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  1. https://www.change.org/p/hbo-remake-game-of-thrones-season-8-with-competent-writers?use_react=false
  2. Not just that, so close to the World Cup and he has a fair amount of support from other Aussie based Mauris, not sure if they would be willing to step down and support Izzy in protest. I still do not think he has done anything wrong.
  3. South African rugby is finished. This coming World Cup will be proof.
  4. I would not be surprised, many players would have made plans for after the WC, because that is when I think things will change a lot, Stick will become coach and I reckon quotas will be ramped up. This is why very few blacks sign foreign contracts, they have a job for now until the fans and unions all go bust. I would not be surprised in 4 years time where SA Rugby is.
  5. Absolutely, every time I see another player moving abroad I just feel that if they did not leave now, it is just a matter of time before UK and Europe slow down the flow of foreign players at which point there will be limits to their chances.
  6. South African rugby in general for a long time has been hot and cold, one day a team will perform and then for a few games be kak. I gave up and now only watch games that are on free channels, will not waste any more of my money watching the shit that is produced over there. Plus, players are only playing to secure a foreign contract, then they are gone.
  7. She is a South African who grew up in New Zealand, Google her.
  8. ...according to the yanks.. https://www.goodthingsguy.com/fun/lucifer-afrikaans/?fbclid=IwAR2gz5WX_XJcevrE6YFUxodyjZ98yJosVtp0rhYAJe7ilVCKEhyahnyZObo
  9. For now, it is...based on that tackle. It definitely is a contact sport, it just depends how many times you make contact with the floor.
  10. That has always been my view, I never felt he expressed hate, he never went around preaching hate like the skinheads, or white supremacy. He merely stated what his faith believes will happen in their afterlife, and it was not just gays. Drunks, fornicators etc..So he has not targeted one group of people, which again one could say is hate speech, he has picked many social groups. I think Rugby Australia could be in a spot of bother.
  11. I was over and out ages ago, prick lost my attention when he chose to swear us.
  12. Were these when he made those passes to no one? Were those good decisions? And if I am not mistaken Burger Odendaal probably messed up with one pass, something players do often when they try back themselves. But then again, that is just my opinion, oh wait, no not an opinion, absolute fucking fact. I watched the game too.
  13. "Intellectual Disability" this coming from someone who tells others to fuck off, simply because his assessment of a situation is so far out there he just looks stupid. So again, you fuck off and perhaps go fuck yourself
  14. This is typical with some of these assholes, you try and reason or even give your point of view and you are sworn at, reminds me of that other asshole Saffex who used to do the same, they seemed to think that because they know how to copy and past laws that this will nullify any logic that no initial offence was committed, other than as I say a debatable marginal late tackle, as for the rest, it was just a truck having an accident with a Smart car. When the truck and the car have a crash, it does not mean the truck driver should go to prison because he is bigger. Logic is so stupid it makes me laugh. And then to tell us to fuck off because we know nothing about player safety, and I guess Barnacle does. But, then again, what has he done to make it safer? Clearly nothing as this boy could have got seriously hurt because those "so called" in the know have done fok all other than tell us we know fuck all
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