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  1. Mata Hari

    Other Rugby Related News and Trivia

    He chose my name 😉 I was here on my own name and we were messaging about some intro stuff he was doing for me. I told him to choose a nice sassy name for me. He got it right 1st time. Way better remembering him than reading the boring never ending cries of imagined Racism in every sentence.... And I thought we said to stop feeding the troll....
  2. Mata Hari

    TdF 2018

    Well done to Simon Yates, was a solid well deserved win the last 2 Mountain stages, a decent fightback to the loss on the Giro... As for old man Valverde, you remain a hero to many , a decent place the last few days were just a few mountains too far.
  3. Mata Hari

    Trash Talk.........

    We have enough daily racial shit in our everyday lives. We really don't need to turn this Board into yet another race based argument every day Barlee. Especially with someone who does not even live in the shithole that he so commends....
  4. Mata Hari

    4 Nation International Rugby

    I think the boys are still celebrating today and I wouldn't blame them. A win is a win and a win against the AB's in New Zealand is at least worth celebrating. Well done
  5. Mata Hari

    Mooi Musiek.

  6. Mata Hari

    TdF 2018

    An excellent La Vuelta this year - tomorrow will be horrendous but it's been one of the top closest races in many years. Old man Valverde 2nd behind Simon Yates. I'm yelling for Valverde all the way but doubt he'll pull it off at 38 years old....
  7. Mata Hari


    Hubbie and I agreed on 3 daughters names before the birth of my eldest. We didn't officially know it was a girl with neither baby, we waited to the birth. One of the 3 names survived = my youngest. LOL. I was convinced baby no 2 was a boy, she permanently kicked me at all hours of the night. So I started with boys names - Lyon, Michael and Nicholas - as long as it did not have a Stephanus or Jakobus in it. Hubbie disagreed with all the names, we are grateful it was a she otherwise I doubt till today she would have a name LOL
  8. Mata Hari

    The Lost Boys

    Alleged. I know. And if there was only 1 minister I did think a bit of it was him....brains and stuff you know...Someone will have to read the VAn Rooyen book and post the details here if his name also comes out in the washing...(And obviously connected to the latest suicide of the author)...
  9. Mata Hari

    The Lost Boys

    If the same two/three names are mentioned it is more than co-incidence. The roosters come home to roost. It's a sickening state of affairs and It's a damn pity the fuckers are not around to be prosecuted and castrated and left to bleed to death - that's the minimum I would afford them
  10. Mata Hari

    The Lost Boys

    You mean into young boys (*typo) (The alleged NP Ministers) I am not sure I will read the Van Rooyen story, too many of these paedophile stories are too much for me and I was around when the two young girls he snatched in PMB just a few blocks from where we stayed. I remember it way too well. As for proving in Court Draad, well, he would have done that could he at the time - except he was barred from info by the then Acting What. State Prosecuting Attorney? Secret Police interviewed him, stole his dossier blah blah. There's always enough stories hindering people to get to the 'real court proven truth'. This story is really plausible enough to believe and sometimes that is also enough especially when the people have been thwarted at every turn, and don't kid ourselves - our ex Government was as capable as the Government is of today of bullshitting the voters...
  11. Mata Hari

    The Lost Boys

    My take on the story as well Stu WeDa - I am not here to defend the accuracy or not of the book. I don't have those details. I said the story reads plausible - where there's smoke there's fire. If you read the book, there were also no hospital records of one of the injured boys who was delivered by helicopter in the middle of the night and kept in secret, and the matron was the only one who could look after the patient in ICU, and was paid R 10 000 to move to another hospital so that the trace could be 'broken' as it were - and this was out of her mouth. So hiding/destroying/not making available flight records/having the senior bosses steal/conceal and order conclusion to all investigations is the least that dept/National Government would do to protect the alleged culprits aka MM et al. It is incredible that the 3 people who could identify MM and one other Cabinet Minister??? all committed suicide. Methinks not. So ja, I just said it's horrifying if this story were true, and I hold more faith to there being some truth in it than not.
  12. Mata Hari

    The Lost Boys

    Ja swaer. For the record he did not have hearsay, Allen told him 2 names and one of the young kids from the street identified 3 faces in a photo However, it is always the complicity via disbelief of society, that has protected paedophiles and sexual abusers. Also the 3 suicides? Really? Co-incidence? Or just the remnants of a state in absolute power?? LOL You can believe what you want DB - as a survivor of sexual abuse I believe where there's smoke, there's fire....
  13. Mata Hari

    The Lost Boys

    of Bird Island. Just finished reading it. What a shocker if it's true ne....
  14. Mata Hari


    It comes back to the men protecting their balls instead of their brains 😉
  15. Mata Hari


    Unfortunately, yes. If she handled the matter differently, she might have well achieved more...