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    Nothing is ever as good or bad as it seems. Plenty of talent is likely to be on the way in all sports and the only danger would be the respective front offices
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    Does this mean that we will be hearing how the Kiwis were cheated out of a World Cup like the 2007 RWC for the next decade?
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    Sounds like an umpire cock up. Should have only been 5 on the overthrow as the batsmen hadn’t crossed at the time of the throw
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    We are all channeling our inner Kiwis here at the moment. Of course that will come to an immediate halt post CWC final.
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    Back at home we should thank our lucky stars Japan doesn't play cricket.
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    They had the game won with their spinners. Then the captain took them off and bowled some medium pace and promptly went for 18 in the over.
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    It's the result of T20. Very few of the top cricketers play much FC so batsmen have no clue how to build an innings, and bowlers have no idea how to work batsmen out on a flat wicket.
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    Women's football is such a disappointment, all these hours of footy and not one has managed to pull their shirts over their heads and entertain the fans
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    Mr David Gilmour.......what a MAN!!!!
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    Sorry Docker it's in Afrikaans. Pa vir Jannie "Jannie ek verstaan jy't langsaan by die Engelse dogtertjie gaan kuier en toe trek julle al julle kleure uit." Jannie "Ja Pa, ek kan nie glo daar's soveel verskil tussen Afrikaans en Engels nie."
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    In Australia crowdfunding for a private matter (ie an operation for a sick kid) would not be assessable as no business/employment is being carried on
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    ACL is a tax free not for profit so any income derived in this case would be tax free (income and VAT). In any event the funds are being held in a separate trust account pending legal fees for lawyers/barristers. The only person who may have an issue could be Folau as the matter at hand relates to employment and his right to receive income. It is a complex taxation issue (income v capital etc) but I suspect that the fees paid will not be included as income for IF
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    Orwellian group think by GoFundMe but ill considered by Folau as a means for litigation funding. He does have some very well connected people in his corner and as such litigation funding was or is never going to be a problem without having to resort to tapping "ordinary folks". I think RA and he will settle at mediation at FairWork Australia which will be disappointing for people like me who want to see this thing wind up in the High Court as a test case for the freedom of speech
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    Dad joke Two Indian lads were caught snorting curry powder. One of the lads is now in a korma and the other has a dodgy tikka.
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    Van is in court for his divorce. Magistrate "OK Van I'm granting your ex wife R20000.00 per month alimony." Van " That's very kind of you your Honour, and if there's anything I can do to help just let me know."
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    I am clueless on the SA domestic scene but I have heard this lad's name before. They used to be a Saffer lad on here (perhaps called Gavin from CT) who knew more about the Australian domestic cricket than I do (not that I follow it that closely)
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    The teams chop up $US14 million. The winners get $4.8 million and down from there. I think the distribution to the players depends on the respective board arrangements with their teams.
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    The Sri Lankan umpire had two ordinary games. After sawing off Roy in the semi I was surprised he got the nod for the final especially when Dar and all the Australians were available. Erasmus did a pretty good job
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    Agree Docker. A five over challenge would do it. And even if that is not an option then say "Ok, the runs are equal but who took the most wickets within the match". In essence that is what the game is about. Batman versus bowler, so if you are even on the one score let the other become the criteria.
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    Definitely the only team who'll ever win a World Cup from a ricochet for 6 runs......VERY LUCKY!!!! You just can't make these things up!
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    Ja swaer. As the Boetjies say. Between a rock and a hard place.
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    Well my lot got their pants pulled down comprehensively. Played ordinarily but some team selections were baffling. Here's hoping the Kiwis can arse another game but tragically methinks the Poms will win easing down.
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    You're right, I'm to old for new shit.
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    Klop! Who knows why?
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    Belated thanks to all. Was actually putting the finishing touches on a big tender during that whole weekend. The last month has been a bit of a blur. I look in here regularly, but somehow put off responding for a while. I have met some great people online, and this place is where I learned the ropes. Still my fav place on the net...regardless of the "traffic ".
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    Herein lies the problem!
