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  1. Good start then gave it away in the last session. Why use a night watchman? Made no sense. Great knock by markram.
  2. I see the "reverend" has been cowardly to give a press conference...
  3. Sad day for cricket but pretty hilarious after all the righteous indignation from lehman and co....
  4. Stefan

    SA v SL

    Great to see hash getting a 100 on his 100th test. Good knock from jp as well.
  5. Can never respect Ab£ott and Ros£ouw again. If they are as good as they think they are they could have gotten a 20/20 league deal somewhere without giving up on international cricket... No one except the best of the best super stars are ever assured of anything in pro sports....
  6. Stefan

    SA v SL

    Easy series for the boys. Good to see us continuing the run.
  7. Stefan

    SA vs Oz

    Charges against faf is a joke...
  8. Stefan

    SA vs Oz

    Great performance from the boys. Ian Chappel's closet racism was cringe worthy... http://www.sport24.co.za/Cricket/Proteas/chappell-under-fire-for-rabada-village-comment-20161107
  9. Stefan

    SA vs Oz

    I have never seen such a poor aussie batting lineup. Surely there are better blokes then mitch marsch and neville about?
  10. Stefan

    SA vs Oz

    If warner and smith can chase 400-450 with this batting lineup as support on a pitch that has offered something throughout then well played to them. We need to back ourselves.
  11. Stefan

    SA vs Oz

    Don't agree. This aussie batting is very frail. If you get rid of warner and smith the rest will fall. 400-450 is safe but personally think 380 is already too much for this aussie team.
  12. Stefan

    SA vs Oz

    Great fightback by the boys. But bitter sweet with dale's injury. Surely it can't end like this. The great man deserves the SA record.
  13. Stefan

    SA vs Oz

    Will be interesting to see what Sa does. 4 seamers or a spinner.
  14. Stefan

    SA vs Oz

    Great innings by QDK. This AUS attack must be the worse we ever faced thought. Wanderers will be interesting if its the usual wanderers pitch.
  15. Stefan

    Cricket news

    You can play in the cold, you can't play on a field that can't drain... All 4 have better drainage then kingsmead....
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