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  1. Obviously retirement is being easy on you...you going to get fat...
  2. Wow I didnt know this. So when you have Oktoberfest let me know I will bring hubbie along...although plan is still to go to Munich one day LOL
  3. LOL I did click when I read your post 😉 Hope all good in NAm? Friend from high school (who lives /works in Windhoek last 20 years+ I guess) been stuck in SA since March. Poor girl has had a bad time of it. Came to help her mom, she died in her arms, looking after her dad, he ended up falling breaking his hip now she's nursing him...just been really bad time and her kids all up in Nam 😞
  4. The epicenter is moving North East ? My accountant came to work after long weekend. HAd been back home (JHB) - his wife tested positive the long weekend..I said WTF are you doing back at the office???? He Turned out positive too but doing well so far...thought I would have to do his job at month end but so far I have been spared in that task 😉
  5. To the youngest member on this site. Hope you have a great day and may the year ahead be better than the 6 months past....
  6. Bunch of real ass fuckwits...,somehow I hope this does major damage to that stupid woman's 'reputation' as a potential 'leader for the country' but I doubt it..stupid does as stupid is and we all know the ANC's first name...
  7. Mata Hari

    Hey Vlag

    If the SA bunch starts with this shit soon JAn van Riebeeck will be in shit. No history left unless it's Black history??? Definitely taking things too far but we in SA used to they fucking it all up. Might be a new experience in UK/USA...
  8. Thought he had a year on you lol. When is the big 50? This year?
  9. At this stage I think you are the youngest member on our site
  10. Happy bday Barry. All best wishes for health and happiness
  11. My golly goodness Barlee - imagine seeing you here. Welcome back as they say
  12. The idiotic faction rules...back to Zuma days...
  13. Pisses me off since I never use their damn staff I use the damn apps...
  14. I feel the same way then they went and converted our debt into shareholding... So now I still swear at them but not at the office anymore 😉
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