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  1. J1M1

    Cricket news

    England in India early Feb. FourTests ............life is always interesting!
  2. J1M1


    you just can't make this stuff up........ https://www.bbc.com/sport/tennis/55730099
  3. J1M1


  4. J1M1

    Cricket news

    How much longer is Lyon going to be part of the equation?
  5. J1M1

    Cricket news

    BIG questions! Is Indian cricket so strong or is Aussie cricket in decline? Goodbye time for Payne? i suspect Australia will look for any reason not to tour.........unless
  6. and this one.............timeless!!!
  7. J1M1

    Cricket news

    It's somehow always been part of the SA DNA that they somehow cannot/will not recognise true greatness/genius/talent. The local press media have a lot to answer for in this regard. Fact remains, Hansie was a crooked "christian" corrupt cricket captain with no real talent except to throw matches....and be the pet poodle of the local cricket media.
  8. J1M1

    Cricket news

    Hard fought match! I was reminded about why they call it a "Test". It's that in every conceivable way. 3 days to round 4........they'll all come out fightin, if they're able to walk......
  9. J1M1


    100% correct!! the inmates are in control of the asylum
  10. J1M1


    imo, i suspect that most people simply don't give a flying fig about all this shit. They're too busy simply trying to survive in real time.
  11. J1M1


    He has to be on some kind of very strong medication............for most US citizens he's become a very embarrassing individual! i cannot remember a US President ever behaving like donald........but i guess there's a first for everything. the BIG problem for me is he's still got his finger on the red button for another two weeks!!
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