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  1. The go to font for everything back then was "Souvenir"
  2. I agree, I was also interested to see what the outcome was.
  3. supersupporter

    World Cup 2019

    Sports Direct in the UK had them on special at half time during the Bok England game. https://www.dailystar.co.uk/sport/other-sports/sports-direct-trolled-over-england-20794570 I reckon the Welsh will buy these, they will love it..
  4. supersupporter

    World Cup 2019

    All the excuses in the world and this is why England cocked up in the final an interview with Wayne Smith... here's an excerpt: Smith also believes South Africa used the warm-up period before the final to fool England by having their halfbacks Faf du Klerk and Herschel Jantjies put up a stream of high kicks. “(South Africa) showed in the final they were the best team in the tournament because they were able to adapt,” he said. “They changed from kicking every second ball to actually playing some footy and using the skills they’ve got. “It was a clever plan – I watched de Klerk and Jantjies warm-up and they did half an hour of box kicking with the English coaches watching them. They didn’t practice a pass, yet seldom boxed kicked (in the game). They sucked a few people in before the final.”
  5. supersupporter

    World Cup 2019

  6. supersupporter

    World Cup 2019

    As you know, Farrell doe snot know how to use his arms, he is a tackling thug, so that was easy for Cheslin. I tell you who deserves a lot of credit and is not getting it, is Pollard. He kept us in both semi and final.
  7. supersupporter

    World Cup 2019

    James Haskell is good. I like his assessment of scrums. One thing they pointed out which i noticed the other day was we win WC before Lions Tours
  8. supersupporter

    World Cup 2019

    There was also some doos in NZ who had the World Cup Years they had won tattoo'd and then added the 2019 year too.
  9. supersupporter

    World Cup 2019

    I can't believe ITV showing gay porn on a Saturday morning. Oops, sorry, it was the England Rugby Team getting fucked by South Africa,
  10. supersupporter

    World Cup 2019

    He is a twat, his dad was an extremely good league player, he then was encouraged to switch to union, never had any success but stayed as a coach and now is with Ireland coaching. Only 1 league convert i know of who did well was Jason Robinson. The rest who have tried for England failed miserably.
  11. supersupporter

    World Cup 2019

    I added the wording to this one earlier.
  12. supersupporter

    World Cup 2019

    Not just him, the entire team, especially Itoje and Sinckler for refusing to wear their medals. Farrell is probably pissed of because Cheslin made him look like a fool when he sidestepped him, I guess that is what happens when you don't know how to use your arm in a tackle. England are without a doubt the saddest rugby team about, miserable cunts who cannot take a proper beating like true sports people. It is not like they were robbed, they were outplayed on the field and outsmarted off the field. Beaten in every aspect yesterday, I would put this win up there with some of the greatest Bok victories, they had a 20% chance of winning, bookies put England on top, little did they know that England would only have 20% of the score. It was good to see every player put their all for 80 minutes, and it was nice of Rassie to give Herschelle Jantjies a few minutes at the end, that way every player in the side got to play in the final. The Mapimpi try as well, that pass by Am was not needed, but unselfishly he passed to a player who was guaranteed to score. Clever play. And, anyone who thinks any passes building up to that try was forward need to check, all backwards and no drifts. Great game and for some reason this victory is up there with 95 and the 2007 one is nowhere near either. Maybe uit was the Eben accusations that made this one spoecial along with the players of colour being part of the side and their own personal stories, I did love it when Siya was asked about dreaming of playing in the world cup, and he replied, he dreamed of his next meal and not a WC. Maybe those spoiled brats for England could learn a lesson from this and perhaps accept a loss with dignity.
  13. supersupporter

    World Cup 2019

    The funny thing is when I saw England try run it from their goal, I had a feeling then that they had little respect for their opponenent and anyone should know in a WC final, you play tight and clever and do not do that stuff.
  14. supersupporter

    World Cup 2019

    Rassie is a cleaver chap, I heard he made some statement just press interview. Like this. Rassie at presser "I don't want to sit here and try to sound clever. "It pisses a lot of people off when you try to sound clever after the game."
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