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  1. Other Rugby Related News and Trivia

    I am told i look pretty in that pink jersey.....😂 but i will not be buying any of the crap new jersies...
  2. Other Rugby Related News and Trivia

    I feel like Owen. One thing we can say about the Bulls, year after fucking year - they sure do have the most crap fashion designers....must be the water they drink in that place ...do I laugh or do I cry...WTF!!!
  3. Cricket news

    Always love watching us playing the Aussies. Esp when both teams are on a roll.
  4. Twitter censorship..

    The internet and indeed social media is creating a whole new society as you say...
  5. Happy Birthday Taipan

    You're not old. You'll have to wait another 20 years for that walker
  6. Happy New Year!!

    Don't go and ruin the friendship now Stu darling
  7. Happy New Year!!

    All the best for 2018 everyone. May the Blue Bulls kick ass!!!
  8. Happy Birthday Taipan

    PMSL Oops...
  9. Happy Birthday Taipan

    Happy bday young Stu. Goodlooking young man....
  10. Happy Birthday Taipan

    Have a good one
  11. Mooi Musiek.

    Andriette-Chick Medey.mp3
  12. Mooi Musiek.

    To be fair Stu, if this was the 1975 version, and it sounds damn close to it, then he was only 26/27 years old. HAving said that, one thing that caught me when I was in my teens listening to his music was - you have to kinda like saxophone music - LOL, that played a huge role in many of his early songs. A very haunting sax bringing something into the tunes and words. My mom played the sax and piano - till today I love saxophone - but not just any sax. There has to be a link between the sax music and you - not just a banging out of notes from the sax - there has to be a feeling in the noise coming out - just like guitar music I guess - sometimes it's just a noise, othertimes every single chord touches something in you. That's how it was with me and the Boss...
  13. SA Incoming Tours 2018

    Easter weekend Test in JHB? You going Jim??? Taipan??
  14. Mooi Musiek.

    Love this. One of hie earlier songs that really got me into his music after Hungry Heart drew me in in 1980 when I was 13. Comes off the album Born to Run (1975), and Thunder Road, along with Badlands, Darkness on the edge of Town, and RAcing in the streets, are among my top 5 of Bruce. Nowadays he often sings this song solo in closing at his concerts. So much emotion in the song even on solo
  15. SA Incoming Tours 2018

    Yay> Will seriously consider taking hubbie to the JHB test.