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  1. Give one single valid argument that transcends your hypocrisy and you may have an opinion... Or for that matter any single valid argument
  2. Vlagman, You are wasting your breath... They can't even read. I say WWE "spear tackle" and the miss both the WWE and the quotation marks. (Where I describe the action of diving uncontrolled at someone) They can't think logically.... Will not even allow their own kids to play rugby, but its okay that someone else kid suffers brain damage (concussion) in an uncontrolled "tackle". Added to this, this kid (child) was unconscious for a few seconds and placed in the recovery position, before coming to... Hypocrites, nothing more In all the other examples I mentioned the "victim" contributed to the situation by their own actions. In this incident the "target" did nothing but pass the ball... You will also note that they do not give a single logic argument to back up their oh so fucking important opinions, while both of us actually did.
  3. Your intellectual disability prevents me from entertaining you on this topic any further.
  4. Read the rest of my post. Where all of you have bitched in the past, I have consistently said in most cases, they are "rugby incidents". In this case the action is a direct result of the action and intent of the tackler. With the additional aspect of the tackle being made after he had already passed the ball. Now, as I said. Fuck off! None of you have the right to any opinion on players safety.
  5. Just to get it straight.... You guys believe the following: A player jumps into the air to charge down a kick, can change direction in the air to avoid a player running into him A player getting ready to make a tackle, that is suddenly confronted with a change of direction or a player stumbling and falling into him should be able to ignore all laws of physics and human ability, must be able to get out of the way, otherwise he showed intent and should be red carded A player standing his ground to catch a ball while another jumps into the air and into him, should run away so that the one who jump should have all the rights to the ball (i.e a player with his feet on the ground should not be allowed to catch a ball) A player that makes a reckless uncontrolled tackle with no regard for any form of safety makes a legal tackle NOTED! I believe that not one of you have any grounds to say ANYTHING about player safety under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES ever again... Thanks for clearing that up!
  6. The combined IQ of the Bulls 6 and 7 is equal to the difference between the numbers on their backs... The no 8 played a lot like Duane Vermeulen, only better. RG Snyman was impressive and showed a lot of skill and made good decisions. Maybe he could supply the extra dimension we so desperately need in a Bok pack? Generally Pollard's game have improved a hell of a lot and so too his decision-making, however the decision to take a scrum at a penalty, while your scrum is the kukkest on the planet, shows that stupidity can be perfected. Burger Odendaal pisses me off a lot by not passing, when it is clearly on. --- Sharks? WTF?
  7. (1)Past the horisontal, (2)head first into the ground. Absolutely (3)ZERO control from the tackler, More reminiscent of a WWE "spear tackle" with with an uncontrolled dive the (4)purpose of injuring the player. MINIMUM of a red card! That was ABSOLUTELY RECKLESS.
  8. Skills: Interesting. A LOT more skills than we see of the seniors and in particular the Springboks. I wonder where it all goes wrong. It is quite clear that the impressive skills we see here seem to fall away over time. Structure: I notice that the NZ team does not have much of a structure or set plays. It appears that they mainly focus on skills development in the early stages and then catch up with playing within a structure later. So, they improve over time. Physical conditioning: May this be related to what happens later in relation to skills and ability. When players bulk up they lose more than they gain. Additional weight means your stepping is not as sharp. It also means you struggle more to make certain passes as your movements become more restricted (less flexible). Added to that bulking up also means that due to less flexibility, you also start to lose speed. MORE Science needed! If we had 1 (ONE), yes only 1 decent sport scientist involved in rugby, I'm sure we could have figured this out 10 years ago...
  9. I didn't want to say too much, because I think Ackermann is not to smart himself.... And when you listen to de Bruin, you (sort of) get the same impression. I think its one of those cases where the whole was much greater than the sum of the parts. The two of them combined well, within the culture that existed at the Lions at the time. When you remove or change just a part of the whole everything can change...
  10. The Bulls suffer from an apparently incurable disease.... Stupidity. For about 5 plus year now, they've lost about half of the matches they should have won, due to unbelievably stupid play/actions from players. I'm not sure whether they are coached in a manner where they have drop their IQ's when going onto the field, or whether they only select players that fail a certain IQ standard only... Then you have someone like Conrad van Vuuren... I have criticised him many times before related to the fact that I just cannot see why anyone would select him to play in any team. Apparently, despite all his failures (every game he plays), he still remains a squad member. What is it that the coaches see in him? He can't scrum properly. He plays stupidly. Many times in the past I came to the defence of a player that did not have time to pull out of the tackle. I his case he still went for the tackle in the air even though it was clear that he could have pulled out of the tackle. Slow brain? I just know there is no excuse for his idiocy...
  11. I'm actually quite amazed that not more is made of Akker van der Merwe's "Roid Rage" incident. Schalk Britz also reacted to the head-butt, but stopped after the one attempted punch, clearly in control of himself. Akker however completely lost it and continued in clear view without being interrupted by a single coherent thought... Whereas a normal person would be able to realise that there might be some stupidity in attempting to continue with such actions, it was quite evident that he was not himself at that moment, but "possessed" by uncontrolled rage... Such an extreme loss of control always makes me wonder...
  12. I'm getting too lazy to all the games.... Or just not that interested. I did watch the Bulls game and was pleasantly surprised by the variation in their play. Also by the decision making. It could have been better, but was good enough for a decent win. I do not want to say too much now, as they played against a rudderless team. Fleck's coaching has now come full circle. They have no plans on attack. The have no real system on defence and poor decision making all over. It looks more like a bunch of individuals thrown together for a festival game. And the reason I don't want to say to much about the Bulls play is because the score the Stormers were beaten with, is what one would expect from a half-decent team playing against an ill-prepared team like the Stormers. Those gaps were there last year already. But the other teams generally were just too poor to exploit it.
  13. Seeing much of the same thing whenever I do anything online. The only way you will have privacy is to go completely off the grip. For work, just about everything that I have is connected in some way. To get my own privacy back, I will have to create a new identity....
  14. My summary based on the second match yesterday. I did not watch the first one, as I was busy watching something else at that time... Bulls: AAAAAARGH! If they are going to play the one off runners and idiotic pretty rugby of running everything, we are in for another shit season. High risk off-loads are stupid. Running everything is stupid. Smart tactical kicking is a thing of the past it seems. Smart tactical kicking is supposed to form a part of a greater strategy in terms of field position and reaching the areas you can attack from. It seems the mental/thinking aspect is out of the game and running everything without a clear plan makes for a boring game-plan. Stormers: A long season of blaming the referees comes to mind. Where the Bulls are coached to play stupidly, the Stormers are coached to play outside the laws as much as possible. Falling over the ball, playing offside, coming in from the side. Fleck is a poor coach and as the years progress, the Stormers rely on the illegal tactics more and more. Where the Bulls have some sort of dull, boring plan, the Stormers don't seem to have any. The Stormers have eagerness and motivation, which will make them dangerous at times, but all you have to do to beat them is play controlled and safe. The two teams are basically the same level in terms of competence overall. Skills and decision making: While much is made of the the skills aspect, it is clear that some skills are being employed more often at the Bulls, such as the off-loads and quicker passes. The decision making however is crap and its clear that we don't have coaches that help the players with those mind-skills. Fourie du Preez is the one person that is NEEDED in the Bulls coaching setup. The Stormers can probably do with any coach with a brain... This is also one of the main reasons I find (notso)Super Rugby quite boring... The law changes, the refereeing and the coaching have removed intelligent play from the game. Rugby is definitely not the same anymore...
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