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  1. RIP Falkenauge. Will always associate you with wisdom!
  2. We really have some try scoring machines in this team, with Francois Louw leading the charge with a record of 8. The Irish must be shivering in their boots!
  3. What about the guys with his elbow on his throught?
  4. Perhaps it is the player that bounced back? After injury he becomes a Springbok?
  5. Happy Birthday Banacle, my you have a very blessed year!
  6. Rooibok


    Useless, or should I say lousy, is the same in every language in the world. It still means useless!
  7. Rugby in SA will be losing interest all the way. Soon SuperSport will release mediocre financial reports end then the whole country will just be mediocre. Many of you have predicted this/that. Unfortunately we are here to witness it.
  8. Rooibok


    I think Eddy Jones is glad he moved to England, WP probably did not have enough to pay his first cheque.
  9. Hi Vlag, all the best pancreatis is a bugger. Take good care of yourself!
  10. This guy can't stay out of trouble or does not like staying in one place for too long... http://rugby.maroelamedia.co.za/2016/09/28/jake-leer-weer-dure-les-met-baas-tone-trap/
  11. Skinstadt describes JP' s catch as a 1 in 10 catch. I did it in 1992 at Ermelo' s Highschool fields at 19:00 at night, and can promise you it was not under the same lights as NMS. A player should be able to make thoughs regardless.
  12. Rooibok


    Hoe kan 'n mens dokters met sulke spelling vertrou? En dan moet jy hul siektesertifikate vir jou personeel glo?
  13. Rooibok

    Super Rugby 2016

    Something off this topic. I have been watching quite a bit of sevens lately, and the last two tournaments Quade Cooper has been in action. I think any person seeing him play will never select him for a team again. What an embarrassment, he does not have a clue what he is doing.
  14. In 4 years time we'll have the same discussion with regards to AC. What did he bring to the Stormer's rugby? Why did most Stormer supporters want to get rid of him? It will be the same thing, where all the other teams improved the Boks and South African rugby in general (except the Lions) would be going backwards or stay stagnant. No ability to explain to the team how to execute the coach's vision/strategy.
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