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    Thanks Weda. It’s not late, though.
  3. HBD Sorry it's so late, I just saw it now.
  4. WeDaFaKaWe

    Ox Nche

    Another one who had a brainfart https://www.sport24.co.za/Rugby/SuperRugby/another-sharks-centre-in-the-citing-dock-20190325
  5. Last week
  6. And then the Crusaders get their first “klap” of the season at the hands of the Tahs and without even a losing bonus point.
  7. They did. It was decided years ago. The 2023 one will be in France.
  8. Thanks for the info Vlag. I don't know that my bad. Still I feel they used SR as convenient preparation for the WC. So the question arises did Japan Rugby know they would be holding the next WC.
  9. It is not as if they were kicked out, Weda. They actually pulled out because the Japanese Rugby Union cut their financial support.
  10. WeDaFaKaWe

    Cricket news

    http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/26313047/hope-play-test-cricket-england-duanne-olivier I heard that Clive Rice once replied to a question, "I'd feel like a bastard playing for any other country." Respect!
  11. So I understand the Wolves are out, I haven't heard of any other franchises yet. Is it just a coincident that the Wolves were included before the run up to the WC, and now they're out? If not a coincident, did SuperRugby know that Japan would host the WC? SR provided Japan with an ideal 'Preparation Competition' for the WC.
  12. Help me understand exactly how S/Rugby is going to fit in with the proposed "World Rugby" gig?
  13. Would love to see the average crowd size
  14. You think Stu is a White Walker?
  15. Maybe Stu will return from the dead.
  16. This year is the first time veer that I have not turned on sport package
  17. Will soon be with us....YAY. The best part of April May and June...... Can't wait. I refuse to watch any spoiler - I watched one 2 minute so called official Trailer and that was that. I don't go to any sites/tweets/facebook pages even mentioning these guys...But I'm not sure the good guys are going to win.....When I last heard Stu was backing the Dead ones.....
  18. If they go back to the same format as either the S10 or the S14, I say go for it. The whole thing went for a pot of shyte, the minute they tried to make it too big and were forced to go to the conference bullshit. How many years did it take them to realise that it was a fucked up idea from the start?
  19. Better to scrap the whole thing.
  20. Back in the day when they first started the expansion of Super Rugby, my thoughts were that they were trying to fix something that is not broken. There is a much simpler way of getting more sides involved without fucking up the competition format in the way they eventually did. They could have introduced a two tier competition with promotion and relegation between the two, like they are doing with the European competition. Hopefully they have now finally learned that less could sometimes be more. SUPER RUGBY FUTURE IS 14 TEAMS
  21. The king.........rare footage!!
  22. Madonna should change her name to Aisha to show solidarity...or she should just STFU....what did Bono say?
  23. https://www.secularism.org.uk/news/2019/03/birmingham-school-suspends-diversity-lessons-despite-ofsted-backing No comment................I do want to know whether the so-called "Faith-based schools" teach tolerance and even offer information about other religions. Seems like legal brain-washing can easily occur, probably does.....
  24. Earlier
  25. I read an article about a school dinner lady who made a post online..something like.."Now you all know how it feels when the wheel has turned" or something like that. The school she works for has come out and apologised, who knows why, it is not like the shooter in NZ's boss came forward and apologised for what he did wrong..and she is getting sacked
  26. Snowflakes of the world unite
  27. Ahhh FFS.. I also see that Madonna and Ben Stiller have donated money to the cause over there, but where were they when the Manchester Arena was bombed, I guess these assholes are only interested in the media attention.
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