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  2. Happy Birthday Stu!!
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  4. He clearly likes Kiwis, Welsh and English..Unfortunately in 100 years no Scot players comes close to any world team
  5. His list seems all over the place in terms of eras.
  6. I often find that Lomu always gets onto a list, the guy was very good for his time, but we should never forget he was a big player against normal sized player. Julian Savea was actually more destructive IMHO as he ran over big guys, not little Englishman and Mike Catt. But for me Habana had a great scoring record vs top teams, Shane Williams for example had a good strike rate, but Wales would also play vs Teams much weaker than them regularly, which helped his strike rate. So for me Habana all the way.
  7. Seems like he doesn’t like South Africans. Could it have something to do with the 2009 B&I Lions tour?
  8. Klop. Danie was hier vir Doug Jefferies se erediens. Die man het self n' paar trane gestort.
  9. Last week
  10. Habana has a chance but Johnston and Eales we’re both top locks.
  11. This is without a doubt a biased team. No Matfiel or Havana who both were way better than this guys pick. Lomu was good, but not great like Habana https://www.walesonline.co.uk/sport/rugby/sir-ian-mcgeechans-ultimate-rugby-18531242
  12. Danie Gerber is net so gaaf. Plat op die aarde ouens.
  13. Years ago I met Carel du Plessis at the Okotberfest in Whk. You'd never believe he was a Springbok rugby player. Just a pleasant, down to earth nice guy enjoying the oom pah pah.
  14. Wonder if Laurence Fox is going to have a pop at Equity on Twitter.
  15. So just seen on Sky that the unions are up in arms about National Theatre redundancies. They forget how they chased BP and Shell away last year. Fucking scumflakes
  16. Both meanings of dense apply
  17. The epicenter will settle where the population is at it's densest...here and in other provinces and countries.
  18. Of course. You got me. I was surprised that you “didn’t know” they were going to be racing. Facepalm.
  19. It is total and utter political BS.
  20. I have no idea who this guy is/was, but someone shared this with me and I was not sure if this may interest any of you, me, personally, I do not give a monkeys about anyone/organisation who uses bombs and kills innocent lives in the name of freedom. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/w3csyfdv
  21. Who is retired😁 I haven’t had a day off in 3 weeks. Anyway it is only 4 cans.
  22. Obviously retirement is being easy on you...you going to get fat...
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