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  1. Docker

    Cricket news

    Anybody surprised that the series is now level with all to play for. I can't help think these things are scripted to some degree. In more important news the SA girls beat the Poms. The SA girls are now $10 to win especially after the Aussie girls couldn't pick a wrongun the other night. The Aussie girls have got so much fawning media here I think they have started drinking their own bathwater
  2. Docker

    Cricket news

    It is a shame to see Steyn going around as a shadow of his former self. He is still better than most but nothing like the bloke who could pitch leg and hit the top of off at 150kms
  3. Docker

    Cricket news

    I am liking SA in this series. SA have been competitive with the white ball champions and Australia never do these made for TV series all that well and a lot of the Australian players have had little cricket for a month. I have had a futures bet ($50 @ $24) on the SA women for the T20 WC. Australia have a been a bit wobbly lately and more than half the SA team play in the WBBL and have done well so is a good value smokey
  4. Docker

    Cricket news

    I should clarify that there is no mention of a pre nup so there may well be one. The wife is getting the Vaucluse mansion worth $AUD12 million as part of the settlement so if there was a pre nup it appears very generous. Speaking of tinny cricketers Steve Smith has made a small fortune investing in a mattress manufacturer. His 20% stake is now worth $12 million apparently (not sure who is doing the valuations).
  5. Docker

    Cricket news

    Michael Clarke and his wife have separated which is not remarkable and disappointing for them as couple. What is interesting is that they are chopping up $AUD40 million (R400 million). Clarke was well paid for a long time but I am surprised that it got to that much even allowing for surging Sydney property prices. The other surprising thing is the apparent absence of a binding financial agreement (pre nup) which someone like Clarke with this high profile relationships (see Lara Bingle) should be contemplating
  6. Docker

    England tour to SA

    The after game greetings seems to have caught the attention of the ICC
  7. Docker


    Loving the Democrats inability to count votes. Methods 1 & 2 both failed on the night counting the Iowa caucuses and they had to resort to Chinese abacuses and coffee beans but still gave up. Whoever loses (which is most of them) is going to cry foul
  8. Docker

    England tour to SA

    The Poms have left out Butler and Stokes and brought in Ali so it might be a little closer than originally anticipated
  9. Docker


    The mortality rate is the issue. It is 2% for the corona virus (assuming the Chinese are telling the truth) but the flu is minuscule
  10. Good song. Stevie was also one time lead singer of the Easybeats ("Friday on my mind") but wound up a hopeless junkie. Other members of the Easybeats (Harry Vanda and George Young) moved on to producing AC/DC albums with George being the brother of Angus and Malcolm.
  11. Suze Demarchi was a local star and had some rock and roll boyfriends over the trip. I played footy with the bass player's brother but never met Eddie or any of the others
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIDTAw0zkIg
  13. Docker

    6 Nations 2020

    No one likes the bye (and reduction in broadcast rights). I reckon they will soldier on and hope the Dings improve
  14. The movie would have been "The Club". Not a bad show for the time. The song could have be "Up There Cazaly" which still gets a run at every AFL Grand Final. Roy Cazaly was a high leaping ruckman in the early 20th century and the crowds used to shout "up there Cazaly" as he would jump for a AFL style mark. Australian soldiers used to yell out "up there Cazaly" as they would jump out of their trenches in WWII which solidified the legend around Cazaly
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dik_wnOE4dk I doubt you have seen this movie but it is an Aussie classic
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