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  1. vlagman

    Eish Spurs...

    They do, but to the wrong people or, more correctly, person. Jose Mourinho only shook hands on becoming the new Tottenham manager after Daniel Levy promised Harry Kane would not be sold until June 2021 at the earliest. The Portuguese has been given 50 per cent more pay than Mauricio Pochettino to manage Tottenham– but no more money to spend in the transfer window.
  2. vlagman

    Eish Spurs...

    Probably not. Many clubs are probably all gonna through the same mill that Arsenal went through when the started building the Emirates.
  3. I never watched track races in the days of the 9 hour. Only started after they changed it to the Wynns 1000. Went to two of them. Both won by “Sideways” Jody. One year driving a Zakspeed Escort and the other in a BMW 530. I was very much into rallying. They used to have two stages of the Total around Witbank. One on the out stage at Bulpan and the other, coming back from the Lowfeld. These used to rotate on the land own by the mines every year but the Bulpan one was always at the same place. Used to get home covered in dust and sand.
  4. vlagman

    Eish Spurs...

    I would also have stuck with Potch. You do not become a kak manager overnight. He has been doing well with Spurs and has been having quite a shyte spell but shit happens. I quite like him. I can remember when he first arrived at Southampton and watching his first interviews. Me and my wife’s first reactions were WTF? He cannot even communicate with the players but somehow he learnt English pronto. As far as I’m concerned he did well at Spurs but who am I to complain? They’re way below Arsenal and that is about the only consolation because we are getting kakker and kakker by the day. Maybe they should cut their losses, send the Spaniard packing and sign Potch.
  5. vlagman

    Eish Spurs...

    You can? Unless you mean Jose getting fired again as being a good ending. 😀
  6. vlagman

    Eish Spurs...

    Daniel Levy appoints Jose Mourinho as the new Tottenham manager, with the £15m-a-year Portuguese earning DOUBLE the salary of the axed Mauricio Pochettino
  7. vlagman


    When is a woman really ugly? When she jumps into the pool naked and the Kreepy Krauly gets out and start mowing the lawn.
  8. Check this clip out. It is made by an American who confesses that he doesn't know a lot about rugby yet, and seems more into stuff like NFL and basketball, and it shows. He has posted this clip and it is all about Faf de Klerk.
  9. @J1M1 More Morrison magic:
  10. Thought I’d give you guys a bit of an update. I was at the hospital again today for them to have a look at the wound. This is what happened since my last update. I was discharged on the 25th of Oct with one drain still in. I had to record the daily volumes of fluid and phone it in and then go see him again the next Friday. It then was decided to leave the drain in, but there was a bit of infection where the drain tube goes in. They put a silver dressing on to fight the infection. They gave me some spare dressings and told me to go back the next Tuesday. Important, though, was they have received the lab reports. As expected there was melanoma in the node that they did the biopsy on before the op. There was also melanoma in two additional nodes but that was it. Melanoma in only three out of a total of 34 nodes that were removed. None in the rest of the tissue that was removed and also no further melanoma in the additional tissue that was removed from my back at the location of the original tumor. The drain has been removed in the meantime and on Tuesday, this week, they drained a further 330 ml of fluid. As I said, I saw them again today. There was still a bit of fluid but it is very little and my body should start taking care of that by itself now. I’m on a dose of strong antibiotics, since the infection is not quite sorted. I have to go back on Tuesday again and if it is still not totally gone they will put me on a quick IV boost of stronger antibiotics. In addition I have to attend a Melanoma Information Session arranged by the MacMillan Cancer Rehabilitation Group on 4 Dec. It is basically about stuff like prevention of further skin cancer, and identifying of skin cancer, checking yourself for possible enlarged lymph nodes and other self examination, etc. I have also already received a notice of my first follow up appointment on 19 Dec where my entire body will be checked out for any signs of skin cancer and they will also check for any physical signs of enlarged nymph nodes. I know I will get more CT scans. Not sure if it wil done at this appointment though. Lastly, I am seeing the oncologist next Friday where they will be discussing the path forward. I will learn then what they have decided as far as the need for immunotherapy and if so what type, how long and how much, side-effects and dealing with that. I have to admit that I’m careful not to get my hopes up too high, purely it hasn’t worked out perfectly so far. First, I was hoping that the tumor would be benign. It wasn’t. Then they told me that I need to go for the CT scan and I hoped that it would come back clean. It did, but there was the enlarged lymph node. The surgeon said that he could not detect it at all but that he would have the biopsy done just to be sure. I was positive and thought that because he could not feel it clearly it would be fine. It wasn’t and he told me that the surgery was needed. I was hoping that there would only be cancer in that one node and it wasn’t. But, it was only three out of 34 and nothing in any of the rest. So that’s a positive. All of the above, though have left me being just a little more cautious. I’m not totally negative but I’m just a bit more cautious of being overly optimistic. Let’s wait and see. The one positive, for me, is that the NHS jumped through hoops to have the immunotherapy approved mainly because of the tremendous results in the trials. So, if they decide to put me through it, there is a very good chance of success. I also have to bear in mind that further treatment could very well be for preventative purposes only. Be it as it may, the oncology will clearly let me know whether it will be for the purpose of fighting existing cancer or whether it will be for preventative purposes.
  11. Wow. Interesting. I saw a short clip on TV a while ago but didn't know that the project has already moved to the Kalahari yet. BTW. This project has a link to Jim Reeves as well. Many moons ago he went toi SA to star in a movie called Kimberley Jim. In the movie he sang an Afrikaans song. Yes, That's it:
  12. vlagman


    Yep. The wanker is always in the shit about it. I think he does it deliberately. Last year he was in the shit about his kak attire. This year he at least looked better dressed but fucked it up with his kak attitude. He is probably the Tories’ best weapon for the election. Even Tony Blair thinks he’s a doos.
  13. vlagman


    Hahaha. There is an article in the Daily Mail about vegan food this morning. It’s about how some are ok but many of them are really kak. As usual I scrolled down to the comments and found this one: ”Q. What is the difference between a marshmallow and a vegan boyfriend? A. A marshmallow gets hard sometimes.”
  14. vlagman


    Well fuck me sideways. This interview followed after an election candidate was forced to stand down after he basically warned women to be careful before jumping into bed with every Tom, Dick and Harry.
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