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  1. The Parlotones are still going?
  2. I have had a few serbaceous cysts cut out with no problems
  3. Is it only a day race? Personally one of the few reasons I would go to France would be the 24 hour
  4. taipan

    Eish Spurs...

    My impression is that somehow he has lost the change room. I don’t think Spurs pay the best wages.
  5. taipan

    Eish Spurs...

    I can see this ending well
  6. Have abandoned Prince Andrew. Total qunts https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/10369687/sponsor-kpmg-queen-backs-andrew-newsnight-interview/
  7. taipan


    Have a look at Corbyn at the Cenotaph yesterday. He could hardly be bothered to bow.
  8. taipan

    World Cup 2019

    Almost as many WC winners as Hugenote Springs
  9. taipan

    World Cup 2019

    I’d be pissed every day if I lived in Bloem
  10. taipan

    World Cup 2019

    Redundant. NZ - doos. Same thing
  11. taipan


    Oh fucking dear
  12. taipan

    World Cup 2019

    Called this 6 weeks ago
  13. taipan

    World Cup 2019

    Basically England were done in the first 5 minutes.
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