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  1. taipan


    Pussy Galore R.I.P.
  2. Shit Vlag, not great to hear. Stick in there.
  3. And too much coke
  4. Who knows. All the supermarkets used to sell tobacco but that has been cancelled
  5. All sale of alcohol is banned
  6. All locked down. Even during WW2 you could buy booze and fags
  7. I live on a major arterial road. The quiet is unnerving
  8. Happy birthday. So the pubs are still open?
  9. 30 minutes to lockdown
  10. Under 2 hours to lock down
  11. Luckily I was tipped off this morning
  12. Yes. Not essential. Googled it
  13. So cigarettes also banned
  14. And another one down. They just keep rolling around.
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