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  1. Mata Hari

    World Cup 2019

    Semis will do but the moola lost 😉
  2. Mata Hari

    World Cup 2019

    We take one week at a time. I dont yet see the cup as does Jim.
  3. Mata Hari

    World Cup 2019

    So the frenchies lose to their own brain farts and the Japs have the Bokkies under some pressure *at this stage. The boks were the only team i chose with my brain and heart so let's hope we get it right
  4. Mata Hari

    World Cup 2019

    Finally RWC gives a full weekend worth watching....go Bokke and Ireland. I would personally be yelling for Aus and France but I actually think England will beat Aus, and depends which Frenchies pitch up whether they will win or not...
  5. My 1st intro to Neil Diamond, I was 10 years old riding in the backseat of my cousin's car with the windows opening and this song blaring on the radio on a hot summer afternoon (is all I can remember)...and I was hooked on Diamond after that. 😉
  6. Thanks DB. A bummer I was at work instead of the wine fields in the Cape
  7. Mata Hari

    India Tour 2019

    India 601_5 declared. RSA 36_3 stumps day 2. Well obviously we are already f%cked
  8. Thanks guys was in JHB 2 days training, 1st time at work in 4 years, eish work and bday should not be together 😉 much better when i take the day off.
  9. Strongs Vlag. Holding out for the best 😞
  10. My hubbie listens to BZN most days but the Demis Roussos version stays the best imo. He has a usb that we travel to CT we can listen to BZN, Richard Clayderman, and other instrumentals non stop there and back I have to fight to get a few minutes of something along the lines of Bruce 😉
  11. Mata Hari


    Remember. Brexit won what? 51% versus 49%? It was always going to be back peddling for who ever sat with the shit.
  12. Mata Hari


    Ja nee swaer
  13. Mata Hari

    World Cup 2019

    So we lost the first game....The other favourites are all looking good but besides our match and the French/Argies match, most were beaten by a dominant team...
  14. Glad you could get and support the touring boytjies Barry. I am sure they appreciated the support. Good to see your little ones also next to the sports field.
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