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    My neighbor was around this morning asking about social distancing, he wanted to know if I think it's safe for him to allow his wife back in the house.
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    So all pubs closed at 6. Will save a fortune
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    Time to make the isolation decision but doesn’t make sense if wife and son are working. Vlag and everyone else take it easy
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    Had myself tested for the virus, just to be safe. Luckily I’m clean.
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    Our maid left us a message on Friday, she says she'll be working from home until further notice.
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    The really funny tweets are those that take it seriously
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    Under this system we are still traveling twice as much. Time we pulled out and let NZ rugby sink.
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    I live on a major arterial road. The quiet is unnerving
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    In 2016 the lefties warned Americans that Trump was going to be a dictator. I’m 2020 the are shitting on him for not being a dictator.
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    Luckily I was tipped off this morning
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    just did..............how do cigarettes influence the spread of corona? Patel has always been anti smoking and now has a real opportunity to stick in the knife - what a PLONKER!!!! It's enough to drive me to drive me to roll me own using the green stuff. (old Bibles with very thin paper are really great)
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    My wife would also like to walk her dog but she can’t. The NHS has ordered me to stay indoors for 12 weeks. 😀
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    We're not sure what's going on Mata. Here's a quote from yesterdays English daily: "Namibia has tested more than 26 people for Covid-19, with seven positive results." Here's a link to the report: https://www.namibian.com.na/89595/read/LOCKDOWN-Khomas-Erongo-under-lock-and-key In fact I'm not even sure we can test people here, we have to send all out samples to SA. But the good news is that I'm still allowed to walk my dogs on Sunday.
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    And another one down. They just keep rolling around.
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    What happens when you hide biltong in the garden?
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    It would result in a LOT of wild debauchery, fist & knife fights and various other activities...........
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    I debated doing that but then realized the house is too small
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    I don’t see any other option
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    I got a nice little surprise txt message earlier today. I have to admit that I was half expecting it. The announcement was made over the weekend. ”NHS Coronavirus Service: We have identified that you're someone at risk of severe illness if you catch Coronavirus. Please remain at home for a minimum of 12 weeks. Home is the safest place for you. Staying in helps you stay well and that will help the NHS too. You can open a window but do not leave your home, and stay 3 steps away from others indoors. Wash your hands more often, for at least 20 seconds. Read more advice about staying safe at home. https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus-extremely-vulnerable-guidance We will send you more messages with information. To opt out reply STOP”
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    😁 The other worrying is how much crap I’ve got on my extendable. Only just month I rewatched all the Craig Bond motives in anticipation of the new release which has now been postponed. Anyway Star Wars IX done, maybe onto 1917 next.
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    Stops it dead in it’s tracks as long as you don’t get any blood spatter on you. 😀
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    If you've got 2 hours to spare..........live home concerts are still available....every night!
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    Video not available J1M1, it's probably been quarantined.
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    I have been working from home for awhile now so business as usual. We have closed our borders now to all non citizens and non permanent residents so a lot of tourism related industries are going to feel the pinch. The upside is that the supermarket chains like Woolworths are employing thousands of new workers The AUD has fainted against the USD (was done to 55 cents - was around 80 cents less than two years ago). Doesn't matter because we can't go overseas at the moment and makes our exports very competitive. Good time to be buying equities especially producing gold miners.
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    Self-isolation is not really that boring. One bag of rice has 8,754 grains and another has 8,762 grains. I would suggest, though, that you rather buy Tastic. A bag of Tastic has 9,001 grains and two broken ones. I’m now busy counting a 10kg bag of maize meal but that’s a bit more difficult. The stuff blows all over the place when I cough.
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    For the platteland meisies.............no paper required....
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    I had my fourth treatment yesterday, Weda. The next one is in three weeks and thereafter it becomes once every six weeks. That means that the dosage will be doubled to cover the six week period. Unfortunately it may also mean more severe side effects. The idea of a smaller dosage every three weeks is to make your body used to the drug. I also have another scan on the 2nd of April. I saw the oncologist Monday and specifically asked about my approach to the threat of the virus. Apparently I just need to carry on the same way as any other person but take a bit more care to stay away from large groups. My immune system has been boosted by the immunotherapy but they do not yet know if it is also boosted against COVID19.
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    I wouldn't mind that one either
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    i like bare...............!!
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    I'm not sure about Corona 19, but about 30 years I had a Corona 1600. It was a blue coupe. Went like a bat out of hell.
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    We stand a bare point in front of you 😉
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    He was obviously parroting what he heard at school or in the media.
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    “How can we hope to control this pandemic when Trump’s xenophobic science denial is clearly to blame?” An 8 year old said this? Really?
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    not a moment too soon for us Lions fans...................
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    Cancelled due to Kung-Flu.
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    Since the start of the con19 virus there's been a shortage of toilet paper. Apparently if anybody sneezes, 100 other people shit themselves.
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    Speaking of Aus, I see Eddie lost plot again on Saturday
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    At least 90% of Australia won't notice
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    Perhaps a bit of both but SA have the wood over Australia in ODI's have won something like 13 of the last 14. Bizarrely Australia now play NZ at home in another meaningless ODI series and then a T20 series in NZ (slightly more meaningful with the T20WC coming into view) India will be a better test for the new chums but it looks it is trending in the right direction
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    Bog roll still sold out here. You need to be there at opening to have any chance. No logical reason why this should be case.
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    Last week Weda. "Tropical occurrence over Namibia". I laughed. Oxymoron. Those 4 words dont belong in the same sentence. However seems they did bring some decent rains and to the N Cape area
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    Oh yeah. We hate everybody but the Poms are first and daylight second. Kiwis are a solid third
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    “What could be better than to beat the Aussies in Melbourne in front of 100,000 convicts?" - Ian Botham, 1992
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    My sister was born on the 20th. The bloke she married (poor long suffering fool) was born on the 20th. Both of my nieces were born on the 20th. Just need to remember which month they were born.
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