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  1. She must be she won Miss Kovsies or something IIRC 😉
  2. Mata Hari

    England tour to SA

    Alas Dock, 30 mins too long for the Proteas....2-0 sounded better to me as well but 1-1 is the result. Hope the PE band drives the Poms crazy so we get some advantage 😉 Might be all to play for by the time it rocks into Wanderers which could be worth the Sat and Sun tickets...
  3. Somewhat better than expected news Vlag so hang in there and fight the bastards ....
  4. Excellent performance. The guitar work is stunning
  5. Friday music. Who else. The sax is just amaaazing. Goosebumps stuff https://youtu.be/0odiK_nZ7To
  6. I grew up with Big Band music. Mom played the piano, clarinet and saxophone. Uncles played drums trumpets and trombones. When they got playing and singing _ awesome memories.
  7. Incredible voice. One of my top 3 favourite Books LOL
  8. Happy happy all, and Best wishes for a prosperous and healthy 2020 for ALL
  9. Mata Hari

    England tour to SA

    A win is a win, against most odds and the Poms...Keep up the work Blommetjies
  10. Happy Birthday old man. Apologies for the delay, I knew there was a birthday and my brain just couldn't recall who LOL. Glad for the victory too.
  11. Strongs Vlag keep the chin up and we hope for the best next week 😥 hugs
  12. A very merry and Blessed Christmas Season to the few souls left on this planet..um I mean forum 😉 Vlag hope all is OK your side ? regards Lesley and family
  13. WTF I typed GB and meant TB!!! 2GB will get him zero series
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