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  1. Try France. He was at Toulouse when he got the two year ban.
  2. vlagman


    Hahahaha. You cannot make this shit up. The BBC’s efforts of trying to use satire to put a message across, using satire, backfires. They end up telling the truth. NOTE. This is obviously a spoof ad.
  3. Just read a piece by Gary Neville in the Daily Express on it. He says the same thing about it being a dubious call. His verdict is that Lacazette and Aubameyang were the two key guys for Arsenal again.
  4. You remind me of a cassette tape I had. Back in the days when no swearing was allowed on TV, there was a pirate tape, doing the rounds, of an “uncensored” version of the TV program Biltong and Potroast (Remember it?). I somehow managed to get a copy. There was a guy called Cyril Green, who used to tell Jewish jokes. On this tape he told the story of the Jewish wedding. The punchline was that the following morning, mother of the bride said to he bride: “No no Rachel, it’s ‘vot HAPPINESS not vot APENIS”.
  5. I haven’t watched the game. Just saw the result and couldn’t believe it. I thought it must have been a mistake. I had to double check to make sure that the Gunners really did win the game.
  6. I have backed this guy a lot but if this is true, then fuck him. He had everything going for him. Not even the quota kak should save him.
  7. I haven’t seen the movie. We saw A Star is Born and they showed the trailer. We kind of decided to go see it as well but I’m beginning to think that I may be disappointed. A Star is Born is not the most brilliant movie and I was surprised when all the accolades started rolling in, but I really enjoyed it. I thought that Bradley Cooper did a really good job especially when I learned that he neither played guitar, nor sang, nor wrote music before and all of that was genuine in the movie. None of it was staged. All of the on stage scenes were shot during genuine live music festivals. Before we went to see it, I watched the Kristoffersen/Streisand version again. I think what made the new one good was the fact that they managed to make a complete new movie by only subtly changing the plot. Those changes put a completely new spin on it. The fact that that Jackson hangs himself in the new movie cleverly shifts the focus and his mental issues while not taking any of the focus away from Ally. In the previous movie the male character dies in a car accident.
  8. vlagman


    Wonder when someone will come up with the idea of holding events to include the currently disadvantaged, ie competitors who are denied opportunities to make way for the undeserving previously disadvantaged.
  9. vlagman

    Cricket news

    Correct. Toss Sri Lanka , elected to field first
  10. vlagman


    There is a guy on YouTube who has a channel called The Amazing Lucas. He is hilarious. He called this out as BS weeks ago. This is his first clip on it three weeks ago: Do yourself a favour and check out the four subsequent clips on the same story.
  11. vlagman


    My thoughts were: “Promises promises promises”.
  12. vlagman


    I would love to see the Libtard luvvies pick sides in this one: 'Education, not indoctrination': Muslim parents lead group of 300 in protest outside school gates against equality lessons on homosexuality and gender
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