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  1. DbDraad

    James Small. R.I.P.

    RIP James...great guy, regardless of his "troubles". Always liked him, even while he played for the "enemy".
  2. I think fondly of Oom Ben...often. I say RIP and I mean it, but I suspect he's not resting much and peace doesn't even closely fit the bill, but I suspect he's loving every moment of "whatever is next" Groetnis Oom Ben!
  3. Belated thanks to all. Was actually putting the finishing touches on a big tender during that whole weekend. The last month has been a bit of a blur. I look in here regularly, but somehow put off responding for a while. I have met some great people online, and this place is where I learned the ropes. Still my fav place on the net...regardless of the "traffic ".
  4. So sad...I really feel for her...and I can kinda understand, but giving her the OK to suicide is like giving up on humanity...in South Africa we are not even allowed to vote at 17, never mind decide on anything importand. Never thought "Dom (dumb) Dutchmen would ever cross my lips... Jesus have mercy on her soul..please.
  5. A year later again...time flies...Happy 48!...the old Republic Day...and Union Day. Hope you had fun.
  6. I won't mind "Capexiting", but they first need to build a credible base before I would consider voting for them...and the DA can go to hell...they lost my vote the way they treated both Helen and Pat...and the draught....Vusi is no leader, he is James Selfe's puppet. We need a proper opposition party, and sadly there are none, so I vote next best until one arrives.
  7. DbDraad

    Cricket news

    He is the best we have in that mold ATM. Kuiper in his prime would have been better, but we are 30 years too late for that. Did Jet, in his great wisdom, offer any alternatives? I like Ray, but he is a bit too much of a hothead at times.
  8. Some supposed "atheists" are actually God haters. Why be angry about being condemned to a place that does not exists?What would have been the push back if he said the Easter bunny won't give any gays, adulterers or alkies any Easter Eggs? Why is this a big deal? This is rejection of the idea of God...nothing to do with gays, they just jumped on the wagon too. He is going to laugh all the way to the bank.
  9. DbDraad

    Cricket news

    He played with all of them too long!
  10. Hoe durf jy!...ek skat dis OK solank dit nie 'n Boishaaier is wat têkkel nie...ek laaik ook nie die ape nie, maar 'n têkkel is a têkkel....al doen doe Paarl poppe dit.
  11. Lol. Yes, he had a great match, but fcked up a bit too. Don't let B get on your tits, someone must have pissed in his pap over the weekend.😀
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