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  1. @supersupporter Check this out. The more I learn about this wacko Pretoria boytjie, the more I find out how little I know exactly what he has been keeping himself busy with.
  2. There is a reason for that, Weda. AFAIK, wrestling is not a massive sport in Norway, least of al Greco-Roman. Often those countries’ wrestling contingent is a handful of guys. Much like our guys after re-admission. Our entire team for the 1992 Barcelona Olympics consisted of five guys. A team manager/coach, an official and the three wrestlers Bennie Labuschagne, Tjaart du Plessis and Johan Rossouw. This was a great result for the Norwegians. They only had two wrestlers in 2016 and both won medals. The other one was a silver.
  3. Can you imagine Musk trying to set up Tesla or SpaceX in SA? 😀
  4. @supersupporter Check this interview:
  5. Yeah Barlee. I always thought that this wacko Pretoria boytjie had a few screws loose but I have changed my mind a bit lately. I don’t know how much he personally had to do with it but he is ambitious and puts his mouth where his money is. I also watched the launch and then “rewinded” the live stream of the docking yesterday. I watched the approach of Dragon from where they were about 30m (IIRC) away from the ISS, and then watched all the way through until the end of the interviews. I listened to the big boss of NASA speaking. It was then that it really dawned on me what an historical and unique venture this really was. In a way it brought me back to listening to the Apollo moon landing in 1969, when I was in standerd 5, and how excited we, as school kids, were.
  6. Happy birthday Barlee. Pen-blwydd hapus Barlee.
  7. If you cannot dazzle them with brilliance, you baffle them with bullshit.
  8. Must have been a hell of an adaptation for you to suddenly having to work from home. 😄
  9. I would be surprised if I hadn’t said anything about it. My family was getting sick and tired of my constant bitching about Faf, especially after the sudden arrival of Herschel Jantjies who, to me was like the coming of the Messiah.
  10. vlagman


    You cannot make this shit up:
  11. I watched this during the weekend and I have to admit. It swayed me. I never was a Rassie fan by any means. Neither a Jantjies fan. The way this guy has analysed it, I will put me hand up and say that I’m convinced. He has done a similar analysis of the final on its own. Don’t know if you’ve seen it.
  12. Another one: And then......proof that karma really is a bitch
  13. I saw this tweet and was about to post it on the Libtards thread. Then I thought that is probably not a bad idea to have a separate thread for the Karens of the world.
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