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  1. At this stage I think you are the youngest member on our site
  2. Happy bday Barry. All best wishes for health and happiness
  3. My golly goodness Barlee - imagine seeing you here. Welcome back as they say
  4. The idiotic faction rules...back to Zuma days...
  5. Pisses me off since I never use their damn staff I use the damn apps...
  6. I feel the same way then they went and converted our debt into shareholding... So now I still swear at them but not at the office anymore πŸ˜‰
  7. 23 a day? From? shame man. Hubbie down to about 30 a day and youngest makes 10 when mom is in charge, 15 when dad is in charge 😁. I see more people digging for stompies than food.
  8. We were having a braai. At least one of the joys we still have left
  9. Bad this side and you? Paid r 900 for carton Winston which I gather is cheap in the jail time that we are. R 400 for a bottle Richleu. How is the Pineapple Beer
  10. Been doing that for years with my hubbie and child. Now I sit in the smoking area such as open verandah etc otherwise I spend half the night on my own. Going back to work at the office tomorrow. Been working at home full time since 20 March - good thing is now I get my temp measured daily haha...and any vitamin injections I require free of charge...has its advantages LOL...as for the cigs...well a contact I asked said he would ask some or other Polices Station Commander to get 6 cartons to be shared between us...ja well no fine...
  11. We have enough alcohol in the house..well put it this way...I do. About 3 full bottles of Gin with all the mix variants one can wish for. as I told Dock, I only drink on social occasions and lockdown is not social. Hubbie and I both work most of the day so keeps us busy. The cigs however are now a different story for the smokers in my house...Have you given up yet Taipan??
  12. My husband is happy he can buy some decent cigs come May 1.....
  13. Last time i got the flu shot i was more sick with flu than before the shot. I'm a bit cautious/indecisive re getting it this year. Because if i get sick from the injection for 3 months my system is actually at a low and more susceptible to the corona. So it's a f*cked if you do or dont.
  14. Day 22 continues into Season 2 Lockdown in SA...Hope all you old men keeping spekvet en gesond....
  15. No sax in that song LOL
  16. Beyond my beef with the cut in cigs and booze, I hope you are all keeping well, healthy and sane, not driving your wives crazy (that one is especially for Taipan)..and Jimi not driving himself, his dogs or his neighbours crazy....Dock you cut down on the beer yet??? I can;t share from Facebook but there's a page "In the mood" where this lady Debs I think, from Betty's Bay plays a saxophone song every night at 8pm...it's awesome...if you like some sax music go cheer yourself up by looking for it... Beyond that am working most of the day on office stuff, so I am not yet in the free vacation that seemingly many others are. Hubbie also busy with financial year end so work keeps us busy #Staysafe, #stayhome #stayhealthy
  17. Agree with you. I don't smoke. I have lived through emphe fucking sema I know what a wheezing-can't-get-oxygen-60+ year old looks and sounds like. Put me off smoking any shit. But you cannot just take 2 addict's shit away without warning. My husband had enough to last the Lockdown Season 1. Extension to Season 2 and god forbid season 3...So smokers will go buy the shit which is worse than the real stuff...and then taxpayers will have to cough up the lost taxes...my point is I agree with this highlighted in red ....The ANC got away with sugar tax so....
  18. Cele's beef is with the booze - and the criminal acts that results (house abuse, local petty crimes etc) - (no doubt esp in the poorer areas)...while I understand his problem, the ANC have never been the holders of any morals, so no use starting now and being authoritarian about it all. Besides they will have to relax the booze regs soon (we hope - we don't need any we probably have enough for another 3 weeks, we don't drink every day...but the looting of bottle stores will soon pick up as they go against the strict rules - you can't treat people like kids even if some of the leaders and followers are pre school....) The ANC itself has always had a problem with the smokers - I don't think Mkize himself is at the forefront ?? there's another guy..Motsoaledi??If he could ban cigs permanetly and forever he would and no doubt he is driving the agenda. The problem is the lost taxes R 500 mio++ alone on cigarettes in 2 weeks...ANC should climb off their high horse, take the fucking taxes on cigarettes, and relax the booze regulations for all parties...I don't smoke but I sit with two smokers and nicotine is an addiction just as bad as alcohol etc...
  19. Hope they open the cigs...not sure hubbie will last...:( not to mention the millions they are losing in excise duties. They need those monies and he needs the cigs
  20. PMSL Dock. No I have enough. I dont yet consume 24 beers, 3 bottles of wine and a litre of spirits in one day but I see you're keeping up my side of the bargain. I am more concerned my hubbie will run out of cigs LOL. So far we live in married peace since we are used to being house mice haha. I even live in peace with the mom in law. But then I am a peace loving easy to get on with person. Haha. Slow down on the beer - it will make you fat πŸ˜‰
  21. Boris in ICU? Thats not gd for the man or the UK i would imagine. Hope he recovers, i do not wish this on anyone. Vlag you stay miles away from hospitals please
  22. Sorry to hear Vlag. Hang in there old man. πŸ™
  23. Happy Birthday Ben. Missing you here today.🍻Cheers
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