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  1. Agreed, he should never have settled with an NDA...it's like both parties have admitted some guilt and don't want to lose face.
  2. DbDraad


    He is back in the running again after "talks". He seems to be a strong negotiator....Probably our last hope at turning things around.
  3. He's connected to a child abuse/paedophile network. He should have been scrutinized ages ago. Opportunistic by KPMG, but Andrew had it coming.
  4. Yes, said he doubts that he will be allowed to implement the changes he deems necessary...sad, I can't say that he will be a good coach, but he is a leader of men and a great scholar of the game. His input would surely have improved things drastically.
  5. DbDraad

    World Cup 2019

  6. DbDraad


    Calling a braai a braai...lekke Bokke!
  7. DbDraad

    World Cup 2019

    Did England play today? Don't want to be windgat, but that was a walk in the park.
  8. No, I'm saying that in her determination to block the ANC, she lost sight of the big picture and dropped the ball badly...as did Patricia de Lille. I'm also saying the DA is doomed to be opposition on national level. They give up too much to grow numbers and will end up like the ANC. Progressive policies leads to decay..Look at California. Social responsibility has its limits.
  9. I also prefer the DA to the alternatives. I'm saying we need something better...something to balance the left.
  10. Same type of corruption as the ANC did. Tips and deals for buddies. There is a reason Patricia left...she's not necessarily corrupt, but definitely guilty of nepotism... The Cape Town Stadium's location in Green Point was orchestrated by the DA while the ANC were still in charge of the City Council. Helen Zille went personally went to Switzerland to convince Sep...The people in the ward and the DA ward counselor voted against it. Billions wasted...and now WP must foot the bill and Newlands is toast. Contractors getting tenders they are not qualified to do, theh get paid without delivering... ANC-lite...don't get me started on provincial government...not as blatant as the ANC, they atleast deliver reasonable service. Lots of money suddenly spent on desalination plants and bore holes in the wrong locations...against the advice of the experts.
  11. Slightly right of the extreme left is still "Lefty". I'ts telling of the times when Helen Zille is being described as a right-winger. The DA likes to pass laws and they are big on service delivery, but the few who can barely afford it must pay for everyone. They started the free water and free electricity in Cape Town...the almost caused a disaster in Cape Town because they were more concerned about votes than making the right calls during the drought...and they are pretty corrupt too, just less blatant and more clever about it...corruption is a political thing and not restricted to party. I know some-one relatively high-up in the CT-DA and you won't believe all the BS going on... Having said that, although quite a significant portion of the Afrikaner vote abandoned the DA for the FF+, for the same reason they joined the DA in the first place...there is no alternative. This country urgently need a conservative party without the "right-wing white supremacist tag. I thought Cope might be that party, but they are fighting more with themselves than with the opposition. Our best hope is a major split in the ANC...unlikely ATM.
  12. DbDraad

    World Cup 2019

    Indeed. Have any of you guys know Derek Gordon. He used to have his own stand-up comedy bar in Cape Town. I can't find any videos of him. Same kinda thing as Barry, but he incorporates singing and guitar too....NSFW stuff, but funny as hell!
  13. DbDraad

    World Cup 2019

    And Eben's wasn't even a real attempt, more like a mock/dummy attempt....different set of laws for South Africa...having said that, Faf was looking for kak.😀
  14. The DA wants to please and accommodate everybody all of the time...typical leftie ailment. This was on the cards for years now. The DA has become the opposition by default and not because of their policies. ANC-Lite is not the answer.
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