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  1. Dunno whether to laugh or cry .............. I popped over here (first ever visit since being asked to voetsak years ago) after reading Voldeshitmont's cryptic post at Ruckers.......... being curious & wanting to find out whatsup . Decision made........ Hullo ouMeanou, hope you're well .
  2. Thanks Don, lekker laugh ..... some funny fucking jokes .
  3. Basil I cannot remember ever saying nasty things about you..... I was tempted to at times but restrained myself admirably despite severe provocation . Now though, after reading your recent one-eyed bollocks, I can only conclude by saying, Basil, jou moer .
  4. Basil.... I never mentioned his mother . Go to bed, you're simply making a bigger gat of yourself .
  5. Moer can be hitting someone.... 'ek gaan jou moer' or moer can translate to mother . Why don't you show the post that I was replying to ?
  6. Oh Basil .......... review this thread & you'll notice that I've barely spoken to Beeno, my involvement here centred on having a pop at Tpan for his foul mouth, nothing else, & its from that that the fracas erupted. In hindsight, you're another with a gobshite mouth so it was foolish to expect any respite from you on the issue . Good board, with many fine members, but jaysus, the management...........
  7. That wouldn't surprise me either .............. & one day you'll probably end up posting to yourself . Ever decreasing circles .
  8. Barlee, get your head out of your arse ............. I get called a cunt, coward, hypocrite, bottom feeder, arsecreeper, sheer scum, a sleaze bag with no balls............... all endorsed by yourself nogal, yet, (disregard the religious post) Beeno gets chapter & verse for delivering some relatively mild banter . Classic Fawlty . Stick your board where a monkey puts its nuts .
  9. Barlee, Rooinek was being kind comparing you to a Monty Python character, he's very close though, Basil Fawlty's the one I have in mind ....... you won't ban Beeno, but you may delete him .....& obviously whenever he says anything that you don't like, but others have carte blanche to say whatever . What a yoyo .
  10. I'll let others decide for themselves who's behaving like scum, as you go into overdrive on your 'technogical' rant . Ffs what an embarrassment you are for this board . Sies .
  11. Hawk, you're being rather selective ........... show his response to my 'sies' comment , not what led to it .
  12. I made a 'sies man' comment & got called a cunt in reply ......... but if you can show me otherwise please do so .
  13. Liar.... you called me a fucking cunt in the removed posts .
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