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  2. Boris in ICU? Thats not gd for the man or the UK i would imagine. Hope he recovers, i do not wish this on anyone. Vlag you stay miles away from hospitals please
  3. Sorry to hear Vlag. Hang in there old man. 🙏
  4. Good luck with that Vlag. Great to see you are in the right frame of mind for the challenge.
  5. NOT good news!! Hang tough!!!
  6. One of my best........soundtrack -Cat Stephens
  7. Yesterday
  8. taipan


    Pussy Galore R.I.P.
  9. Thanks Taip. Bit hectic today, but I’m ready to put up a fight.
  10. Shit Vlag, not great to hear. Stick in there.
  11. Feels like the shit hit the fan for me this morning. Had a CT scan again on Thursday and I normally see the oncologist on the Monday prior to my treatment on Wednesday. This time was going to be a telephonic appointment in any case. Got the call around 11:30 our time. Wasn’t good news. Enlarged cells in my lungs and spleen. They were going to put a four week hold on my treatment in any case because of the Coronavirus. This is to keep me away from the hospital and potential contamination. Now it is put on hold to decide the way forward. Combination of two or more drugs would have been a possibility had I been young and fit but age is a bitch. This leaves a different more aggressive single drug treatment. Downside is that it greatly increases the chances of severe side effects which could land me in hospital and this is exact what is to be prevented at all cost.
  12. Last week
  13. Haven’t done so yet but have also promised myself to watch it at some stage.
  14. from friends in the USofA.........
  15. and i'd guess that most of the wartime deaths were men............
  16. Let’s try again. WW1 deaths was 291,000 out of population of 103,000,000. That is 21% of population. Covid 19 (worse case scenario) 200,000 out of 327 million - 6.1% of population. It is also not clear if the WWI deaths are war deaths only or if it also include the 1918 flu pandemic deaths.
  17. I actually made a mistake. I checked the USA population for end of WWII instead of end of WWI, but I’m trying to put the numbers in perspective Jimi. Check the ratio of deaths v the population at the time.
  18. Happy birthday Vlag. Hope it was a good day
  19. Happy belated BD Vlag...keep well.
  20. US population in 1945 - around 133,000,000 US population today -around 327,000,000.
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