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  1. Docker


    Sounds like the message is getting through
  2. Docker


    Looks like the rats are abandoning ship on masse but the problem rat seems rusted on . People claiming SA cricket will go the way of the West Indies/Zim are well off the mark - there is simply too much talent for that to happen.
  3. Looks like you only got JK wrong (LOL - tongue in cheek no doubt). Amla did get loose at the end but when he was on the lad could bat
  4. They are kicking around an $AUD8 million settlement here. I suspect it is probably half that which was the value of his unfinished contract. RA had to settle because IMHO they were toast if it got to trial especially as his contract did not have the appropriate clause re social media use which would be illegal in any event
  5. Personally I am very disappointed that Folau and RA settled. I was hoping to get a court determination as to whether what he said breached his contract as it has wider application to industrial laws in this country. I suspect a RA sponsor has ponied up the money to make it all go away.
  6. Docker


    They seem to be burning some money. Surely cricket in SA is capable of washing it's own face financially
  7. Darryl Braithwaite (lead singer of Sherbet) is still doing his thing. No more stadiums but a regular at RSL's and pubs around Australia. Gets a once a year gig at the Cox Plate where he sings his song "Horses' for nine minutes where the original lasted three.
  8. The big four have all become very woke but haven't lost the ability to charge ridiculous fees for poor performance. The big four audit sections are in the sights of British regulators over poor auditing practices and Australian regulators aren't far behind. The mail here is that the firms will be further broken up to reduce potential conflicts of interest
  9. I think big Graeme has rethought that idea.
  10. Docker


    https://www.foxsports.com.au/more-sports/you-people-pundits-offensive-despicable-rant-slammed/news-story/9448ee90a284ab82636fc55b25a39a6a Got to love old Don. No one seems to be able to confirm that what he said is in fact incorrect
  11. Docker

    World Cup 2019

    LOL. Looks like they are going to add another two years on to the remaining two years. Good for Eddie - bigger payout when they get around to sacking him
  12. Docker

    World Cup 2019

    Sam Burgess (LOL). Sam had to retire this week from league aged 30 after a number of shoulder injuries. Australia has had some luck with league converts - Folau is the obvious standout but got reasonable service from the likes of Matt Rogers, Wendell Sailor and islander lads like Lote Tiriqui etc. Mind you league has about four times as many registered players than union so you would expect more code swapping here
  13. Docker

    World Cup 2019

    Nothing better than seeing the Poms (and Kiwis) beaten but I get why they don't want to wear a silver medal which is a stupid idea in any event. Unlike the Olympics where there is cache for running a place no one gives a toss about runners up in world cups. For mine it is all or nothing. That said they should have been classy enough to leave them on until the left the field and then tossed them in the bin
  14. Docker

    World Cup 2019

    Anything run by a Gosper is a joke organisation but the fine is right given they have set the precedent. A nominal fine won''t stop anybody messing the haka going forward but RA can tick off on "protecting" the cultural aspects of the haka. Kiwis are whiniest and holiest than thou types on the planet.
  15. Docker

    World Cup 2019

    That will really hurt them. I read somewhere they were somewhere they were spending 600 quid on each tracksuit for all players so funding isn't a problem
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