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  1. We never had TV back in those days, always used to listen Charles Fortune on the English service. As he described it, you felt like you were at the Wanderers. Those were certainly the days.
  2. Certainly not at that level, but it reminds me of my school days. We got hammered nearly every Saturday by 50 points or more. We won 1 match in the 3 years that I played for the 1st 15. Unfortunately we played in the 2nd league. So suppose that doesn't count either.
  3. Just had to post this. It reminded me of Vlag
  4. WeDaFaKaWe


    Still kicking. Hopefully when we get some sport going we will have something to talk about again. Actually I suppose the game between the Argies and All Blacks should have gotten some comments. I didn't even watch, are they still enforcing the blm kneeling bullshit before the game?
  5. WeDaFaKaWe

    I was there.

    I was also there.
  6. The video's not available in my neck of the woods J1M1
  7. JPR is a great choice. The problem is you forget some players. Another problem is choosing combinations like Gareth Edwards and Phil Bennett, so the best individuals might not make the best team.
  8. I'd hate to be the person that chooses the best 15 OAT, but I don't agree with a few of those choices. Gareth Edwards was fantastic the few times I saw him play, but somebody like Justin Marschall, Joost vd Westhuizen or Faf de Klerk can't be far off. Nowadays the laws protect the scrummie far more than in GE's days, so GE is a very good choice. Locks can also be lifted now so comparing modern locks to say Frik isn't really fair. I'd play Frik anyday under the old rules. Sean Fitzpatrick will never make my line up.
  9. These okes must really hate Trump https://americanconservativemedia.com/2020/11/05/7-michigan-voters-are-older-than-the-oldest-human-alive-including-1-born-in-1850/
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