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    Ever heard of Murphy?
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    Like i say to people, i have 2 boys and I only have to worry about 2 boys, if I had a girl (daughter) then I would have to worry about every boy..
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    I see this is on BoxOffice so hopefully hits DSTv soon.
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    JA Barlee, I feel the same...(unfortunately)...
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    No mate. Not in today’s world. You should worry about every girl they come across. You would have start teaching them very early not to even look at any girl, let alone think of wolve whistle or making any comments. Let alone even dare to touch them or even complimenting them in any way, no matter how good looking they may be. You never know which one is going to lay a charge of sexual harassment and leave one of your boys stuffed for the rest of his life. 😀
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    Especially when your wife is a well known slapper with a lot of exposed form. I would rather watch the team getting pumped than have him back. Hopefully CA grow some and send him packing
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