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  1. Other Rugby Related News and Trivia

    So, I see Pierre Spies says his spies is now blunt. He announced his retirement from rugby...
  2. Colin Meads R.I.P.

  3. 4 Nation International Rugby

    All in all a good game by 22 players - Bosch unfortunately had no time to settle and was caught out twice out of the two times he had to kick the ball. On this form we may beat the Wallabies but we will need to miss less tackles and be a little more clinical to make a dent in the All Blacks. It must be said that the Argies are real spoilers and play a very negative tipe of game - then suddenly have a few spurts of brilliance.

    Apparently Putin stopped training and is focusing on fishing these days.
  5. Ping Taipan, J1M1 and other Lions

    Daar was al 'n paar - party het self hulle keuses gemaak. Daar's 'n paar goeie / belowende loskakels in die laaste paar jaar wat liewer krieket gekies het - Kallie Knoetze was 'n damn goeie flank maar sy hart was nooit in rugby nie. Vlag - dink jy ek kan weer gaan stoei? Ek sal maar met 'n piksteel moet opdaag as ek enige hond haaraf wil maak.
  6. Rugby’s 15 v 14 dilemma

    There will always be those with deviousness as first thought (like you) - clearly it will soon be realised as rugga supporters and officials are not really that stupid that a 4th choice hooker making himself available for such an act will not be outed. In such a case the whole team will suffer as sanction should be very severe against players, team and union.
  7. Rugby’s 15 v 14 dilemma

    This concept is more and more the sentiment of almost every serious rugga supporter. But, what irks me as well is the inability of TMO and other officials to effectively determine accident from intent. Today, a lot of money is invested in games and players and such inconsistent incompetence is costing players and unions money and brand-image.
  8. Rugby’s 15 v 14 dilemma

    Cape Town - Golden Lions hooker Robbie Coetzee and centre Rohan Janse Van Rensburg will be allowed to participate in their team’s Currie Cup clash against Western Province this weekend following disciplinary hearings on Monday. Blue Bulls fullback Duncan Matthews, meanwhile, will have a disciplinary hearing on Tuesday after being cited for a dangerous tackle in their clash against Western Province on Saturday. Coetzee received a red card in the 51st minute against the Sharks after his boot made contact with an opposition player’s face, but his actions were deemed as “entirely accidental” with no intention of kicking his opponent. Janse van Rensburg’s citing, also for a dangerous tackle, was not upheld. The outcome of Matthews’ disciplinary hearing is expected to be announced on Tuesday. ((He copped a one match ban in the end))
  9. Rugby’s 15 v 14 dilemma

    The past few months’ rugby action highlighted the importance for teams to keep 15 players on the park at all times.Yellow and red cards have become customary in modern rugby, with at least one sin-binning per game seemingly the norm nowadays. For me, the fact that it has become ‘customary’ is worrisome and the question should be asked whether players realise how costly a one-man disadvantage can prove. Even if only for a 10-minute period. It has become part and parcel of the game, but I can’t help but wonder whether enough emphasis is being placed on its importance... http://www.sport24.co.za/Columnists/HermanMostert/rugbys-15-v-14-dilemma-20170815
  10. Goodbye Sanzaar?

    @vlagman Is mos daai merino's skaap wat wurm op die brein kry, nê..
  11. Goodbye Sanzaar?

    They found themselves with Marinos..
  12. Goodbye Sanzaar?

    The sad thing is that SANZAAR are the architects of their own demise. They have only themselves (their and the greed of the media) to blame for the situation they find themselves in. It was quite obvious from the onset to many of the posters (when there still were many) on this site that the continuous enlargement would eventually lead to disruption, inequality and worst of all the supporters who are the life-blood will start to loose interest. You simply cannot grow a product larger than the need of the market. If they sub-divided the competition and had two divisions where the winner of division B would join the division A and the loser of A would then be relegated to B etc - it may have worked better than this ill conceived nonsense. I agree with the Force, challenge the status quo. Whilst the fa cats like Marinos sit back and receive their bloated salaries many a player now faces a hefty pay-cut which is not of his making. Just goes to show, too much of a good thing is not always good..
  13. Mooi Musiek.

    Two hours on a Sunday well spent.. They just don't make them like this no more..
  14. And now for the joke of the year

    Ek dink hy's die ontwerper van daai payamas..
  15. And now for the joke of the year

    En hier is die "nuwe" Springbokke.. EFF geborg..Transformasie eerste..