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  1. vlagman


    Oh for fuck sakes. On the one hand I think that it is ridiculous. On the other hand, I think that these poor fucking souls deserve to be conned out of fifty bucks for “counselling”. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7043605/Professional-counselors-available-Game-Thrones-fans-unable-cope-end-show.html
  2. That reminds me a bit about the lefties in the States who don’t like how the Mueller investigation turned out. 😀
  3. Another one from the same channel:
  4. Ping @J1M1 Check the Sowetan on bass among this lot.
  5. Have you seen the one of the lions hunting:
  6. Doesn’t change the fact that her Afrikaans grammar is kak. Unless that was in the script, in which case the Afrikaans grammar of the script writer is kak. Then again, if she knew better then she could have helped them correct it. Be that as it may, it is very clear what has happened here.
  7. Would probably have helped if they got someone who actually knows Afrikaans instead of using Google Translate or something. 😀
  8. And they have gone and done it. An England lock out in both the CL and the EL.
  9. Was thinking the same just after I posted my previous post.
  10. An all England final. And if the Pensioners and the Gunners both show up tonight we can have an all England Europa League final as well.
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