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  1. Docker

    India Tour 2019

    Dane Piedt doesn't appear to be Test standard (unless I have caught him on a series of off days)
  2. Fingers crossed all goes to plan. Are you in your own room? If any of you ever wind up in a hospital in Australia tell the staff that you were in a hospital outside Australia within the last 12 months and they will quarantine you in your own room. Something to do with staph infections
  3. Couldn't agree more (our system is similar to the NHS in some regards). The fact that they have to security at the A & E to control the ferals on weekends who are either injured or accompanying same is indicative of just how fucked up some people are.
  4. Docker

    India Tour 2019

    Yep - G Smith alluded to that during the commentary. Seems like a good lad but no one appoints a Mike Brearley type captain anymore
  5. Docker

    India Tour 2019

    Bauvma must be a specialist fielder with his record. He would struggle to get a game for Australia which is full of specialist fielders and/or good blokes
  6. Docker

    India Tour 2019

    Probably but it didn't look India would bat again in the last Test before Elgar and de Kock got stuck in
  7. Docker

    India Tour 2019

    https://www.foxsports.com.au/cricket/countries/south-africa/india-vs-south-africa-2019-second-test-kagiso-rabada-vs-quinton-de-kock-video-sledging-virat-kohli/news-story/a7ba8f97c530d17aedfbe2282bb15078 I love grumpy fast bowlers
  8. Docker

    India Tour 2019

    Nortjie has good wheels. Would be a handful on some fast bouncy tracks
  9. Docker

    Cricket news

    More reason to appoint him. 5-0 coming up
  10. Possibly. We lack of lot of class
  11. Docker

    Cricket news

    So the Poms pass on G Kirsten who has the best CV of any coach. Not sure how clever that is with an away Ashes 18 months away when you could have coach who has been there and done that
  12. Sounds like you are in good hands so here's hoping the treatment is a success. You did inspire me to go off the skin cancer clinic and have everything checked. Thankfully is in order. Like you Saffers we spent weeks baking in the sun as kids. I did have to pop into hospital last week for a couple of days for the removal of a necrotic ulcer up (right inner thigh not far from the junk) probably caused by a whitetail spider bite. I was heading to Myanmar with the chaps the next day but the surgeon suggested that traveling to Yangon with a large open hole in my leg would be "fucking madness" so the boys went without me.
  13. Docker


    Blatantly anti semitic and like Bernie Sanders thinks the Soviet Union wasn't a failed experiment but rather just had the wrong people in charge
  14. Docker


    Prefer Corbyn?
  15. Docker

    India Tour 2019

    Gutsy effort by Elgar and QDK to pull this one out of the fire. Loved watching the Indians losing their shit
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