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  1. Docker

    Cricket news

    So another 100. The lad is in form
  2. Docker

    Cricket news

    Yep unless you are 40
  3. Docker

    Cricket news

    Looks like a likely type to me via his Test form but maybe prior to the 150 his one day form has been ordinary. Selectors the world over make stupid selections even without the added issues that SA selectors must consider
  4. Docker

    Cricket news

    CSA need to thicken up the national contracts by the sounds. They had $USD25 million to knock off on the abandoned T20 league but can't play a national player more than $USD65,000
  5. IMHO the only sequel better than the original was Godfather II Original ideas in Hollywood are as rare as Republicans in those parts
  6. Docker

    Cricket news

    Lost some good ones to Kolpak lately - Abbott, de Lange and now Olivier. Apparently there are 40 Saffers on Kolpak deals in English cricket. The ECB need to be helping CSA out here (which may be possible post Brexit it that sticks)
  7. Docker

    Cricket news

    Yorkshire has those grooming gangs comprised exclusively of Pakistanis who the police refuse to crack down on because it might be racist. Better keep the kids inside there as well.
  8. Docker

    Cricket news

    Interesting news on Duanne Olivier. Can't only be filthy lucre driving that decision
  9. Docker

    Cricket news

    The bowlers should get a whack as well. They weren't given much to defend but they weren't bowling to Sangakarra and Jayawardene. Steyn averaged nearly 40 for the series, Sri Lanka lost both tosses and conceded first innings leads in both games.
  10. Docker

    Cricket news

    Interesting to see what the selectors do with Amla and to a lesser degree Elgar. Amla is nearly 36 and clearly in decline (as is his batting average Ponting style). He might be saved by the lack of suitable alternatives and his good overall record but on his current form it might be time to throw a kid in.
  11. Finally saw it on the plane to Melbourne. I give it 3 stars. I was impressed with the other members of Queen being so intelligent
  12. Docker


    Loving the Jessie Smollett saga. The prick deserves a long stretch and if the mail and wire fraud charges stick he might just get one. Mind you being imprisoned with hundreds of other men may be his idea of heaven. I do feel sorry for him. Picking Nigerians to run a scam is generally a good move.
  13. Docker

    Cricket news

    Thanks for making us Aussies feel better. We have just lost a home series to an Asian team for the first time as well and it is nice to have company
  14. Docker

    Cricket news

    To be fair if the other seamers couldn't get wicket Vern may not have made much difference. Given Vern is primarily a Test player if he wants to extend his international career he will need to start presenting in better condition or the soft tissue injuries will keep occurring. Extra pudding and back related hamstrings aren't mutually exclusive.
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