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  1. Ping @J1M1 It's BB King's birthday.
  2. vlagman


    I bet that if it was Trevor Nyakane being suspected of this, and there was a suspension pending the outcome of an investigation into it, this same doos would have been crying racism as well.
  3. vlagman


    Hahahaha. If you can't dazzle them with brilliance then try and baffle them with bullshit.....
  4. vlagman

    Tiny Tim

    Tiny Tim calls Docker's mate in Aussie land:
  5. You may be onto something here. Never thought about that.
  6. vlagman

    Tiny Tim

    I came across this guy's You Tube channel:
  7. They have to find a way not to upset the #MeToo movement.
  8. Yep. Not good. Was a much better player than a coach.
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