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  1. We had some talent, Andre Joubert for one, that is a player i do remember.
  2. I wish I had the opportunity to follow Danie Gerbers career, I was young and not much of a Rugby fan when i was younger.
  3. If Saffer, Kiwi or any of the South Sea Island players done this there would be an uproar, because it is this tosser then it is soft words used by the media.
  4. Might have to put an advert in the Kingston Times in the West Indies.
  5. I saw something yesterday which I thought was interesting. But, not sure how true it is, but apparently USA firms based in SA have been given legal advice to stop paying taxes, as according to US Law if they pay taxes to a corrupt government they can be charged for helping.
  6. That is just typical UK reporting, they fail to highlight the other players, one being Manu Tuilagi who also chose not to, but since they come from a RACIST culture, then they must be racist for not giving in to snowflake culture
  7. Pride month is another one that annoys me.
  8. The entire thing is garbage, go to netflix, see the movies and you will find a section celebrating movies by blacks. I saw a very interesting expose on George Floyd yesterday, again proves that the powers that be only want to highlight what makes their agenda look good. Nothing about how he resisted to get in the car etc etc.
  9. I am going to miss Vlagman, he was always the Devil's advocate for me on this site, he enjoyed a good debate and even though he and I especially clashed often, it was never personal, just a difference of opinion. RIP young man! gone too soon, say Hi to Hawkeye for us.
  10. BLM - Black Lies Matter, time to talk kak as it is the new in thing
  11. The reason why they are still whinging about the rugby was they were all prepared to thrash SA, and in the end they were too ashamed to wear their medals. Still laughing at the twats
  12. Reading those tweats, it sounds a bit like sour grapes, They refer to the rugby final as a crap game and the cricket final the greatest final ever. One game England were smashed, the other they won.
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