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  1. Chaotic

    Goodbye Sanzaar?

    So for the Kings who has almost lost the whole squad that played in Super Rugby to be in the game for 20mins isn't that bad
  2. Chaotic

    Goodbye Sanzaar?

    Wasn't really disappointed by the Cheetahs this weekend. We had Blommetjies on Flyhalf because our 3 top flyhalf are all injured. Center's we have a guy that only played 2 currie cup game going against an international players. We scrummed them and won that battle, even when we only had 7 forwards on the pitch. If we get some of our boks back we will be stronger. Question, this competition will be played when the six nations is on. Correct? Will we then face them with weaker teams? If i am correct both the teams the Cheetahs and Kings played was in the final last year?
  3. What do everyone see in the Dan Du Preez? He is a liability on the field. Every time he touches the ball he knocks it on or loose it in the contact.
  4. The Cheetahs did the same thing with Rhule.
  5. Chaotic


    He is at lease good at something...
  6. Chaotic


    The Lions Locks also made the "BOK" locks look inept.... and our brilliant bok hooker can't throw in...
  7. Chaotic

    Super Rugby?

    Ons thing not to forget... Lions and Sharks both are in a group where they play NO Nz teams.
  8. RG Snyman got 4 weeks ban... While the Highlander got 1 week ban.
  9. Chaotic

    Super Rugby?

    This is just a carrot they waving in front of the Cheetahs to get them to agree. They did the same with them when we had a test lined up in 2012. Then they moved the test to Orlando stadium and promised us a test the next year. Well we are in 2017 now and still no test. Don't know if this will work... I mean who would care about that tournament when we can watch the Super Rugby? But then again why would i watch Super Rugby without the Cheetahs?
  10. Chaotic

    Super Rugby?

    I heard as well that the format was actually locked till 2020 the current one that they are using and all the teams was actually told you will play Super Rugby till 2020. For them to now take the teams out...... pretty sure they will have to break the bank to get rid of teams. Hear Australia teams is not very happy with removing a team, hope the Cheetahs and Kings stand up and fight as well.
  11. Chaotic

    Super Rugby?

    Problem for me is, they will now take away 3 teams.... and then just keep the same format. Then we get head lines in the news papers from our Jurie Roux saying. " we listen to the fans " but the biggest problem for everyone is the format not the number of teams and the format will stay but we will loose teams. For me cutting 3 teams will not change anything.
  12. Chaotic

    Super Rugby?

    So we all know by now that we are going back to 15 teams. For myself maybe loosing my Cheetahs team in the Super Rugby I will be sad to see them go... and on the other hand I won't be pissed off because they are playing stupid rugby ( If you can call it rugby ) We saw this weekend how the Kings won the Tahs down under. This had me thinking... Why do we have to let two teams go? Why should Australia keep all there teams? If you look at the logs they actually have 3 teams below the Cheetahs. Who has just been able to win 2 out of 8 games so far. With the other team just 1 point above them. So what makes the Australian teams so special? As far as my knowledge go ( I might be wrong ) but Supersport figures has shown we have more people watching our games then we have people from Australia watching there games. So for Supersport they will make a loss.. Again this might just be me... but the biggest problem for me with the Super Rugby is the whole groups things they have going. I mean I don't want to see the Cheetahs play twice against teams like the Sunwolfs, Lions, Stormers, Bulls, Sharks... That is why we have the Currie Cup... I want to see the Cheetahs play against all the teams in the competition. How else will we see how bad we are? Now we won't play any of the Australia teams this year... But if you have a look at the Kings that won against the Australia team. Won't the Cheetahs also be able to pull a win over 4 of the 5 Australia teams? Well I guess we might BUT I won't find out because they not playing anyone of them this year... So why keep on watching games? Stormers AGAIN, Sunwolfs AGAIN, but against a team like the Kings we will only play once. This is what makes 90% of us not interested in Super Rugby anymore. It's not a Fair competition. Even if you remove 3 teams, this will not fix the problem. ( For Me ) So don't think 15 teams will make any different in my view of Super Rugby as the number of teams is not the problem. The format is. What is your guys / girls thoughts?
  13. Update on injuries Gunter van Rensburg – knee, 6 months Luan de Bruin – back, 6 months Erich de Jager – foot, 3 months Reniel Hugo – knee, 3 – 8 months Gerhard Olivier – ankle, 2 months Tienie Burger – finger, 6 weeks Uzair Cassiem – knee, 1 month Francois Venter – ankle, 3 weeks William Small-Smith – finger, 2 weeks Sergeal Petersen – knee, 2 weeks Shaun Venter – hamstring, 10 days Ox Nche – knee, 10 days Nico Lee – shoulder, 10 days
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