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  1. Mata Hari

    TdF 2019

    Without Chris Froome's dominance this has turned into one of the most exciting TdF in years. Team Ineos (previously Sky) can still pick up the pace and turn the screws on this last week, especially those 3 awful days to come in the Alps, but seriously, this has been way more suspenseful than before. But this by no way means I am anti Froome. I am not. Get better soon Chris, but TdF is really almost as exciting as the year Wiggins won and you and he had to sort out your leader and domestique problems. I am sure Geraint will come to the party, but I still yell all the way for Richie Porte, although I know he was one of the best domestiques around and not necessarily a GC contender on his own really - and old man VAlverde is still in the top 10 and currently I think Moviestar's leading rider LOL (at age 38) - respect takes on new meaning. But Thurs Fri and Saturday should separate the boys from the men yet again up those torturous Alps, and we may get to see if the Frenchies can get a win since mid 1980's at their own Tdf....
  2. Which teams did you choose to lose? Boks or Kiwis LOL
  3. Having seen the SA team this morning I might just change my opinion...
  4. Hmm not sure how to call it but I am of the opinion we might beat the Aus just because it's at Ellis Park LOL
  5. Very sad. RIP Johnny. So glad to have seen you live year or two ago. Definitely worth the show
  6. Mata Hari

    Cricket WC 2019

    Yes I reckon it's open game for any Pom I meet Poms definitely lucky to win and we won't let them hear the end of that. Be as it may - I won the office Superbru, but I knew it would be at the cost of the Kiwis and I would forever regret it
  7. Mata Hari

    Cricket WC 2019

    Ja swaer. As the Boetjies say. Between a rock and a hard place.
  8. Mata Hari

    Cricket WC 2019

    I will choose the Poms on S Bru. 2nd on the work's S Bru by 1 point so....some may think it prudent to choose the Kiwis, I'll choose the Poms. Not likely to watch the final (I have watched one match the whole CWC - we'll be watching Tdf 😉
  9. It's like an old (happily) married couple..you know what you have next to you and you certainly don't want new shit
  10. I miss him too. Unortunately life moves on for those left behind, we only have the memory left
  11. Mata Hari

    Cricket WC 2019

    Screwed over by the weather for sure. Kiwis don't deserve final but they are there...so...Aus vs Kiwi or Poms vs Kiwi???
  12. Definitely way too young RIP
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