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  1. Boris in ICU? Thats not gd for the man or the UK i would imagine. Hope he recovers, i do not wish this on anyone. Vlag you stay miles away from hospitals please
  2. Sorry to hear Vlag. Hang in there old man. πŸ™
  3. Happy Birthday Ben. Missing you here today.🍻Cheers
  4. I enjoy 'silence' esp that related to vehicular noise. Our back yard unfortunately on the main road exit to Maftown. Today i could sit outside and listen to the birds and the other quiet in the trees and loved every minute....
  5. Hubbie had a carton or four. He was tipped off last night brother in the SAPS and promptly went and bough 4 more cartons. NOt all for the lockdown for the period after when there will still be a shortage. I told him now is the time to cut to 20 from 40 a day πŸ˜‰
  6. Still valid many years later. Hope you have a better year ahead than he 3 months behind us..
  7. You guys still doing OK? Hit past 700 today....going to exponential soon....
  8. Nam friend of mine came for her mom's funeral, now can't leave dad for 3 weeks. From your neck of the woods Weda.
  9. Happy birthday Vlag in this f*ucked up world of today...Hope the family spoilt you
  10. Lockdown! Eish. The men on this forum going to get cabin fever πŸ˜‚
  11. rotflmao...shame....
  12. Accumulation of digital clutter is amazing. Watched Star Wars 8 Friday night as a recap and Star Wars 9 Saturday. Unfortunately only have real spare time over weekends, I just try read 1 hr a day in my after hours time but now...no gardener...no housemaid...the house does not bother me...wash machine, dishwasher, husband m-i-l and youngest...everyone does their bit but of course I do most of everyone's bit that's how it works.....the garden..well that's my favourite place and only have between 5pm and dark in the evenings to tend to whatever needs tending...and we only had a gardener 1x a week so with all the rains...the grass has grown, the weeds have flourished...I'm actually enjoying my 1 hr a day in the garden... AND working at home today...I got to hear all the birds in my garden which I don't get to hear 5 days a week in the office... πŸ˜‰
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