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    Yep - they have already penciled in collecting the Ashes in 12 months time
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    I will build a statue to it.
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    Sign me for six weeks of slavery for $USD 2.5 million.
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    Without looking the 903 was Hutton’s 364
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    Should be but this virus will be around for awhile - closing down everything with limited exceptions for a few cases is not sustainable in the long run. Massive resources are being poured into contract tracing - everywhere you go you check in with QR codes so it should be a simple process of identifying close contacts and testing and isolating same when there is an outbreak - worked well in Sydney recently. Might all be different by September when we all have had the jab (assuming it works - I see the UK strain has mutated again) Cricket Australia need to write CSA a cheque for expenses thrown away - they can afford it and have a moral obligation to support financially struggling boards - $2-3 million is chicken feed to CA. If the tour was to India I suspect all the Covid issues wouldn't get a run. My view is that CA should go on all scheduled tours or go on none of them. This picking and choosing is not a good look. Fit males in their 20's are not at risk even from mutant strains of Covid 19 and would be forced to fully isolate for 14 days when they get back to Australia so their families are not at risk either. In the words of the immortal Chopper Read "harden the fuck up"
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    A fearsome Friday!!!
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    I have most of her albums and saw her live in Sun City. I won tickets on the radio. The question. What is the oldest newspaper in the country. I had to wait 20 mins for the uninformed to get off the telephone lines but i knew the answer without google. Of course i would. Was from my home town and i grew up with it printed across the daily newspaper. Once all the Vaalies got off the line i could get through and won the tickets. The DJ immediately said...'you must be from...Pietermaritzburg'. 😂 She does an incredible audiovisual show....
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    Only us had more than 50% win ratio against all our opponents...at that time...wonder how much it changed.
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    Ever since CSA refused to tour Australia in peak holiday season tours to SA are an afterthought for CA now. They were never going to come and it surprises me that CSA really thought they would - all the goal post moving should have been a red flag even for a shambolic organisation like CSA. I personally think they should be forced to tour or be fined a significant amount (something like $USD5 million - the ICC can deduct it from future distributions). The arguments that players like Steve Smith hasn't seen his wife in person since August 2020 (the ODI tour to England) until after the India test series has finished is flawed - the wife can join the bubble or Smith can opt out of things like the IPL - he certainly doesn't need the money. Unless the ICC stomps on the big three this shit will keep happening - of course they won't because the ICC is a plaything for the BCCI and CA and the ECB are their bosom buddies. The other nations need to get together and refuse to tour the big three and more importantly refuse to release their players for T20 leagues (of course the players will be pissed) - I think the big 3 will fold pretty quickly.
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    friday muzak..........
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    trivia.......... Montagu Henry Toller (1 January 1871 – 5 August 1948) was an English cricket player. He was a right-handed batsman and a right-arm fast bowler. Toller was a member of the gold medal winning Great Britain cricket team at the 1900 Summer Olympics, the only time cricket has featured in the Olympics. In the only game against France he scored 2 runs in the Great Britain first innings and did not bat in the second. He took seven wickets for just nine runs in the French second innings.
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    I think 70 odd homes have been lost now but thankfully no loss of life. I live 3kms north of the Perth CBD so are nowhere near the fires (which are 25kms plus away) but we are getting a lot of ash from the fires in the pool etc. A friend of the family lost their house at the place called Gidgiegannup. People want to live in the bush with tree canopies over their houses and then wonder why they get burnt to the ground and blame everything other then commonsense for the outcome. A number of these greenie types refuse to back burn or maintain fire breaks so they have no chance when a fire comes. That said some of these fires get so hot that jumping a 100 metre fire break is not uncommon (or high winds carry burning ash)
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    And we here in Perth are in the middle of a five day hard lock down following one case of community transmission (the first in ten months). Talk about nervous nellies.
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    They were never doing to tour. The irony is that the infection rate is dropping so quickly that the pubs were reopened last night. 2 weeks ahead of schedule
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    Happy New Year all. Returned this wkend from 2 weeks W Cape. The Gariep looks amazing as does Augrabies. Pity all that water just goes to waste in the sea gets me every time. This song never grows old on my playlist
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    England in India early Feb. FourTests ............life is always interesting!
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    Pulled the pin now on the tour. Over here we refer to the virulent South African strain of Covid19 - the pampered princes would prefer to stay in their harbourside Sydney mansions than tour (some will go to NZ now)
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