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  1. Docker

    Cricket WC 2019

    Going to give rise to some anomalies come final time.
  2. Docker

    Cricket WC 2019

    Have to agree but with the Ashes to follow they had no option. For England and Australia the Ashes is still king and will always get the best slot
  3. You may be underestimating the greed of banks and CC companies but some folks (typically older) will resist until the cost exceeds the benefit
  4. Fair enough but you can have more layers of security on your phone than a simple PIN number used for a card. In time physical cards will disappear and e-cards will be the only option like e-sims which are now being rolled out here.
  5. Docker

    Cricket WC 2019

    Carey was on an AFL list for a few years so he is a handy athlete
  6. Can you pay via your smartphone or wearable technology in SA? No need to carry any cards here now which is good.
  7. Docker

    Cricket WC 2019

    I slept through most of it thankfully but think we have some upside on the bowling side. Coulter Nile and Zampa need to be replaced by Richardson and Lyon. The folly of leaving out Hazelwood is coming home to roost.
  8. The following is on the public record here (if you know where to look). I used be a member on a government board here overseeing real estate agents. We had a similar problems with deposits being paid by CC and then being returned to a different account. The CC people would front up seeking a refund for the fraud and the agent would then be out of pocket. My primary role was to oversee the fidelity fund which protected consumers monies held in real estate agents trust account (we had around $AUD100 million in the fund which was from interest paid on real estate agent trusts and rental bonds - we got 75% of it). Unfortunately the fund couldn't be used to reimburse agents for their losses - only their clients. Suffice to say deposits by credit card were banned shortly thereafter and we also introduced a 100 point identity check for all transactions. This was after an ex Saffer had his house in Perth sold without his knowledge and the monies appropriated. The ex Saffers was back in SA for six months after his wife died. The Land Titles Office had to make good on this transaction as they accepted a death certificate that was a fake and it was the third different one presented.
  9. Docker

    Cricket WC 2019

    Only got themselves to blame.
  10. Docker

    Cricket WC 2019

    I would ordinarily agree but selections in SA do not appear to have been made on merit only in the past, this is the World Cup and he is a freakish talent. I guess the sticking to the qualification rules is more of a big picture approach and will be beneficial in the longer term given the compromised selections in the past
  11. Docker

    Cricket WC 2019

    http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/26909143/south-africa-team-management-rebuffed-ab-de-villiers-offer-play-world-cup Methinks an exception could have been made in this case. Not like the lad didn't have a few credits in the bank
  12. Must be those dodgy sites you have been surfing (LOL). Hopefully all good now
  13. Docker

    Cricket WC 2019

    SA have had a charmed run until about 18 months ago with the fitness of seamers. Looks like that good run has come to an end.
  14. Docker

    Cricket WC 2019

    Love sambal with morning glory (vegetable). Might be hard to qualify from 0-3.
  15. https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/parenting/teens/noa-pothoven-of-arnhem-in-the-netherlands-is-legally-euthanised/news-story/10b49ca69733eaa11b66e1b1b8e215a1 Not sure she is a hero for opting out
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