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  1. supersupporter


    Well his mother took her last dump about 50 years ago
  2. supersupporter


    He is sooo fucking stupid, does he not realise that an investigation would have been made and statements would have been taken.
  3. I was a smoker and have met many smokers over the years, some smoked their entire life and had no issues, other never smoked and got emphysema. So live life. Cigarettes have been tried and tested for hundreds of years, we know what they can and possibly can not do. Unlike these vaping things that people are inhaling, people are buying liquid on facebook, liquid being made by who knows, very little regulation, yet these morons are just inhaling it, and now the death toll is rising fast. Smoke or don't smoke, and if you want to inhale vapour, stand close to a kettle.
  4. Many labs are trying to find what causes cancer, For example breast cancer is definitely on the up, why are more women getting breast cancer? Plus other cancers and the other day I read an article that is saying that plastic could be a cause, if you warm food up in plastic containers certain gases could be released into the food that you will then ingest. That got me thinking that we all do this in microwaves, so yes, it may seem a long shot, but could also be a cause, so I now warm food up in glass and then transfer to plastic if need be.
  5. I had a sore in my ear a few years back, it was not getting better, turned out to be a Basal Cell Carcinoma, not a dangerous one from what I am aware, but still needed to be removed. Most of my ear was cut away and skin graft done, very clever those guys. That was to be the end of it, until it returned, had another op done, this time not so much needed to be removed. The removed section was sent off and they test the ends to see if all ends of the removed section are free from cancer and this is how they know it is clear. I would say, any sore, skin growth, just get it checked.
  6. You sound like Sean Fitzpatrick when he presents on Sky.
  7. I know and you won't, they have all retired or moved on.. Literally, we can all do it..
  8. Literally! I told you
  9. Vlag takes things literally. I am sure he is fully aware he is not buried.
  10. Big celebration tonight for Zimbabweans, and an added bonus, somewhere to piss afterwards
  11. supersupporter


    We won't see those players until after the WC when they make names for themselves. I am feeling quite pleasantly optimistic. They have produced a few decent games in a row which is rare, today we will see if they can still produce the goods. They will beat japan and this for me is a good warm up game vs the hosts.
  12. supersupporter


    I agree, a lot of people I speak to over here are tipping SA to do well, simply because of depth. Heres hoping.
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