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  2. Different eras different and better cars and technology..not comparing apples and apples. Just as many argue in other sports one battles to get a "best ever"
  3. All the figures say heโ€™s the best.
  4. ROTFL - Of course you would like this one ๐Ÿ˜‰
  5. Yes unfortunately indeed. He's not bad but he's not the best all time. Not with that easy Merc miles ahead of everyone else
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  7. J1M1


    the king of that mean machine.......i've heard that batsmen were genuinely scared of facing Sylvester - gone way too soon!!
  8. I always wonder what the rule book will say about a chimpanzee stealing a ball off the green & doing a runner...........
  9. Was watching some of the golf on telly - unbelievable course. I am betting the green fees aren't $100 per round
  10. Peter Garrett lost his leftie passion when he became a government minister in a centrist government and was faced with the economic reality of governing 25 million people. The "paying the fair share" to indigenous people didn't get a run (it has happened in any event) Apparently a new album is on the way Best Oil's song is Short Memory (IMHO)
  11. What an escape!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQ7_En2xEm4
  12. So unfortunately Lewis Hamilton is now confined as the greatest of all time.
  13. Johan Rupert's passion. An amazing advert for South Africa https://www.leopardcreek.co.za/
  14. J1M1


    flawed genius..............he never understood what the words "role model" meant. i disliked him intensely!!
  15. supersupporter


    Neither was an Englishman I read a joke today and t said "Maradona has punched the bucket"
  16. taipan


    Was never a fan.
  17. Certainly not at that level, but it reminds me of my school days. We got hammered nearly every Saturday by 50 points or more. We won 1 match in the 3 years that I played for the 1st 15. Unfortunately we played in the 2nd league. So suppose that doesn't count either.
  18. supersupporter


    Diego Maradonna https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/55084504
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