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  1. “I am ready to meet my Maker. Whether my Maker is prepared for the great ordeal of meeting me is another matter.” Winston Churchill Well played Vlagman
  2. Docker

    Cricket news

    Imagine calling an album "White is King"
  3. Docker

    Cricket news

    The cricket final was a better spectacle for a neutral but England would have lost that game if the rules had been properly applied so they should be taking the win and keeping their heads down. They lost to Ireland last night so more reason to be going light on the commentary
  4. Jordan Peterson is a great man. I am surprised that girly Justin hasn't kicked him out of Canada. The poor bugger has been dealing with a prescription drug issue but it sounds like he is coming out the other side
  5. Docker

    Cricket news

    LOL. Never 40 but around 20 on occasions. Merv Hughes had a big guts as did Greg Ritchie
  6. Docker

    Cricket news

    Pretty good slipper too - mind you he would need to be as you couldn't have him on the mid wicket boundary We had a tubby batsman (Mark Cosgrove) who would have played for Australia if he didn't look like John Candy. It shouldn't matter but it does
  7. Docker

    Cricket news

    I can't work out how the Windies won the first test. Their batting is club level at best. I love seeing the big fella rolling his arm over but he is the embodiment of everything wrong with the Windies - they are talented but lazy and mentally fragile. No other team would pick a player who is 40kg overweight
  8. Fits right in at RA. RA, who had no money or broadcast deal and mounting debts, are about to sign up a 16 year old kid on a $AUD3 million deal for three years. The NRL, who are cashed up by comparison, offered the kid $1.7 million. The kid can't play NRL until he is 18. The woke front office sacked the only star they had and they are now all in on this kid being a superstar
  9. Docker


    Now that he has sacked Amber Heard
  10. That and the economics of the proposal. The Saffer money is leaving and the Aussie money is already flagged to be dramatically reduced even if things were to be unchanged. The Pacifika team will need to be subsidised so good luck Kiwis trying to keep AB salaries at their current level.
  11. Had to fail. What over week in week out competition spans four continents.
  12. Only in the court of public opinion. No chance he will do a stretch. He will hid out in one of Mumsy's castles for the rest of his miserable life
  13. Have to agree. What commercial value does an non connected royal have - ask Peter Phillips or the tubby rangas cousins.
  14. True but it will match the virtue signalling of Harry
  15. I see the ginger prince is now lecturing us about the sins of the Commonwealth's and it's uncomfortable history. He forgets all that was done at the behest of his own family for their personal enrichment and if he was genuinely concerned would call grandma and his father and ask them to forfeit all palaces, estates and farm land, jewels. artworks etc back to the State for disposal and for reparations to be paid to the plundered colonies
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