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  1. vlagman

    Cricket WC 2019

    Does this mean that we will be hearing how the Kiwis were cheated out of a World Cup like the 2007 RWC for the next decade?
  2. vlagman


    Sounds more like The Hound from Game of Thrones. 😀 https://youtu.be/KtCsmSMRiC0
  3. vlagman

    Cricket WC 2019

    Hahaha. The vlagman thing happened like this. Many moons ago I used to only read the forums. I first posted posted on Keo and of course had to choose a nickname. The subject that got me posting was something about the rules. I chose the name Touchjudge. I then decided to start posting on the Supersport forum as well and again had to chose a name. At that stage the most rugby posts, IMO, were in Afrikaans, so I decided to use the old Afrikaans term for a touchjudge. Hence Vlagman.
  4. vlagman

    Cricket WC 2019

    Add to that: ......and captains don't have the ability to outthink their opponents anymore. When last did you see a captain doing something simple like successfully bringing on a bowler for one over only so he could switch a bowler to bowl from the other end?
  5. vlagman

    Cricket WC 2019

    I don’t know if I’m just one of those nostalgic idiots who do not believe in the youngsters but I don’t think that the new breed of players compare with the players up to about 2013/14? And that goes for all the sides. India, Pakistan, South Africa, AUS and England. Even New Zealand, I think. There are no more fighters. No Pontings, Warnes, Steve Waughs, McGraths, Graeme Smiths, Bouchers, Gillcrists, Flintoffs, Tendulkars, Kumbles, Harbagan Singhs, Inzamam Ul Hacs, Daniel Vettoris, etc, etc. FFS, I know I have probably left out about thirty or forty, if not more, others who are all way better than most, if not all, of the current crop.
  6. Unlike the guys, they stick to the rules. Pulling off your shirt is a yellow card. The US team wouldn’t have a single player left. 😀
  7. vlagman

    Cricket WC 2019

    Ping @Docker @taipan @J1M1 Check Geoffrey Boycott on England and the CWC. Hopefully my link will take you past the Brexit part straight to the cricket past. If not, fast forward to about 5 minutes in.
  8. When are they going to start thinking about overhauling the remuneration and ethics of the agents? I see an analogy with the insurance industry. Years ago you had insurance “agents” who made a habit of convincing clients that their existing policies were useless and then persuade them to cancel it and purchase an new “better” one. The LOA (Life Office Association) caught up and laid down rules. If a client cancels a policy and immediately take out another within six months prior, or after the cancellation, the commission gets reversed. It is then up to the advisor to prove that there was a valid reason for the cancellation in order to have the commission reinstated. I could be wrong but I believe that rugby players moving between clubs is often done in the same way. When the agent needs a new car or a new cash injection he starts looking for a “better deal” for his client, the player. I’m not 100% sure that it is that simple but I have had a gut feeling about this for ages. Bernie Habana was such and “agent”. IIRC, his credentials eventually proved to be fairly dodgy as well. I remember at the time of Habana’s moved to the WP, he told the media that they were only testing the market because it was time for the renewal of Bryan’s Bulls contract. The argument was that they were just trying to establish Bryan’s market value for their negotiations with the Bulls. That was what they told the media and the Bulls in any case. I cannot remember the details but I seem to recall that he was involved in a few other dodgy deals as well.
  9. Happy birthday mate. May you get as old as you look. 😉😀
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