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  1. J1M1

    James Small. R.I.P.

    last night Mark Bachelor took a lot of bullets - there's something going on among these gangster/sportsmen
  2. J1M1

    Cricket WC 2019

    Curious to know how the funds get divvied out among the participating teams -any info?
  3. J1M1

    Cricket WC 2019

    we'll swallow it for 4 years........next venue - India. That should be a real travel picnic & a bookie bonanza!!!
  4. J1M1

    Cricket WC 2019

    Definitely the only team who'll ever win a World Cup from a ricochet for 6 runs......VERY LUCKY!!!! You just can't make these things up!
  5. J1M1

    Cricket WC 2019

    Klop!!!!! Simply cannot bear the thought of 4 years of smug English faces
  6. J1M1

    Cricket WC 2019

    Hopefully this is motivation enough to dish out a thrashing in the Ashes series...........imagine not being on a plane home with a full series/s still to be played +/- 4 months away from home living out of a suitcase - enough reason to cause serious damage to a hotel room!
  7. J1M1

    Cricket WC 2019

    I thought the Kiwis were good value for their win. India crumbled under pressure. Australia could just be the other finalists but this is cricket - on the day, any team can win a match. This is why i love this game - NOTHING is ever certain!
  8. J1M1

    Cricket WC 2019

    i'm sure i can hear screaming from Mumbai....
  9. J1M1

    James Small. R.I.P.

    RIP James!
  10. Roger to play Rafa mid February 2020 at Cape Town stadium...........take them binoculars!
  11. J1M1

    Cricket WC 2019

    out of the bad comes good.......i hope so. i much prefer Australia to win this than India or England. Maybe the Kiwis can arse it, but it would take bundles of cash
  12. J1M1

    Cricket WC 2019

    i see life for him as a politician
  13. J1M1

    Cricket WC 2019

    It may just be the "tonic" your blokes needed........not sure about the injury situation - any news?
  14. 1964 lyrics for 2019............
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