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  1. J1M1


    “We need a completely new perspective on our relationship to society as a whole. In order to get what we’ve got, we have, in effect, traded these people out of what was the most important thing on earth to them – the feeling of being needed and useful, the foundation of self-respect”. Dr Paul Proteus - Player Piano, Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
  2. remember this.............ideal slow dance muzak
  3. J1M1


    RIP Johnny Nash.......
  4. RIP Edward van Halen..............
  5. J1M1


    this might be of interest.............
  6. J1M1


    It is! He ended up locking himself in his house armed to the teeth. He was convinced people, good & bad, were out to kill him..............
  7. J1M1


    You're a lucky lady!! as Mr Hendrix sang......Fall mountain..........just don't fall on me
  8. J1M1


    Somehow this all kind of relates to the book i'm reading - Malcolm Gladwell "Talking to Strangers". He puts forward the idea that we all have a very generous "truth default". For example Harry Markopolos, an investigator, warned everyone and anyone in the USA that Bernie Madoff was a crook........10 years before he got found out!! People simply thought Madoff was legit and very clever. Another example he uses is Ana Montes - the Cuban spy who worked for 20 years in US Intelligence.
  9. J1M1


    add the Vatican.........
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