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    Didn't miss Amla - hope they save Amla from himself and pension him off. Nothing worse than seeing a great player scratching around late in their career (see R Ponting)
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    Khawaja is done and Stoinis is very doubtful. Stoinis (and Maxwell) have been flops - M Marsh gets plenty of shit but he has a better recent record than Stoinis. Stoinis is a "drown them in honey" bowler and hasn't made a run. Luckily Carey has found some form. I think Hanscomb and M Marsh will come in but I think Wade is probably in better form than both of them
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    I'm glad for the Proteas but didn't mean much to me. Too little too late
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    And so ends probably the most miserable season for the SA franchises. Worst is still to come I believe at least 10 players will be leaving the Lions next year. Well Mapoe is one so I suppose that's one less. SA sport is in a mess. Perhaps the RWC can prove me wrong. Here's wishing!
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    We can thank our lucky stars schools teams don't enter.
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    SA Rugby can no longer sustain the level of competition they are required to take part in. You look across all teams and see the player exodus, I reckon probably 1 full side plus reserves.
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    I'm leading the work's Superbru league of over 40 and in the top 5 of 3 other (albeit) smaller groups....fame is fleeting though in this game...Depends if the Poms or Kiwis win today I sink or fly again LOL
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    Mine's going like a lead balloon.......
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    Sorry - messed up the fixture. A week between games is dragging the chain
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    i found it unbelievable that they showed no ticker for a fight. Maybe the little cricket buddahs don't like having their butts kicked? Frankly, i'd lay charges against the BCCI for bringing the game into disrepute - people paid good money to watch this farce. On this showing i'm hoping the Australians give them a sound thrashing -if they get the opportunity.
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    Slept through the whole thing. Happy with the result but I think the Kiwis have been flattered by the draw prior to the Pakistan game
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    I don’t know if I’m just one of those nostalgic idiots who do not believe in the youngsters but I don’t think that the new breed of players compare with the players up to about 2013/14? And that goes for all the sides. India, Pakistan, South Africa, AUS and England. Even New Zealand, I think. There are no more fighters. No Pontings, Warnes, Steve Waughs, McGraths, Graeme Smiths, Bouchers, Gillcrists, Flintoffs, Tendulkars, Kumbles, Harbagan Singhs, Inzamam Ul Hacs, Daniel Vettoris, etc, etc. FFS, I know I have probably left out about thirty or forty, if not more, others who are all way better than most, if not all, of the current crop.
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    Ping @Docker @taipan @J1M1 Check Geoffrey Boycott on England and the CWC. Hopefully my link will take you past the Brexit part straight to the cricket past. If not, fast forward to about 5 minutes in.
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    It is the height. Basically the only thing CSA has got right in the past twenty years is the franchise system
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    Australian Christian Lobby have started another funding page - already has $AUD500k in the tank. Christians here see this case as a fundamental attack on their right to practice their religion and as such expect the cash to keep rolling in. If the ACL are handling the money then none of it will wind up in IF's kick if he comes up smelling roses and they will expect to collect any costs awarded in his favour if successful. Litigation funding is a big business here now (not they are involved here).
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    This has been building for some time. The quota in domestic cricket has lowered the standard. The scrapping of the franchise system next year will speed the process up.
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    It would be nice if it did go to court. Slight change of subject here, but test cases can be very dangerous too, in the UK the other day there was a case, this one is bad news for cyclist. There was plenty evidence that showed what happened. This screen starer walked into the road and was hit by a cyclist, both went down and both were injured. In court she was awarded 100 grand for damages and the defence was basically the road user needs to be aware at all times, and for me, this is sad, as pedestrians can now just step into the path of a bike, they know the risk of serious injury is low, but rewards high. I today got myself insurance for when I cycle.
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    You have had a good run since readmission and never really bottomed out at any stage. I expect the team to bounce back quickly once the likes of Amla, Duminy and Steyn are thanked for their service and sent out to pasture. Steyn is clearly the best bowler of his generation but he was done awhile ago and while he still be up for it his body isn't.
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    I had a lot of respect for him standing by his beliefs, however, I lost all that respect when he started this crowd funding nonsense. If he started it and then guaranteed that if he wins he will donate that 3 mil to a charity, then I would say, go for it. But, if he won, guaranteed he won't do the Christian thing and pay it forward, he will enjoy the rewards and keep the money.
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    Gaz, IIRC. I think he stopped watching cricket in disgust at the quota selections
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    My favourite at atm, for obvious reasons.
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    12 months later and still missed on this forum (And in real life)
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