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  1. taipan

    Cricket news

    The only organisation that upholds that rule is FIFA.
  2. taipan

    Cricket news

    This is a joke? https://www.news24.com/sport/cricket/jonty-rhodes-to-relocate-to-sweden-signs-up-as-head-coach-20200910?fbclid=IwAR2BMZR3vVcQMrsSLckmV1BkeVhnqeN1fS97A1m8xJcF5l027pU6O2ZV_pQ
  3. taipan


    Mrs Peel and Mrs Bond. R.I.P.
  4. taipan

    Cricket news

    BS at its highest level. https://www.sacricketmag.com/the-csa-circus-continues/?fbclid=IwAR1TTs2EeInxmHWPtDnahRNqAJ-l-hVZa4EFFO1hUsh5ooe5bw27XNjHZxM
  5. taipan

    Cricket news

    That’s been recycling in various forms for years
  6. taipan

    Cricket news

    I am sure there are plenty black coaches who know more about batting than Kallis
  7. It was always bent before Armstrong. Now that the big names are not there someone will grab a cheap win. Probably a frog
  8. Whoever wins, it is a joke. Should be struck from the records.
  9. taipan

    Cricket news

    Would have been even more pissed if it was Boucher.
  10. USA currently has trade embargoes against 30 countries
  11. There is US law against foreign bribery and corruption. Working for a US company this was drummed into us. I doubt of it extends t9 taxation
  12. Thanks.. 3 or 28?
  13. UK journalism has become totally snowflake orientated
  14. And in breaking news the Pantone colour chart has been found guilty of racism. https://metro.co.uk/2020/08/12/ms-apologises-racist-bra-colour-vows-change-future-13118872/?fbclid=IwAR0iLknA_ujHia3pqxzAQdR9G8SuMatZmkC961GJ4856R5f7tX284Rq5V5Q
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