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  4. Just meant i avoid all spoilers on social media i truly have no idea. Daughter speculated knight king on the dragon might take a trip to King's Landing to go whip up a few more dead. So what are your speculations
  5. Docker

    Cricket news

    Might be needed given Steyn has pulled up sore. Hopefully nothing too serious.
  6. THOSE were the days - how i miss them!!! Somehow i don't think the kids today get the same opportunity - life's just much too serious!!
  7. No spoilers. Just speculating. Not the same thing
  8. No idea. I studiously avoid all social media from one episode to the next, I don't want to know spoilers before the event.
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  10. so who is checking out next week?
  11. The other two majors are played in non EU countries already and everyone seems to cope. You will still be able to buy a BMW in the UK in 2020 and so on so methinks it is all overblown - you can buy BMWs all around the world with no difficulty. I am not sure why any European manufacturer would want to abandon a significant market on their doorstep. The Poms will be able to change labour laws to suit themselves once unshackled from Brussels so it will be business as usual apart for the main.
  12. Did you watch? took me back to Shonnies (Riebeeck Hotel) and the really wild days. They weren't lying about the fights. Scary that some of those in the movie were at school with me
  13. J1M1


    It'll be interesting to see what happens with other sports like cricket, rugby and tennis............what is Wimbledon going to do in 2020? The sad fact is...........NOBODY knows!!! (So much for an Eton education)
  14. J1M1


    To date I've had 3 x 10 year visas. The last application in 2017 was online, still needed a "personal appearance" & cost R1,000. SA passports are viewed with suspicion because of the illegal activities of thugs who've turned it into an industry while the police were asleep or on the take.........as usual!!
  15. Thank you Taips!!! This transports me back to Jamesons & the wild days...................
  16. The SA passport issue is mainly due to the SA Home Affairs dept themselves. I don’t know how it is nowadays but at a time it was fairly issue for just about anybody to buy a pefectly valid SA passport. They have caught people from Asian countries who had valid SA passports. When they were caught out it was found that the have spent a total of 14 days in SA. That was the sole reason why visas were introduced for entry into the UK from SA in 2009, IIRC. To give you an example. My SA passport, which has expired in 2017 and which I have not even renewed yet, was issued in 2007, 13 years post 1994. It still has the old “Apartheid” coat of arms on the front. It cannot even be argued that it was because it was just a matter of “old stock” because the watermark of the pages inside the passport was already that of Albert Luthuli, one of the founders of the ANC.
  17. Agreed. Just getting passed off with snowflakes
  18. I don't think Barry won't lose any sleep over that. He is actually funny unlike a lot of the woke comedians doing the rounds now. I have seen his show a few times now and he still is pretty sharp despite his age
  19. I was in Spain three weeks ago and didn't need a visa and certainly aren't from an EU country. The non EU line was longer than the EU line but it was only 20 minutes longer so hardly an ordeal. Almost everyone needs a visa to go to the US these days - for citizens of 38 countries under the VWP it costs $US14 and can be obtained online in about ten minutes and is good for two years. Not sure who much effort it is for Saffers travelling on a Saffer passport to get a visa for the US as it appears that SA is not included in the waiver program
  20. Arsenal have eight players from outside the EU. No problem. I don’t think that that is necessarily a major problem. Reading FC have 9 non EU players. They have 15 UK players and 6 EU players.
  21. It will affect the lower leagues. Non EU players have to be established internationals to get a work permit.
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