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  1. I was wondering if you enjoyed your Kyalami...
  2. Going to watch the Parlotones fri and Sat....and my daughter is singing with them in the choir Oops. I lie. Going to watch my daughter do a Video for Lion King production Saturday in Sandton - Parlotones is next Fri and Sat Monte Casino
  3. Gd to hear Vlag, keep the chin up. I am having something similar but maybe half to 1/3 the size you had, cut out around mid Dec. I had my daughter take photos of my back and then I could look see myself what was going on. The dr is not worried about the 1st one, the 2nd one she is cutting out
  4. I think they are BOTS....
  5. Mata Hari

    World Cup 2019

    The English players surpassed the Kiwis in the title for "Doos team of the year" this year...
  6. Mata Hari

    World Cup 2019

    Well done to the Boks and the man in charge Rassie. Come a long way from his stadium lights days and deserves our respect. Great job today, 2nd final.loss Harry had watching vs the Boks. He'll be a green and gold fan soon 😉 What was that record no one has won a WC final after losing a match in the early rounds? Smashed that one too.
  7. Mata Hari

    World Cup 2019

    Nope its not
  8. Mata Hari

    World Cup 2019

    Who wants it more? SA or England? If no ref mishaps, that question will actually decide the trophy as always...
  9. Mata Hari

    World Cup 2019

    Picked SA by 5. Time to go win this thing.
  10. I hear all the arguments against the DA. To be fair, when you live in an ANC/EFF run municipality/province, you will appreciate the service delivery by the DA versus the totally non-existing service delivery from any other party. The FF+ is a good party for the whiteys because it fights for 'their minority ' rights - unfortunately on the ground they just take the place backwards in maintaining an apartheid style demand for the (especially but not limited to) afrikaans speaking Saffers. The DA was always going to be the only viable party to join middle class Saffers of all races in a decent opposition to the ANC. That does not make them angels or saviours - it just makes them politicians and having dirty laundry is now pushing those middle class other races to the ANC as the only left over option. That is bad news for SA since we need a strong opposition and heaven forbid that would be the EFF. My province, my municipality, my district is run by the ANC and EFF as opposition - as I said, if you have never stayed in such a place, the DA is the best vote. That is just my opinion.
  11. Mata Hari

    World Cup 2019

    Get the supporters to start making the noise 😉
  12. Mata Hari

    World Cup 2019

    See the bright side - we could have had a Kiwi ref
  13. Mata Hari

    World Cup 2019

    Well we in the final. Well done boys. I woukd not have called that at the start. Maybe hoped but not believed. Will be fucking depressing if england win the double i don't care what Vlag says 😉
  14. Mata Hari

    World Cup 2019

    Well done England hope this wakes us up for tomorrow to not be complacent.
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