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  1. When did this chap become a dosh or was he always one? https://www.facebook.com/thehodgetwins/videos/473355957206987
  2. supersupporter


    Neither was an Englishman I read a joke today and t said "Maradona has punched the bucket"
  3. supersupporter


    Diego Maradonna https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/55084504
  4. Happy Birthday Mata, have a great day.
  5. I would love to see Red operate as Red for the player but yellow for the team, meaning that the player can be replaced after 10 minutes, but his game is over. As it is now the laws are so soft that a team could suffer 80 minutes of 14 vs 15 just because he overaran an up and under and caught some players legs who happened to be in the air no where near the ball. If they keep going on about player safety, then 15 vs 15 for majority of the game is the safest
  6. supersupporter


  7. Exactly, I saw a stat that they are only what you say, yet 53% of the crime committed in the USA is committed by blacks.
  8. I also heard that more whites are killed in the USA by cops in bad shoots than blacks, another distorted fact left out by media. The media also fail to highlight when groups of blacks kill young black children, again it never fits the narrative of liberals. Its a fucking joke, and it gets worse when assholes in the UK use TV to make their points yet fail to say anything when an innocent cop is killed by a criminal. That dance group on ITV in the UK, a group who seemed to have done well off the back of white people, a group who's parents are mixed race, but thinks he will use his dance to make cops look bad. I mean how stupid must you be the protest when dumb criminals get shot. Who cares when they are killed? People often say, All LIves Matter, like hell they do;..Innocent Lives Matter. I could care less when some criminal is shot, especially when he is told to not move, he goes to his car, reaches for a knife and is put down.
  9. They already know that, this is why so many ex-players are coming out saying that this is good blah blah blah..They know all too well this move not having SA is bad for them. Someone once told me that SOUTH AFRICA have underwritten this competition since its inception.
  10. Rugby needs to start selling players, this is the only way unions can actually make some money. Just like football, SA should start selling their players, I have said this for years, these unions invest huge amounts of money in their players, only to have them walk away with all the talent that has been invested in. Cheetahs could probably be the richest team in the world.
  11. Everyone has been saying this for years. Best move SA could have done was get away and join the NH. Just straight up logic says it is the right move.
  12. I follow a few chaps on Social media and they have revealed scary facts about this entire BLM movement. It is very politically driven and all these jackasses who get up early in the morning to loot and protest are just puppets for white Democrats. They did point out that the KKK was formed by Democrats, not sure how true this is, I am not American, so I do not know their history, but how funny would it be if the ~BLM movement and the billions they raise is actually going straight to the very party that started the KKK. If you are on Facebook, Search Joel Patrick and The Hodge Twins, Big Trump fans as are many blacks in the USA who care little about being "Oppressed" https://www.facebook.com/JoelPatrick1776 What i like about Joel Patrick is like many USA blacks they are so tired of being told that they are oppressed and that they do not have the same rights as whites. One of his videos he talks about going and quoting for a job at a house, and the woman was going on about how she feels sorry for how his people are treated, this dude explained that his truck is worth more than her house. It is funny. In todays video he talks about the Debate, but interestingly he points out how they try trick people to answer questions that can get you into trouble, an example was asking someone, Answer yes or no, have you stopped hitting your wife? There is no possible answer yes or no, unless you do. (White Privilege video) https://www.facebook.com/thehodgetwins
  13. We had some talent, Andre Joubert for one, that is a player i do remember.
  14. I wish I had the opportunity to follow Danie Gerbers career, I was young and not much of a Rugby fan when i was younger.
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