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  1. Docker

    Cricket news

    Might be needed given Steyn has pulled up sore. Hopefully nothing too serious.
  2. The other two majors are played in non EU countries already and everyone seems to cope. You will still be able to buy a BMW in the UK in 2020 and so on so methinks it is all overblown - you can buy BMWs all around the world with no difficulty. I am not sure why any European manufacturer would want to abandon a significant market on their doorstep. The Poms will be able to change labour laws to suit themselves once unshackled from Brussels so it will be business as usual apart for the main.
  3. I don't think Barry won't lose any sleep over that. He is actually funny unlike a lot of the woke comedians doing the rounds now. I have seen his show a few times now and he still is pretty sharp despite his age
  4. I was in Spain three weeks ago and didn't need a visa and certainly aren't from an EU country. The non EU line was longer than the EU line but it was only 20 minutes longer so hardly an ordeal. Almost everyone needs a visa to go to the US these days - for citizens of 38 countries under the VWP it costs $US14 and can be obtained online in about ten minutes and is good for two years. Not sure who much effort it is for Saffers travelling on a Saffer passport to get a visa for the US as it appears that SA is not included in the waiver program
  5. Docker

    Cricket news

    The lad can certainly clear the ropes in the later overs
  6. I personally hope so. I don't share a lot of his views but I am concerned about the erosion of free speech by the woke crowd who bang on about diversity and then don't tolerate any
  7. His claim will be that he is being denied the opportunity to engage in his usual employment due to discriminatory practices. Employers in this country (and I would imagine in most places in the world) are not permitted to include conditions in employment contracts which are illegal or which contravene human rights. The unsigned contract (if that is the case) will be used for determining the quantum of damages as it is what they were prepared to pay him. NSW, which if full of gays and is where Folau ordinarily lives and works, has a state based law which prevents the vilification of homosexuals (only state which has a such a statute but there are other federal statutes which essentially have the same effect). If a legal action proceeds I think it will come down to whether or not he vilified gays by paraphrasing a text from the Bible which will have larger ramifications for religious bodies. He apparently agreed not to make any such comments after the first blow up so he should have walked away then if he felt so strongly about it (so he is both a hypocrite and arsehole by doing it again). However there is some legal opinion here that none of that is relevant to various rights he may have under the local labour laws (the legal opinions are mixed and none one commenting on it has seen his contract and presumably RA have taken advice before acting). He will never play for the Wallabies again but RA still might get a bill for services not rendered. They kept Cheika on because they couldn't afford the $AUD1.2 million payout to sack him early so if Folau gets a chunky settlement it could be a real problem. if I was Folau I would have stayed off social media as long as I was playing and once the money stopped then expressed my views.
  8. Docker

    Cricket news

    My recollection is that Miller is bit of tease (think G Maxwell) but when he clicks he is a matchwinner
  9. Most of the hand wringers are atheists so where is the mischief
  10. Some talk the contract has not been signed and as such the special social media conditions may not apply. if true I can see RA writing a big cheque here (the fag from Qantas will probably kick in the payout)
  11. I stand corrected. I thought the Christmas deniers were limited to JW's but that may not be the case. Apparently he had an express clause in his contract about social media and "gay hate". I will be interesting if this heads down a legal path as to what constitutes gay hate and also whether an employer can force you into a contract which may limit or restrict your freedom of speech or religion. I hope he commences legal action if only to determine the current legal view. It will be interesting if "gays are off to hell" is in fact hate speech or merely an interpretative view of the Bible which, in my opinion, he should be able to hold and express even if I don't necessarily agree with it.
  12. I think they have the same thing for league and union in parts of Sydney (the parts with large Pacific Islander population). Some of those islander lads can be 100 kegs at 12 or 13 and be playing against kids half their weight
  13. The kid looks like he should be helping out in the school library and not on a rugby field.
  14. He just signed a 4 year $AUD4 million deal in Feb. But if he wanted to break the deal he has ticked that box. Rugby league won't have him back so the likely alternative is France or Japan. Japan is still very conservative so his views won't cause a stir there. The latest thing online is one of his lay sermons where he carpet bombs other Christians (non Jehovah Witnesses) over Christmas and Easter. Most Christians know Christmas replaced a pagan festival on the same date when it is became the principal religion in Rome but who cares (apart from Izzy that is).
  15. Docker

    Cricket news

    The Big Bash is providing most of the revenue here at the moment. That said CA have got too clever and have tried to elongate it past the holiday period but the punters have switched off in droves and for the first time in about five years the tournament has gone backwards and may have well topped out. I think the sugar hit of T20 will wear off in time and the broadcasters won't again pony up the sort of the money the last round of domestic T20 rights achieved. Test cricket is in reasonable shape here but with the exception of England and occasionally India is appears to be only friends and family fronting up in the rest of the cricketing world on game day.
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