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  1. The Don

    India Tour 2019

    583 / 4 Methinks there might be some records broken here.
  2. OK thanks for that. Didn't know as I don't do movies.
  3. One of those who should have done more IMHO.
  4. Yes it has. But can be done again. Awesome movements there.
  5. Happy birthday Mata. Hope you have a splendiferous and fantasmabolical one.
  6. The Don

    Cricket WC 2019

    Agree Docker. A five over challenge would do it. And even if that is not an option then say "Ok, the runs are equal but who took the most wickets within the match". In essence that is what the game is about. Batman versus bowler, so if you are even on the one score let the other become the criteria.
  7. Happy birthday Draad.
  8. That would be very tragic. Yes I have been having major on line problems and therefore been quiet. But I'm back. Will make an effort to contribute.
  9. The Don


    We built this city on sausage rolls.............
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