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  1. Sexy woman. Big 80's hair...
  2. Andre Joubert absolutely stunning.....He and Carel Dup made rugby worth watching...
  3. This was roughly 1976, 1977? I was 10-11 years old. My 1st Bonnie and until today my favourite Bonnie thanks Don. Hubbie also loves Bonnie but he likes the more noisy songs, so as long as he plays this one we live in peace together 😉
  4. Thanks Weda, good stuff as always from the Boss. I did hear it the day it was released and album coming out October ;). Not bad for a 70+ year old
  5. Obviously I was attracted by the title ;). "Funny how a melody sounds like a memory.." definitely brings back some good memories of seventeen...
  6. Some great up and coming talent. Chris Froome and co battled at the Dauphine. Think he is riding the Vuelta. All 3 big tours within the next month or two. About only sport hubbie enjoys on the telly_no real political interventions. Tied of all the other crap
  7. You might like this one Weda. 1st time i heard the guy
  8. Yip. Good win by Roglic today, Ineos obviously going to battle without Froome and Geraint, but it's still early days...
  9. She definitely knows what she is doing and looks like she is having fun 😉
  10. Obviously if they (the officials of the US companies) behave like the Guptas they will be up for trouble somewhere but actually, no one gives a shit about our problems. As Dock says, despite our protestations at the waste and pillage of our monies - there are countries ahead or in the same boat. I think in fact US companies will be in trouble with our law should they not pay the required taxes. But that their officials don't go around behaving like Zuma and his and her cohorts....that would be more the issue I would think. No country can legally tell their companies to not pay taxes in another country. All they can do is then tell them to withdraw their business etc if they feel "morally obliged" to not contributing to corruption - and apartheid notwithstanding, few people battle to find the morals to withdraw from other countries I guess...would be way more economic reasons than 'moral' reasons...IMO
  11. LOL was just teasing you Weda. That Mark Knoppfler song must be one of my all time favourites
  12. Love this - I posted this on Facebook the other day Weda. You stalking me ??
  13. The recording is up
  14. Will be up within 3 days and then available for 28 days. Was not up this morning when i checked, thats why they say will be up within 3 days. Once up will be available for 28 days. I will also be getting the funeral letter by e mail if someone wants a copy send me the message with your e mail addy. Sydney the eldest son does respond to messages on his dad's phone number_ i sent the UK number by message to all here if you wanted to send him a message. It was mentioned the relevance and import of the forums in his life and vice versa and the support he and the family received in the last weeks. So i am sure Sydney will keep responding a short while to messages. If anyone needs the no again_ if i have missed anyone out just yell
  15. Ok for those who missed the service and want to go see it_ within 3 days you can go login using the details i messaged you all, it will be up for 28 days.
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