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  1. Madonna should change her name to Aisha to show solidarity...or she should just STFU....what did Bono say?
  2. There is a dude inviting white farmers to the Western Cape. Claims to be the true Koi San king or something. Another party is promoting an independent WC...apparently we pay R200B and only get about R50B back from national government. I think the deficit for Gauteng is even bigger. Lots of looting been going on since 94 it seems.
  3. The band has enough, but...
  4. Bohemian Rhapsody is a good movie and well worth the watch, but a better movie could have been made from the material. Maybe Roger and Brian were to closely involved? There is room for another try in a few years...mini series won't be a bad idea either.
  5. I've seen the Freddy movie now. I'ts obviously not a movie about the band, it's a movie about the man and the influence the band had on his life is part of it. What bugs me too, is that they could have stayed with the facts. Some of the inaccuracies is unnecessary IMO. This could have been a much better move. I liked it but this is no masterpiece. Pity. I think Malek and the rest of the cast did well, but the story feels wrong to me....and the music scenes could have been better...something was off.
  6. The ref and TMO are idiots.
  7. LOL!!!! LEKKERR!!!!
  8. Got nothing to do about anything but the music...and the show. Great entertainer.
  9. Not!🤭 My team is in shambles, so it should be a walk in the park...but it is Newlands, so there is always hope. Gonna be a great day though. We've been having fantastic weather this summer. Best summer in years!
  10. DbDraad


    Well it depends on the career. But a man should also not have too demanding a job while the kids are small. Kids need a present father too.
  11. DbDraad


    I like strong opinionated women for some bizarre reason. Im also a logician (INTP Myers-Briggs), so I'm of opinion that you can't have it all your way all the time. It has to make sense. If a women wants to be a mother, she can't be the prime minister of New Zeeland untill the kid is in high school at least. Not even if Huisgenoot says it's cool. In the family setup, there are certain roles. If you start messing with it, you are going to fck up. It's the choices in life. You can't have it your way all the time. Men and women are equal, but not the same.
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