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  1. Docker


    Get his book - it is a good read. The Guardian couldn't wait to out him
  2. Docker


    Have to agree on all accounts but his manic style is tiring. I heard someone on a podcast refer to him as an alcoholic father - you just don't know what you are going to get on any given day. Biden is a mere puppet for the radical left so whatever happens on election day the great divide won't be healed
  3. Couldn't agree more. The only danger of getting bounced these days is to royally piss off the BCCI
  4. Won't happen - they only go after the minnows. Plus it looks like the cricket board has to complain to the ICC which it won't Pakistan has all sorts of govt interference and they never get a spell. Ditto India
  5. Docker


    Is Markopolos the guy who twigged to fact that Madoff had similar annual returns year on year despite the underlying market conditions. That was a hell of a Ponzi scheme. People never learn that you can't consistently out perform the market and if you somehow can you keep it to yourself
  6. Docker


    Not sure an editorial on CNN by a single commentator counts as universally held view by all US and UK citizens. Arrogance is not limited to those two locales. The same CNN declared Michael Cohen to be a legitimate Presidential contender just before he was indicted on multiple charges of fraud and extortion.
  7. Docker


    The reporting of Covid deaths needs some clarity. As I understand it if you have Covid when you die but have been dying of cancer for ten years the cause of death is recorded as Covid despite the fact that you probably would have died in the Covid period in any event. Of course Covid can hasten death in some cases. I suspect that deaths are down while infections are up as we are better protecting (shielding) those people with compromised health. Singapore has had 57,000 infections and 27 deaths as the infections have been limited to guest workers aged between 20-50.
  8. Docker


    He failed to mention that ignoring city states and minor principalities the countries with the highest rates of testing in the world generally have higher rates of infection (see Israel, UK, USA). Not sure it is a mere coincidence. Much easier to shut down places like Andorra, Gilbraltar, Luxembourg, Monaco, Bermuda, Iceland etc than Brazil etc
  9. Docker


    Yep - no such thing as reporting the news in the US anymore - just editorials depending upon your view. CNN have published so much false narrative it is become a joke. If Trump gets rolled they will have nothing to report
  10. Loving watching the Kiwis getting twitchy. If they can't afford to pay their players well then the NRL will come for them with bags of gold
  11. Docker


    Yep with some checks and balances to prevent predatory or coercive behaviour
  12. Docker


    The Australian experience is that increasing the level of welfare doesn't help social disadvantage in the long term - it provides a sugar hit that develops into full blown diabetes (total dependence on welfare). We now have inter generational welfare here now with no prospect of anyone breaking out of cycle despite massive assistance and programs to do so. Killing people with kindness is still killing them. 80% of black males grow up in single parent families in the US (up from 20% in 1970) and a significant number of these lads have numeracy and literacy skills no greater than grade 7 level. Who is responsible for this?
  13. Docker


    The Democrats were the party of the Jim Crow laws (forced segregation) which led to the KKK Strangely all the cities in the US which have massive social issues and entrenched disadvantage are Democrat controlled (Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore etc) and have been for years - the locals are yet to join up the dots.
  14. Docker


    Yep - BLM is a lot more than raging against alleged police brutality. No one seems overly concerned when black folks kill other black folks in droves or even when police get killed in the line of duty (over 50 last year in the US). A recent Joe Rogan and Bridget Phetasy podcast discussed a idiotic situation where a group of white middle upper class kids were rioting and screaming at a line of mainly black police about BLM
  15. Docker


    Bloomberg? The bloke is worth $50 billion plus but threw his lot in with wannabe socialists - strange bedfellows. The US political and legal system is structurally flawed in so many ways with executive power of the President being one of the most obvious. No system is perfect but the Westminster system is clearly superior
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