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  1. Gupta Wedding - For the beancounters

    So much for representative sample selection
  2. Gupta Wedding - For the beancounters

    Yep - all the data is "live" now (and has been for a number of years). The space I am in is close to fully automated accounting systems for vanilla clients
  3. Gupta Wedding - For the beancounters

    We aren't too worried on the other side of the country for two reasons - it is a long way away and Victorians are pricks
  4. Gupta Wedding - For the beancounters

    Well the bank is in fact reconciled - it just happens to match the bank statement. KPMG sent pimply faced graduate out to do a variables outgoing audit for a large commercial building managed by the wife. The kid's first question was "what is a variable outgoing". The wife told him to fuck off back to his office and rang the partner to complain. The same partner was stood down by the corporate regulator a few months later for failing to identify a going concern issue for one of their audit clients - the client was only under water by $AUD300 million
  5. Aussie is going down the tubes..

    Loving the camel's work.
  6. Aussie is going down the tubes..

    The Japs are too clever. Accepting 100 refugees in a year is a big year for them meanwhile Australia accepts around 17,000 per annum (not counting one offs like additional 12,000 Syrians). The Japs are happy to write the cheques provided the mess stays put - good idea methinks
  7. SAA

    That is a hanging offence here. Shame they couldn't stop the cane toads from leaving Queensland
  8. Aussie is going down the tubes..

    Typically fundamentalist countries don't have generous welfare systems that rewards you for breeding like rabbits and won't question your polygamous living arrangements by allowing wives 2-5 to be classified as single mothers
  9. Aussie is going down the tubes..

  10. Aussie is going down the tubes..

    Pauline Hansen is the leader of the right wing anti immigration party One Nation which gets up to 15% of the popular vote. There has been some mischief around woman refusing to remove their burqas in court, at airports and when requested by police officers. Hansen would like to ban the burqa as she considers it oppressive for women. I have always found it strange that the leftie luvvies never protest about the burqa and the poor treatment of women by some sections of Muslim faith. Most Muslims would be against same sex marriage but are keeping very quiet about it during the current debate and postage vote on this issue. One Muslim leader said it was pay back for all the support offered to Muslims by lefties in the past. Strange bedfellows
  11. Goodbye Sanzaar?

    Twiggy is full of shit. The league won't happen if Twiggy has to write any cheques. He collected a dividend cheque of $AUD445 million the other day but is as mean as cat shit. He makes grand donations of $400 million and gets all sorts of press but people don't realise he is simply moving FMG script into a private charitable trust which he controls and gets a full tax deduction for value of the shares transferred. Bill Gates etc do the same thing - they continue control the voting rights of the shares and get huge tax breaks for same. The reality is that if the likes of Twiggy started selling large blocks of FMG shares the price would collapse. Twiggy has sat on his hands for years watching the Western Force bleed money and had he started writing cheques a few years ago none of this would have happened. To be fair Twiggy doesn't have to donate money but methinks his primary motivation is tax driven. Under the rules of private charitable trusts 80% of the income of the trust must be distributed for charitable purposes but the capital can be retained indefinitely. Twiggy has transferred around $AUD480 million to his foundation to date but has only likely received dividends of around $20 million so far
  12. SAA

    That makes sense then if there is busy route ex South America. When you fly into Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia they give you the dire warning about getting the death penalty if you are carrying drugs. When you fly into Australia they are more concerned that you might be bringing in a left over sandwich or bunch of flowers and you get the quarantine warning (no mention of drugs but they do catch the odd one as noted above).
  13. SAA

    https://thewest.com.au/news/wa/flight-attendant-faces-cocaine-haul-charges-ng-b88588558z I am surprised this stuff is coming in via SA - doesn't seem a logical staging post
  14. That fight...Conor or vs Floyd..

    Foxtel (also owned by Murdoch) are still playing a cagey game here with their package bundling but I expect in time the UK offering will be available here. They are lucky that packaged pay TV it is essentially a monopoly business here unlike the US and Canada where there is more choice and better deals
  15. That fight...Conor or vs Floyd..

    Modern family! My mate now has a reticulation station controlled by wifi. It checks with the weather station and works out on which days the garden needs watering