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    Well done Lions and Bulls. Gd wins today....
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    Ahhh FFS.. I also see that Madonna and Ben Stiller have donated money to the cause over there, but where were they when the Manchester Arena was bombed, I guess these assholes are only interested in the media attention.
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    At the Bok training camps: I wish they'd teach the ball carrier to stay on his feet and the support players to be closer in. Have you ever noticed how quickly the carrier gets stopped simply because he doesn't stay on his feet, or his support is to far away.
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    Didn't Kallis get off to a disastrous start in his international career? IIRC it was Bob Woolmer who kept his chances alive after a number of bad, really bad , performances.
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    IMHO the only sequel better than the original was Godfather II Original ideas in Hollywood are as rare as Republicans in those parts
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    Wonder when someone will come up with the idea of holding events to include the currently disadvantaged, ie competitors who are denied opportunities to make way for the undeserving previously disadvantaged.
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    Maybe Stu will return from the dead.
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    If they go back to the same format as either the S10 or the S14, I say go for it. The whole thing went for a pot of shyte, the minute they tried to make it too big and were forced to go to the conference bullshit. How many years did it take them to realise that it was a fucked up idea from the start?
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    Madonna should change her name to Aisha to show solidarity...or she should just STFU....what did Bono say?
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    https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/rugby/super-rugby/111352359/super-rugby-crusaders-consider-new-name-in-wake-of-shooting-tragedy next they'll probably been changing the name of Christchurch, and so on. Until it boils over again and some right wing fanatic takes the opportunity to glorify himself on social media. It's a tossed up, fucked up, never come down world!
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    Snowflakes of the world unite
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    I'll agree to that.
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    It looks to me like they drive with their head and shoulders below their hips and then all it takes is a defender to push them further into the turf to stop the drive.
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    Often it seems they're falling before they've even been tackled......well, that's what it looks like to me
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    Worth remembering rugby was born out of football......willing to bet they don't/can't teach these skills at Bok training camps - a pity!!
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    Can't stop watching this video.......surely try of the year?
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    Fast and without wasting any taxpayers money n delayed shit. If only all cases were dealt with in this way. I saw it today and if anyone punches like that, they should rather not..
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    Dallaglio sold him the drugs and Matt Stevens showed him how to take them..blame the UK, ..
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    Hahahaha. You cannot make this shit up. The BBC’s efforts of trying to use satire to put a message across, using satire, backfires. They end up telling the truth. NOTE. This is obviously a spoof ad.
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    You remind me of a cassette tape I had. Back in the days when no swearing was allowed on TV, there was a pirate tape, doing the rounds, of an “uncensored” version of the TV program Biltong and Potroast (Remember it?). I somehow managed to get a copy. There was a guy called Cyril Green, who used to tell Jewish jokes. On this tape he told the story of the Jewish wedding. The punchline was that the following morning, mother of the bride said to he bride: “No no Rachel, it’s ‘vot HAPPINESS not vot APENIS”.
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    Aloota continua.........until Jesus returns
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    1) It's election year. All the opportunists run wild 2) It's the new South Africa, all the crazies run wild. 3) All of the above, don't believe anything on Social Media, the news anymore
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    “Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.”
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    This man is a disgrace. Hopefully now he will be banned permanently. https://www.enca.com/sport/sharks-hooker-chiliboy-ralepelle-back-hot-water Do the Sharks, or anybody really need him? Besides the fact that he satisfies quotas, there is no of reason for him ever to play again.
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    There is a dude inviting white farmers to the Western Cape. Claims to be the true Koi San king or something. Another party is promoting an independent WC...apparently we pay R200B and only get about R50B back from national government. I think the deficit for Gauteng is even bigger. Lots of looting been going on since 94 it seems.
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    Thanks all! It was a "sedate" celebration....the women insisted on a lunch in Parkhurst....(parallel universe Jhb style). so it goes
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    Last week you couldn’t tell the difference between Lions and Stormers
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    I'm not sure if this has been discussed before. If it has please excuse me. These latest fancy dress costumes the SA Teams are wearing for home derbys are ridiculous.
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    Yep unless you are 40
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    Looks like a likely type to me via his Test form but maybe prior to the 150 his one day form has been ordinary. Selectors the world over make stupid selections even without the added issues that SA selectors must consider
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    There will be a follow up movie with Freddie dying. There is too much money to be made
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    I've seen the Freddy movie now. I'ts obviously not a movie about the band, it's a movie about the man and the influence the band had on his life is part of it. What bugs me too, is that they could have stayed with the facts. Some of the inaccuracies is unnecessary IMO. This could have been a much better move. I liked it but this is no masterpiece. Pity. I think Malek and the rest of the cast did well, but the story feels wrong to me....and the music scenes could have been better...something was off.
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    SA sport is in tatters. At least the sport that matters to me. Looks like I can cut down my DSTV boutique.
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    We all know what is going down
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    The guess is that he signed Kolpak before Pak series
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    Klop! except for Spurs, soccer couldn't be bothered.
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    Now here is a serious music movie.
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    Elgar was never going to be part of the squad. Markram should be an automatic choice.
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    Got nothing to do about anything but the music...and the show. Great entertainer.
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    I read an article about a school dinner lady who made a post online..something like.."Now you all know how it feels when the wheel has turned" or something like that. The school she works for has come out and apologised, who knows why, it is not like the shooter in NZ's boss came forward and apologised for what he did wrong..and she is getting sacked
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    So congrats to the Bulls beating the Lions. At least in round 1. 😎
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