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  1. I read an article about a school dinner lady who made a post online..something like.."Now you all know how it feels when the wheel has turned" or something like that. The school she works for has come out and apologised, who knows why, it is not like the shooter in NZ's boss came forward and apologised for what he did wrong..and she is getting sacked
  2. Ahhh FFS.. I also see that Madonna and Ben Stiller have donated money to the cause over there, but where were they when the Manchester Arena was bombed, I guess these assholes are only interested in the media attention.
  3. https://news.sky.com/story/charlie-whiting-iconic-formula-1-race-director-dies-aged-66-11664877
  4. I agree, they go down far too easy, almost as if they want to create a new phase quickly, which is ironic as that is foreign to Bok culture.
  5. I agree it was absolutely incredible..never give up..
  6. Fast and without wasting any taxpayers money n delayed shit. If only all cases were dealt with in this way. I saw it today and if anyone punches like that, they should rather not..
  7. UK legal system. Yesterday fan attacks player in football match. We say attack but it more a punch delivered with the same level of pathetic as a football dive. Today he is sent to prison for 14 weeks.....
  8. Dallaglio sold him the drugs and Matt Stevens showed him how to take them..blame the UK, ..
  9. I wanted to see if any of you can shed some light on a video I saw yesterday about the Khoisan people having rights to the land in the Cape and that they have managed to stop any form of voting...seems a bit odd but sounds like they have the power to do what the ANC are doing with land. Taking back what they believe is theirs.
  10. I am not sure how many of you do these, I do my local one throughout Spring, Summer and Early Autumn, only started this last year so numbers are not as high as some, but Namibia and my local 9Colby Gardens) one are in the top. https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2019/feb/07/10-most-scenic-parkruns-in-uk-worldwide-running-routes?CMP=share_btn_fb&fbclid=IwAR3Mnfsa2P6gYkmHdWBlZwkMu15aCMseeOuZgk5e8VItUl0h3iSf1TXjmYE
  11. I am actually bored with rugby, this year was the first time ever I never even watched one single 6N game.
  12. supersupporter


    I would like to think that the issue with him is possibly his size, in the world of modern-day rugby giants, however, one of the rugby backline giants in George North has a similar issue with regular concussions. So is the issue them themselves growing up not putting enough gym attention on neck strengthening?
  13. supersupporter


    To be honest, I am surprised he never retired years ago, he has had head injury issues for some time and that CJ Stander hot never helped the cause.
  14. supersupporter


    I see he has not played for some time, typical Africans, fuck off to Europe and don't work
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