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    I don't care if they do it but no one should be forced to pay attention. I will go down the other end of the field and throw the ball around while they are doing - they would look fucking stupid threatening no one
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    Their main argument is protection of civil liberties, until someone dares to disagree with them, and then freedom of speech gets jettisoned
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    Isn’t that the battle that Michael Caine won?
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    Same wide screen view...
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    After 8 hours in court Paddy pleads guilty to all the charges. The judge asks him, “Well Paddy why didn’t you plead guilty in the beginning, you could’ve saved us all a lot of time?” Paddy answers, “I’m sorry your honor, I thought I was innocent until I heard all the evidence.”
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    I was in a pub. Everyone was amazed we beat the might of Japan. The cheers were legendary. Faf is only kicking because of game plan. i reckon we will take Wales. ABs are due a bad game
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    ........and then go on and lose that one as well. Delicious thought.
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    The AB's worst nightmare is hanging around Tokyo another week waiting the play for a bronze medal..........
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    But that’s against the rules
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    I would be seriously pissed off if we slip against the Welsh. I would not be too devastated if we go through but gets klapped by the Pomms. I can live with that because, for one, they are my second team but also because they moered the ABs and did it convincingly. I live any team who do that to the ABs. I just don’t like them and their fucking haka. I said to some friends on our Matric WhatsApp group that a lot of people like the ABs. I don’t even have a soft spot for them, let alone like them.
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    My son thinks we’ll walk Wales and then beat them Engeland. I also think we should be too much for Wales but I’m not so sure about Eddie Moans’ lot.
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    Well done England hope this wakes us up for tomorrow to not be complacent.
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    Good for me too, but probably for a different reason. Thanks J1M1
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    For Mata................
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    Got that album.
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    That is life hey! But his employee is superb, probably a legend
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    Looks like you have a real doos for a boss.😁
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    In Eddie we trust.............. the Boks will play the survivors left standing after Saturday
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    Rassie seems to have found a solution for Willie’s kak.
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    It’s fine now. Must have been a muis drol in the main jet, or something.
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    Have you watched the YouTube clip yet, Barlee? IIRC, Fugitive’s Lodge is where the Voetspore guys met up with David Rattray before he took them to Isandlwana and Rorke’s Drift. I think they may have stayed over at the lodge, for the night, as well.
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    Typical of Canberra - things can drift around there for years
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    Nice. I like ou Bob & his gang.
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    They were bloody hopeless but I have seen the same thing with Australia. Go to India, get your arse handed to you and then go home and wipe the next inbound side (except Saffers). As much as I hate to admit it India are best team going around and that was minus Bumrah who gets a game for everyone. That said SA showed no fight which is unusual. The real marker will be the England tour - if the Poms really hammer your lot at home then there may be real cause for concern. Is the current Australian side better than the SA side - I would say there isn't much in it but if we can go to England and draw a series I think your lot can probably go close at home.
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    I have no problem with these clowns voicing their opinions. What does piss me off is that nobody seems to have the balls to challenge the fuckers. Seems like they all scared of them.
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    Last time I heard of it the snowflakes were trying to get it banned
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    Ok, I found it. What makes you think that I have time on my hands at the moment? LOL. The most interesting part, the part about Blood River and Rorkes Drift starts about 10 minutes in. You could well go to the Voetspore Channel and watch their other episodes as well. Loads of stuff about nature and wildlife, which I know interests you.
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    My wife watches “Voetspore “ on YouTube. It is by Johan Badenhorst and his 4 X 4 pals, who’ve been doing it for many years for Kyknet. The other night she showed me a clip where they visited that and other Zulu war sites. The expert with them was the son of that buddy of Prnce Charles who was murdered on his farm a few years ago. Very well worth watching it. The guy who told the stories, on site where it happens is really excellent and he knows his shit. It covers Rorke’s, Blood River etc. I will see if I can find it, otherwise I’ll get for you when get out of hospital.
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    Great. Good old CCR. When you have time, watch this. John Fogerty, long after CCR at his best. There is a great blues song were he teams up with a number of black singers at around 29 minutes in. Goosebumps stuff.
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    Was a decent spanking but nothing is ever as bad as it seems. India had all the luck with the tosses, the Proteas are a team in transition following the departure of some legends and the team selections seem unbalanced to me (playing three spinners two of whom are mediocre, playing two keepers instead of De Bruyn, not playing Linde until the last Test, playing Ngidi who looks well short of a run and not playing Vern in the last Test)
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    What’s new? Remember SBW’s wink when he milked a penalty against us?
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    Of course NZ refs can do it during the game https://i.stuff.co.nz/sport/rugby/rugby-world-cup/rwc-2019-japan/116011471/new-zealand-referee-ben-okeeffe-crossed-the-line-with-low-five-of-fiji-player-in-wallabies-rugby-world-cup-win
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    Friend of mine used to say “As ek nie so fyn opgevoed was nie het ek vir jou gesê jy moet fokof “.
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    IIRC Frik du Preez always had a good answer to this type of PC BS. Quote, "Ek's jammer om te hoor van al die probleme wat julle het."
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    Relieved it's over..........!!
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    1st time i've ever thought DDA should be MOM..............
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    I watched the game last night, it was actually a very good game, the type of game you want before a semi, if that was a hammering then the Boks would not be ready, they were tested by the japanese running game, and they also got to use their own power game. Willie IMHO was the only player who under performed, sorry ref was quite shit, DDA definitely scored that try.
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    Absolutely fucking awful.....
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    Some of these players need to be dropped, not only from starting 15, but from match day. Willie is one of them, he just offers the team very little. If anything. Bring in Gelant or Willemse.
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    Old queens with loose sphincters commonly use female sanitary products according to a proctologist I know. The lad has regaled us with interesting stories of what he has fished out of rectums over the years. The old gerbil stories are not pure myth.
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    Well I did pick all 4 semi finalists
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    Why does Willie le Roux still earn a place? Methinks we could actually win this in two weeks time.............
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    Boks were immense second half
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    The funny thing is that 69 of them are backwards
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    They left out the most important one - GFC, Generally Fucking Clueless.
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