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  1. Will soon be with us....YAY. The best part of April May and June...... Can't wait. I refuse to watch any spoiler - I watched one 2 minute so called official Trailer and that was that. I don't go to any sites/tweets/facebook pages even mentioning these guys...But I'm not sure the good guys are going to win.....When I last heard Stu was backing the Dead ones.....
  2. Well done Lions and Bulls. Gd wins today....
  3. 1) It's election year. All the opportunists run wild 2) It's the new South Africa, all the crazies run wild. 3) All of the above, don't believe anything on Social Media, the news anymore
  4. 🤣 yeah sequels dont do much
  5. Mata Hari


    Nothing around you is sedate 😉
  6. So congrats to the Bulls beating the Lions. At least in round 1. 😎
  7. Mata Hari


    Happy birthday Jim old man. Hope you had a great day and get spoilt rotren as usual. Sorry the Lions upset your pre birthday weekend, maybe they'll be better in your post birthday weekend. Xxx
  8. Great stuff https://m.channel24.co.za/Movies/News/all-the-winners-at-oscars-2019-20190225
  9. Mata Hari

    6 Nations 2019

    And Red Dragons beat the mighty English!
  10. See Rocketman is up next
  11. Mata Hari

    6 Nations 2019

    England looking good....
  12. Absolutely awesome...
  13. Mata Hari


    Shame. Poor men 😉 Aai siestoggie....😉
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