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  1. Happy belated BD Vlag...keep well.
  2. He was obviously parroting what he heard at school or in the media.
  3. DbDraad

    Cricket news

    Cancelled due to Kung-Flu.
  4. DbDraad


    That doesn't play here. What does the airhead have to say.
  5. My GP says it's inevitable, there's no way of containing this. Eventually everyone will be exposed to it somehow.
  6. I always have an eye on this place.
  7. DbDraad


    Depends at what you're definition of "war" is. IMO, the Chinese have been fighting a clever war for decades...sponsoring publications and university professors' research...the war of public opinion...winning that war too. Clever bastards!
  8. "is to limit their exposure to all the bugs and viruses as much as possible." My dad went in for a "small procedure " in the beginning of 89...almost spent the whole year inside...barely made it.
  9. Glad we celebrated victory over the Poms on your BD.
  10. Hartswater...had the pleasure of passing through there late last year. Beautiful place with fine weather...Boland without the mountains. I can only imagine how it was before the ANC-rot defiled the place...it's time South Africa raids itself of this cancer.
  11. Agreed, he should never have settled with an NDA...it's like both parties have admitted some guilt and don't want to lose face.
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