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  1. Danie Gerber is net so gaaf. Plat op die aarde ouens.
  2. The epicenter will settle where the population is at it's densest...here and in other provinces and countries.
  3. Cape Town Covid Doom...only prep I do is stocking up on beer.
  4. I average around there too, but it goes up a bit when I'm on holiday...why I like the lighter beers. Buffelsfontein is the best 4% beer I've ever tasted.
  5. Geen probleem, dankie. Ek hoor julle kan nou ook weer bier drink...Snaakse tyd waarin ons leef...
  6. Naand Vlag...dankie.
  7. Thanks guys....fun enough...beer is freely available again.🍺🍻
  8. Nope, next year...is Barlee 50?...my bad...at this stage I've got no problem being younger than anyone.
  9. Happy birthday!...bit late I know...hope you had a great day. Weekend birthdays are rare.
  10. Nah, I'm 23 days younger than him.
  11. Wanneer laas het jy 'n lekker bier gedrink? Ek kan nie glo "n alledaagse ding soos 'n bier in die kroeg is skielik iets uit die verre verlede. Belaglik! En ons laat dit toe nogal...swak Piketberg, swak!
  12. I don't know what the current legislation is exactly, but most places used to have smoking and non smoking sections, with the smoking sections not allowed to be more than a certain % (way less than 50%)...in our local pubs the non smoking sections are totally empty while the smoking section is full. I see restaurants don't have smoking sections anymore...only small smoking rooms...It has become a bit absurd...glad I don't have to deal with the hassle anymore.
  13. 11 March was 2 years for me...first 2 days...then 2 months...I was OK after 10 months...fine after 18 months...but I went to the pub regularly in the beginning...lank eerie drinking a beer without lighting a cig...forced myself into situations I associated with smoking from day one...first beer at a bar/pub was the hardest.
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