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  1. Ping @J1M1 It's BB King's birthday.
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    I bet that if it was Trevor Nyakane being suspected of this, and there was a suspension pending the outcome of an investigation into it, this same doos would have been crying racism as well.
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    Hahahaha. If you can't dazzle them with brilliance then try and baffle them with bullshit.....
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    Tiny Tim

    Tiny Tim calls Docker's mate in Aussie land:
  5. You may be onto something here. Never thought about that.
  6. vlagman

    Tiny Tim

    I came across this guy's You Tube channel:
  7. They have to find a way not to upset the #MeToo movement.
  8. Yep. Not good. Was a much better player than a coach.
  9. That is something that gets me going. Everybody is forever busy up in arms over breast cancer and cervical cancer etc, and I’m not saying that it is unimportant. Fact is that more men die of prostate cancer than women dying from breast cancer. Also bear in mind that there are already more women than men as it is which makes the percentage of prostate cancer deaths even higher.
  10. A few weeks ago I would have agreed, Weda, but now I've changed my mind. As I said, had I checked out that brown spot, it would have been removed and job done.
  11. vlagman

    Mugabe gone

    Gaan kak man. Then again, I did not literally say that I don't see FDP, Victor Matfield, etc. I literally said that I do not see A FDP, A John Smit, A Juan Smith, etc,
  12. Guys I love to make fun on a lot of things on this forum but this time I want to be serious for a while. We have a Whatsapp group of our group of school friends who matriculated in the same year. One of my friends warned the men some time ago that we need to have our regular check ups, since he has been diagnosed with either testicular or prostate cancer. I cannot remember which one it was but it was caught fairly early and he seems to be OK for now. I thought "yeah thanks, maybe I will have a check at some stage". I obviously put it on the back burner, until now. This is what has now happened. I discovered a mole like growth on my back some time ago. Actually started of as a large brown spot. It eventually started to bulge out a bit. Towards the end of last year it really started to get bigger. About two three months ago it got really big and I seem to have caused it to bleed drying myself after a shower. I started being more careful but in early July my wife persuaded me to go see the quack about it. I went to see the GP and at first she said that it looks like Seborrhoeic Keratosis which is normally harmless. A week later it got damaged again and was bleeding during the night and had some fluid oozing the following day. I went back to my GP and she said it looked different this time and referred me to the dermatologist and also put me on a course of antibiotics. The dermatologist referred me to have it removed and analysed. That was done and I then had to go see the CNS. That was when I got the news that it was indeed a Melanoma and ascan was arranged. That happened on last Sunday. Today I saw the melanoma surgeon. The scan was clean bar a lymph node that was very slightly enlarged. Apparently normal is 1mm and this one is closer to 1.2mm. He investigated and said that he could not detect anything but he wanted to be certain. So, I’m still not out of the woods. This is now the next course of action. They will be doing an ultrasonic biopsy during which the node is detected using ultra sound and fluid is collected for a biopsy. Then I have to go to Oxford where they will do tests to determine the feasibility of anesthetics due to my atrial fibrillation and being on Apixaban blood thinners. Reason is that more tissue needs to be removed from where the melanoma was cut out the other day as a precaution. During this procedure one more small mole that was discovered today will also be removed as a precaution. In addition they will inject some radioactive stuff, as well some kind of blue ink into the wound when they remove the additional tissue. This is to trace and remove any other lymph nodes around the area, also as a precaution. This process has to be done under anaesthetic, hence the trip to Oxford. If all goes well, and no further cancer cells are detected, I will stay in the MacMillan Cancer setup for five years where I will be monitored and will be scanned every six months. Thereafter for another five years being scanned every 12 months. So, all in all the removal of the mole and the scan last Sunday was only the start of a process. I have to say it was a hair raising few days until I heard today that the CT scan showed that I was clean with no clear traces of the cancer having spread to any other organs, tissue or bones thus far. Fingers crossed that the rest goes smoothly as well. I said this to someone last night: "I actually want to share this with all my friends in SA to look after their skins and not take anything for granted. I spent a hell of a lot of time in and around the swimming pool being a swimmer and taking part in water sports like water polo, etc. I never cared for sunscreen and shyte because I "mos wasn’t a moffie". Each of these guys, who are taking care of me now, rolled their eyes every time they heard that I grew up in SA. They keep telling me that a lot of their melanoma patients are whiteys who was raised Africa. So, want I want to say is please pay attention to out of the ordinary shit when you notice it. I did not and I may still pay the price. I should have had that brown spot looked at when I first noticed it. Thing with melanoma is that it is not about how large it is but rather how deep it has grown. Up to 4mm deep is the norm for being safe. Anything beyond that is considered to be a high risk. Mine was 9mm deep. It grew from an oval brown spot of probably about 1mm by 3mm to this bulge of 3cm by 17 mm and 9mm deep before I had it checked out. And you don't have to tell me. I know I was a fucking idiot to ignore it for so long.
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    Mugabe gone

    Can be fun sometimes. I once started a week long battle with my "friend", Ou Maaikie, over on the other side. I only made one short statement. He wrote a mile long essay about the British and somewhere along the line, he said that the UK anexxed the Cape in 1795. All I said was: "There was no United Kingdom in 1795". That was enough to spark one hell of a lengthy argument purely because (a) I knew that he was never going to accept that he just made a mistake in referring to the UK instead of Great Britain and (b) that he would rather go out of his way to prove that it was indeed the UK that annexed the Cape colony. That was exactly what happened in the end. (Thanks to Hawkeye who made that for me.)
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    Mugabe gone

    Yeah cause you said that there will be lots of partying and having a place to piss on. Difficult if there is no grave yet.
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    You are being very generous. Oh wait, I just noticed that you said "collective IQ".
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    Mugabe gone

    I haven't seen it but it wouldn't surprise me. There are two things to consider. The one is BBC's knack of twisting things by only showing the interviews with ignorant arseholes who probably don't even know who Mugabe is. The other is the fact that the Brits have been led by the noses by the media, about Africa, for so long that they have no idea what they are talking about when it comes to Africa. They only remember the media hype about how he was once seen as the saviour of Africa and has since ignored everything in between that time and now.
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    To be fair, Twitter can be one's friend as well but you are correct for the most part. Trump, for one, is one of the best users of Twitter and his odd "Twitter gaffs" here and there seems to roll off his back. Some even believe that his "gaffs" are deliberate trolling. Seems like it if you look at his Twitter jabs at Ilhan Omar and Elijah Cummings. Everybody and his granny jumped on him for being racist when he told Omar to piss off back to her country, go fix the shit there and then get back to the USA to show them how it is done. Everybody on the left jumped in and nailed him for trying to deport her, missing the part where he said that she should go back to the USA. The result is that deep down a lot of Americans have been thinking hard about what he said.
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