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  2. 51st birthday tomorrow!
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  4. Received from Hannes this evening. Funeral service is next Thursday 20 August 10 am UK time. There will be a live weblink, I will not post it here but will post it on the message board rather for then anyone who wants to follow
  5. Last week
  6. Max is simply much better than anyone else...oh, to see him in a better car...but Honda is steadily improving...watch this space...
  7. Seems Mercedes forgot that Tyre Life Matters
  8. WeDaFaKaWe


    Two blondes are walking through the forest looking for a Christmas tree. After 3 hours 1stops and says, "I've had enough of this, let's just take one without decorations."
  9. Hannes from f1 forum is in contact with his sons. He will let us know anything about a memorial. I will post the info here
  10. J1M1

    RIP Vlagman

    Such sad news! He will be missed. His point of view and opinion was always worth the time. It cannot be easy for a family who've relocated & are away from "home"......... He'll live on in his posts on this forum (and others) and in our memories.
  11. Must admit he talks some common sense and he talks some shit. Probably like most of us on this earth
  12. Earlier
  13. Rest in peace Vlag, say "Howzit to Hawk"
  14. taipan

    Cricket news

    Don’t get me started on Black Lawyers Associations etc
  15. Pride month is another one that annoys me.
  16. He played the ball and not the man...he listened to what was said and not who said it...and he was your friend and a loyal one at that. He was my friend too...I'm struggling to take the news to Ruckers...I know Moz, Bob, Beenz and Card must be told, but I'm not good at these things...Shit!!!
  17. Strangely enough, allowing for my God given talent, for pissing people off, I can’t remember the two of us having a cross word. We didn’t necessarily agree on everything, but respected each other’s integrity. Or maybe he just tolerated me. Will be missed.
  18. Ek en hy het ook gereeld gehaak (in die ou dae), maar ek het gewoond geraak aan hom...en hom begin verstaan...seker een van die lojaalste mense wat jy sal teëkom. Ek gaan hom baie mis...hy was 'n goeie ou met integriteit...die eerste ou wat ek op die net ontmoet het wat dadelik sou erken as hy verkeerd was...maar hy het dit so gehaat om verkeerd te wees dat dit selde gebeur het...hy het seker gemaak van sy feite voor hy sy nek uitgesteek het...'n man met ruggraat en 'n ken wat 'n hou kon vat...mooiloop Vlagman.
  19. taipan

    Cricket news

    It’s racist.
  20. Mata Hari

    Cricket news

    Well if they only have it 1 month a year... It's like Womens' month, also only 1 day/ 1 month a year Dont know what you whitey men are gringing about. You get the remaining 11 months of the year... Having said that (.....)..I find black history month and women history month interesting. It's the way you look at things PS that dn mean I support BLM, I do not. However I also think these whingers about racism should point out the culprits and give details instead of vaguely intonating something that rides the train I can promise you if the men at my work treat me as they shouldn't I will point out their names. Most of them are too shit scared to though haha, but the point is, I will not hide behind "it happened to me too". It did happen - name and shame.
  21. taipan

    Cricket news

    Black history month annoys the shit out of me.
  22. Hy was n ware heer. Rus in vrede.
  23. So tragic. Rest In Peace Vlag.
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