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  1. Docker


    Not looking like there is going to be much cricket in London today. Straight to the pub methinks. What time do the boozers close in London?
  2. Docker


    MU wouldn't be a cheap outing unless you are sitting on the roof. Will be a brilliant experience. I went on a Camp Nou tour in March and that was impressive without the crowd
  3. Docker


    Have a great time. Good luck with the warm pints
  4. Docker

    Cricket news

    Mickey Arthur is "resigning" as coach of Pakistan. There are a couple of vacancies at the moment and some noise the ECB are interested in him
  5. Docker

    Cricket news

    Well played D Steyn - best bowler of his generation. Right time to go
  6. Docker

    Prize Money

    World Series Poker - $10 million (USD)
  7. Docker

    Ashes 2019

    Yep - sandpaper was a new low and surprisingly ineffectual.
  8. Docker

    Ashes 2019

    Australian cricket is light on quality batsmen - if Smith and Warner were anything other than the best two batsmen (then daylight) they might have been barred permanently which a lot of people here would agree with. Warner in particular is still very much on the nose.
  9. Docker

    Ashes 2019

    Not many batsman averaging 60 plus but he should never be captain again.
  10. Docker

    Ashes 2019

    And that's why he got a year. Complete abdication of responsibility as captain - he knew it was going on and should have put an end to it immediately. I think Faf was unlucky on the second one but probably should have been a little more careful given his prior.
  11. Docker

    Ashes 2019

    Faf keeps getting a game and he has been done twice for ball tampering (and did the tampering himself on both occasions). Pot, kettle
  12. When are Australian athletes ever going to learn to mind their own business and let the gazetted procedures play out. Mack Horton is an A grade wanker. Turns out the real drug cheat was an Australian teammate. The Chinese lad (who incidentally lives and trains in Australia) is laughing his arse off.
  13. Docker

    Cricket WC 2019

    The teams chop up $US14 million. The winners get $4.8 million and down from there. I think the distribution to the players depends on the respective board arrangements with their teams.
  14. Docker

    Cricket WC 2019

    The Sri Lankan umpire had two ordinary games. After sawing off Roy in the semi I was surprised he got the nod for the final especially when Dar and all the Australians were available. Erasmus did a pretty good job
  15. Docker

    Cricket WC 2019

    Disappointing away to finish seven weeks of cricket with a boundary count back. Surely we could drag on super overs for another over or two.
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