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  1. PieterS


    I have no recollection of ever meeting with this woman and I did not have sexual relation with her...as I recall!!!!!
  2. PieterS

    The British Cry Baby :)

    Total Evolution?
  3. PieterS


    looking at this, I do not think her husband married her for her smarts...
  4. PieterS


    We had one on our CPF group where the lady thought she was telling her husband how she was going to suck him off, went on for about 300 characters. And she was not just a hidden person, she was the wife of one of the CPF leaders. Obviously, the rumours went wild as to, was that meant for her husband or someone else?
  5. PieterS

    The British Cry Baby :)

    I have a problem with the above is the following comment "this is a human rights issue and not simply a matter of fairness in athletic competition. To make the normal strange, even odd, is to engage in the worst kind of prejudice" Lines needs to be drawn, and forgive me to make the following analogy, but if you think about it is very similar: 1800's: Homosexuality, Promiscuity, Inter Race Relationships, Bestiality, Incest, Paedophilia - was frowned upon and even illegal. 1900's: Bestiality, Incest, Paedophilia - was frowned upon and even illegal. 2000's: Bestiality, Paedophilia - is frowned upon and even illegal. Where are we going to end up? liberalism, equality (Male/Female), multiculturalism has to have an end otherwise at some point some point someone is going to say, My dog and I love each other and it is mutually consented that we are not hurting each other, therefore my liberal rights are being taken away to live the life I choose. Yes it is sad that Caster is being treated in this way, and it must be hard on her, however the powers that be, SASCOC the IAAF, CAS etc. should have nailed the parameters to the wall and none of this would have happened. Caster may very well have won Gold in the Woman's 7's and no one would have batted an eyelid. This abuse she is taking should 75% be laid at the door of the sporting bodies for not being pro-active. But 25% must be laid at Caster's feet for competing knowing she has a scientific abnormality that gives her an advantage. If now, one wants to look at big feet and long legs, ok, but most in their respective disciplines have those attributes, so this can not be used as a yard stick. We can go one further (way-way further) and have the following argument; 100kg boxer - "Although I weigh 100kg's, my punch is that of a 50kg boxer, so I should be allowed to compete in the flyweight division" - clear parameters set by the sporting code would never allow this to happen, and the boxer that tries this approach would be ridiculed to the end of his days.
  6. PieterS

    The British Cry Baby :)

    I think the line should be drawn as to what the majority of the testosterone levels are, if looking at the AM graphs, then it is clear that there is an unfair advantage, if in Rugby the levels are closer and more evenly spread across the participants, then leave them be.
  7. PieterS

    The British Cry Baby :)

    I am of the opinion that Castrated Semeya should absolutely not be allowed to compete with females from a pure science point of view. If emotions then takes the better of people than allow her to compete but apply the golfing handicap rule and make the playing field even again.
  8. PieterS


    Who's he? If I may ask?
  9. PieterS


    Freaking funny, but factually incorrect, the Benoni guy would have been a "Leb" and would have donnered everybody bidding against him.
  10. PieterS

    The aftermatch!

    Do you think NZ will loose the trophy because of the roster issue? Do you think De Villiers belongs there or is he a FP or JS that is not the best in his position but is the captain? How do we teach our player to play smart. Was smart lost after Mr. White? I did not watch the game, so my questions comes from a Virgin, "touched for the very first time" ooohh, ooohh, like a v.........
  11. PieterS

    SA - NZ - Score and cards only

    back now, been watching for 10 minutes now, am I right that NZ are just smarter rugby players than we are?
  12. PieterS

    SA - NZ - Score and cards only

    Hi Guys, I need to ask a flavour. I am stuck at the hospital with no TV's around. Please use this thread to update the scores and the cards and any other relevant game info for me. It would be much appreciated, I will link this thread to my mails so that I get them on my phone as and when you post. Please.
  13. PieterS

    Chelsea vs. Spurs

    hopefully when you wake up you would realise you are a Spurs and Bulls supporter and and all that other crap was just a bad dream.
  14. PieterS


    I retract my earlier post and would like to appologise for not having my facts together, below I have reposted it with the accurate facts. Rectified post ok.......... so as ons nou swak speel a.g.v. kwota spelers moet ons dan nie die 16 losses blameer op die feit dat daar een swart speler in die span was voor '86 nie? original post ok.......... so as ons nou swak speel a.g.v. kwota spelers moet ons dan die 16 losses blameer op die feit dat daar geen swart spelers in die span was voor '86 nie? Happy Owen? Maak dit enigsins n' verskil aan die punt wat ek maak?
  15. PieterS


    ek kan actually nie glo jy se dit nie.......maar nou ja, Errol Tobias was 1 (one) (een) van 551 spelers voor '86.