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  1. For now, it is...based on that tackle. It definitely is a contact sport, it just depends how many times you make contact with the floor.
  2. That has always been my view, I never felt he expressed hate, he never went around preaching hate like the skinheads, or white supremacy. He merely stated what his faith believes will happen in their afterlife, and it was not just gays. Drunks, fornicators etc..So he has not targeted one group of people, which again one could say is hate speech, he has picked many social groups. I think Rugby Australia could be in a spot of bother.
  3. I was over and out ages ago, prick lost my attention when he chose to swear us.
  4. Were these when he made those passes to no one? Were those good decisions? And if I am not mistaken Burger Odendaal probably messed up with one pass, something players do often when they try back themselves. But then again, that is just my opinion, oh wait, no not an opinion, absolute fucking fact. I watched the game too.
  5. "Intellectual Disability" this coming from someone who tells others to fuck off, simply because his assessment of a situation is so far out there he just looks stupid. So again, you fuck off and perhaps go fuck yourself
  6. This is typical with some of these assholes, you try and reason or even give your point of view and you are sworn at, reminds me of that other asshole Saffex who used to do the same, they seemed to think that because they know how to copy and past laws that this will nullify any logic that no initial offence was committed, other than as I say a debatable marginal late tackle, as for the rest, it was just a truck having an accident with a Smart car. When the truck and the car have a crash, it does not mean the truck driver should go to prison because he is bigger. Logic is so stupid it makes me laugh. And then to tell us to fuck off because we know nothing about player safety, and I guess Barnacle does. But, then again, what has he done to make it safer? Clearly nothing as this boy could have got seriously hurt because those "so called" in the know have done fok all other than tell us we know fuck all
  7. You fuck off!, since when does your idiotic opinion trump ours? Maybe try identify one simple fact, no spear or tip tackle took place, the only wrong doing and that is still subjective is it was marginally late. But, if you think that the rest of the tripe you posted is accurate, you are off your meds. Just one chap being bigger than the other player.
  8. At no point was that ever a tip or spear tackle.When someone is tackled hard, there doe snot always need to be blame, sometimes a tackle is just a tackle. I am with draad here, this sounds like you are looking to play blame. The kid just got FUBAR (Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition). It is logic like your as to why this game is getting soft. So in theory a tackle is not allowed to be hard, the tackler at all times should assume that the little guy may fold like apiece of paper and go beyond the horizontal, even though, he was never speared, tipped, tackled high, or without arms, everything in that tackle for me was text book, unless the text book has changed for those who want the game to go soft. Long live the tackle...
  9. I am so glad for the first time in many many years that I have not turned on the Sky Sports package.
  10. I have heard that in NZ they have weight based rugby, would this not be an ideal idea for SA School rugby too. For me this was just a very big boy vs a very small boy, simple logic as to why all the red card rules would come into play, however, there is one one missing factor, at no point did he lift the player. The little guys legs remained in one place and the rest of his body was going in the direction the tackler was going
  11. That would make sense. Lots of Special Snowflakes in Oz, won't be hard for Izzy to pull that off. He is about zero tweets away from being friends by Trump..
  12. It is not like he is saying that they are Infidels and should be killed, he is talking about there they will go in the afterlife. If anyone can prove him wrong then sure, but it is his belief and so be it. At least he did not spend 2 weeks wearing a Burka and kissing up to Muslims like the NZ PM just to get the vote for next elections from those communities.
  13. https://rugby365.com/schools/news-sa-schools/world-schools-rugby-festivals-results-days-1-4 Paul Roos scored 923 points in 60 minutes, bliksem..Southland must be really shit and Paul Roos really good. Day 4 Results Affies vs Christchurch Boys’ High School, 31-31 Boland Landbou vs USA Schools XV, 71-3 Grey College vs Southland Boys’ High School, 54-0 Hilton College vs Italian All-Stars, 32-15 Paul Roos vs Napier Boys’ High, 62-7 Previous Results Day 1, 26 Match 2019 Glenwood vs John McGlashan College, 32-17 Monument 32 Hartpury College, 32-21 Paarl Gim vs Africa Pacific Dragons, 50-24 SACS vs Zambezi Steelers, 43-24 World Select XV vs WP Invitational, 76-29 Day 2, 27 March 2019 Affies vs Italian All-Stars, 36-12 Boland Landbou vs Napier Boys’ High School, 30-25 Grey College vs Christchurch Boys’ High School, 73-26 Hilton College vs USA Schools XV, 43-0 Paul Roos vs Southland Boys’ High School, 93-5 Day 3, 29 March 2018 Glenwood vs Africa Pacific Dragons, 33-10 Monument vs John McGlashan College, 48-10 Paarl Gim vs Hartpury College, 41-12 WP Invitational vs Zambezi Steelers, 33-30 World Select XV vs SACS, 25-15
  14. Wow! that is some incredible rugby, that 23 Marcell Muller looks a hand full. But to put up 70+ points in 60 minutes. It is interesting what quotas do for both countries. NZ gets stronger, SA get weaker.
  15. This year is the first time veer that I have not turned on sport package
  16. I read an article about a school dinner lady who made a post online..something like.."Now you all know how it feels when the wheel has turned" or something like that. The school she works for has come out and apologised, who knows why, it is not like the shooter in NZ's boss came forward and apologised for what he did wrong..and she is getting sacked
  17. Ahhh FFS.. I also see that Madonna and Ben Stiller have donated money to the cause over there, but where were they when the Manchester Arena was bombed, I guess these assholes are only interested in the media attention.
  18. https://news.sky.com/story/charlie-whiting-iconic-formula-1-race-director-dies-aged-66-11664877
  19. I agree, they go down far too easy, almost as if they want to create a new phase quickly, which is ironic as that is foreign to Bok culture.
  20. I agree it was absolutely incredible..never give up..
  21. Fast and without wasting any taxpayers money n delayed shit. If only all cases were dealt with in this way. I saw it today and if anyone punches like that, they should rather not..
  22. UK legal system. Yesterday fan attacks player in football match. We say attack but it more a punch delivered with the same level of pathetic as a football dive. Today he is sent to prison for 14 weeks.....
  23. Dallaglio sold him the drugs and Matt Stevens showed him how to take them..blame the UK, ..
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