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  1. HBD Sorry it's so late, I just saw it now.
  2. WeDaFaKaWe

    Ox Nche

    Another one who had a brainfart https://www.sport24.co.za/Rugby/SuperRugby/another-sharks-centre-in-the-citing-dock-20190325
  3. Thanks for the info Vlag. I don't know that my bad. Still I feel they used SR as convenient preparation for the WC. So the question arises did Japan Rugby know they would be holding the next WC.
  4. WeDaFaKaWe

    Cricket news

    http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/26313047/hope-play-test-cricket-england-duanne-olivier I heard that Clive Rice once replied to a question, "I'd feel like a bastard playing for any other country." Respect!
  5. So I understand the Wolves are out, I haven't heard of any other franchises yet. Is it just a coincident that the Wolves were included before the run up to the WC, and now they're out? If not a coincident, did SuperRugby know that Japan would host the WC? SR provided Japan with an ideal 'Preparation Competition' for the WC.
  6. https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/rugby/super-rugby/111352359/super-rugby-crusaders-consider-new-name-in-wake-of-shooting-tragedy next they'll probably been changing the name of Christchurch, and so on. Until it boils over again and some right wing fanatic takes the opportunity to glorify himself on social media. It's a tossed up, fucked up, never come down world!
  7. I'll agree to that.
  8. It looks to me like they drive with their head and shoulders below their hips and then all it takes is a defender to push them further into the turf to stop the drive.
  9. At the Bok training camps: I wish they'd teach the ball carrier to stay on his feet and the support players to be closer in. Have you ever noticed how quickly the carrier gets stopped simply because he doesn't stay on his feet, or his support is to far away.
  10. The Crusaders are looking good.
  11. This man is a disgrace. Hopefully now he will be banned permanently. https://www.enca.com/sport/sharks-hooker-chiliboy-ralepelle-back-hot-water Do the Sharks, or anybody really need him? Besides the fact that he satisfies quotas, there is no of reason for him ever to play again.
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