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    Hamilton does not enjoy testing but he needs to look over his shoulder or perhaps in front because he is currently behind Vettel. Ferrari managed to clock a 1.19.024 which is .300 quicker than the Merc. Both were clocked using super softs. To worsen the gap, Ferrari said that Vettel had "lifted" over the last sector and should have recorded a 1.18. To compound the difference Ferrari have logged 155 laps demonstrating the reliability of the SF70H. In the afternoon session Bottas completed 95 laps and was 8th fastest. The McLaren continues to be problematic. Stoffel Vandoorne was forced to stop twice out on track with electrical problems.
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    Still testing in Barcelona Fernando Alonso is again making hints about change. He is clearly not happy with the misfiring Honda power unit and is also suggesting that he still has a hunger for wins and podiums. MOTORSPORT: Fernando Alonso has taken a swipe at the McLaren's Honda engine after another poor day of pre-season testing in Barcelona. The Spanish former World Champion said that the car had "no reliability and no power",and there are only two days of testing left to go before the first race of the 2017 season on March 26 in Australia. "When you are 30 km/h down on every straight, it is difficult also to have a feeling on the car. "Everything feels good, but you don't know what is going to happen when you arrive at normal speed." Alonso was 12th fastest, 3.7 seconds slower than the Valteri Bottas in the Mercedes Benz.
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