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  1. taipan


    What is the new M-Net Movies Pop Up Channel M-Net Movies Blackout all about? The M-Net Movies Blackout Channel is a Pop Up channel that celebrates the amazing contribution of mainstream African American talent to the Hollywood film industry. It coincides with the American Black Film Festival (ABFF), an annual international event that showcases entertainment content made by and about people of African descent. imagine if the opposite occurred
  2. I have other views on green technology. The cheapest electricity generator is probably nuclear.
  3. https://www.fin24.com/Budget/how-medupi-and-kusile-are-sinking-south-africa-20191009
  4. Basically maintenance has not been performed. In addition the new power stations have never worked properly.
  5. taipan


    Women are also up in arms that Greta Gerwig was not nominated as director of the 7th film adaptation of Little Women
  6. taipan


    So the whining has started about the Oscar noms
  7. taipan

    England tour to SA

    I think mentioning that a Saffie will win the AB medal set them off. Ah Devon Conway. A total failure in SA after being highly hyped as a schoolboy.
  8. taipan


    A black James Bond will kill the franchise. They have preempted this by having a black female 00 agent in the latest movie
  9. taipan

    England tour to SA

    On mountains and molehills a few of Dock’s mates are extremely knicker twisted as I dared to joke that Labuschagne is a Saffie
  10. taipan


    And the whining continues https://edition.cnn.com/2020/01/07/entertainment/bafta-nominations-2020-gbr-intl-scli/index.html
  11. taipan

    England tour to SA

    Bloody dogs needed a walk. The problem is I have seen elite umpires call legit balls as no balls. The lower levels don’t have snicko, ball tracking or hot spot either.
  12. taipan

    England tour to SA

    Basically the umpires have been told to concentrate on the business end of the wicket as the authorities believe any wicket taken by a no ball will be taken care of by TV. it is my belief that this hurts the bowler more than the batsmen. In any event I have long believed that that is enough time for every ball to be reviewed by the 3rd umpire. The days of the free hit are long gone.
  13. Well sitting in the pub celebrating the victory
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