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  1. Just meant i avoid all spoilers on social media i truly have no idea. Daughter speculated knight king on the dragon might take a trip to King's Landing to go whip up a few more dead. So what are your speculations
  2. No idea. I studiously avoid all social media from one episode to the next, I don't want to know spoilers before the event.
  3. I believe in freedom of speech. However employment comes with certain contractual obligations. One of my company's obligations is I may not make political/religious/ statements at work or on Social Media to such an extent I would bring the company into, what's it called? Embarrassment? So I may not use inappropriate language, or fly the old SA flag etc etc. I know that and I know it''s a disciplinary offence if not a dismissable offence. Maybe his contract says the same.
  4. Episode 1 S 8 - shorter than I anticipated.
  5. LOL I completed 4 yesterday and the last 3 is on for today 😉 I had to give the TV back to hubbie LOL.....I was still cursing at the TV (Jaime and his red mist dragon attempts all over again, as well as at Daeny and her Mad King father tendencies...!!!) ...one would have thought I was watching rugby LOL
  6. Stu is so in the doldrums re his kak team......The Du Preezs get the blame again. Weren't they the Saviours at the last Currie Cup Final? Having said that, all SA teams are really kak this year. Just no consistency it seems...
  7. Haven't watched a ball in 3 years now? Having said that I don't have DSTV remember? I get to choose what I want to watch when I want to watch. I review the DSTV play list now and then and everytime I haven't found anything I want to watch LOL. But hubbie and I usually watch full on the cycling Giro and Tdf And Espana tours. And some F1 now and then and 6 Nations I enjoyed watching. But we don't have that "Switch and see what crap is on the TV" option so one becomes very selective. It's very free-ing....LOLBut I try to follow some games on Twitter or news (or DSTV) when I get the inclination which is mostly far and few between...
  8. Snap. Decided today is the day. Especially since I have work to do in front of the TV today
  9. 3am RSA time Monday TAipan? Can't wait....
  10. If he's a JW and openly lambastes 'non JWs' he's lost my vote...Freedom of speech or not...
  11. You were. So were we. I give up. Game of Thrones is all I am now interested in
  12. So the Sharks hammered the Lions ....and the Stormers lost to the Reds...Here's hoping the Bulls pull their win through....
  13. After last week's dismal performance against the Chiefs let's hope the Bulls pull it together at Kings Park tomorrow. I have another bottle of red riding on that result. And if successful something like 9 undefeated super rugby matches against the Sharks.. Go bulls !!!
  14. Belated HBD Vlag. Battled with the forum yesterday. And Hawk is tomorrow (27/3) And someone else I know is today 😉
  15. Will soon be with us....YAY. The best part of April May and June...... Can't wait. I refuse to watch any spoiler - I watched one 2 minute so called official Trailer and that was that. I don't go to any sites/tweets/facebook pages even mentioning these guys...But I'm not sure the good guys are going to win.....When I last heard Stu was backing the Dead ones.....
  16. Well done Lions and Bulls. Gd wins today....
  17. 1) It's election year. All the opportunists run wild 2) It's the new South Africa, all the crazies run wild. 3) All of the above, don't believe anything on Social Media, the news anymore
  18. 🤣 yeah sequels dont do much
  19. Mata Hari


    Nothing around you is sedate 😉
  20. So congrats to the Bulls beating the Lions. At least in round 1. 😎
  21. Mata Hari


    Happy birthday Jim old man. Hope you had a great day and get spoilt rotren as usual. Sorry the Lions upset your pre birthday weekend, maybe they'll be better in your post birthday weekend. Xxx
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