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  1. WeDaFaKaWe

    World Cup 2019

    I'm not sure if you've seen this, but this bloke was pretty spot on . . .
  2. Sorry to hear about your situation as well Mata, you two must bytvas!
  3. WeDaFaKaWe


    When you pass out before making a move on her.
  4. Yip they've still got a long way to go to hit their target. And it doesn't get any easier.
  5. Sounds like things are on the up Vlag, it's good to hear.
  6. Yes J1M1. Great song and a great dog!
  7. I've been to check the User list occasionally and noticed there are a lot of guests registering on a daily basis, but they never seem to post. Just saying.
  8. WeDaFaKaWe

    World Cup 2019

    Just took another look at Kolbe's try. It was an excellent sidestep, but I'd have to say a piss poor tackle attempt by Farrell.
  9. Hoe bou jy n’ kakhuis vir n’ ou wat n’ vrou will wees? https://www.namibian.com.na/85114/read/Transgender-want-separate-toilets
  10. WeDaFaKaWe

    World Cup 2019

    I can actually see more than 1 'fuck cup' in that photo, and unless that spring buck is taking a piss it shouldn't be there either.
  11. WeDaFaKaWe

    World Cup 2019

    Good one J1M1
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