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  1. OomValkOog

    Super Rugby 2017 - Lions

    Imagine how Robert felt..
  2. OomValkOog

    World Rugby announce 6 law changes

    Slowly, but surely the game is being fucked-up -- just like the world. Why all the changes? William Webb Ellis is rotating in his grave. I played the game from a "tjokkertjie" in grade three - standard one- until I was nearly thirty five - but it ain't the same no more. Too much has changed to suit the brawn and do away with the brain. I'd like to see a lock jump on his own steam and only supported once his feet hit the ground. I'd like to see a scrummy actually throw the ball in straight - as is the case with line outs - many a skew line out is now regarded as OK by officials. This stupid new law which stops a player from even trying to tackle a ball-carrier when he ducks - because it will be deemed a high-tackel - is also bullshit. Technology has not really made the game better - it has made it a circus .
  3. OomValkOog

    The future of rugby

    Interesting site.. https://www.alloutrugby.com/
  4. OomValkOog

    @ Charlie

  5. OomValkOog


    Cool my maat, net vrek besig. Hoe gaan dit met my hond?
  6. OomValkOog


  7. OomValkOog


    Just a quick visit to give some love to my Muslim brothers..
  8. OomValkOog

    Memorable arguments on SuperSupporter

    The only thing in life that is constant is change! The time has come and the forum has changed, sadly not for the better. I have not been around in a long time but enjoyed the little anecdote posted by Vlagman. Actually, because of the on-off-on-off termination I was not sure the forum was still up, but here we are reminiscing about our cyber-past. I have come to the realisation that there is really not much going on here anymore. I do not do the facebook thing thus I have in a sense lost "contact" with the majority of the bunch. I have had some really fun times contributing to the content and enjoying the cyber rivalry which we were all part of - some with thinner skin still bear the scars though. To all the cyber friends I have made, some from the old SuperSport days - I will cherish the memories, even the fights and misunderstandings - yes, even the times I took the rap for things I did not do, but that's life in cyberspace I presume. May you all have a wonderful time from here on forward. Ciao
  9. OomValkOog

    Happy birthday Vlag

    Baie geluk!
  10. OomValkOog

    Facebook furore

    Yes it is..
  11. OomValkOog

    Another 2016 / 7 victim >......

    Made it a week into 2017 http://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-38548507 Singer-songwriter Peter Sarstedt, best known for the song Where do you go to (my lovely), has died at the age of 75, his family has said. The song topped the UK singles charts in February 1969 and remained number one for four weeks. It was also number one in many other countries and won the Ivor Novello award for best song composition. He died peacefully after a six-year battle with Progressive Supranuclear Palsy, a family statement said.
  12. OomValkOog

    Armchair selectors & SPRINGBOK News

    Danke, ek volg nie eintlik die NH so lekker nie, kyk maar hier en dr 'n paar games. Goed om te weet hy is darem nog aan die gang.
  13. OomValkOog

    Armchair selectors & SPRINGBOK News

    @vlagman What happened to Rory Crockett? He was going to be the French salvation at one time.. I think I saw him come on from the bench once..?