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  1. Hadn’t logged in for a couple of days so missed this. hope it was good as travel is still banned.
  2. Sorry, missed this. Hope it was a good one.
  3. taipan

    Cricket news

    I will build a statue to it.
  4. taipan

    Cricket news

    We all know it’s BS. England is suffering much more under Covid but none of these clowns would have turned down an Ashes tour.
  5. Without looking the 903 was Hutton’s 364
  6. taipan

    Cricket news

    Yeah, I saw that. Believe me you want it closed down. 5 days is simple
  7. taipan

    Cricket news

    They were never doing to tour. The irony is that the infection rate is dropping so quickly that the pubs were reopened last night. 2 weeks ahead of schedule
  8. taipan

    Cricket news

    Quinnie must learn to tell the bowlers to piss off on reviews
  9. taipan


    I am getting complaints for praising Joe Biden and thereby endorsing straight white male power. To be clear: race, gender and sexuality is determined by how you vote in elections. As the one who ousted Donald Trump, we can safely say that Joe Biden is the blackest of lesbians.
  10. taipan

    Cricket news

    Is it only me who thinks that Starc lost a lot of swing one the sandpaper went?
  11. taipan


    FFS https://www.cambridgeindependent.co.uk/news/cambridgeshire-rapist-jailed-for-15-years-after-attack-that-left-victim-with-recurring-nightmares-9148559/
  12. Gloria and Self Control were her big hits.
  13. Saw her live at the Springs Indoor Centre. I think her career had tanked by then. Been dead many a year.
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