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  1. Docker

    So what is

    How much booze in that trifle? I am doing some hog (Cantonese style) in the Weber this year. The roast is 3.5 kgs. I have had about three practice runs to date and have got the crackling just right. The mother in law will be on hand to supervise (she being the grand master of roast pork). As discussed having a few days in Singapore and Cambodia just after Christmas with the Canadian based relatives
  2. Docker

    Cricket news

    Especially when your wife is a well known slapper with a lot of exposed form. I would rather watch the team getting pumped than have him back. Hopefully CA grow some and send him packing
  3. Docker

    Cricket news

    They are too busy trying to be nice. You can be a fierce competitor without being a prick. India have won the odd Test here - I don't think they won a Test last tour but they did the tour before. The Indians have a handy pace attack so spicing up the wickets could be a double edged sword. None of our current batsmen wouldn't get a game with any of the top sides (India, SA or Eng). Plus I think our pace attack is overrated (apart from Paddy Cummins who on current form is our best defensive batsman). The reality is that India are a pretty good side and we are a low ebb
  4. Docker

    Happy birthday Don

    Hope it was a good one
  5. Docker


    LOL. I want to see more of this mindless shit because at some point in time we will reach tipping point wherein most fair minded people will turn on the likes of Peta rather than just be mildly amused by their ridiculous arguments.
  6. Docker

    Kevin Anderson

    Good result at his age.
  7. Docker

    Cricket news

    Normal service has resumed now that my cash isn't on
  8. Docker

    Cricket news

    We might have found a good one in Lloyd Pope who is an 18 year old leggie and is turning in some good numbers. Of course a comparison is immediately made with Shane "Flog" Warne. Unlike Warne the kid has a really good googly. The last leggie hyped this much was one Steven Smith who turned out to be crap leggie and self admitted cheat but could bat a bit. You can't miss the lad - is he ranga of some note
  9. Docker

    Google Earth

  10. Docker

    Cricket news

    Tragically. Straight to bed sober last night
  11. Docker

    Cricket news

    Damn it
  12. Docker

    Cricket news

    Looking like a boat race to me
  13. Docker

    Cricket news

    Faf seems to have it covered so the Billecarte is still on
  14. Docker

    Cricket news

    True but to be fair to the bookies their odds move with the weight of the punters money. Some bookies will take the punters on but the corporate sporting bet types typically don't