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  2. The king.........rare footage!!
  3. Madonna should change her name to Aisha to show solidarity...or she should just STFU....what did Bono say?
  4. Last week
  5. https://www.secularism.org.uk/news/2019/03/birmingham-school-suspends-diversity-lessons-despite-ofsted-backing No comment................I do want to know whether the so-called "Faith-based schools" teach tolerance and even offer information about other religions. Seems like legal brain-washing can easily occur, probably does.....
  6. I read an article about a school dinner lady who made a post online..something like.."Now you all know how it feels when the wheel has turned" or something like that. The school she works for has come out and apologised, who knows why, it is not like the shooter in NZ's boss came forward and apologised for what he did wrong..and she is getting sacked
  7. Snowflakes of the world unite
  8. Ahhh FFS.. I also see that Madonna and Ben Stiller have donated money to the cause over there, but where were they when the Manchester Arena was bombed, I guess these assholes are only interested in the media attention.
  9. https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/rugby/super-rugby/111352359/super-rugby-crusaders-consider-new-name-in-wake-of-shooting-tragedy next they'll probably been changing the name of Christchurch, and so on. Until it boils over again and some right wing fanatic takes the opportunity to glorify himself on social media. It's a tossed up, fucked up, never come down world!
  10. Heart attack stakes!!........Lions.............just
  11. I'll agree to that.
  12. J1M1


    A friend in NZ tells me Christchurch has been a hot-bed for right wing white neo-nazi groups for a long time. Their "attacks" have been mainly street violence, fists etc. The NZ cops have been looking at the wrong side of the fence........ the Muslims. So it goes
  13. https://news.sky.com/story/charlie-whiting-iconic-formula-1-race-director-dies-aged-66-11664877
  14. Earlier
  15. It looks to me like they drive with their head and shoulders below their hips and then all it takes is a defender to push them further into the turf to stop the drive.
  16. Often it seems they're falling before they've even been tackled......well, that's what it looks like to me
  17. I agree, they go down far too easy, almost as if they want to create a new phase quickly, which is ironic as that is foreign to Bok culture.
  18. taipan

    Cricket news

    Amla gone on compassionate leave
  19. At the Bok training camps: I wish they'd teach the ball carrier to stay on his feet and the support players to be closer in. Have you ever noticed how quickly the carrier gets stopped simply because he doesn't stay on his feet, or his support is to far away.
  20. J1M1

    Cricket news

    Amla, JP & Markram get another chance.......Why JP & Amla only Malema knows!!
  21. Worth remembering rugby was born out of football......willing to bet they don't/can't teach these skills at Bok training camps - a pity!!
  22. I agree it was absolutely incredible..never give up..
  23. Can't stop watching this video.......surely try of the year?
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