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  1. Yes, 50 at last...😫... Atleast the F1 is getting interesting again!....hope you feel better soon.
  2. Happy happy Barlee...hope all is well...have a funday-Monday!
  3. His mom drives a Ford.😎
  4. Cheers...I'll have a beer or two on ya today then...hope it was a good one.
  5. Only us had more than 50% win ratio against all our opponents...at that time...wonder how much it changed.
  6. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=I_2D8Eo15wE
  7. All the best for 2021...good riddance to 2020!
  8. DbDraad


    That's why I like him...I really dislike the people that hates him...he must be doing something right to deserve their hate.🤣
  9. DbDraad


    Sir Sean and I chatted on Twitter...long story.. damn!
  10. DbDraad


    Indeed...RIP Sir Sean...mentor to The Highlander...all time great character.
  11. Carel and Danie were my all time favorites...until Habana showed me that the new crowd can play a bit too.😉
  12. DbDraad


    Never liked Trump, but I love how he exposed the American political system...only a narcissist can have the balls to do what he did...it's all a big show by the puppet masters. Strangely, he's on the right side of all the big issues...and if it wasn't for Covid, the world would have been in a better state than 4 years ago. Korea ISIS Afganistan Iran Israel Human trafficking The opioid crisis China...the elephant in the room only he is willing to address. Joe Biden, really?
  13. Unfortunately so. We really need to rid ourselves of the ANC vermin...but how?
  14. Max is simply much better than anyone else...oh, to see him in a better car...but Honda is steadily improving...watch this space...
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