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  1. and power generating green technology is somehow not regarded as a solution by our brilliant politicians.....go figure!!
  2. J1M1

    England tour to SA

    Why bowl your medium-pacers first-up at the start of an innings? imho Paterson is a poor choice.......
  3. J1M1

    England tour to SA

    i'd trade a Test win for 5 days heavy rain in PE any day of the week...........
  4. "super-bugs" are a reality & nobody knows how to deal with them......except, close the facility and build a new one?
  5. A friend went into hospital before Christmas for a removal of nodules in his bladder. He's still there, now fighting a raging infection not one doctor/specialist or anyone else knows where it is. I have a suspicion he got it in hospital...................
  6. Before they became Led Zeppelin........
  7. This is very good news! In my experience with cancer somehow i always took an extremely negative point of view. Perhaps it's just our human nature to expect the worst, rather than the best outcome....which comes as a shock You're on the road to recovery Vlag and this evening i'll raise a glass to that fact! The less time you spend in any hospital the better.......imho
  8. J1M1


    Some truth........for a change? https://www.newsweek.com/donald-trump-jimmy-carter-china-war-infrastructure-economy-trade-war-church-1396086
  9. J1M1

    England tour to SA

    The only imports we may get usually come from Zimbabwe.........
  10. J1M1

    England tour to SA

    we don't get the stump mic action here............. Was this when Philander was batting?
  11. James Burton could play.........Bruce too
  12. 29 year old T shirt.........those were the days!!
  13. Is it affecting the mood of the people? It's been a long slow war against these fires & it would be normal to see some pessimism/depression/negativity setting in.........we're human after all Take good care - we're hoping a monsoon hits you people real soon!
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