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  1. No scrums, just blows the game away.
  2. Shouldn't he have a thread of his own?
  3. I think it's absolutely BS. My wife and I don't go out to eat anymore since they started with this nonsense. If she wants a smoke she has to wander off into the parking lot or 'smoking room', while I sit like an fool at the table and wait for her to get back.
  4. I remember back in the national service days, we were on going to watch rugby at Ellis Park. We picked up a Troep at the 'Ry Veilig depot', and just outside of Windhoek offered him a beer. "Thanks I don't drink" We warned him that he'd better start because if he gets home sober his parents will never believe he was in Suidwes.
  5. Howzit going Vlag? This one could make you a bit home sick.
  6. I nearly wet myself watching this movie
  7. Take your fucking hands out of your pockets.
  8. Cool clip J1M1, I haven't seen the movie.
  9. I think he'd have more competition if he was running against zuma.
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