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  1. Lekker Draad. All the best for 2022 to you and any old toppies still on this forum. I don't come here much, just been too busy the last 3 months, the boss left and I had to do 2 jobs again. Still going rough hopefully a new appointment in Feb and hubbie and I can take some leave and head to your country....Property jst damn expensive down South and running out of space and affordability...:(
  2. Mata Hari


    See you still around Draad. And Don. This whole bend the knee is a load of shit and now De Kock has given in to pressures.
  3. Mata Hari

    2021 Lions Tour

    And so the Springboks won. See some russian spammers here. If we are not using this site either ask Barlee to close it or block from outsiders?
  4. Mata Hari


    in real.life it's not funny. But if we dont laugh we cry.
  5. Belated happy bday for yesterday. I didnt forget the bday just the post. Wanted to send a wa but bit under the weather with flu/bronchitis. Hope it was a great day and healthy year ahead. Have we hit the big 50 yet youngest?? 🍻🍻
  6. Mata Hari


    Getting old is a bugger ne? My eyes are failing me, told hubbie I have to retire so I can read my books while I still can 😉
  7. Happy birthday to the best Aussie I know. Hope it's a good one and have a braai and a bottle on me Sandwiched at the end of March between Vlag yesterday and Ben tomorrow. Glad you still with us Cheers mate!
  8. Happy bday you wonderful old man. A privilege to know you. Hope you spoilt and enjoy a wonderful healthy year ahead 🍷🍷
  9. I have most of her albums and saw her live in Sun City. I won tickets on the radio. The question. What is the oldest newspaper in the country. I had to wait 20 mins for the uninformed to get off the telephone lines but i knew the answer without google. Of course i would. Was from my home town and i grew up with it printed across the daily newspaper. Once all the Vaalies got off the line i could get through and won the tickets. The DJ immediately said...'you must be from...Pietermaritzburg'. 😂 She does an incredible audiovisual show....
  10. Mata Hari

    Cricket news

    Bunch of pussies those Aus lads are. Scared of a hiding more than Covid if you ask me 😉
  11. Happy New Year all. Returned this wkend from 2 weeks W Cape. The Gariep looks amazing as does Augrabies. Pity all that water just goes to waste in the sea gets me every time. This song never grows old on my playlist
  12. Mata Hari


    And the Banana Republic continues under direction of the Orangatan What a fucking disgrace
  13. Mata Hari

    Cricket news

    And the Black Caps the no 1 Test team. No one would have ever put money on that.... https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2021/jan/06/new-zealand-leapfrog-australia-as-top-test-team-after-routing-pakistan Should irk a few people like Docks, Taipan
  14. Mata Hari

    Cricket news

    Snooker, gymnastics, swimming ? Skin still too pale 😡
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