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  1. WeDaFaKaWe

    What next?

    Sport is on a downwards slide into oblivion. https://www.sport24.co.za/Rugby/women-to-get-gender-neutral-rugby-world-cup-from-2021-20190821
  2. I hate to sound like a broken record, but I think it all started in the scrum.
  3. And with a hard knock we're back down to earth. Supporting the Boks is like riding a roller coaster. Unfortunately there's been far to many troughs and not enough peaks.
  4. WeDaFaKaWe

    Cricket news

    I hate vegans they eat all the animals food.
  5. WeDaFaKaWe


    Never thought of that. Perhaps we could get it into the Olympics.
  6. The video is unavailable J1M1, maybe just in Nam.
  7. He can practice his pushups on the sideline.
  8. How long has it been since we saw a scrum doing the business like they did on Saturday?
  9. Congratulations to the Boks, and very well played Aus.
  10. WeDaFaKaWe


    Sorry Doc, it's in Afrikaans. n’ Vrou doen aansoek vir werk by n’ hardeware winkel. Die eienaar vra: “Weet jy wat die verskil is tussen n’ spuiker en n’ paperclip? Vrou: “Nee jammer ek was nog nooit gepaperclip nie.”
  11. WeDaFaKaWe

    Ashes 2019

    It's good to hear there are still standards in place.
  12. WeDaFaKaWe

    Ashes 2019

    I guess not. What do I know?
  13. WeDaFaKaWe

    Ashes 2019

    I'm not defending Faf. I just can't believe CA can't find a replacement for ss.
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