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  1. Mata Hari


    Great semis and final. Well done Novak !
  2. Mata Hari

    Super Rugby 2018

    Nou die Blou. I'm holding thumbs for the win, but my hopes are staying on mother earth 😉
  3. Mata Hari


    As we discussed once upon a time - tennis players must be amongst the fittest of sports people...6.5 hrs...wow!! Both deserve a great round of applause, indeed a pity one had to lose...
  4. Mata Hari

    2018 World Cup

    So red white and blue it is then....😉
  5. Mata Hari

    RIP Hawkeye - never to be forgotten

    Congrats on the coming of the new family addition Barlee
  6. Mata Hari

    2018 World Cup

    I always miss the football since usually happens while I am at work. Will try to see if there's a reply tonight, though we watch TDf highlights daily....
  7. Mata Hari

    The Wisdom thread - feel free to add

    Too too true
  8. Mata Hari

    RIP Hawkeye - never to be forgotten

    So I went to Ben's memorial service today. 600km 6hrs round trip (and luckily got to miss all the rain and kapok that fell later). What can one say? The guy we met and knew on this forum is the same guy that his family spoke about with grief and love and pride. Sometimes I don't think we always realise/understand the impact of such small communities as is this forum. or the quality of the people that have remained here. Many of us are cyber acquaintances/friends of varying degrees. Yet in today's life, such relationships are similar to some real life friendships. We all come here daily mostly to share comments and opinions on sport, and often roll over into other areas of life. Politics. Music. Shared likes and dislikes. It's almost like our working community, where we get to know most of the quirks of some of our colleagues. And when one of us is removed, an untimely illness or death, just as in a real life friendship, it creates real life loss and grief. And some battle to understand that reaction. I am still teary-eyed after the memorial, and my hubbie still does not understand my reaction to albeit a death/loss, of a so-called cyber friend. But it's OK. I understand such. I know where I (and others perhaps on this forum) are coming from. The connections we have with most of the forummers nowadays are real. Telephone calls. E mails. Watts app. Meeting each other. I regret not meeting Ben for coffee, but he was a private person. I do not regret meeting all the others I have had the opportunity to share some time with along a beer or coffee. If tomorrow comes, we will know we are indeed friends. RIP Ben. The hole you have left in our lives will indeed take aeons to live through
  9. Mata Hari

    2018 World Cup

    Your R1 is growing strong...
  10. Mata Hari

    Super Rugby 2018

    Well if the Jags beat the Bulls then the Jags go to the top of the SA League. Who would have thought that!! I will still yell for the Bulls to win< we need some wins!!!!
  11. Mata Hari

    Happy Birthday Stu

    There we go again. Don't break an ankle Stormers Sharks hey? Eish, watching this at Newlands with Draad would be good. Just for you, may the Sharks win today Enjoy and hope you get spoilt !!
  12. Mata Hari

    Ping Stu............

    Well if it gives the ANC some food for thought...although ANC and thought in the same sentence is an oxymoron (along with the morons)on itself
  13. Mata Hari

    Can Just Imagine Hawk's Post Over This One

    JA I wondered myself. To be fair it was in "Masters of Management in Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation", and I am sure he is excellent in such 'stuff' You can dress monkeys in golden rings....
  14. Mata Hari

    2018 World Cup

    Shame ja. Think that must be an awful experience !!
  15. Mata Hari

    RIP Hawkeye - never to be forgotten

    LOL I think you are right 😉