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  1. His list seems all over the place in terms of eras.
  2. Habana has a chance but Johnston and Eales we’re both top locks.
  3. So just seen on Sky that the unions are up in arms about National Theatre redundancies. They forget how they chased BP and Shell away last year. Fucking scumflakes
  4. Both meanings of dense apply
  5. It is total and utter political BS.
  6. Who is retired😁 I haven’t had a day off in 3 weeks. Anyway it is only 4 cans.
  7. Hey, depends on what is happening. We do an interactive quiz on the net on Wednesdays. Last week I did 5l
  8. ATM I am running at 2l per day
  9. Sorry, can’t remember him.
  10. Hope you had a fun one
  11. taipan

    Hey Vlag

    Surely Kipling was a colonialist and racist.
  12. taipan


    We need more like him. Luckily Vera Lynn never lived to see them come for the White Cliffs of Dover.
  13. taipan


    So I see Oriel College has chickened out. So much for universities and free speech. Bet they keep the money though. Let’s see how many BAME students refuse the grants on principle.
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