger's bile you would find the Guardian too balanced to read
  7. Docker

    Trash Talk.........

    Complete horseshit in the case of Australia. There is considerable money being spent to record and preserve Aboriginal culture including language, tribal initiations etc and there is a continual expansion of Aboriginal land rights and control of traditional lands (for example access to Uluru is scheduled to cease in a year or so). The reason I know all this is because I spent around 12 years overseeing and acquitting the cultural grant funding for the Martu mob in the western desert area of WA. The funding covered such things as recording and codifying indigenous language and paying the elders to teach same to the kids, establishing and maintaining seed banks for native plants, identifying traditional Aboriginal lore (initiation) sites and gaining exclusive rights for same for the Martu and funding the return of Martu dispora annually to Martu lands for lore business (which typically lasts six weeks for the young blokes to heal) and funding remote community settlements for those with a deep attachment to traditional lands who fret when absent from same (this involved housing, medical posts, teachers, community stores, electricity and water infrastructure). The same program is rolled out Australia wide and since my time has been supplemented and expanded by mining companies by way of generous land use agreements. So Rowan stop talking out of your arse or believing everything you read in the Guardian. Most of the "Aboriginal" intellectuals claiming ongoing genocide have never been outside the city limits. The biggest thing now holding Aboriginal advancement back now is Aboriginals themselves. I help coach an indigenous AFL team here in Perth and we have no problem getting the young unskilled lads jobs in mining on $80k or more per annum. The lads either get bored or get on the crap and the employers have to let them go. Government and many employers bend over backwards here in the cause of individual and collective Aboriginal advancement.
  8. Docker

    Is Rugby A Posh Boys' Game?

    Is that you John Pilger? The oil or gas motivation about the US invading Iraq or Afghanistan is the biggest load of bullshit of all time. The largest oil producer in the world is the US and they have been an net exporter since 2011. I do note that the various wars commenced well before 2011 but US had the option to import the required oil from places like Canada, Venezuela and Columbia. I do know that the Saudis (a long time US ally) can produce oil cheaper than any other jurisdiction but even an economics undergraduate could work out that the added cost of sourcing oil from places other than the middle east is a lot cheaper than having the ill considered military adventures in the middle east. The US would have military plans for every conceivable contingency that could arise so it is little surprise that they would have invasion plans for a failed state that was morphing into a state sponsor for global terrorism which of course did occur at 9/11. I suppose 9/11 was Dick Cheney's idea and he was long on oil futures at the time.
  9. Docker

    Cricket news

    The Big Show is a big tease. Very talented lad but frustrating in the extreme. He has had a lot of chances and has a big habit of getting out cheaply to poor shots at the wrong time. His domestic stats are ok and others in the team have similar records but I suspect he is not the type of player that Langer likes (if you can remember how he played). I don't rate Langer and think he is cringeworthy when he speaks but he had a good record with WA. I have met Langer 3-4 times now at various functions and was underwhelmed by his intellect and his misty eyed routine about playing for Australia.
  10. Docker

    Is Rugby A Posh Boys' Game?

    So the Sunnis and Shia get on fabulously and those proxy wars in Syria and Yemen are totally the fault of the US? I suppose Christian missionaries were responsible for Stalin and Mao's purges and Pol Pot killing one in three Cambodians and so on. The US shouldn't be in Afghanistan and they wouldn't be but for 9/11
  11. Docker

    Is Rugby A Posh Boys' Game?

    Compared to what? How are things for the Kurds or Armenians in your neck of the woods. Put some public crap on Erdogan and come back to us (if you can). America is an unfair society in many regards but there are a lot many times worse
  12. Docker

    Is Rugby A Posh Boys' Game?

    You can be sure if the Europeans didn't colonize the US someone else would have. The first nations people in the US were primitive and hadn't even come up with the wheel by the time Colombus got there so they were sitting ducks for anybody with half an idea who showed up.
  13. Docker

    Is Rugby A Posh Boys' Game?

    One of the great myths is that of the noble savage and their happy utopias pre whitey.
  14. Docker


    Satire was never a strong suite of the average American and certainly foreign the perpetually outraged luvvies.
  15. Docker

    Cricket news

    Jimmy is now the most prolific seamer of all time. The lad is handy on home decks but pretty much a duffer everywhere else. I always thought Steyn would top the list but it looks like injury is going to put paid to that.