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  1. Happy Birthday!! Hopefully you & yours are all Covid free...........
  2. An amazing group......and some historic photos
  3. Happy Birthday Docks!!
  4. J1M1

    Cricket news

    just hearing that England got another hiding............3-1 to India. why is it a big issue when spinners take the wickets? when the seamers & express men run through a team nothing gets said..........just asking
  5. Thanks!! It was a good weekend........the family took us to Walkerson's near Dullstroom. Pity the trout didn't share their gifts..............and so on
  6. J1M1

    Cricket news

    I don't remember from years ago, but it seems like England have become sore losers...........2019 rugby world cup - they're still whining. This Test will be the same (imho). It's pitiful when a country can't take a sound thrashing.
  7. J1M1

    Cricket news

    It's going to be very interesting to see/hear what the UK press are going to say about their "world beating" team............fact is, both teams actually played on the same pitch. Root as a bowler, 5 for 8..............now there's a stat to consider!
  8. J1M1

    Cricket news

    we could buy a BIG bell...........
  9. J1M1


    Facebook has blocked access to news websites for its Australian users in response to legislation that aims to force it to bargain with publishers. The impact has been immediate and dramatic, affecting all news outlets in the country, as well as further afield. The blocked content includes articles produced by The Conversation Australia, but the impact is being felt by all Conversation sites, including The Conversation Africa. It means that you will not be able to share articles from The Conversation Africa on Facebook. This is because The Conversation was founded in Australia and all editions run off a common website. Ways are being sought to address the situation and we will keep you posted. In the meantime, we urge you to continue reading our work on our website and sharing through email or other social media. Any chance Rupert Murdoch is involved?
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