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  1. We are looking at a family trip hopefully next year ...
  2. Written by Sting, gd version by Johnny Cash. This one blows them all away lol
  3. Mata Hari

    6 Nations 2020

    Time to replace Italy? Are they worth playing in this tournament??? England France today should be a cracker, I don't doubt the Poms should win this one but am hoping the Frenchies bring some excitement to the tournament
  4. One of my favourite scenes is in the movie A few good men. When Tom Cruise totally screws Jack Nicholson in the end. Other people will like other quotes of that movie, but that was my favourite part 😉
  5. Mata Hari


    Everyone is entitled to their likes and dislikes Weda. I know many people who support DT and I have yet to truly understand why . I actually returned to tell Vlag I am not fighting with him, talking politics to me is like talking religion. If you say the first few sentences to feel the waters as it were and then discover you have diverse opinions especially on a very volatile subject such as Mr Trump, then I prefer not to engage further as I know the discussion will ruin the friendship as it were. So I came to tell Vlag, you guys can continue talking politics here, I have no right to 'stop' you, that wasn't my intention, I just won't visit the topic is all. I have been biting my tongue re the matter, since I know most people here are seemingly more pro Trump than anti him. I just couldn't resist it when the picture genius came on board LOL He is a very clever man (ha ha I won't say genius) - and obviously a successful businessman. But abrasive he is and other people's cup of tea - just not mine. So apologies Vlag, you guys can continue discussing the pros of Mr Trump, I will withhold my opinion here because it is a volatile opinion and I don't want to 'ruin any friendship' as I said. And yes Weda your statement is valid, I don't necessarily believe in PC and yes our world is full of PC. I have a different theory why Trump is so 'successful' but I am sure then I will really be persecuted so only my very close friends know my theory haha. Peace to all, sincerely, enjoy your debates, I just will not read this topic. And I say that because although I need to understand what people see in Trump, after 3 years and reading this forum for the pro Trump comments, I have yet to get that enlightenment. PS I am withdrawing from this conversation because I admit honestly to myself Mr Trump makes me emotional. I cannot have an unemotional discussion re the topic, so I will just withdraw. It's the best I can do re this topic.
  6. Mata Hari


    Thanks Vlag , I don't intend to get into a detailed debate re the Trump. Seriously I am on this site for sport not politics, and I doubt you and I will have the same political choices in life, which in some ways we perhaps shouldn't have anyway since we have different upbringings, life experiences and world views. Some of what you say may be correct, and some of what you say may not be correct in my opinion, but luckily you can have your opinion re the man and I mine. Luckily or unluckily, I work 9+ hrs a day and then a few hrs in the evening oftimes so no, I actually don't have time to follow the circus word for word as you describe it. I do however read and follow a few news reports to the effort so keep up to date with what I can and quite honestly, how much time I really want to offer up to following whether he is truly guilty or not, is luckily not too much. Again I re-iterate, he is not as effective as the opposition being ineffective. Alas that is true for many politicians and I hate to tell you, Trump is certainly not exempted I do understand economics thank you, and again, I am not blaming Trump for the African or SAfrican woes. I have said his choices and actions affect us, and if you don't realise or agree how varying global politics and economics affect us then I am not going to explain it. I sit in meetings monthly where the exchange rate as well as the millions leaving our markets are explained (based on various political events around the globe, including those of the US and those in SA), and those people presenting to me know what they are talking about IMO of course. The Trump actions definitely do influence our economy and one day when I have hours to do research I will go do so for you. Until then we have to agree to disagree on the man himself. I end with my belief - where there is smoke there is fire. You may call me petulant, the point I was trying to make, is that he is not much different to Zuma in many ways besides giving up his own salary. He may be a self made Billionaire - he is not a President's ass...imo of course Sela,
  7. Mata Hari


    I was not blaming Trump for Africa's problems WeDa. I am stating that a strong isolationist US president is usually bad for the world and the other economies incl our own. In its own that statement makes sense since the US is the top country in most respects in the world. They need a decent non-corrupt non-abusive Leader. We are a developing nation and usually get negatively affected most every time Trump tweets some or other idiotic comment especially at 4am when his opposition (incl people in his own party who are too shit scared to now oppose him). He pulls an army overnight out of Syria, we in SA get affected economically believe it or not. He starts a tariff war with China, we feel the effect potentially worse than the Yanks or Chinese or even what Europe does. I liken Trump to Zuma. Self glorifying, self entitled, threatens oppositions and own party people. Very powerful. I fear he will get re-elected again unfortunately because as I said, it's as if the Dems have totally fallen apart in terms of leadership. They will finally choose someone after all their in-fighting coming up and I still think the opposition is 'te lig in die broek' just as in RSA. America will re-elect him because on the surface things look good. And just like the ANC there is no decent opposition. That is not necessarily Trump nor the ANC's fault. However it creates a vacuum of power that is then abused. The saying 'where there is smoke there is fire' is true in most cases, Trump just has such a disorganised opposition he will be acquitted of everything until one day the Republicans themselves open their own eyes. Just as the ANC was besotted by Zuma, so too the Trump train steams ahead. MY family in the USA have told me the Dems will do everything to get rid of him, I tell them that won't happen anyday soon. Hard to believe but true.
  8. Mata Hari


    Because the democrats are battling to find a decent candidate does not elevate Trump in any way Vlag. An isolationist American president is not good for the world. America does not live in a vacuum. They affect everything in the world and we in SA particularly are feeling his jumping up and down and nosiy presidency. You may not feel it in the UK. I liken the Democrat breakdown after the Hilary loss (who by the way won the popular vote) to the shit we have with the DA breakdown. That leaves the people in power very dangerous in their power and that certainly applies to Trump.
  9. Mata Hari


    I would never use the word Genius with Mr Dump. I would however use the word IDIOT and F*cken IDIOT most generously. But each to his own
  10. She must be she won Miss Kovsies or something IIRC 😉
  11. Mata Hari

    England tour to SA

    Alas Dock, 30 mins too long for the Proteas....2-0 sounded better to me as well but 1-1 is the result. Hope the PE band drives the Poms crazy so we get some advantage 😉 Might be all to play for by the time it rocks into Wanderers which could be worth the Sat and Sun tickets...
  12. Somewhat better than expected news Vlag so hang in there and fight the bastards ....
  13. Excellent performance. The guitar work is stunning
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