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  1. That was a favorite of mine as well Don. Lekker catchy tune. I always wondered what happened to her.
  2. This is it. I haven't heard it in years.
  3. What was that song by Neil Young about "it's a wonder tall trees aren't laying down"? One of my favorites.
  4. Yes I remember her squeaky voice well Don.
  5. I don't know much about what's going on, but just the fact that CSA have landed in this situation, speaks volumes about the 'affirmative' management.
  6. Have a great day Mata. Thanks for always keeping me informed about the important issues.
  7. WeDaFaKaWe


    Eddie van Halen RIP
  8. Sweden never locked down
  9. Fully agree Mata, last night he fluffed it.
  10. This one of my forgotten favorites.
  11. WeDaFaKaWe


    The man's got balls, A politician to be proud of.
  12. Back when Rock used to ROCK!
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