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  1. Dunno but is only thing that is different. The water level was very high before ( above the upper level of the skimmer box). I did just throw the stabilizer in before rather than letting it dissolve slowly through a stocking as recommended so maybe that messed with the moving bits. Anyway all good now
  2. Dropped the water level down in the pool and the little bloke is now trying to leap out of the pool.
  3. Correct - death rate is a fair bit higher than their near neighbours (Norway etc) and the hoped for herd immunity doesn't look like being achieved any time soon. Antibody tests in Sweden suggest that 7% of the population has recovered from the virus well short of at least 40% required for herd immunity. Despite all that I like their approach - if you are in danger category isolate otherwise soldier on. Canada has more Covid 19 cases (and deaths) than China. Does anybody really believe that
  4. Over here they lock you down in 4-5 stars on government dime for the moment. You are actually locked down - you get stuck in hotel room and can't leave the building or in some cases the room. Some dipshit snuck away on two occasions and got 30 days in the proper prison. I think more recent travellers will be getting the bill given Covid 19 is no longer a surprise.
  5. Why wait until June 8?
  6. Australia and New Zealand per capita have almost identical Covid 19 infection and death rates. NZ went the full lockdown while Australia went a partial lockdown. Both closed their international borders (and have the benefits of being islands) early on which is the real key IMHO. The UK left the front door open and are getting hammered.
  7. LOL. They are excused unless they are senior management engaged to determine ways to charge excessive fees for little or no service or producrs. The recent Haynes Royal Commission into banking practices here uncovered numerous practices which at best could be described as unethical (if you can't sleep it is 530 pages long). Perhaps the SA banks have less of a profit motive and a better service ethic and as such my generalisation may be unfair. Thankfully my days of having to be nice to banks are over.
  8. The banks are the same the world over (bunch of c%#&s).
  9. Probably fair enough too given the processing cost. Won't be long before the banks put a fork in them.
  10. Could you buy beer on Sunday?
  11. Doing it yourself is seriously overrated. No service ethic here at all and getting worse. Half the supermarket checkouts here now are self service as well - apparently the pilferage is less than the extra wages. My bank now lets me deposit cheques by phone - just scan them in on the iPhone. I don't get many cheques from clients these days apart from the odd old dear who is terrified by online banking but the banks are doing all they can to become neo banks as quickly as possible.
  12. That was sleepy Perth until about 15 years ago. Now they are all open 24/7 but are now convenience stores that also happen to sell petrol. Good luck if you have a mechanical issue like a flat tyre. All self serve and now even let you pay by phone at the pump (phone has to stay in the car)
  13. I think some governments (especially left leaning) enjoy micro managing peoples lives on the basis they know better and don't like to relinquish that power. I am a libertarian and think people should be able to make stupid decisions provided the impact on others is minimal. The reality is that only the frail, infirm or persons otherwise medically compromised are at serious risk from Covid 19 - it is time to get on with life albeit in a socially distanced modified form. No one seems to be calculating the number of lives saved from the reduction of the incidence of influenza or number of traffic accidents/deaths. If governments really want to protect us from harm stop us from driving our cars at more than 40kms per hour.
  14. Thanks for that. I will get the pool bloke around who sold me all the gear and he can sort it out
  15. Might be a pressure issue. I checked the valve flow and didn't make the minimum. The pump is 1hp and less than a year old - should be plenty according to what I read
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