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  1. Clearly the optimum solution but the luvvies wheel out Three Mile etc as reasons why nuclear is a bad option.
  2. There is a big uptake of solar panels here (myself included). There is however now a structural problem with the grid hereby there is too many people like me now feeding excess power back into the grid which somehow cannot cope with it. This now requires a costly engineering fix. Both state and federal governments here have heavily subsidized the cost of installing solar panels (I got a rebate of around $AUD4,000 to reduce the cost to $AUD5,250 for 23 panels including micro inverters for each panel) but no one has thought about the long term impact on the grid. You can't make this shit up.
  3. Why is there continual load shedding? Base load power capacity insufficient?
  4. Docker

    England tour to SA

    Especially given the effort of KG during the day. The first two sessions were a real grind - pitches need to be a little more sporting
  5. Docker


    Of course but why do minorities think they should be equally represented when they are in fact minorities. No one ever complains about the NBA not being representative of the racial demographic of the US - most fair minded people just want to watch the best available product. Film making is an expensive business so produce something people want to see. If you want to produce art house movies with heavy social messaging expect a lack of attention (and funding)
  6. The doctor reckons I had helicobacter pylori in November. Put me on a regime of three drugs for ten days including two antibiotics. All good after after 2-3 days. Went to Bali for Christmas and New Year. No Bali belly until after I got home (possibly when the alcohol intake dropped right off). No drugs this time but was hollow after a couple of days
  7. Docker

    England tour to SA

    They are also banging on about Foxcroft. I think he was a Saffer u/19
  8. Plus doctors have been over prescribing antibiotics for years and when they are really needed they have limited impact
  9. Docker

    England tour to SA

    The lad was born there but his father was an Australian working in the country when he met his mother. George is quite the hospitality man with an interest in a large number of cafes/restaurants. Also now involved in some litigation over some fitness related business in which he also had an interest
  10. Docker

    England tour to SA

    We get a few here - Pocock, Hilton Cartwright (they can have him back) Colin de Big Man is also from Zim
  11. Docker

    England tour to SA

    The Kiwis are counting the days until Conway is eligible.
  12. Docker


    All this shit will blow over after a few bombs. The only thing the Hollywood crowd love more than being woke is large piles of cash. Like most people they are very principled until it starts to burn a decent hole in the pocket.
  13. Docker

    England tour to SA

    LOL. Morphed into a very sensitive bunch here. Marnus is the best Saffer batsman in the world at the moment and a crucial part of our masterplan to decipher sneaky Afrikaan codewords during games with SA. To be fair to my sensitive comrades Marnus learnt his cricket in Australia unlike KP, Trott, Watling and Wagner amongst others who moved after their formative years. The Kiwis have another good one coming through shortly as well (Devon Conway) who qualifies in September 2019. Glenn Phillips is also a Saffer. Michael Neser is another Saffer on the fringes of Aust selection as was Chris Green until he got pinged for chucking (yesterday). Wagner is apparently the highest ranked Saffer bowler in the world as well. I wouldn't be dropping any of the SA incumbents to bring him in despite his ranking.
  14. Docker

    England tour to SA

    Yep. Only heard part of it live
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