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  1. Good to hear Mata. Funny thing Hawk was actually considering moving here at some point.
  2. WeDaFaKaWe

    6 Nations 2020

    His first year of Craven Week he played for Nam, then we didn't think he was good enough so we sent him back to SA.
  3. WeDaFaKaWe

    6 Nations 2020

    Paul Willemse actually grew up and went to school in Tsumeb. Played for Nam at Craven week level. But I think you're correct he was born in SA.
  4. Sorry Vlag I forgot to mention it was the German PK. I just picked the info up by reading the comments on YouTube.
  5. It's actually quite something when a foreigner is influenced so much that he writes a song about the place, which is then turned into the 'National Anthem'. It was special when we were asked to sing in at Infantry School as well. I understand that is to the same tune as the Panzer Korps lied, according to comments that I've read. It will always remain one of my favorites, along with Die Stem and the SA Song of the Flag.
  6. Ja I remember the Whenwes. I guess we have the same issues, when we were Suidwes.
  7. Scent of a Woman Funny thing Vlag back in National Service days I was on a training course at VTH. We had some special instructors from Rhodesia one of which was a female. Anyway long story short, she emphasized the word inteGRITy, and wrote on the board just like that. I'll never forget it.
  8. Docker way way back I remember watching an Aussie movie about Aussie Rules football. I still remember the theme song: "Up there and at 'em In there and fight Out there to get 'em Show them your might There's a lot more things to football than really meet the eye, there are days when you could give it up, there a days when you can cry. You either love or hate us depending on the score, but when the teams run out or kick a goal, you hear that mighty roar." cool song. Here's another lekker sports movie:
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