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  1. vlagman


    If I was this woman I would have bliksemed this fucking soyboy and then do the same to Eamon and his horse faced wife as well for allowing the qunt to take over the show like this. Typical fucking irritating activist.
  2. vlagman


    Bloody hell. I haven’t laughed so much at a tweet, and the follow-up tweets on Twitter in a long time. Check it out. It’s hilarious.
  3. vlagman


    Don’t get me started. 😀 This kak started with Idris Elba and the Oscars a few years back. I can’t stand the fucker.
  4. vlagman


    Give that man a Bell’s Double Michelin-starred chef Sat Bains REFUSES to serve vegan food at his £120-a-head restaurant because it is 'a rip-off'
  5. True. Over here there often cases of the Norovirus breaking out in hospitals, and schools obviously. Just last month saw an outbreak in Gloucester.
  6. While in hospital after the operation, one of the doctors told me that they want to get me out of there ASAP. I didn’t ask why. Since then I couldn’t understand why they always seem to have me there for as little as possible. I put it down to the shortage of beds. Then, when I got my first referral letter for blood tests it had a huge “CHEMO” sticker on it. I was told that it was to make sure I’m moved to the front of the queue. It was then that they explained that it was because they don’t cancer patients hanging around in hospitals too much. It is to limit their exposure to all the bugs and viruses as much as possible. I was surprised. One always thinks of a hospital as a clean sterile environment and it’s not. Lots of ill people with all kinds of bugs in there. Especially at pathology where many of the people who are in the waiting room have yet to be diagnosed conditions. I was there on last Monday and there must have been around 30 people. I handed in my form when I arrived and they took me straight through. In and out in just over five minutes.
  7. There we go again. Where do they have their roots? The Blues.
  8. You bet. I have seen enough of hospitals already in a short time and I don’t even “feel” sick or unwell. I have also not even been sick when all of this started. All in all I have been to the hospital, since August, for the following: -To West Berkshire Community Hospital in Thatcham, a satellite of Royal Berkshire Hospital, to see the Dermatologist right at the start. I also had the second CT scan there. -To Royal Berkshire in Reading (RBH): First to have the lesion on my back removed. Then to get the results of the lab tests and receive the news that there was melanoma. Then the first CT scan, then to see the skin cancer specialist. Then to have the ultrasound biopsy, then (after the operation in Oxford) to see the oncologist. Then who sent me for a second CT scan which was done at Thatcham and the brain MRI. Then for the blood tests because I couldn’t get an appointment in time at my local GP surgery. Then for the brain MRI. Then to the Berkshire Cancer Centre at RBH for the pre-treatment assessment for the immunotherapy. Then to the oncologist again to get the results of the bloods, the scan and the brain MRI. Then for the liver MRI. The PET scan was in Oxford at the Churchill Hospital. Then to oncologist again last Friday for the results. And now I will be going to the Cancer Centre every three weeks for three months and the every six weeks for 21 months if all goes well. -To John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford. First for the pre-op assessment. Then for the operation and stayed in for a week. Then for the post-op checkups at the dressing clinic all in all about eight 50 mile round trips because of the infection. Then in hospital again for two days because of the infection. -To Churchill Hospital in Oxford for the PET scan. And still I do not ( thankfully) “feel” sick.
  9. vlagman

    England tour to SA

    And then, in the last you had George Gregan from Zambia, if I’m not mistaken.
  10. Two bits of news. Friday went down reasonably well. The results were that the MRI confirmed “something” with the liver but it did not flare up as cancer on the PET scan. Neither did the enlarged lymph nodes. So, the oncologist was probably right when she said that she was thinking that the enlarged lymph node was probably after effects of the battle with the infection in the wound. She has warned though that she is still playing it safe because the PET scan also did not conclusively rule out that there could still be cancer in the nodes and/or the liver. Because of that, she has decided to do the immunotherapy for two years and not twelve months as per the original plan. She also do not see the need anymore for using a combination drug. Using a single drug has a chance severe side effects of about 1%. Using a combination of two drugs increases that by 90% with a 50% chance of often being hospitalised with severe side effects. t The other bit of news is that the treatment is starting next Wednesday. So, all in all not too bad an outcome.
  11. I like to listen to the more hardcore guitar sounds through distortion pedals and stuff, mostly found in all the different styles of metal music but this old school type of electric guitar sound still remain tops. In my young days I was and still is TBH, a big fan of the stuff done by the likes of the Ventures and the shadows. And then I also discovered blues quite a few years ago. One of my all time favourite pure guitar tunes is still this one: It is difficult to choose between the likes of Pipeline, Wipe Out, FBI, Walk don’t Run, Telstar, Hawaii five O, etc, but somehow I always come back to Apache.
  12. vlagman


    All this kak started with Idris Elba and the Oscars a few years back. That’s why I can’t stand him and now he is in line to become the first black James Bond. For some reason everybody seems to think the sun shines out of his arse. Would be great if they had the balls to let Ricky Gervais loose on the BAFTA lot as well.
  13. vlagman

    England tour to SA

    Mountain....... mole hill, comes to mind. Apparently he called him a knob head, which had all the virtue signalling luvvies’ knickers in a knot.
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